The "Earn While You Learn" Hybrid Niche Site Strategy

I wasted six years jumping around from niche to niche and method to method trying to make money online.

It was a stressful time filled with confusion, distraction and overanalysis of everything.

For example:

I built a dropshipping site trying to sell poker chips... I tried mixing internet marketing and MLM together (repeatedly)... I tried selling screen-printed T-shirts (before print on demand)... Plus several affiliate sites in the snowboarding, paddleboarding and marketing niches.

I even tried my hand at freelancing and sold WordPress and marketing services to local businesses for a while.

Every time I got sidetracked, confused, distracted by a shiny object or I gave up because I had no real accountability.


Have you tried more than one 'method' or 'niche' before?

Well, here's the truth that was a hard pill for me to swallow when I learned it:

Had I stuck with any one of those businesses above and obsessed over publishing content every day... Each and every one of those businesses would be dominating in its respective niche, today.

Literally, the ONLY thing missing from all of them was massive followthrough.


If you are going to build a real business online you must obsess over work on one project for long enough to make it successful.

It's that simple.

Said another way... If you're to become successful, dues must be paid.

Like my most recent niche site build, for example... Here's the 1 year screenshot of my analytics for the last niche site I built with 100% free traffic strategies:

Google analytics screenshot showing one year of traffic for affiliate marketing website case study miles Beckler built

You see...

There's a direct correlation between the amount of traffic you drive and the number of posts you've published.

Which means that creating optimized blog posts focused on low-difficulty keyword phrases is "the work" if you are to build automated traffic that can support a 6-figure or 7-figure business.


Once you have traffic visiting your website on autopilot you are able to monetize this in several ways...

This is how you open yourself up to the hyper-profitable 'hybrid' strategy you're learning here today.

And, truthfully... You need to monetize your traffic in multiple ways... You're a business after all and leaving money on the table isn't the best business strategy.

First, you need to monetize your traffic immediately, with guaranteed cashflow even if 100% of your visitors leave your site within seconds...

This allows you to earn while you learn, which you'll learn more about below.

And you'll also create high-ticket opportunities for your business like email marketing, affiliate marketing, and more...

You get the best of both worlds with this hybrid strategy.

Again, everything is broken down here, below with a key focus on getting started on the 'earn while you learn' path.

The first big key for you to remember is this:

Once you've got the traffic flowing in, monetization is easy.


Before we talk about this hybrid monetization strategy, you need to know the 3 mistakes that keep wantrepreneurs broke.

Because you can have the right strategy and still fall prey to these traps.

  1. Shiny object syndrome
    • Often this happens because you're alone on the journey with no one to talk with, so you look to Twitter or YouTube for ideas/help and the algorithms take over, sucking you down a rabbit hole of distraction filled with ads for shiny objects peddled by greedy gurus.
  2. Consuming more than you create
    • You need enough guidance to get started, but most people are constantly opening Twitter, TikTok, watching YouTube videos, reading emails, etc. This time could be spent researching keywords, building outlines, writing or dictating paragraphs, etc.  Again, not doing the work = no cashflow.
  3. Quitting before your dues were paid
    • Success with a niche site requires you to publish hundreds of posts, not dozens of posts. (NOTE: This period of paying your dues can be broken up over several years, so 2 or 3 posts/week is enough)  Most folks quit or get distracted before they've published 100 useful posts which is when the traffic and casfhlow really start flowing in with momentum.

If you give up before you reach the momentum phase, you'll never make it.

So, how do you 'fix' these problems?

The best option is to get help and accountability via a community you can mastermind with.

When there's a group of people all focused on executing a similar strategy… Answering each other's questions and sharing their little victories along the way… You get hooked in with a rising tide that floats all boats.

Building a business on your own without being able to talk to your family, friends, or coworkers because they don't understand entrepreneurship or internet marketing (because we're all a little different, lol) is extremely difficult.

Who will you turn to when you're stuck needing actionable advice?

Your community.

If you're reliant on YouTube, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook for answers strategies and 'how to' tactics... You're risking your momentum every time you open those platforms. Their goal is to show you ads for stuff you buy, to make their advertisers happy.

