Review: Is This the Best Place to Hire Your Next VA? - Miles Beckler Review: Is This the Best Place to Hire Your Next VA?

Ready to hire a rockstar VA that will help you take your business to the next level?

Before you go ahead and seal the deal with a random VA you found on a random site, hold up…

You’ve got to read this review! It will give you a different perspective on where to spot your next VA.

I’ve personally gone through the screening, interviewing, hiring, and training process after finding multiple #pro VAs on this site, customer service, billing, audio engineers, video editors, web designers, graphics and more.

My whole virtual team is pretty much filipino based.

So if you want to hire the perfect fit for your business, this post will make your day.

You’ll learn the 5 step hiring process I use to filter unqualified candidates out fast, and how to sort through the thousands of filipinos looking for an employer like you.

Plus, in the end I will tell you exactly how much of this post was created and published by Filipino VAs from OnlineJobs.PH.

My goal is to save you TONS of time and money, and spare you from making a bunch of mistakes I had to learn along the way!

How Online Jobs Works, and What is Online Jobs.PH?

online jobs

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re probably wondering - what in the world is online

Online Jobs is a Philippines-based job board, spanning over 250,000 members nationwide. With the membership numbers ranking up in the six figure-range, it’s currently the largest and most popular job board in the country.

It was the brainchild of John Jonas, who founded it back in 2008.

Initially, he only intended it to be a side hustle. But it eventually exploded into something massive. Now, it is the go-to place for hundreds and thousands of employers globally who prefer to hire Filipino contractors for their projects.

Should You Hire a Filipino VA?

hire a Filipino VA

In addition to Filipinos being some of the least expensive VA’s around, they make incredible employees… for many different reasons.

Their culture encourages jobs for a lifetime, instead of the Western idea of working your way up the ladder until you become an entrepreneur on your own.

Filipinos are as loyal as they come.

They work harder and have an eager desire to impress their bosses.

Do you want someone who shows up each work week, pays attention to your instructions, is dependable, is hard working, and is pretty much all-around employee-of-the-month material?

Get yourself a Filipino VA with not just the skills, but the drive to be the best he or she can ever be!

The best workers on this site tend to have amazing skills and work-ethic. Plus… you will not believe how many of your applicants will have more education than you!

But, if you are hiring for words (words for blogs, social media, emails and such), it takes more work than you think.

The nuances in culture, language, etc., can make things tricky. You want to make sure you get plenty of work samples, and you may even want to try out a few tasks before-hand, just to make sure that your VA is a qualified writer before you start a more serious working relationship.

Let’s go deeper into what work you can find on

What are the Skills You Can Find on Online Jobs?

online jobs skills

Can you hire graphic designers on Online Jobs?

What about content writers? Marketing specialists? VAs??

Yes, yes, and yes!

Online Jobs can be an overwhelming source of skilled contractors for just about any task under the sun.

You can check the categories of skills featured, and you’ll find that there are several different fields... including programming and development, design and creative, marketing and sales, and administrative support.

But wait, there’s more…

Those are just umbrella categories, and within these general categories are dozens of specialized skills relevant to them.

general categories of skills

And now, all you gotta do is shop around and get yourself an amazing VA.

It’s just not as easy as you think… Unless you have an efficient system laid out to help you cut to the chase and zero-in on your goal. Learning how to work efficiently with an assistant like this can take time.

How exactly do you do it?

You gotta get to know more about the platform first. What are the features? What purpose do those features serve? And how do you navigate and find your way around this massive job board filled with eager Filipino VA’s-to-be?

Employer and Contractor - What to Expect on the Platform

what to expect

One of the cool things about Online Jobs is the filtering feature.

They’ve got a throttle going, which means contractors can only give them a whopping 5 stars in just 3 categories and 4 stars in 6 categories.

What this means is that you can never shoot for a VA that’s rated 5 stars all the way. And this means one thing:

You need to prioritize your ultimate required skills with the 5 star ones.

So go straight for those skills you are immediately needing, check for VAs rated 5 stars, and don’t even settle for anything less.

If they have additional skills rated, 3, 4, etc that will be an asset to you, bonus!

Let’s take a sneak peek into how to successfully find and hire a virtual assistant.

ID Proof

ID Proof

Bet other platforms don’t really talk about ID proof a lot…

It’s actually a pretty unique idea, and serves as a strong metric on this site for hiring VAs.

Employers and contractors shoot for the highest ID proof scores possible.

It’s the metric that helps boost their trust factor, because people looking at their profile can easily use it to determine if the individual is really the right one in the picture.

The lower the ID proof, the more doubtful people are of your authenticity.

And one more thing…

While an ID proof doesn’t at all measure an individual’s talent or skill, you’ll easily weed the bad ones from the rest with it... because only a member with a beefed-up ID proof is confident enough about having people believe they’re really who they are, as stated in the profile.

