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Well, you’re not the first person to admit that!

Conventional marketing is becoming less and less effective with every passing day. This is why progressive marketers are embracing a better way called Content Marketing.

If you have been dabbling in marketing, or you are in search of an effective content marketing plan, and you want to create content that yields results for you and your customers, then listen up...

We will take a deep dive into the content marketing strategies I use that helped me make a 6- figure income in a span of 3 years.

This is all about my ridiculously simple marketing strategy content creators can easily use and integrate into their businesses to generate their target income - all legit, B.S-free, and with long-term success!

Let’s get rolling and show you how to crush it... how can you create and use your content to achieve your business goals.

The best part about these 3 content marketing strategies is….

Over time, you can dominate a niche, become the internet's authority on your favorite subject, do what you love every day, and construct a huge audience that follows your passion.


Read on to find out a simple, real, actionable step-by-step guide that you can use to jump in and start building your own $500,000 content marketing strategy right now

In this article...

You’ll learn all about content marketing, how it is different from traditional marketing, and what is so special about it. Also, you'll discover 3 content marketing strategies that helped me generate over $500,000 in just three years.

And you don’t need tons of resources to get started. In fact, all you need to dominate your niche is just YOU, and a willingness to do the work.

With effective marketing strategy content, you can become the number one go-to resource for people looking for solutions.

Having a fool-proof content marketing plan in place may not be easy. But it IS doable!

What is A Content Marketing Strategy?

what is content marketing strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute...

A content marketing strategy is a tactical approach to creating and distributing content.

A content marketing strategy is a longstanding approach that focuses on nurturing a strong relationship with your target customers by consistently offering them the number one best possible source of content in your niche.

This is the core of my marketing philosophy. Your goals are to use content to solve the problems that your core audience is facing. And then, eventually, you will generate a customer base as well.

Why Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

benefits of a content marketing strategy

An effective content marketing strategy will give your audience what they need to make their lives better. And eventually, this leads to them becoming your customers.
Because content marketing is different from the other informational trash you receive from businesses trying to sell you stuff.

You get information from businesses all the time, don’t you?

Most of the time, this information is not very relevant or valuable for you (think of it as spam). And often you don't even need any of it.

That’s why it is an absolute necessity to have a well-planned content marketing strategy if you wish to keep your business alive in today’s environment.

A content marketing strategy will help you achieve your dreams, fulfill your goals, leave your uninspiring job, and earn way more money. You can also discover your true purpose in the world. But... you need to crush it with your content marketing content.

You need to make people's lives better. If you can do that, you will succeed.

3 Proven Content Marketing Strategies To Help You Crush It

These strategies are simple, but they are super effective! Conquer number 1 first, then move on to number 2, then on to number 3.

Let’s dig in.

Content Strategy Number 1: Focus On Your Core Content Strategy

focus on your core content strategy

The first content marketing strategy is to discover your core content strategy (which platform to create on) and to focus on it.

Create awesome content based on something you are passionate about.

Then, make sure that the content you are creating and delivering contains information that actually solves a problem.

You must understand which content creation technique works best for you. Then, create content using that one technique... be it blogs, podcasts, or YouTube videos.

Do it consistently for a year! Do it to help people and because you love it!

The secret to a successful content marketing strategy lies in a consistent effort over an extended period, not trying something new every two months, or working hard for two months and walking out.

It is more than the mere "tactical approach to creating content", as based on the definition by Content Marketing Institute. You need consistency, more than anything, to get the results you want from your chosen marketing strategy.

Not Sure Which Core Content Strategy To Choose? Choose The Correct Platform For You...

which core content strategy to choose

Can you write great content? Go for a Blog.

Think you can make creative videos? Launch a YouTube channel.

Great at pulling off in-depth conversations with people? Consider Podcasting.

If you’re an expert in a subject, starting a blog or your own YouTube channel is a better choice as you can brain dump all your ideas into your content.

But if you’re not an expert in the subject, then podcasting can be a great option because you can interview all of the experts. As a result, your credibility is boosted by being with them, and you get to learn while you’re kind of uncovering... like a reporter.

Whatever marketing strategy you choose, go all in and master that one core content strategy first.

For me, I chose YouTube after years of trying to force myself to write a blog post after blog post. I soon realized that I was not so fond of writing, so I didn’t do it consistently.

But when I went all-in on YouTube, I did 120 videos in 120 days. And, ultimately, after about 9 months and over 200 videos, I gained momentum in content creation.