Their goal is NOT to help you find what you need so you can get back to work.


They want to suck you down a rabbit hole of dopamine induced distraction, keeping you scrolling, engaging and watching longer and longer so they can show you more ads to make more money.

Every ad using world-class copywriting and advertising to convince you that your strategy is broken and you NEED to buy their shiny object.

It's a trap.

And this is why you need a community you can trust!

Your community's goal is to help you to STAY FOCUSED on the goal of building your profitable site and to help execute like a boss.  They're also there to answer your questions and celebrate your small victories with you in order to keep you motivated. Like your website's first visit, the first $1 in revenue or the first $10k month.

Without a strong community, your self-talk will run wild, driving you insane with analysis paralysis and doubt... Leading you to consume more content (instead of doing the work and paying your dues) and watching more ads that lead to more webinars you find on YouTube ads or wherever you're distracted.

Focus is Everything.

If you aren't a part of a community mastermind, you're setting yourself up for a long and difficult journey alone that usually ends in failure because you've got no one to talk you off the ledge when you start doubting the path and looking at shiny objects because you've been scrolling YouTube or social too long.


Let's fix this first, then move on to the traffic and monetization strategies within the hybrid method.

Because without the right focus, the right help and the right community, you're lost.

And right now, for only a couple of days, my buddy Jon is offering full access to his niche site mastermind community as a bonus for his foolproof Niche Site Profits training, here.

Now, full disclosure...

I'm obviously an affiliate for his course/mastermind community offer and would I earn a commission if you purchase through my link (even though you pay the same exact amount either way).

But I'm not promoting this for the money.

There are plenty of greedy gurus out there who would pay me 4x as much to promote their courses... That are sub-par in quality compared to Jon's and NONE of them get you direct access in a forum to get your questions answered and to keep you motivated.

I've been lucky enough to have full access to this course for a while now.

I've been devouring the modules and lessons... I've been scouring the community conversations plus digging through the bonuses and can tell you that this is the #1 option for you to get started on the right foot today if you're not in momemtum.

He (and the entire community) will help you build out an automated traffic engine that can drive thousands of visits to your website per day, while giving you a foolproof and 100% automated cashflow mechanism that takes minutes to add.

You see...

Jon is one of the good guys in internet marketing who is one of the best in the world at driving free traffic from Google.

He's mastered the process and has a portfolio of sites worth millions.

Plus, he's brilliant at teaching others in his simple and efficient trainings.

Not to mention that he shows up every day to help his community and their member get results (or answers to their questions) from his step-by-step trainings.

For proof of how good he is at helping folks like you build real businesses that generate real cashflow from scratch, click here and scroll half way down to see the dozens of testimonials and real-world screenshots of profits generated by his students who have paid their dues!

And he's no slouch, either...

Here's Jon's revenue from last month...

That's a six-figure month, right there!

You can see in the totals at the bottom... 2 million visits and over $100,000 in revenue.

And where do the vast majority of his 2+ million visitors last month come from?

Google organic traffic.

The nearly magical spring of traffic that flows 24x7 once it's built.


Google organic traffic the same traffic source that gives me the freedom to go hang out in my campervan camping instead of working... Because my sites receive hundreds of thousands of visits per month from Google from the blog posts I've published over the past several years.

Even if I publish a grand total of 0 posts.

It's all about momentum!

This is why I recommend building your niche site based on Jon's course and mastermind community.

It's the right training, the right strategy, plus the community mastermind to keep you accountable.

And it's only available for a few days, so click the link above and get in before he closes the doors!

The Earn While You Learn" Hybrid Strategy.

Too many people get stuck looking for "the right strategy"

They can waste years (like I did) bouncing around from shiny object to shiny object.  From guru method to guru method, never making any real progress.

The truth is that all great niche sites eventually diversify into many different monetization strategies once they've got the traffic pouring in.

So there is no 'right strategy' there is only a 'right starting point' because every site becomes a hybrid utilizing one or more of these monetization strategies...

the hybrid niche site strategy

Notice how EVERYTHING stems from your traffic?