Seeing a strong ID proof is also evidence of a contractor’s honesty in representing himself or herself. You want a VA who’s honest and trustworthy, someone who can come alongside your journey to grow your business.

Rating System

Now let’s talk about rating…

It may seem like just a numbers game… But the higher the rating a contractor has, the more confident you should feel about letting them on-board with your business.

This is also why peer-to-peer platforms like Online Jobs consider the rating system a ‘hallmark’ of the platform.

What’s great about is that there is a feedback system in place. While it’s not as prominent as what you can find in other platforms, the fact that you can see the ratings of potential candidates makes it practical.

It’s also worth noting that Online Jobs is more focused on creating long-term client-contractor relationships.

That’s why there’s not a lot of opportunity for even the best workers on the platform to collect ratings from their clients. They’re still working on their current gigs, and are not really in the market for another.

But if you do find a VA there with one or two negative reviews, hold off on interviewing the candidate! That’s a red flag you have to consider. You CAN still proceed with the interview process, but be sure to bring up those reviews in-question while you go through it.

How to Find Your Next VA on Online Jobs Using Baller Tools

online jobs tools

I would go to Online Jobs and start my search for a VA.

I want to make sure I hire a pro straight away. So I ask for specific instructions and check to see if they follow the task directions specifically.

But save yourself from an influx of applications sent to your email...

Don’t put up your job listing just yet. Instead, do your homework first and kind of stalk a handful of potential VAs who seem to meet your criteria.

Go to and do your research on freelancers for the kind of VA service you need.

You want to check their skills and work experiences, take a look at the specific jobs they’ve done for previous clients, and see if the tasks they’ve accomplished are similar to what you need.

And that’s where the ratings and ID proof will come in handy. The more transparent they are with their profile, the better.

Have they taken grammar and English language tests?

Did they pass with flying colors?

How about their VA test? Pretty good?

If there’s a resume uploaded, go spend some time checking this out, too.

And yes, all of these things are BEFORE your job listing goes out on the platform.

1. Use the Filters to Create a Shortlist of Candidates

You can post a job and have a whole bunch of applicants send you resumes. I use this tactic too.

My preferred method for finding applicants first, though, is to filter down to a dozen or so and send them all an email invitation to apply.

I am going to take you through the steps on as if you were hiring a video and audio editor.

Audio is a little less common, so I am going to put ‘podcast’ in the online resume jobs search box.

You can look for: SEO, content writer, graphics design, admin assistant, social media management, advertising, and many more skills.

search for skills

You will quickly get back a ton of resumes that match your search criteria.
results based on search criteria

You don’t want to go through more than 25 or so resumes, so you refine the filters down further to find a short list of potential candidates to reach out to.
narrow search results

Select the skills that match your needs.

Choose the skills you need. This, for example, is the graphics and multimedia section.
choose skills you need

I narrowed the results down to only 10 to go through… perfect!
10 results shown

Clicking on the first one, I might be done already!

10+ years of audio/video experience, bachelor’s degree, id proof in the green, and a lower-than-expected monthly salary.
potential candidate found

Dig around a little bit and check your candidate’s background.

If you hit the ‘background check’ button, a bunch of data pops up.

This includes a Facebook profile, email, phone number, age, and things onlinejobs shows you… like if they are sending emails for jobs, how many times they have modified the account, if other accounts are related, and more.
background check

These are signs of agencies hiding as employees. Some people don’t mind agencies, but it is nice to know that you are talking to a single person instead of a company in the Philippines.

intensive history check

related accounts

Do this a couple of times, and you will have a shortlist of applicants to move on to step two with.

2. Create your job posting and put it up.

Once all that dirty work has been done, it’s time to create your posting - and begin it with YOUR name.

It’s a smart way to catch whether each candidate actually read the whole thing, or just skimmed and scanned and arbitrarily addressed you as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Hi” when your name was right up near the top of the posting - big and bold.

If they message you saying they want to apply, but didn’t even address you with your name, don’t even entertain second thoughts about dropping them as applicants.

They already failed the first test, and have proven to have zero detail-orientedness.

3. Let your candidates take the 16 Personalities Test

Finding the right VA is like jumping into the dating game.

Personalities need to match.

I’m not necessarily saying that you need to go find out their sign and check if yours and theirs are compatible... LOL

But you want to make sure they have the right personality to complement your own.

Great minds think alike, and great minds accomplish great things.

So be sure your team’s personalities mesh perfectly with yours.

No clone is necessary, but find out their personality after having them take a test. Here’s a link to a free and comprehensive personality test I use to screen my candidates -

Have them take the test and instruct them specifically to send you the link.

Don’t be surprised if some candidates tell you their result by giving you that 4-letter personality type, or a screenshot, or anything but what you wanted them to do.

