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ChatGPT For SEO: The Definitive 10-Step Guide To AI-Generated Content That Ranks

Bloggers, content creators, digital marketers and SEOs are scaling their sites and their audiences with AI tech like ChatGPT to create more content and drive more traffic than ever before.

AI is being integrated to every SEO tool on the planet and it seems like there are a dozen new AI tools released every week.

How do you know what you actually need and what is just AI hype?


Borrow mine!

Simply follow this step-by-step process that's revealed here in this 1 blog post and you'll have a simple process that creates BIG results with the minimum number of paid tools.

It's time to unleash the power of AI to help you grow your audience, your business and your profits.

You're going to learn how AI can help you to...

  • Brainstorm keywords and blog topics your audience craves
  • Quickly outline SEO -friendly blog posts and affiliate reviews in minutes
  • Have your rough draft written with AI-generated content in about 90 seconds
  • Optimize the draft to add the LSI keywords needed to rank
  • Improve the readability so it reads similar to human-like text
  • Generate catchy titles and meta descriptions
  • Create AI-generated art
  • Instantly write click-worthy social media posts to promote your post
  • And much, much more!

It's time to step up because the future is here!

Follow this proven process to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and AI-generated content so you can take your SEO rankings and your traffic to the next level, today.

The Proven 10-Step Process For Unleashing The Power of ChatGPT for SEO


Step 1 - Find a low-difficulty keyword using KWFinder or SEMRush

low-competition keywords kwfinder score


a screenshot of using the sem rush keyword tool

The first step in the process is to find a low-difficulty keyword that you can create a long-form SEO-optimized post for.

You can use tools like KWFinder or SEMRush to find these keywords.

If you're new to keyword research, you can follow my step-by-step tutorial for finding keywords that are easy to rank for, here.

Once you have found a keyword with low difficulty, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Create an SEO optimized outline.

For this step I prefer to use Frase which you can try here.

After finding a low-difficulty keyword, the next step is to create an SEO-optimized outline for your content.

Creating a great outline is the most important part, to be honest.


The output from ChatGPT is going to vary based on your inputs.

The more focused and targeted your outline is, the better your content will be from AI.

Said another way...

Garbage in, garbage out!


I've taught tens of thousands of people how to create SEO-optimized outlines manually in this YouTube video:


Obviously, you can use the AI outline tool in Frase to create an outline that is optimized for SEO purposes.

This will help you to structure your content in a way that is easy to read and understand for both humans and, more importantly, for Google's algorithm!

Some could argue that SurferSEO is a better option than Frase.  But it is much more expensive.  I've done a full Frase vs. Surfer review here.

The real key is for you to be using one of these SEO optimization tools...

Even the 'cheaper' one is WAY BETTER than not using one at all!

Your competitors all use these types of tools... It's industry standard at this point.

Final note...

Remember that any time you want to create content for websites or online content in any format...

Start with an outline!

Step 3 - Add your outline to the Koala Writer & have ChatGPT write the post

Add your outline to the Koala Writer & have ChatGPT write the post

Once you have created an SEO optimized outline for your content, you can add it to the AI Writer and have ChatGPT write the post for you.

This will save you time and effort, and ensure that your content is well-written and optimized for SEO.

The best part?

Even if you've never used AI or ChatGPT, you can try out the AI Writer free, here.

This tool has the best user experience for fast SEO content generation out of anything on the market.

Step 4 - Add your post back into Frase & add the recommended LSI keywords

Add your post back into Frase & add the recommended LSI keywords

Once you have optimized your post for readability, you can add it back into Frase and add the recommended LSI keywords.

This will help you to optimize your content for search engines and ensure that it ranks well in search results.

Google is monitoring how often you say the 'related keywords' to your target keyword and Frase has the best engine for helping you quickly find those additional phrases you need to enter.

This part is somewhat manual, but you can start improving readability at this step, too...

Make the paragraphs shorter, add some style to the text, etc.

This is also when you can fact-check the product descriptions and make sure your post is full of accurate answers.

It's a powerful tool but sometimes it makes stuff up, so you need to fact-check it.

Step 5 - Optimize the post for readability with

Optimize the post for readability with

After ChatGPT has written the post and you've optimized it with the additional relevant keywords you can use to improve the readability.

Just copy and paste your post into Hemingway from Frase.

It's a 100% free tool!

Generally, you want to shoot for a low grade on the reading level... Like grades 4-6.

You can see the grade output on the right of the app.

This is also the perfect time to add in those human touches that'll help you connect with your readers.

You can add stories, professional insights, slang words, tweak sentences to be more in your 'voice', etc.

Always remember...

You're goal is to connect with and help the real human readers who find this post, so take time to make it real!

Publishing soul-less AI content from ChatGPT is insufficient!


You'll notice that Hemingway highlights your confusing sentences and the ones that are hard to read.  This will help you improve the readablity when you fix their suggestions.

Hemingway helps you to ensure that your piece of content is easy to read and understand for your target audience.

Step 6 - Copyscape check it to check for plagiarism

Before publishing your content, you should run it through Copyscape to check for plagiarism.

This will ensure that your content is original and not copied from other sources.

Now the ChatGPT does not steal content or re-write content, but you may find one or two sentences that match what's already published online.

It happens.

