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How To Do Keyword Research For SEO - 100% Free Method Revealed

Bootstrapping your online business and don’t have the funds for an SEO guy?

Learning how to do keyword research on your own is the way to go!

It requires a bit of extra work on your part but all you need is a little know how and you can easily level up in the content marketing game!

The best part is this method is totally free!

In this post, I’m going to show you the quickest and easiest way to do free keyword research, and how to do competition analysis so you can create great targeted content and grow your reach and make more money!

Ready to take on keyword research like a boss?

Let’s go!

How Important is Keyword Research?

You need to connect your content to the words real people are putting in the search boxes of their preferred search platform.

Keyword research is important because the goal of your content marketing is to engage with these searchers, show them you can solve their problems, and sell your products and services to as many of them as possible.

If your new customers can’t find you, find your excellent content then all of your YouTubing, Podcasting, Pinteresting, and blog writing is for your mom and no one else!

We want more than a pat on the back from mom!

A long lasting business that works for you for years to come, even while you sleep! Is built on Search Engine Marketing!

Search engine marketing’s foundation is keyword research.

Keyword research is life to your business!

It’s serious work, but there is no other effort that will bring you such long lasting results for the life of your business as keyword research focused on search engine marketing.

Why do i call it search engine marketing instead of just SEO?  Because not everybody should blog.

I began applying these principles on YouTube and then added in turning my YouTube content into blogs with a team.

Here are the results from analytics of consistent content marketing focused on keyword research.

When you make keyword research and consistent content creation a priority for you business, everything changes!

The Best Free Keyword Research Tool and How to Use It

If you’re just starting or bootstrapping like I did when I was starting my online business, a free keyword research tool is the place to start!

In this how to do keyword research tutorial we’re going to use keywords everywhere. It’s fast, free (the right price), and does what its name says it does. Gives you keywords everywhere on your computer screen for free!

With a little bit of analyzing on your part, you can find keywords, analyze your competition for free using Google, create a master keyword list, or how I roll, think of a topic, find the keyword and publish one at a time.

Let’s check it out!

Keywords Everywhere: An Easy as Pie Add-On

Keywords everywhere is a simple Firefox or Google chrome extension. Once you enable the add-on it continually works alongside you as you browse the web.

Go to you’ll have the option to install it for either Google or Firefox.

keywords everywhere add on

After you click to download, they’ll ask you to register your email address.

You can either choose to be or not to be part of their marketing list. I personally opted out and they have never sent me a marketing email.  

Check your email to retrieve your API key which is their tool to pull data from the search engines.

activate keywords everywhere api

You do have to go through this step if you would like to use this free keyword research tool and trust me, it’s worth it.  

As you move through this post, note that I’m going to be showing you how to do your free keyword research while using keywords everywhere.

How Do You Search For Keywords On Google?

With the Keywords Everywhere Plugin installed, this becomes a ridiculously quick and easy way to do free keyword research.

You will use this tool for a few things, get search volume data, find keyword suggestions, and compare synonyms to determine a primary keyword.

Then use the keywords to research keyword competition by using a few free advanced searches on Google.

Get Search Volume Data For Multiple Searches at Once

Anytime you search in Google’s search bar, it automatically pulls up additional words or phrases for you in a drop-down menu below.

But what’s cool about having the Keywords Everywhere plugin is now when it does it, it’s going to give you the search volume for each of those auto-filled words in the drop down too.

If you’d rather watch over my shoulder, click on the video below!

Say you are building an affiliate marketing website blogging about gifts to buy.  Gifts for dad, mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, just to name a few. What gets more searches?

Type in “gifts for men” in Google search.

search volume data on Google

From the image above you can see the search volume number, the CPC (cost per click) and the competition number - for this post I’m going to focus on the search volumes and I’ll explain how to do competition analysis in a bit.

So for this keyword phrase, there are 368,000 monthly searches.

But if you add something like “best” to the beginning of the phrase, you’ll get a different search volume result of 60,500 per month.

search volume data for multiple keywords

Does that make “gifts for men” the best keyword because it has a higher search volume? Higher search volumes are a good sign because if no one is searching… you won’t pull in an audience.

But there are a couple more factors to consider before deciding and I explain more on how to determine the best keywords to choose in a bit.

With this you can compare the search volumes for gifts for mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, aunt, uncle, whoever! You can do a comparative search for anything you’re thinking about creating content on.  

What if you’re looking for more ideas to create content on?

Get Free Related Keyword Suggestions

Every phrase that’s generated under gifts for men was a suggested keyword!

Not only do you get those with the search volumes attached, but there are also two other ways to get relevant suggested keywords.

Let’s try a different keyword: “Gifts for girlfriend”.

Hit enter and you’ll see Related Keywords on the right side of the page generated by Keywords Everywhere.

related keyword suggestions

You’ll also find the exact same thing at the bottom of the page. These are based on the most popular, relevant search terms coined with the original keyword.

More Keywords With People Also Search For

Another free way to find search phrases people are using is with the keywords everywhere “people also search for” feature.

Just like when you put “best” in front of gifts for men, people are searching in different ways for similar things, ideas, questions, services and solutions.

Some of what you’ll find in the People Also Search For section, located directly under Related Keywords, will reflect the search query, just said in a different way or, they’ll at least be super relevant to the original search.

Not all of these are high hitters, but if you’re looking for more keyword ideas, this is another great resource for your keyword research!

Check out what I mean below:

people also search for keywords

With just one keyword search, you get multiple ways to find free keywords and rock out your SEO content!