This is why you need to build your traffic engine, first!

Therefore, the key is to start by focusing on a strategy that allows you to go 'all in' on driving traffic while the strategy generates income immediately when the traffic begins to show up...


Start with being an ad-sponsored publisher.

You publish useful content for easy-to-win keywords and that drives traffic to your site.  With ads embedded on each post, you begin earning income immediately when your first visitors begin to show up.

This is the whole 'earn as you learn' concept, again.

After you're getting 100 (or more) visitors per day from Google... You have the foundation upon which you can build multiple streams of income by leveraging any/all of the monetization strategies that offer the highest possible margins and greatest long-term potential.

Said another way.

You can start earning cashflow immediately while you grow your traffic from ads while leaving the door open for you to tap into the BIG MONEY monetization strategies, later... After you have traffic flowing!

2 streams of income are more secure than just 1... But it always starts with 1.

And it makes sense that your first stream of money should generate cashflow for every single visit you get from Google, whether they take any action or not.

How To Make Money Even When Your Visitors Leave


When you first start writing blog posts with the intention of helping your audience and driving traffic from Google, your 10th post will be far better than your first post.

As with everything in life you get better at writing useful blog posts as you write more of them.

You also get faster at the process which helps you build momentum.

This means your first posts may not be the best you'll ever write. You may not be able to write extremely persuasive affiliate review posts in the early days because it takes time and practice to hone those writing skills.

And that's 100% normal.

This is where the display ad monetization strategy makes perfect sense.

While you are writing your first 100 posts... Putting in your reps, learning the craft, and getting comfortable with the process of publishing, each post becomes an asset for you, when you stick display ads on them.

Google may rank your 5th post... Your 14th post... Your 19th post... You never know, but when they all have ads, every post that ranks and drives traffic will immediately begin to generate revenue for your publishing company and cashflow for you with zero additional effort!

You keep finding more easy-win keywords and efficiently cranking out simple 'how to' posts and other useful posts that all the 'affiliate marketers' are ignoring... While your traffic and cashflow begin to compound as your site grows to dozens and then hundreds of posts, overtime.

This process of finding easy-win keywords is exactly what Jon teaches, in his course.

And, through that link above you also get full access to the community, too... So you can get help when you have questions or if you get stuck.

But What If You Don't Have A Niche Yet?

Ok, the age-old niche question.

Well... Here's the good news:  This hybrid model allows you to monetize almost every niche you could ever imagine.

Which means you won't get stuck writing 200 posts trying to review log-splitters or carpet cleaners you've never seen or used.

You can write about what you know or what you're interested in...

Even if what you know is watching Netflix and Hulu all day.

Personally, I love working in a niche that I enjoy.  This post here, for example.  This is fun for me to write.  Taking time on my Sunday to clarify my ideas and to help you get clarity on your strategy and plan for success?

This is a blessing.

If I had to write a post about 'the best left-handed trackball mouse with ergonomic design' today, I'd be hating life.

But that's because I'm a marketing geek at my core.

Similarly, my wife loves the realms of metaphysics and spirituality... She can talk about spirituality with friends for hours on end and in her free time she's always reading a deeply metaphiscal book or she's playing with the I Ching, oracle cards, runes, etc.

So writing about these topics is fun for her.

You see... We didn't choose a 'niche that would make money' we found a 'niche we'd be happy to work on for 2-5 years' and that made all the difference.

There wasn't a pull from a shiny object to jump to a different niche.  It's always been more fun to make a little more progress in this niche we enjoy.

Because remember.

With display ads, you can monetize traffic in just about any niche. So you're free to work on what YOU want to work on... Which will keep you more engaged for longer, helping you keep with it till you achieve the success you desire.


You can do more niche analysis and there are ways to find out if one niche has more profit potential than others, but that's beyond the scope of this post.  Jon has an entire module teaching his method for finding profitable niches.

Side note:

In his training, he shares an important lesson on what not to do when you're choosing a domain name because the wrong name can severely limit your profit potential.

