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Testimonial for Miles Beckler

This was a fun email to receive!

Stories like this from successful students who self-study their way through my content remind me of how blessed I am.


We ended up doing the interview he requested and you can listen to it here.

It's a great episode.

If you're a podcast person who likes learning while you are doing other things like dishes, laundry, yard work, washing the car, etc...

Subscribe to my podcast feed, here.


While we're on the subject of fun emails to receive, here's another:

I love to hear it... Not gonna lie!

You see...

Jay did the smart thing.  

He RAN with my ideas shared freely on my YouTube videos.

He didn't walk, dabble or saunter...

He didn't waste months or years overthinking every little detail.

He ran towards his goal!

Guided by my free videos on YouTube!

No greedy guru course or high-ticket coaching required.

Think about that...

He built an asset that he sold for over a million dollars to secure his family's financial freedom so they can do what they want with their time!

To raise his kids and to give his family the most precious thing of all.

His time.

That's true success, right there!

Some may call that freedom.

Either way, the point is, his success was guided by my free YouTube videos.


Do the smart thing, next: Subscribe to my YouTube channel here to access all 760+ of my free video tutorials and trainings, too.

Because I've been publishing the most useful 'how to' marketing and entrepreneurship content I can muster for free on YouTube since 2016.

Here's the first video I ever published.

The one that changed everything for me.

Lord, I was awkward and uncomfortable on camera back then... Lol.

Before that, however...

From 2009 - 2016, my wife and I have been 'all in' on a niche blog in the meditation and spirituality space that has brought in millions.

We were self taught and I still remember how difficult it was to find trustworthy information in the early days.

That's why I publish life-changing courses for free on YouTube.

You see...

My content is created as if I was helping my younger self out...

The late 20's newlywed version of myself who was buried under $50,000 in student loan debt and starving for an honest opportunity to build a real business online.

One that would have no ceiling to how much I could make because I had to get out from under those loans.

And I did...

From the beaches of Mexico, Bali, Costa Rica, Spain, Hawaii, New Zealand...

And while romaing the mountains and forests of the Western United States.

Truth is...

A laptop and wifi is technically all you need.

Mixed with a willingness to dig in, create like it's your job and a relentless focus on being the most helpful person you can be, for your audience.

Because it takes 3 to 5 years of focused effort on 1 brand (1 site, 1 audience, 1 email list) to build all the skills and the assets (content) needed to make a full time living online.

If it sounds like a lot of work, remember that my other alternative was working 40 hours/week for 40 years

You see, it's not about the money...

It's about the freedom!

You don't have to 'wait' till your 65 to hit the road and enjoy life.

Because, when your location-independent cash flow is greater than your expenses, you're free!

It's this freedom to design your life on YOUR terms that I'm here to help you achieve.

And it looks different for everyone.

We set off on our early 30's to see the sights...

Sweet rig, eh? 😎

We only RV'd around for 1 season.

Once winter hit, we were hunkered down at an RV park in Apache Junction, AZ.

Decided to cash in our frequent flier miles from our business card and booked round trip tickets to Costa Rica for the winter.

Miles Beckler Digital Nomading in Costa Rica

This is when we learned how well you can live in other countries on the cheap.

We knew our plan was to grow a big audience by posting hundreds of blog posts per years for 5+ years straight.

So we decided to go full time nomad and grind while we traveled the world.

It started with a 90-day content marketing challenge where we published a new keyword targeted and seo optimized blog post every day for 90 days straight.

Taking massive action resulted in a wave of results in the form of traffic, leads and customers.

We proved to ourselves that the longer we aggressively publish optimized content under 1 brand...

The faster we grew.

And the realization we could publish from beach-front casitas in little villages with the friendliest locals in the world...?


There was no going back to a 27' 5th wheel after that!


After we flew back to the US we immediately sold everything in 7 days and booked a spot in Sayulita, Mexico.

Absolute fire sale on the truck and trailer.

Did ok on the trailer, but some guy in Albuquerque, NM got a screamin' deal on that 3/4 ton Dodge.

I did't care.

I was ready to chase my version of an endless summer like I'd seen in the old surf movies.

In total...

Wifey and I spent 5 years as digital nomads while we published like maniacs, growing our site from ~$3500/mo to millions in revenue.

Over 5 years we published over 1,000 keyword targeted and SEO optimized blog posts (and over 10,000 social posts).

