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What To Sell - How To Determine Your Audience Wants!

A lot of internet marketers start with the challenge of not knowing what type of products to sell online. You’re 100% ready to start your online business, you’ve narrowed in on your niche and you know you have something of value to offer your audience.

Still, there’s something missing. What to sell to your audience?

Once you get this dialed in correctly, everything will fall in line. Once you figure out what to sell to your audience you can not only really focus in and develop your product, but you can start creating great sales copy, email copy, and really go full on in your successful marketing online.

Similar to a minimum viable funnel, this ‘what to sell method’, will spare you a ton of money, time and energy focusing on that one thing, instead of exerting your effort on tedious marketing campaigns that aren’t offering what your audience truly desires.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to determine what to sell online and 3 effective ways to implement it.

Let’s dig in!

Learn What to Sell Through Investigation

Learn What to Sell Through Investigation

So how do you know what things to make and sell for your online business?

The only way to know what your audience desires is to ask them. You will know what to sell and provide value to your customers by asking your audience questions. Not just any question, but the RIGHT questions. It’s really simple but so important to help you figure out what to sell online.

Your role as an entrepreneur is to find out what your audience’s biggest challenges are to determine what products and services you need to offer to them.Click To Tweet

When you make the right products to sell that will solve your target audience’s problem, then they’ll buy it.

Fail at giving them the products they need and It won’t even hit their radar.

If you make and sell the solution to what keeps them awake at night and what they are struggling with right now, you’ll eliminate their biggest roadblock.

If you do this, how much expert copy do you think you’ll need to sell that solution?

So ask them. There’s a great method to go about this and it’s something that can help you get to the answer you need to know.

I used this method myself and I highly recommend that you give it a try to get clear on what products to sell to your audience.

Determine What to Sell Using The Ask Campaign


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Back in the day, Russell Brunson, creator of Underachiever Formula for Creating Foolproof Products, used the ‘ask method’ to build his potato gun business. He called it a flycatcher page.

He created a very simple, white page with black text.

First he informed his audience that he was creating a product and then asked them what it was that they were being challenged with in regards to that product.

This question was key in helping him to know what to sell and what solutions his product needed to provide.

This really opened the door for him to have continued business success and he still uses this method today.

So I say ask method, Ryan Laveck actually coined the term ‘ask method’. He’s put out a book and has a high ticket info product which I do not recommend just because it was too out there and had too much filler content.

However, his main point was to do a survey to find out what to sell to your audience.

However, his main point was to do a survey to find out what to sell to your audience.

My version of the ask campaign includes three basic steps designed to help you to know what to sell online.

  1. Find a market
  2. Ask what they want
  3. Give it to them

It can’t get any easier than that!

Once you’ve decided who your target market is, you can use this method to find out your audience’s wants and needs.

This is a critical step in the process for you to know what to sell online and unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs skip this part.

Formulate Your Survey to Know What to Make and Sell Online

Formulate Your Survey to Know What to Make and Sell Online

So that Flycatcher Page I talked about, is a survey for your target market to fill out.

In this survey, you tell them that you’re creating a product, and you want to pick their brain. (Russell Brunson was creating a product that taught how to make Potato Guns)

Whatever platform you choose to use for your questionnaire, let your audience know that it is a very short question and answer form that will take up very little of their time.

It’s important to use open ended questions so that you can get detailed feedback from your audience.

I look for the longest responses on there because those are the people really took the time to respond with passionate answers. But don’t overlook the short answers in the process.

The three important things about an ask campaign are:

  1. Get at least 100 people to participate in your survey.
  2. Survey those who are within your target market.
  3. Send out your flycatcher page to platforms where your market frequently goes.

Really simple method, super straightforward, and gives you the results you need.

No more wasting time and going nowhere with your product creation planning. Because when you ask what to sell, you get your answer straight from your market.

Incentivize to Your Surveyors and Get Their Email Addresses

Incentivize to Your Surveyors and Get Their Email Addresses

What’s in it for them? Not only are they going to be a part of the developmental process but you can offer them something in return.

