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The Power Of Imperfect Action And Why Being A Perfectionist Is Killing Your Business

Perfectionism kills growth, but taking imperfect action will be a catalyst for your success.

A lot of you are still standing on the sidelines even though you have all the tools to achieve success.

Why is that?

Because the fear of putting something out that is not perfect, is crippling you.

I was a victim to imperfect action myself before I was challenged to do something for 90 days that put me outside of my comfort zone.

Fourteen months later that 90 day challenge has turned into another 6 figure business for my wife and I.

You have to be willing to take consistent imperfect action over sustained periods of time in order to achieve success in your business.

My goal here is to help you see the fear, push past it, and create a lifestyle that is not possible unless you do.

This video helps take you deeper in this idea of imperfect action being your friend!



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Start Taking Action

I have been taking action in my wife’s business for the last eight years but...

For myself though, I thought I needed to create this big special course, write a bestseller, something to show how smart I was, or to prove that I knew what I was talking about.

I have recorded audio courses, tried writing two or three separate books, written guides, etc.

All of them are sitting in files and folders on my computer unfinished because I never felt they were good enough to put out.

I have personally fell victim to the perfectionist syndrome.

There is no way to learn everything before you go out and create content.

It’s impossible.

What you do is you go out and you start.

You will fall, but you will get up, fail, and get up again.

You keep trying and all of a sudden something works.

It is a process of taking imperfect action.

One of the true secrets to success, is the willingness to take imperfect action.

Constantly Analyzing and Adapting

When my wife and I first started our online business, it was in a totally different direction than what we are doing now.

My wife sold one-on-one services and I sold WordPress services.

Then I tried coaching.

It was challenging for me to help my clients realize what needed to get done when they would not take action.

If they were not going to take action, I did not care if they paid me because it drained me on my end.

So I pivoted again and I tried blogging, which absolutely did not work.

I pivoted again and found that producing video content worked wonders for me.

When my wife and I started her business we started with one-to-one services.

Then we did a consistent group call as a free offer for a period of time.

There was a lot of background noise on these calls and it ended up not being a great user experience for people to get to a place of meditation.

So we adapted again.

People got to taste what we were offering and it started to grow our little audience, it started helping us achieve our goals.

Then we adapted and went a different way.

We started recording her on a cheap recording device.

It worked pretty well but the recording equipment we were using was sub par so we adapted again.

Fast forward eight years later and we have a very successful business.

We did not need to see the entire map in order to take that first turn.

Airplanes are 99% of the time off target and rockets that go to the moon are 99.7% of the time off target.

Even though they are constantly off target, they continue to work and readjust until they hit their destination.

That is how it works and that is how your approach needs to be.

Obviously there are nuts and bolts, pieces along the way that you are going to learn, you are going to adapt, you are going to try things that do not work, but you are always able to turn around and get right back on the path and keep with it as long as you continue to take imperfect action.

Hold that vision of where you are going and hold onto that dream.

You have to keep going, keep testing, and keep taking action towards that dream.

Eventually you will find that perfect balance of content creation, email list growth, being of service to the audience, and what products you promote.

Here is where your ten grand a month business model will come in, but it does not come through planning.

It comes through real world experience, trial and error testing, and adapting.

All of this is based on the philosophy that you need to be taking imperfect action over sustained periods of time to get there.

I KNOW the faster you can get through those imperfect actions the better.

Every step I take, I analyze what I am doing, what I am saying, and try to plan what my next step on this path will be.

It is this idea, here in this moment.

I just keep taking that next imperfect step.

My content is not perfect, but it is good enough for me to keep going because it is all about me helping you learn foundations so that you can start taking action.

I get to help you get to the point where you are confidently taking action.

It starts from taking the action, that imperfect action.

Through a lot of small imperfect actions that are done consistently over long periods of time is how you will become a true expert at something.

You have to be okay with this process, the process of taking imperfect action.

This is the fastest way to get to your ultimate destination, a truly successful online business.

Delaying Success Because of Perfectionism

Recently I created a free course to help grow my email list.

After creating the course on my website, the first thing I did was set up access to it for my current email subscribers.

I accidently clicked send when the email I was going to send them had not even been written yet.

It was tailored to a new subscriber instead of someone who was already on my list.

It just kind of forced my hand in many senses and went out.

Two minutes later I received an email telling me my course was great, but two of the videos were not working.

I sent this out to thousands of people.

So I went in, figured out what the problem was, and fixed it.

It worked perfect.

Then I went on to look at the rest of the pages and found that I forgot to add some important links.

Over a thousand people are going through what I sent out and it is not perfect, but that is okay because it forced my hand to get the project going and to work faster to get it done.

If I had waited to perfect this little free offer, It likely would end up collecting dust in my computer with the many other never published projects.

To be perfectly honest, that has been my biggest barrier for creating and sharing content for years.

I wanted everything to be perfect before I shared it with people, which kept me from ever getting content out.

A 90 Day Challenge Changed My Life

I received a challenge in a personal development seminar with Kyle Cease to continue to do something every day for 90 days, even if it scares you.

I chose to do two things every day.

I would meditate every morning when I woke up and I would create a video every single day.

On my first video, I talked about how I just went to this personal development seminar and talked about how I was going to make a video each day because he challenged me to do so.

Then I started the next step and completed each step, each day, and now I am very comfortable with this experience.

I did not wait until I felt a feeling of expertise with the video creation process to start making the videos because it is impossible to get to that point.

I accepted the challenge and continued to take imperfect actions as I adapted and re-adjusted along the way.

I challenge you to do something for 90 days, even if it scares you.

Overcome the fear, take imperfect action and you will achieve success in your online business.