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Let's cut straight to the heart of the matter...

Regardless of the niche you've chosen or the marketing strategy you're committed to...

You've got competitors who are currently sitting on top of the throne as the authorities in your niche.


They simply have a head start on you and they've probably flexed the publishing muscle a few hundred more times than you.

Therefore, your challenge is to dethrone (or overtake) them as quickly as you can.

How do you do it?

90-post challenge

Simple: Force yourself to complete a 90-post challenge if you're blogging.

Complete a 90-video challenge if you're doing YouTube.

Execute a 90-ad challenge if you're doing Facebook ads & funnels.

Dominate a 90-email challenge if you've got a list and struggle with emailing.


It's irrelevant what your marketing strategy actually is.

To get from where you are today to where you want to be, you must build skills.

The skills of writing and speaking...  Plus the skill of persuasion...

Your ability to move people to action with your words is the one skill that can change everything for you.

Mix that skill with blogging, YouTube, email marketing, ads and funnels...

And you have the recipe to rise to the top of any niche as the most trusted authority.

But you need to flex the muscle a lot more if you want to build the muscle, fast!

Which is why recommend doing a 90 _________ challenge.


My wife and I have had WONDERFUL results doing 90 day challenges...

Her blog went from being a hobby to a truly profitable business after her 90 day blogging challenge.

My YouTube channel went from zero and scaled into major momentum from my 90-video challenge.

My email skills (and revenue) exploded after I completed a 90 email challenge.

Plus, the daily activities of running and growing my business became WAY easier because I had done it 90 times over.

It's the fastest way to rise above the challenges and frustrations you might be feeling.

Now, to help you put together your plan fast...

I just uploaded a deep-dive training that teaches this strategy in step-by-step fashion, here:


If you've been wanting to grow your business faster...

If you feel like your traffic growth is sluggish or stalled.

This video above holds the key to unlocking your growth and propelling you to the next level.

Click that link above and watch the video now!

But I've got to be honest about this challenge...

Showing up EVERY SINGLE DAY is VERY difficult.

So, I'm encouraging you to allow yourself to tweak the model if needed so it fits in with your life.

Here's the tweak...

Instead of forcing yourself to publish for 90 days straight, focus on publishing 90 as fast as you possibly can within your lifestyle.

Still go through the main training and understand how it works, but honor your unique situation!

You may have a long commute...

You may have kids or other family duties...

You may have non-negotiable 'family days' and that's honorable.

So what can you do?

If you publish 1 post every M-F you'd get through 90 posts in just over 4 months...

This is what Kyle, a student who is doing multiple six-figures per year did...

You can catch his interview on my channel here.

If you publish 3x per week, you'd get through a 90-post challenge in about 7 and a half months.

This is the pace I published to YouTube for over 3 years and it blew my channel past the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Here's the real key:

By publishing 90 posts (or videos, or emails, or funnels and ads) in A condensed period of time, three things will happen.

#1 - You will build skills!

You will build skills

Any and all of the little nuances that might frustrate you about publishing today will disappear when you go through the process 90 times, quickly.

#2 - Your content will get better!

Your content will get better

The early days of publishing videos on my channel felt extra difficult because I knew I could speak more clearly and get to the point faster.

By the time I reached video number 91 I was cranking out videos I was proud of.

#3 - Your audience (and their trust in you) will grow...

Your audience will grow

This is where the challenge leads back to you growing a stronger business with better cash flow.

People purchase and take recommendations from folks they know, like and trust.

When you show up on the regular delivering value for your people over and over, they get to know you, like you and trust you.

It's the ultimate marketing hack...

And it doesn't cost anything.

But it a challenge.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

Are you ready to grow your business like a pro?

Are you ready to grow your audience and to get them to like you and trust you faster than ever before?


Go through the full training here, now and start your challenge ASAP!

Miles "Write More" Beckler