But it takes time and hard work to reach where I am today.

The idea is to stick with one core content strategy long enough to ultimately kind of trigger the algorithm to prove you deserve to be at the top.

Be consistent and show the algorithm that you’re real and legitimate. Keep showing up and keep learning about SEO, keyword research, social media - leveling up your content, and learning and crushing your goals.

I often get asked, “Miles, why am I not getting the results I need? Why is no one finding my content? Why is my subscriber count so low?”

If You’re In The Same Boat….

No matter what core content strategy you choose or what your content marketing goals are, if you find that nobody is organically stumbling upon your content... check out my trick in this video to help you get more subscribers, more web traffic, and more views to your content....guaranteed!

As you start your journey as a content marketing professional, you gotta keep your expectations in check. And the best way to do so is to focus on who you are being a service to.
To put it simply, you need to focus on what your target audience needs.

This is because if you’re starting out as a content marketer and your goals are to get something from this, either money, fame, or anything else, you’ve got it all wrong. And the whole thing is going to fall apart out from underneath you because your foundation will just not be right.

The goals of your core content strategy should be to keep you of service to an audience, and to help them. Then, you can control your fate.

For instance, my goals behind starting this YouTube channel are 100% to help you build an online business, so I’m doing everything I can within my power to do that. I can’t build it for you, but I can sure lay down a couple of different pathways via my content for you to get started.

Content Strategy Number 2: Email Marketing

email marketing

The second content marketing strategy is to focus on email marketing.

For this, you need to create a free lead magnet and offer it in exchange for email addresses.

This allows people who find you via your core content strategy to raise their hands saying, “I want more helpful information” or “I want you to be my helpful guide and assist me in sorting out XYZ problem or achieving XYZ goal that you clearly understand as the expert”.

Plus, it’s a great way for people in your customer base to let you know that they want your continued help.

Now, your opt-in offer could be a popup on your blog posts which will convert between 1% and 5%. Or, you can create a dedicated landing page offering something valuable for free. You can expect up to 40 to 50% conversion using the latter approach.

Whatever approach you choose, make your lead magnet so compelling and relevant to your audience that they just can’t say no to it.

Here’s a detailed article on how to create an irresistible lead magnet for your email marketing success.

So When Should You Create A Lead Magnet?

when to create a lead magnet

I created video content for six months non-stop before I created my first opt-in page and started building my email list.

Now, why do you think people sent me their email addresses? Because they knew me personally? Nope. Not even close.

Almost all of them sent me their email addresses in exchange for my lead magnet because they had gone through my video content, and they trusted me. And they knew that my content was useful and worth their time. So they were eager to access my lead magnet, because they had grown to know, like, and trust me.

In a nutshell, there’s no ‘right’ time to create a lead magnet. But you must have at least some content to show off to your audience before you can expect them to start down your funnel.

Once you successfully collect email addresses, you send them a basic follow-up sequence and add them to your broadcast list.

Email them several times per week. But keep in mind that every email must offer real valuable content, not spammy content. Also, use your emails as an excellent opportunity to show the audience your latest offers.

The best part about email marketing is that once you build an email list, you can market your products/services to the list again and again at ZERO COST. All you have to do is to come up with interesting emails that hit their pain points and engage them with valuable content.

Now, you might feel tempted to set up your marketing sales funnel and start selling your product/service straightaway.

But believe me. Offering a lead magnet, grabbing those email addresses, and selling your products/services later, on the back end, is worth way more in the long run... every time.

When you consistently send emails packed with informative content to your prospects a few times every week, you develop that much-needed trust with them.

Remember, customers today no longer want to be pushed into buying. They need to know, like, and trust you first.

And email marketing is an excellent way to build that trust-based relationship.

Also, it’s easier to make money from an existing customer than to acquire a new customer. That’s why all this matters…

Still not sure about how to get started with email marketing? Check out my detailed guide here to learn a few tips.

Once you successfully collect 1,000 email addresses from users who know you, like your products/services, and believe in you, you can reach out to them and use email marketing to market and sell your new offers as they materialize… creating MASSIVE revenues on the back end.

Content Strategy Number 3: Syndication

Syndication happens after you have really dialed in your core content strategy and started building your email list. So for me, it took about a year to move on to syndication after making YouTube video content.

I started with YouTube, and then gradually started turning my videos into podcasts and blog post content.

