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Sneaky trick to driving traffic fast for new sites

When you're building out a new site and you don't have any clout with Google yet...What's the trick to driving traffic faster?

Well, it's simple.


Keyword research is 100% required.

If you are publishing content and it's not laser-focused on a specific keyword phrase found using this process...

The odds of you driving traffic are slim to none.


When you follow the process from that YouTube video above and add on this one trick you're learning here, today...

You'll side-step over 90% of your competition and you'll start gobbling up traffic-generating rankings fast.

So... What's the trick?


Focus on the lowest search volume phrases with the lowest competition you can find.

Keyword phrases that have less than 100 searches per month are always overlooked by the 'big players' in your niche.

Plus, folks who are new to Keyword Research and don't "get it" think they need to go after the big phrases with thousands of searches per month.

This means, you have an opportunity to help these small pockets of internet searchers find what they are looking for...

And you have extremely low competition.

Therefore, Google will begin to see your relevance to these keywords immediately.

And with such low competition, you'll be able to hit page 1 on Google faster.

Let me show you what I mean...

For this example, we will dive into the weight loss niche which some folks think is 'too saturated'

With less than 60 seconds in my one-and-only keyword tool using the process shown in that video you got access to above...

I found this cluster of keywords:



Do you see that 'KD' column on the right with the green boxes under it?

That is the 'Keyword Difficulty' score...

Which is their proprietary score about how difficult it will be for you to rank for this phrase.


If your site is new and you aren't seeing hundreds of visits per day yet...

When you find phrases with a score of 10 or less for a keyword's difficulty, that's where you start!

(If you can't find 10 or less, then look for difficulty scores of 15 or less)

This is the 'paying your dues' phase.

Because you need to show Google that you're one of the publishers who is committed to creating and publishing helpful content for Google searchers.


Publishing dozens hundreds of posts targeting these ultra-low difficulty score phrases and making sure you SEO optimize each one!

As your library of useful information grows...

Your site's strength and authority will grow, too!

Then, over time...

You can start targeting more difficult keywords with more search volume since your site will have a foundation of dozens or hundreds of posts that already rank!

You see.

With a few clicks in the keyword tool, I was able to find an underserved audience within the 'over saturated' weight loss niche.

Folks who work nights.

And we know the exact phrase they're searching on Google!

We also know there isn't much useful content tailored specifically for them.


This is the opportunity!


At this point, the question is:

How fast can you create a helpful post that truly answers these folks' question?

Well, if you go about it manually writing every word yourself, probably a few hours top to bottom (follow this process)

If you decide to leverage AI tech...

You should be able to get it written, published, and optimized in 60 to 90 minutes following this process.


I don't care HOW you get it done.

I care THAT you get it done.

And the minute you finish the first post targeting an ultra-low difficulty phrase...

Jump in and find another ultra-low difficulty keyword and start the next post.

And then the next.

This is how you build a highly profitable online business, brick by brick!

Miles "Keyword Research Geek" Beckler