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NEW UPDATE: The Miles Beckler Podcast Is Live!

The easiest way to find my podcast is to search for "Miles Beckler" in your favorite podcast app... It should be listed and if not, leave me a comment here and let me know what podcast app you use so I can submit my feed.


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Podcasts I've been interviewed on...

With 2 years of experience working as a radio show host and the promotions director for KCRH radio, Miles understands what it takes to make a great radio show and Podcast.

To learn about the power of podcasting, click here and watch this video.

Although he is not currently producing his own podcast as of yet, he has been featured on multiple podcasts with topics ranging from internet marketing, sales and mindset to being a location independent entrepreneur and spending 3 years traveling while scaling a laptop based business.

If you would like to have Miles as a guest on your podcast, simply email a request to miles (at)!

For now... And for your listening (and viewing) enjoyment.  Here are a few of the recent podcasts that have featured Miles.

The 80/20 Investing Show - Financial Freedom Optimized!
I was invited on to talk about my theory of investing, when to invest more into my business and when/where to invest outside of my business. This was a great conversation and will be extremely helpful for internet entrepreneurs who are gaining traction in their business!

How To Bootstrap A Successful YouTube Channel - With The Authority Hackers!
This was a great podcast episode where we do a deep dive into my content marketing and YouTube marketing strategy. Mark, who had me on, is a great content marketer so he was able to ask the right questions that lead to deeply powerful answers. This episode is a must for everyone working on growing a WordPress blog or YouTube channel!

Video interview with The Manchester Entrepreneur on entrepreneurship, the future and internet marketing.

Podcast on video with Johnny FD from Chiang Mai Thailand...

The Nomad Podcast by Patrick Farrell 

Miles and Patrick met on the Nomad Cruise a business event that sailed from Cartegena Columbia to Lisbon Portugal in 2016. On this episode they discuss the phases of nomadism as well as the benefits of experiencing other cultures.

They also cover one of the biggest traps faced by digital nomads who are never able to clear the gap from being a backpacking nomad to a successful location independent entrepreneur.

Also discussed is the power of masterminding and live events.  This is a great show you will want to be sure to listen to!

Love Affair Travel : The Intersection of Meditation, Freedom and... Angel Encounters.

Ian Robinson with Love Affair Travel is a master interviewer and leaves no stone un-turned in this revealing podcast episode.  He digs into the experiences and adventures after 3 years of complete location independence.

He also digs into the origin story about Miles' marketing experiences, early failures and subsequent successes.

If you are interested how and why Miles got into such a unique niche... Or what it took to achieve true financial and location independence, this episode is for you.


Sales Marketing Profit Podcast with James Schramko & Taki Moore - Episode 14: Doing Less

This episode is a case study of how Miles and his wife broke through a revenue plateau they were stuck at by doing less, not more.

It explores the mindset shift required to go from a successful hobby that is cashflowing to creating a real business.

It offers counter-intuitive ideas that helped shatter barriers and lead to a stronger and more profitable business.

Although he was not interviewed on this episode, it is a full case study of his time working with James Schramko to break through this barrier and achieve new heights of success.