The idea with syndication is to embrace the full 3 pillar content strategy, which means your content goes out on all three pillars. So, if you’re starting with blogging, then you figure out a way to get your written content on video, and you also figure out a way to get those ideas on a podcast.

Likewise, if you’re podcasting, you determine how to convert your podcast content into YouTube videos and blog posts. Not transcripts, but actual written content that’s well-optimized using SEO.


Why Should You Focus On All Three Content Platforms?

Because the objective is to drench the internet with the content that your potential customers are searching for, on all the platforms they probably use to look for answers.

Here’s what you must keep in mind…

Not all your potential buyers are readers, and non-readers don’t learn or seek answers on Google.

Similarly, not everybody is a visual learner and accessing content on YouTube.

That’s why you need to syndicate your content on these three platforms.

This way, your content can become discoverable for all kinds of people. Those who learn by reading, those who are verbal learners, and those who learn visually.

And guess what? Your best customers, your lifetime customers, are going to emerge from these audiences as they find your content!

When people are seeking answers to their problems, and your content appears as a ‘way out’ that helps them with solutions, they are already on their way to becoming your admirers.

Now whenever they have a similar problem, they’ll return to your content for help, and probably buy your products as well.

And when they reach out for your content, you offer them to opt-in for a great lead magnet and eventually subscribe to your email list. As simple as that!

But it is a long-term game. It doesn't happen overnight!

The Bottom Line Is This….

Start out with one content platform. Post a ton of useful content and information, one piece of content at a time.

Then, eventually start an email list, then syndicate and start putting content on all three major platforms.

This is how you grow an awesome online business!

When To Add On A Social Media Strategy?

when to add on a social media strategy

Apart from these three platforms, you will also eventually want to leverage social media in your marketing tactics if you want your content to reach far and wide.

Wondering when it will be the right time to add a social media strategy to your game plan?

I'd recommend adding on social media when you can outsource almost all of it.

Why Outsource Your Social Media?

Because if you really want your online business to thrive, you can’t run it as a one-man/one-woman show.

And social media requires a lot of time and effort.

I want you to focus more on creating content for your core strategy first, and then to work on syndication and email marketing.

For your social media accounts, hire video editors to convert your YouTube videos into 1-3 minute social vids. Also, hire a virtual assistant to schedule posts, write captions for your images, and manage your social inbox and reply to comments on your behalf.

Not sure about outsourcing? Here's a detailed guide on How To Outsource The Right Way.

How Is A Content Marketing Strategy Different From Traditional Marketing Strategies?

difference between content marketing strategy and traditional marketing strategies

Rather than pitching your products or services to your customer, you are offering a truly relevant and valuable piece of content, day after day, to help them solve their problems.

This is the opposite of selling and traditional marketing efforts. You are giving away your content... then jumping off of that to sell later on.

In fact, content marketing generates over 3X as many leads as outbound marketing, costing almost 62% less... as revealed by the Content Marketing Institute.

A Successful Content Marketing Strategy Is A Journey, Not A Destination

successful content marketing strategy

Before you jump in, I want you to realize that a successful content marketing strategy is an ongoing process. You can’t just make one post and forget about it!

Think of it as a journey, rather than a destination. You gotta keep going.

So start off by clearly defining who your audience is. Then, focus on content creation for the best searchable platform that matches how you communicate in real life; either through the written word, video, or audio. Next, grow that great content to the other two searchable platforms.

At the end of the day, the whole point behind this rigorous exercise is to create and grow a lifelong business that’s steadfast.

A business that no search engine algorithm, social media algorithm, new advertising policy, or any social media platform disappearing overnight can take away from you.

It's all about helping people. Make sure that you earn their trust, admiration, and devotion by serving them and adding value to their lives via your content.

And boom… you’ll get traffic that keeps increasing!

In case you need any help with implementing any part of this content marketing strategy, just know that it’s what I’m here for.... so feel free to leave a comment.

Also, don’t forget… You can learn the 7 step content process that took me from $50,000 in student loan debt to a million dollar business online, all you gotta do is click here and get your free copy now!

Wrap Up

There you have it…3 potent content marketing tactics that helped me get my income up to over half a million dollars in just three years, answering the question of what is content in marketing?

And it is still climbing beyond those numbers to this very day.

Tempted to start using all these content marketing strategies and see those results for yourself?

I'd say it's time to get your hands dirty and start creating that content ASAP.