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#1 Best Email Marketing Strategy - How To Stand Out & Cash In!

2019's Best Email Marketing Strategy - How To Stand Out & Cash In! Let’s get real honest for a minute.

How many of your emails over the last couple of years have you looked at and been like, nope, not today!?

You know which ones I’m talking about, all pitch and no value.

It takes a lot of work and dedication to build up your email list and from here you need an email marketing strategy that won’t ruin all your hard work!

If you think that all there is to email marketing is offering products, think again. It doesn’t matter how you dance around it, how great your copywriting skills are, you screw this up and it’s back to the drawing board.

Internet marketers, inspiring entrepreneurs, I’m talking to you! It’s time to let the old way of doing things go, the information age is dead!

Don’t get dumped in another person’s spam folder and keep your email list’s fingers far away from that unsubscribe link.

It’s time to dig deep, step up your game and take off the masks.

I’m going to share with you the best email marketing strategy that will completely revolutionize your online business.

If you are short on time and you’d prefer to listen to this email strategy while driving… Check out the podcast episode here:

Prefer to read? Great!

Let’s jump right in!

What Is Your Email Marketing Strategy?

How do you connect to an audience you can’t see? How do you connect to an audience who doesn’t know you?

You will profoundly increase your success rate through your email marketing strategy… if you do it right.

After all that hard work of creating a great opt-in page and sales funnel, the last thing you want is to lose your greatest online asset, you’ve been working so hard to obtain… Your customer email list.

How can you offer your products without scaring off your email subscribers?

How often should you send emails to your subscribers?

The answer may surprise you.

Back when my wife and I first started our email marketing campaign, we were emailing people maybe four times per month.

We were in this space where we knew for a fact that our email list is our distribution channel.

So what did we do with that knowledge? We used email as a tool for distributing information about our products and offers.

But just like what’s happening to most people doing it this way, the ROI wasn’t impressive at all.

Sending out a new offer, a new thing to sell here and there irregularly is not going to make you stand out from the rest who do the same thing - emailing subscribers only when there’s something to offer.

If this is your email marketing strategy, ya, it’s going to bomb just like how our old one did.

And if you’re just starting out without any email marketing strategy actualized yet, then it’s your chance to test out our approach and get game-changing results from it all the time.

This video reveals all


How to do Email Marketing the Right Way

Get out of your own way by shifting your perspective from overnight success to long-term strategies.

A good email campaign nurtures a blossoming relationship with your subscribers.

Your goal is to move up in the cashflow quadrant so you need to get this email marketing strategy right.

Most people aren’t doing this and that’s why their email marketing campaigns are failing.

What makes sense about taking an email marketing strategy that makes you personally hit the unsubscribe button and then applying it to your own subscribers?

That’s insane!

And it’ll lead you to be stopped dead in your tracks with very little results.

Because we came from the information age, I ended up learning this the hard way years ago, but you don’t have to.

How to Transform Your Business with Email

Transform Your Busienss With Email
We’re going through a major and much-needed shift in email marketing, Offering true value to gain loyal customers.

My wife and I started working towards building our online businesses back in 2003.

Different ventures, different methods, I used trial and error to figuring out my three pillar content marketing strategy, my sales funnel template that revolutionized my business and the truth of email marketing that was the driving force behind building the lifestyle design we were after.

The biggest truth I learned is the attention marketing age is here and your value is tied to your income.

This strategy captures and keeps your leads and customers attention and gives them enormous value.

When you implement this best email strategy you will experience these three things for your business.

  1. Increased Likeability

    You can’t expect people to buy from you if they don’t know who the heck you are.

    Jump the gun on your offers? Big mistake and an even bigger turn off for your audience.

    Treat your email subscribers like a friend, keep in touch with them, develop your conversational skills and be there, not just when you need something from them.

    Send your subscribers inspiring emails, some anecdotes with daily life advice, tips and how-tos, anything that will benefit their lives.

    This is my wife and I’s method. And because they hear from us everyday and associate our names with meaningful emails or messages in their inbox, they actually get excited and look forward to receiving regular emails from us.

    You will increase your likability too if you offer things to make them feel good making their lives richer and more positive.

    Forget overnight success! Send your audience the kind of emails that nurture your relationship.

  2. Establish Yourself as the Authority.

    Email Builds Authority
    You want it? Then own it! Stop feeding into fear and going after perfection that’s killing your business and be who you say you are.

    Are you in the digital marketing niche?

    Send emails to your audience about daily advice to grow their online presence or how to write killer copies or how to boost their rank in search engines… Anything that’s within their field of interest and priorities.

    Do you have a vegan food cooking channel?

    Email your audience with killer recipes, 5-minute vegan meals they can prepare each day, how to do vegan meal prep under $8, or a sample grocery shopping list.

    You can literally come up with hundreds of awesome ideas on what to write about and push into their inbox daily without making them grow tired of you!

    With helpful and informative emails such as these, you’re making them constantly thirsty for tips and your expertise to help them in whatever they need help with.

    And the best part about them acknowledging you as the expert or the authority in your niche is…

  3. You can sell them stuff down the line.

    Once they know, like and trust you, and come to recognize you as the expert they’ve been looking for, it will be easier for you to promote stuff to them down the line.

    You now have the opportunity to make an offer, and that means you can generate more revenue, in the long run, establishing and increasing your customer lifetime value.

    You give, give, give and then you make an offer in your email once you have cemented your likeability factor and established being an authority in your niche.

    In email marketing, you generally send value based emails three to four times in a row before presenting an offer in that fourth email.