You don't want to publish duplicate content on your site, so this is important.

NOTE:  I do not use any sort of 'AI Content Detector' tools... I don't care if it's detected... All I care about is ranking posts on Google and so far, my AI content ranks well...

Step 7 - Use an AI image generator or stock photos to add imagery

To make your content more engaging, you can use an AI image generator or stock photos to add imagery to your post. has a great imagery tool

You can get free stock images from one of these 11 royalty free image sources.

Images help you to capture the attention of your audience and it makes your content more shareable.

Step 8 - Use KoalaChat to come up with an SEO optimized Title & Description

Use KoalaChat to come up with an SEO optimized Title & Description

After adding imagery to your post, you can use KoalaChat to come up with an SEO optimized title and description.

This will help you to ensure that your content is well-optimized for search engines and will rank well in search results.

You want a title that is persuasive and compelling to make sure folks on the search engine can tell that your post has the most helpful content on the topic.

No boring titles!


Yes, this is content for the search engine, but it's also for the humans, too!  So have ChatGPT generate 5 or 10 compelling titles and choose the best one!

Step 9 - Layout & Publish the post on your WordPress blog

Once you have optimized your content for SEO, readability, and engagement, you can layout the post on your WordPress blog.

If you don't have your blog setup yet, click here and go through the free how to start your blog post, now!

Also, if you need help learning how to publish your content on WordPress, you can get 30 free video trainings that show how to set up posts, how to add images, etc. here.

A self-hosted WordPress blog is the only place I recommend for you to build out your site...

Step 10 - Promote your blog post on social media!

Once your blog post is published, its time to get the word out on social media.

You can have Koala Chat create tweets, facebook posts, etc.

These are some of the most repetitive tasks, creating the social media posts to promote your content.

That's what makes Koala Chat a powerful tool.

You don't have to deal with bad prompts or learning any specific ChatGPT Prompts to turn your keyword list into great blog posts, product descriptions and content topics.

The tool does all the work for you!

And that's it.

Going All In!

After following all 10 steps in the ultimate guide for ChatGPT SEO, you've now researched, outlined, created, optimized, published and promoted your brand new post.

When I would do this kind of work manually, it would take me 4 - 6 hours to go through the full process on my own.

With AI, I'm able to get this entire process done in under 1 hour.

This means you can now publish more content, more often with the help of ChatGPT and these AI tools.

Personally, I recommend you go all in and do a 90-day challenge where you publish 1 new post every day for 90 days.

This will help you in several ways.

First, your skills will go from 'beginner level' to intermediate or even expert level.

You'll be a pro on WordPress and with the AI writer, SEO optimization and AI Chat tools.

Second, your body of work will grow by 90 well optimized posts!

Google is paying attention to how often you're publishing... (and how well optimized your posts are, too, obviously)

To drive massive traffic online it takes hundreds of posts, not dozens.

So the faster you get your first (or next) 90 posts that are optimized for search engines up, the better!

It's time!

Need more insights before you're ready to start leveraging AI tech and ChatGPT for your blog's seo?


Here you go!

Understanding ChatGPT for SEO

Understanding ChatGPT for SEO

ChatGPT is an AI-based language model that uses deep learning to generate human-like responses to text inputs.

It has been trained on a massive body of text data and it allows you to tap the hive mind for instant research that results in nearly instantaneous SEO content creation.

What is ChatGPT?

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence based language model developed by OpenAI.

Today, there are dozens (hundreds?) of software tools that 'plug in' to the ChatGPT system through their API allowing you to leverage AI-generated content in a wide variety of SEO tools.

In short, if you have only been trying to use ChatGPT through OpenAI, you're missing out on all of the real power and a much better user experience.

ChatGPT is a piece of software that has been "trained" by reading billions of web pages and documents, including books, articles, academic papers and more...

It's one of the most advanced language models available today and you can leverage this for your business to create content and specifically, long-form content that ranks well for search engine optimization.

How ChatGPT Works for SEO

How ChatGPT Works for SEO

ChatGPT can be used for a variety of SEO tasks, including brainstorming ideas for articles or videos, creating outlines for content, improving copy, summarizing articles, writing and answering FAQs, and writing emails.

  • Need help coming up with a catchy title?  AI can help.
  • Need a list of keywords?  ChatGPT can create that for you
  • Need help with your SEO Strategy?  Yep... It can help you there, too!

But, for our purposes here today, you're learning my process for quickly creating content outlines that target your relevant keywords and then letting AI do the initial content generation.

This is an entire content marketing strategy powered by AI in 10 steps.

Technically speaking...

When you're using ChatGPT for SEO, you input a text prompt (generally a keyword), and the tools will create an outline and an SEO-optimized post for you.

You can then add to the content, improve the readability, make it more human-like, so it reads like high-quality content and then publish it.

And of course, you can then use the AI to help you promote it with social media posts, too!

Benefits of Using ChatGPT for SEO

Benefits of ChatGPT for SEO

Using ChatGPT for SEO has many benefits, including:

  • Generating high-quality content that is optimized for search engines
  • Reducing the time and effort required for content creation
  • Improving the overall quality and relevance of your content
  • Increasing your website's visibility and search engine rankings

ChatGPT can also help you stay ahead of the competition by generating unique and engaging content that stands out from the crowd.