Using Keyword Search Volume as the Guide for Your Primary Keywords

Say you’re writing about a racing drone and you want to find out if you if should call it a “racing drone” or a “FPV drone”.

I mean, both are essentially the same, right??!!

In the SEO world, NO.

Which of these would you rather populate for?

keyword search volume fpv drone
keyword search volume racing drone

Notice the difference in search volume.

Just like with the searches above, the higher the search volume, the more people are searching for that keyword or keyword phrase.

You’re going to want the potential 27k plus searchers per month to find you instead of only 710!

So you use the data from Keywords Everywhere to get search volume and answer which keyword can potentially give you more traffic.

Now let’s go a little deeper so you can learn a simple and free way to do competition analysis.

How to Analyze Keyword Competition for Free?

To analyze keyword competition for free you are going to get keyword data straight from Google using a few advanced search filters Google provides for you. You can get phrase competition, title competition and Url competition all for free.

Using the “quotation search parameter”, “intitle” and “inurl” search filters you will be able to manually calculate keyword competition for free.

I am going to show you how to do all of these different keyword competition methods, you might find that only one is necessary for your particular niche as you go along and get deeper in your business.

What are these keyword metrics anyway?

The search phrase competition tells you how many pages in Google’s index have that exact search phrase on them.

The title competition is telling you how many web pages have your search phrase in their webpage title.

And the URL competition is how many web pages include that keyword phrase in the URL.

These are three indicators of an optimized blog post.

On the page, slightly optimized, in the title, more optimized, in the URl, most optimized!

This post will show you all of the steps to optimize your SEO for free.

Step 1. Create A List of Keywords to Research

Open up a blank spreadsheet and type in a few different terms you’re researching. With this example, we’re using gifts for dad, gifts for girlfriend, gifts for mom, and gifts for boyfriend.

You want to set it up so you can keep track of the keyword phrase, search volume, phrase competition, title competition and Url competition.

Go ahead and fill out the volume data for each keyword.

create a list of keywords

Step 2: Fill Out the Search Phrase Competition

How many web pages on the internet include the keywords we’re using in our example written on the page?

Search for each keyword but make sure to put them in quotation marks in the search bar.

This means that you only want to see results on web pages with the exact keywords “gifts for dad”, “gifts for girlfriends”, etc. used in the body of the content.

finding search phrase competition

Search for each keyword in quotations and enter in the data.

analyzing search phrase competition

Gifts for boyfriend has the lowest phrase competition, so I highlighted that one since it is the least phrase optimized percentage with the higher search volume.  

Search volume against gifts for boyfriend 135k searches a month and gifts for girlfriend 74k, against the phrase competition results of 14.4mil vs 10.2mil.

Gifts for boyfriend has almost 2x the amount of searches per month with a less than 50% increase of phrase competition results pages, there is the least competition of gifts for boyfriend results.

Step 3: Gather the In Title Competition

Let’s fill in the title competition data. Here, type in the keyword in the search bar without the quotations and add in intitle: before the keyword.

We’re leaving off the quotations in this query because it could be titled, Dad’s Best Gifts for Christmas, or Christmas Gifts for Dad, either of these is a keyword optimized title.

finding in title keyword competition

Add these numbers into your spreadsheet under title competition.

After getting all the results for these keywords, take another look at the spreadsheet and look for noteworthy numbers.

analyzing in title keyword competition

I would highlight gifts for girlfriend, about 1/6th of the pages with the phrase “gifts for girlfriend” have those search phrases in the Title of the post.

I additionally would mark gifts for boyfriend as green for go because it has the lowest inTitle results compared to the search volumes.

Step 4: Determine the URL Competition

Next just change the search parameter to inurl:___ (keyword) to get results for the URL competition.

finding inurl keyword competition

Add the rest of the numbers into your spreadsheet under URL competition.

Even though there’s a slight variation in the data from my YouTube video, I’d still say that “gifts for dad” and “gifts for girlfriend” are the most noteworthy because they have the lowest URL competition compared to their search volumes.

Honestly, I’d eventually do content on them all. This is just an example for you to use so you can understand what kind of data you have access to for free and what the metrics mean.

Every time you do this, you’ll have to think about which one you think is best by weighing the numbers.

I based my decision on the fact that there aren’t as many pieces of content being made targeted towards the keyword and there are even less URL’s being optimized.

How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Website

To determine the best keywords for your website you have to mix the keyword data with the art of searcher’s intent from your brain.

Answering questions like what are the most critical buying phrases for your business, What keywords are people searching before they are ready to buy my products.

If you sold gift products for dads, search phrases like, "fathers day celebration ideas" and "birthday ideas for men over 40".

There are long tail keywords with typically less competition and short tail keywords with typically more competition.

This SEO silo video explains a powerful tactic to find many keywords for your website and structure your website content for massive search traffic results.

Use Keyword Research to Grow Your Reach and Your Business

Mastering the art of how to do keyword research is crucial to your success as an online entrepreneur.

It doesn’t matter if you grind it out with hustle on Google or go with one of the other best free keyword tools.
Keyword research, combined with content marketing hustle is a winning formula as long as you stick to the process.

It’s a simple formula, keyword research, publish, keyword research, publish, keyword research, publish, keyword research, publish.

Few can be consistent in it but those that do always win!

Cheers to YOU, growing an audience and making sales!

If you have any questions or comments hit me up in the comment section below, I’m happy to help!

About the Author Miles

Miles is a full time internet marketer who sells information products and a niche membership program with his wife, Melanie. Together they have created a lifestyle business that allows them true location independence and this blog where you get to see behind the scenes and see how they have built their online business from scratch.

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