At the end of the survey, tell them if they enter in their email you will give them a special discount, the product for free plus shipping, or some other BONUS they will receive in answering the questions and helping you out in your process.

Once you’ve finished your product, they’ll get it at that discounted rate, or whatever you offered them as a thank you for participating in the survey.

Best of all, you have an email address of someone who is Highly interested in the product you will create.

Email market them like a pro!

The Easy and Free Way to Create Your Survey

The Easy and Free Way to Create Your Survey

So how do you collect these surveys to analyze the data from?

I use the free version of surveymonkey which is great!

What I like about this platform is how simple its interface is. You can get a separate link, send it to people and even run a pay per click ad with it.

Another awesome thing about survey monkey is you can go into the forums relevant to your topic and say,

“Hey, I’m writing an ebook on this and I’d really like to help you to have better health, (etc.) so I want to make sure I get all your questions answered.”

For me it’s helping you learn how you can grow your business and make money online.

Whether you go for the free or paid version, I’m sure you’ll love Survey Monkey because of how easy it is to use and navigate.

Most importantly, Survey Monkey helps you decide what to sell after getting the pulse of your target market.

Which is the main point of why you’re creating a product to sell in the first place.

Two Ways to Get People To See Your Survey

Two Ways to Get People To See Your Survey

Just like in any digital marketing there are ways to reach people without an investment and paid methods. Hopefully you have already started building your email list but if not this ask method will jumpstart that for you.

Paid Traffic From Facebook to a Landing Page

Paid Traffic From Facebook to a Landing Page

You can drive traffic from Facebook to a landing page, your survey, just like Russell Brunson’s flycatcher page.

I have a free course, no email address required, on Facebook advertising to give you the step by step process of setting up a successful Facebook ads campaign.

Facebook advertising allows you to dial in an exact audience to target your ads to people that will be interested in what you are wanting to make and sell.

This is an efficient goldmine of information that can help you decide on what to sell online, just do not miss out on the opportunity to get them to opt-in to your list and offer your product after you determine what to make and sell!

Hit Up Your Most Valuable Digital Asset - Your Email List

Hit Up Your Most Valuable Digital Asset - Your Email List

Sending out your survey forms in an email is a great way to reach your audience and get a lot of feedback. If you have an email list, use it! It’s actually the first thing I used when I used this method.

For example, I’m always looking to know what you, my audience wants me to create next. My virtual team and I go through every bit of feedback I get.

I could easily package this up in a course format, but that’s not my goal for sharing this information with you.

But if you’re creating a product and looking to build a membership program, it’s very crucial that you hit all your market’s pain points and create a product that solves their problems.

Determine What Product to Make and Sell

What To Sell - How To Determine Your Audience Wants!After you’ve asked your open ended questions, and receive 100-500 responses, analyze your data so you can figure out what to sell to your audience next.

Look for patterns and organize the answers into 3-4 categories.

Pattern recognition is super important and you will have some really long answers to go through!

Be thankful, those are the people who are giving you the most feedback to determine what to sell online.

You will have enough data to create your own information product business, the best online business model, or launch any one of the other top 10 online businesses.

Here are a few digital product examples you can create based off of your data.

  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • MP3 Recordings
  • Courses
  • Membership Programs

Analyze the data so you can know exactly what to make and sell to your audience.

Know What to Sell and Give it to Them

Once you’ve decided who your target market is, you can use my method to find out your audience’s wants and needs.Click To Tweet

The answers your audience provides are going to give you some diverse opportunities in how to move forward in what to sell.

Use the ask campaign to get rid of the confusion and provide your audience with the solution to what they need.

The most important thing is to get your audience involved in the process and you do this by asking questions.

Create and conduct an open-ended questions survey to give you insight into your target market’s greatest challenges.

That is how you create the best products to sell that your audience will want to buy.

When you focus on their needs, desires, challenges and fears, you eliminate the guessing game of what to sell.

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