    There's no hard set rule, but that usually comes in the form of a P.S - soft sale.

    You don’t need to necessarily push. Tell them something like “If you want help with this you can click this and get more help here”.

The Shift to the Best Email Marketing Strategy

The shift
Since our old strategy (emailing when we had new sales or products) was not working, we decided to adopt a new email tactic.

That’s what you have to do when something in your online business isn’t working.

We decided to take on a 30-day email marketing challenge where we emailed our subscribers once a day for a full 30 days.

I have to admit that we had some agitations about doing that…

We were afraid of a bunch of lower open rates, getting more unsubscribes, receiving hate emails from people who want us to just leave them alone.

But this email marketing strategy worked!

People are busy, people are bored with their daily lives and giving something of value is what they’re looking for to fill those small gaps of free time.

People enjoy getting positive, helpful, useful information in their inbox every single day.

The most important, valuable ingredient to our email marketing strategy that will make you stand out from the rest is not offering a ton of emails that are saturated in sales pitches and buy now offers.

Provide them with useful, positive, helpful information in their inbox every day.

If you do this, people will read your emails, we did not get flooded with unsubscribes, and we even received an awful lot of thank you emails from our audience.

Strategy #1 Email Every Day

Creation Challenge Tips for writing great emails

You’re going to come up against not knowing what to talk about every single day.

That’s fine and if you want you can talk about that. Or just a short checking in, or wishing well.

Stay committed to the development of your relationship with your audience and establishing yourself in your niche market.

Find out what the needs of your audience are and do the market research to get ideas about what to talk about next.

That 30-day email marketing campaign evolved into taking on a 90-day content creation challenge intended to unlock the flow within you.

You can do this based on your unfair advantage and use whatever medium you’d like but this should be applied to your email marketing strategy.

Shoot for 300-400 word emails, but don’t limit yourself to that.

On the weekends, write extra emails for days you run out of things to say. Get a few in your arsenal before you start if you feel more comfortable by doing that but do not back down.

Be vulnerable, be real, take off the masks. Share the details, the extras that are bringing you to where you are with your audience. Whatever you think will bring value to their pursuits and their daily lives.

You want authenticity, so do they, so if you want to be successful in your email marketing strategy, you need to be willing to be real so your audience will come to know, like and trust you.

Strategy #2 Give more value than you ask for. Positive, helpful, entertaining, and informative.

Email Marketing Examples

In refining this email marketing strategy for my business, I engaged in a 90-day email challenge, flexing my writing muscles, dissolving the myth that I can not write, and coming up with more email marketing ideas.

Ever since I’ve been doing this email challenge, I realized my writing has absolutely improved!

I discovered that email marketing ideas are everywhere and many of these emails were so beneficial for my audience I then began using them on my blog.

Some email marketing Samples that made it on my Blog

Even though I prefer verbal communication, this challenge flexed those content creation muscles and these email marketing samples became posts on my blog!

How to Not Mess Up A Truly Effective Email Marketing Campaign

It’s easy to screw up this email marketing strategy unless you get the basics of what you should and should not be doing.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you’re on the right track to nurturing an email list.

- Connect with your audience each day with high quality, valuable content.
More frequent is better

- Email your audience following the give, give, give, ask philosophy.
Not pitch, after pitch, after pitch, after pitch

- Strengthen and nurture your relationship with your informative and relevant emails.
Positive, helpful, entertaining, and informative.

Do all of these and when the timing’s right, or when a product, tool, or service is available that you recommend, you can count on a very good response because you’ve conditioned your email list to open your emails.

There's nothing worse than subscribing to someone's email list, being excited about their free offer, then they go silent for a month.

Then, all of a sudden you get this offer email a month later and you're like, who is this, why are they sending me a pitch right now?! Unsubscribe.

You need to do the opposite of that, which is, take the time to really pour your heart and your soul out there, be a spark of light, a helpful voice in their inbox because everyone's inbox is full of pitches and spam and rubbish already.

The byproduct of you being real and offering more is more revenue for you in your business and all in all, it just gets you to be of service at scale, which is key.

That's how my wife and I have built our three separate brands that are each generating multiple six figures per year following that same process over and over.

Two Essential Tools I Use In My Email Marketing Strategy

There’s a ton of tools to choose from out there but Aweber is the best one because they’re so easy to use, straightforward, and easy to manage.

I also use Active Campaign, but I hire a guy because it is easy to break.

As I wrote on another email marketing sample turned Medium blog post.

“It also re-solidifies my willingness to recommend Aweber over Active Campaign.

AC is just too complex, delicate and temperamental for someone who’s just getting started.

When you’re making 10K per month and you’re ready to invest 500 bucks a month in an integration guy, email me… He can even move your list if you really want to get fancy automations going! Lol.”

So, Aweber and nothing more, except you.

Here's a detailed review of Aweber.

Let Email Start Revolutionizing Your Business!!

Don’t end up in someone’s spam box. Get this email marketing strategy going and crush it!

Email daily, send value in your emails and give, give, give, before you sell something.

Now you know how to stand out in your subscriber’s inbox, what to do and what you absolutely should not do.

The revenue you’re going to generate by establishing stronger relationships and greater opportunities to keep cashing in because of your daily emails will be beyond belief…

How do you grow that relationship? It's by giving value to your list so the value of your asset that is your business is actually directly correlated to how much value you're giving to these subscribers on your list.

That’s it, and I hope this has been helpful for you. If you have any questions or feel stuck, drop me a comment in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you! Until next time, happy email marketing!