There will always be non-detail oriented candidates, and those who follow your directions to a T.

Detail matters, so drop these candidates who don’t take the time to understand and do exactly what you want them to do.

They’re not worth it.

In the end, only the meticulous and detail-oriented people are worth your time and money.

4. Have Them Send You a Video Telling You Their ‘Why’

send a video

It’s not super mandatory, but it works.

The video doesn’t even need to be professional. It doesn’t even have to be YouTube quality.

Heck, it could even just come straight from a phone, uploaded, and sent to your email.

But I like to have my candidates send me a video explaining comprehensively why they want to work with me.


Two things:

First, I want to see things I need to see - their work environment, their eye contact (shows focus), and their specific reasons for why they want to work with me. It’s easy to edit these things or paint a different picture in writing. But when spoken, it’s more spontaneous and raw.

Second, I get to vibe them out as they speak in front of the camera. I want to have this certain kind of connection with my VAs before we seal the deal.

Otherwise, it’s like having a phantom VA on board.

But aside from knowing their present situation and their big reason for wanting to be a part of my team, I also want to know their future plans. This will tell me if this VA is someone who can potentially stick around for years as I continue to grow my business.

I have them tell me in their video what they plan on doing 5, and even 10 years from now. I want to know if they see themselves doing freelancing for a while, why they even want to do freelancing, etc.

It matters a TON, because you don’t want to hire a VA that’s just going to stick around for a month or two. If that happens, you’ll be forced to go through the tedious process of searching, interviewing, rehiring, and firing.

And obviously, you want your business to last for years and years and years - and the perfect VA will come alongside your growth and level-up in the business with you!

5. Choose Your Preferred Plans and Pricing

There are certainly different price models for Online Jobs.

Here’s the pricing structure and the inclusions for each:
pricing structure

You can sign up for free and get about 3 checks for this option.

If you’ve got a small budget, and all you want is to see if people respond to your job posting, then the free plan should work just fine for you.

But if you want to get more, you should sign up for the Pro Level at $69 per month. This allows you to post immediately, contact your candidates directly, and view their applications.

Now, if you need a handful of contractors for your team, you may want to switch over to the Premium Membership.
For $99 a month, you can increase your job posting ninja-ness to 10 posts a month max. With this membership, you even get access to a video training course, background data check, and the exclusive worker coaching services.

What’s cool about the background check is that it protects you from fraud. You get to check the candidate’s data on the platform, and get to know straight-away if you’re likely to be dealing with a scammer or a legit, honest person.

As for the worker coaching service, this is an exclusive Online Jobs service that pairs your new VA with a mentor vetted by the platform to guide them on how to succeed with doing remote work on your projects.

Not crazy about these things?

Done-For-You Contractor Recruiting Service also has this done-for-you kind of a recruiting service for a flat fee of $500.

The price is pretty steep, but it saves you from getting your hands dirty with the screening, background checks, and conducting a skills test to potential candidates.

Once they’ve shortlisted their top choices, you can begin the interview process and choose your VA from the bunch. If you’re eternally busy with other things and want to just hire a VA who fits your needs perfectly, it’s comforting to know you’ve got this option.

And one more thing...

There’s a one month guarantee on this recruiting service.

If for some reason your new hire underperforms or fails, you can get the best replacement at zero charge.

How Much of This Post Was Created By Filipino VAs?

It is kind of crazy how much of my life has intertwined with my Filipino VAs. They enhance our business every day.

We have been adding more VAs on over the years, and our whole operation is almost fully run by Filipinos.

Here are the steps this post took to get to you and how many of them were done by Filipinos.

  • Website was built by my Filipino Web/Graphics Guy
  • Keyword and SEO analysis chosen by US SEO guy
  • Keyword, topic and SEO info given to Filipino writer
  • Outline and SEO Content written by a Filipino
  • Content lightly edited by a US editor
  • Royalty free images found by Filipino VA
  • URL, tags, internal and external links, image SEO done by a Filipino VA
  • Post layout done by a Filipino VA
  • US SEO guy checks and sends post to be published
  • Post created and published by a Filipino VA

I have never laid out all of the steps like that but almost all of the blogs on my site are done the same way.

I can’t speak highly enough of my employees in the Philippines that have become family over the years.

I highly encourage you to get your first rockstar VA sooner, rather than later, on

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Finding and hiring a VA is a lot of work

It can be a messy, long, and winding ordeal if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But Online Jobs makes it easier by offering you a ton of awesome features.

I’ve personally tried it, and have found an amazing VA who’s been with me for years, working alongside my wife and I in growing our business.

So if you want to find authentic, qualified, and highly skilled VAs for your business, is a great place to go have a look.

Whether you have no budget upfront, a small budget, or a ton of cash to get started, you have a shot at finding the VA you need on this platform. Just give it a go and let me know how it works out for you!

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