This library of content was (and still is) the fuel for our success.

Truth be told...

Those years we were all in on building, most of the other nomads were out drinking, partying and seeing the sites with most their time abroad.

Not us.

We worked our asses off...

You see...

I had a burning fire under my backside to pay off my $50,000 in student loan debt and to save up $150,000 to buy a home when we were done.

Good news...

The plan works!

Turns out, discipline is everything.

Back to the main point here.

You now have access to all the free 'how to' info you need without wasting money on a greedy guru course.

Sweet, right?

So, my content teaches what I've learned on my 20+ year journey of making money online.

And what I continue to learn in the trenches.

Because my wife and I are both still full time growing our businesses to this very day.

Side note: That whole 'sticking with 1 brand for 10 years' bit is the secret to success...

Figured you might want to know the truth.

Last thing:

For full disclosure...

To monetize, I share the tools and trainings that have helped me grow my million dollar digital publishing business as an affiliate.

So, assume I'll earn something if you click on my links before purchasing any products I recommend.


I have a couple kindle books on amazon here.

And, I have created a few low-ticket mini courses and things... Like Niche Navigator and Offer Recon.

Mostly to keep the skills sharp.

All told, I've been doing this for 20 years now.!?

It's a fun game.

I really enjoy being in the trenches building, creating and sharing my knowledge to help as best I can.

So I create.

And real folks are having real results with hype-free, pitch-free content...

As the game keeps evolving.

I keep making new videos and sending out helpful emails.

Like this video that explains what strategy I'd use to build a business online today if I was starting over.

And folks who jump in and take action...?

They see results.

...Without any overpriced and over-hyped guru courses!

Like Kyle who sent me this email...

I had Kyle on my channel for an interview to get more of his story!  You can watch that video here.


Most of my YouTube content is also available on my Podcast feed.  Spotify users, you'll find that episode here.

iPhone users, click here.  (Reviews are always appreciated.)

No ads... No pitches... Just real-talk from a guy who made his first $1 online in 2003 and went full time online in 2010.

But, back to the point...

Normal people getting real results without the hype

Miles Beckler Testimonial

Before you ask...

The link to the video she's referring to is here.  It's a full personal development and goal setting course that helps you draw your goals to you faster than without this method.

Mindset is key throughout this process.


Your biggest challenge is staying focused on 1 idea, 1 brand, 1 audience, 1 online business model long enough to achieve escape velocity.

That's the one common thread amongst all of the testimonials above.

They all made a plan and executed that plan... In the face of all life's distractions... And they published HUNDREDS of pieces of content that are useful to their audience.

Not dozens of pieces of content.


My wife and I have published thousands of blog posts and videos.

The traffic generated from all that content is the backbone for our multi-million dollar business that generates hundreds of thousands of leads, tens of thousands of customers and millions of visitors every year.

Here's a screen shot showing my 2020 sales from just 1 of my shopping carts...


This not the time to drone on about my story... But if you want the full story, it's here.

It's long because I've been making money online since 2003...

The part you need to know:

Resourcefulness has been the #1 key to success... 

Neither my wife nor I us studied 'design' or 'development'... We just had a burning desire to create a lifestyle business based on a niche we love and started a simple blog on WordPress

The path was long and challenging and I could never find anyone trustworthy to help...  Everyone wanted $997 or $1497 to teach me "how to"... 

And when I did put that HEFTY fee on a credit card, the courses were often a total let down...

Sadly, this is 'normal' in the world of internet marketing courses...

This is the exact problem I'm here on this Earth to eradicate.

Today, my number one goal is to teach all of the tactics that the fake gurus try to sell you, for free… Because I'm tired of the overpriced info products sold through overhyped webinars.

The process is quite simple...

  1. Find your niche
  2. Start your blog
  3. Grow your email list

I've spent well over $25,000 on courses and 95% of them were a total waste of time and money...

Since I have a successful business, I don't need to 'sell you' how to succeed at building a business online... And that's what makes me different.

There are a very few number of courses I do recommend which you can find here.  

Ok, that's it for the homepage... 

Whatever is below this is something I'm too lazy to re-work right now... And I'm too afraid I'd piss off the Google Algo by deleting it all, lol.

We'll connect again on your next piece 'o content.

Miles "The Most Helpful Marketer" Beckler

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