He also shares the profitability differences between his 14 niche sites and he gives a breakdown of his 8 favorite niches and their sub-niches that are full of easy-to-win keywords.

Because you should be strategic in your niche selection and your domain name.

The Hybrid Approach To Multiple Streams of Income.

The hybrid strategy for building niche sites is designed to give you multiple streams of income for fast cash flow now and big profits in the long term, later.

With the hybrid model, your monetization strategy includes three phases:

  1. Ad Supported Publisher
    • Grow your audience (and your skills) by publishing useful content & earn via ads.
    • This is the 'earn while you learn' phase that gets you earning cashflow while building your traffic, first.
    • If you don't have a niche site that drives 100 visits/day, THIS IS WHERE YOU SHOULD BE 100% FOCUSED!
  2. Affiliate Marketer

    • After you have traffic from your content, add affiliate review posts & begin to grow your email list with a pop up
    • The big-money online comes from emailing affiliate offers directly to your list!
  3. Product Creator

    • Help your audience get the specific results they want with your own products
    • E-books, courses, templates, services, multi-day bootcamps, 1-day Zoom workshops, live events, e-books, coaching, masterminds, physical products & more

My most profitable niche sites have at least two of these streams of income unlocked and the #1 most profitable site that does over $1,000,000 per year has all three.

Now, it's easy to get all fired up and try to build all 3 at once...

But this is a recipe for burnout and overwhelm.

It's a long path... And it begins by taking one steps forward... Then another... Then another.

It Starts With One

In phase 1 when you are 100% focused on being an ad-supported publisher your short-term goal is to publish 100 SEO-optimized posts targeting easy-to-win keywords, as fast as you possibly can.

Some folks condense this all down to a 100-day challenge, publishing 1 post per day for 100 consecutive days to go all in on breaking through their limiting beliefs and building new skills and habits, fast.

Other people have full time jobs, long commutes and prior commitments with family, etc... So they can't do 100 posts in 100 days.

That's ok!

Some folks choose to publish 1 post per week instead.

With 52 weeks in a year, that's a commitment to the slowest path taking 2 years to reach the 100 post goal.

I encourage you to give yourself strict deadlines that fit your life and then get accountability from your community to keep you in momentum publishing on your self-declared schedule like it's your job.

Ultimately, your frequency of publishing is 100% up to you.  (This is your business, after all!)

Personally, when I commit... I go all in. Because I hate it when results lag... And I've never had a website/brand NOT drive massive traffic when I publish 100 great pieces of content.

So I race towards 100 like I'm in an Olympic sprint.

That said...

Consistency over long periods of time is the most important part!

Here's an example:

If you follow the plan and consistently publish one new post every "workday" (and take weekends off) for 120 days, you'll have 100 posts when you're done...

This means in just 4 months, you'd leapfrog ahead of 95% of competitors who ever attempt to build a business online in your chosen niche.

And you'll have a metric ton of momentum with new skills and new habits well established!

You'll feel accomplished and your self doubt will turn to confidence as you gain competence in 'the job' aka publishing content.

It becomes easy once you've done it enough.

Plus, your site will be indexed by Google and you'll be receiving traffic organic traffic from Google, too!

Which means, your ads will be generating cashflow, too.

Not bad for a hyper-focused 4-month sprint!

Unless you give up...That is.

Which is why you need the mastermind community to keep you accountable.

Or, if you don't take the time to find the right easy-to-win keywords, skip the SEO optimization, etc.

Publishing 100 random ideas that are poorly written won't get you anywhere... Obviously.

Which is precisely why getting access to Jon's Niche Site course and mastermind community here before he takes it off the market, is a smart business decision.

It'll get you through your 100 post-challenge with ease.

Plus, it is a tax-deductible purchase since it's helping you grow your business.

But really the step-by-step plan is the most powerful part.

You get his brilliant niche selection training to find the profitable niches all the affiliate marketers are overlooking

You also get the 'how to find easy-to-win keywords' training so you can find those golden keywords that'll start driving traffic (and revenue) fast!

He's throwing in his "Launch your site in 60 minutes" bonus to get you into motion fast... So you can follow along step by step to get your site build on the cheap. (no fancy or expensive tech tools needed)

Plus his entire SEO course to make sure you have everything you need to publish perfectly optimized posts that Google will love and rank.


When you inevitably hit the wall and get pull-your-hair out frustrated with something...

Or, if you are feeling disheartened with your results...

Or if you need some accountability...

You also get full access to his mastermind where you can get your questions answered by six-figure and 7-figure earners directly.  Plus you won't feel alone anymore since you'll be able to connect with the other members who are in the trenchesm publishing, just like you.

This will give you the connection and community that's been missing... Plus a direct path to getting help when you get stuck whether it's troubles choosing a niche, finding keywords, outlining posts, publishing to your site, etc.

Remember, Jon checks in daily and he's got pro-level community moderators so it's a safe, pitch-free zone where you can get honest advice and help on the path... And you'll get the accountability you need to make it through your challenge.

He's closing the doors for the Niche Site Profits course (that includes the mastermind membership) soon, so click here and enroll now before it's too late and you're stuck piecing everything together from blogs and videos that may not have your best interest at heart like the mastermind does.

Ok, let's wrap up this 'phase 1' of your multiple streams of income plan.

This is the 'earn while you learn' portion because you can publish ads (Jon teaches every step to set this all up) on every post with just a couple extra clicks. All this while you learn how to research, create, publish and optimize content... By doing.

This is the biggest key of them all.


If you never get into motion, nothing's ever going to change.

You might be able to change jobs or get a little bit of a pay increase, but remaining an employee in this age of more-expensive everything and shitty corporations that suck the life out of people seems like the ultimate risk to me.

Taking control of your future...

Creating a lifestyle you want to live vs. working 40 years for a 'retirement' that may collapse in value because of Wall Street/DC shenanigans...

This is what's at stake here.

And you remedy this 'problem' of being stuck at a job by creating a website that delivers value to people in the form of useful blog posts that receives daily traffic from Google.

Once you have the traffic machine cranking, you can move on to monetization strategies #2 and #3... Affiliate marketing and creating your own courses.


This is where you need to check yourself and focus because you risk wasting time learning the specifics of strategies #2 and #3 before you've tackled #1 which is building your traffic engine and monetizing it with ads.

Again... If you don't have 100 visitors per day reaching your website from Google yet, you need to build your traffic engine FIRST!

That said, if you're already driving 100 visitors to your site from Google every day, you can click here to embark on your study of email marketing because it's the key that unlocks the next 2 phases of growth for your business.

But I caution you with a reminder about 'shiny object syndrome'

You can learn everything you need about email marketing from my post above (it's on my website's navigation so you can always find it) when you've got 100 visits/day reaching your site.

Until that point, tho?

Your JOB is to find keywords, create useful posts, publish 100 and repeat.

The #1 metric you should track for your first year is "how many new posts did I publish this week?"

There are 52 weeks in a year.

If you just start today and publish 1 post every 3 days... That's barely 2 per week!?!  You'd have 120+ posts in a year.

Building my last niche site, it took 240 days to publish 60 posts and that's when I had my first 100 visitor day.

And that's when momentum started taking over!

Check it out:

By publishing just 2 posts per week I got to 100 visits/day in 8 months on a brand new domain.

I also began increasing my publishing schedule to 3 posts per week (the honest minimum I recommend you shoot for) and traffic exploded to over 1200 visits/day within the next 20 posts I had published.

Here's the key:

When you measure your website's age in how many posts you have published you are focusing on the one and only metric that actually determines how much traffic you will receive.

It is irrelevant to me whether you publish 100 posts in 100 days… Which is the fastest I would recommend that you go.

Or whether you publish 100 posts in two years which is slower than I would recommend...

The only thing that matters is that you publish 100 posts, ASAP.

The faster you get it done, the faster you can get your blog receiving traffic from Google (while getting paid for every ad you display), and then you can get into list building via a pop-up, and hunt around for affiliate products your audience will love, or create your own.

Here's What Happens When You Step Up & Publish 100 Posts

First off, you will gain competence and confidence as a publisher, SEO and keyword researcher. These skills have made me millions.  They've made Jon millions, too. This is why the focus is on getting you into motion and into experience, so you can build the skills you need to make money online.

How do you get experience? By publishing 100.

And, using Jon's method you will start earning while you build these new skills as you publish your first posts... Plus you'll have all the step-by-step training needed to fast track you to success and the community access for help if you get stuck.

Secondly, you will become more of a subject matter expert.

Many people are hesitating to take action because they don't feel like an expert. The reason they aren't an expert is that they've been hesitating (aka consuming content) instead of publishing 100 posts.


When you go through the act of finding a keyword that represents a question your audience has... And then you research and write a useful piece of content that answers that question or teaches that 'how to' you just gained specialized knowledge in your niche.

Do this 100 times over and you are literally becoming one of the top experts in your space (at least one of the most helpful creators in your space) with each post you publish!

This is the #1 way to break through imposter syndrome... Do the work, publish useful content and before you know it, you really will be one of the most helpful creators in your space!

Third, Google will index your site and rank your content!

Like it or not, seducing Google into ranking your content and sending you traffic is a process that takes time.

Google is skeptical of new websites because spammers are able to spin up and deploy rubbish websites filled with hundreds or thousands of rubbish blog posts quickly, hoping to rank.

But, a website that gets updated multiple times per week with a unique piece of content targeting a keyword that Google doesn't have a ton of great results for?  That's how you start building authority, fast!

Fourth, you'll catch up to (and possibly overtake) your competition!

The current leaders in every niche simply have a head start on you.

They are smarter than you, they are better at marketing than you… They've simply been around a little longer and they publish more content than you have.

Very few websites have gone to the process of publishing 100 useful pieces of content. That simple act will leapfrog you over huge portions of your competitors which will catch Google's attention and it will help you build confidence.

Fifth, you're internal dialogue will change as you step into your role as a creator!

Wanting to play a game (aka: make money online) and being stuck on the sidelines (aka: consuming instead of creating) is horrible for your mental state.

If you haven't yet done so, get into the game already!

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get into momentum and the sooner you'll drive the traffic and cashflow you desire!

Look, if you know that you are entrepreneurial and you must create a side income that can replace your day job… Get started.

I really don't enjoy working for a boss... Luckily my niche sites have supported me for over 10 years now so I haven't had to have a boss in quite some time.

But when I did, it was borderline intolerable.

I've called myself "psychologically unemployable" before because I really didn't fit into the corporate model and I knew I wanted to make BIG money while creating more time freedom.

Every single post you publish is a step on that path to replacing your work income with revenue from your online business...

Each one becomes an asset that can generate cash flow for years to come.

One by one you build your collection of assets that can drive traffic and revenue for you...

Once the traffic is flowing, you can build even more assets like an email list or a product line...

Opening you to even more streams of income like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, brand deals, collabs and more.


Dues must be paid.

There's no avoiding 'doing the work' if you want to achieve success.

If you want to get ripped, you gotta hit the weights DAILY.

If you want to lose weight, you gotta consume fewer calories than you burn DAILY.

And here's the best part.

You become a better person when you step up and do the work.

Especially when you're connected to a community of like-minded builders who are all doing the work and paying dues to have a better future.

You become like the 5 people you spend the most time around...

Jon's course & mastermind is your chance to spend more time around people who are BUILDING a better life, one post at a time.

And, final note...

He is offering you a full 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on his course and community.

Take the leap.

Give it a shot.

Blast through the trainings and JUST START!

Post up your first dozen or more posts in the next 30 days while you're in the refund period and you'll be amazed at the progress you're making.

This will get you engaged with the community as you see that there are hundreds, even thousands of others on this path just like you...

And that's when you'll know how smart of a decision signing up for Jon's course and community is...

You can do this.

You just need to jump in and start based on simple, proven steps laid out by a pro.

Jon's got you covered.

Then you need the accountability to follow through.

The community's got you covered.

Your big challenge now is procrastinating and missing out because he's closing the doors soon.

So, make the smart business decision and get your access here, now, before it's too late!