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Your #1 backlink strategy

There is a dangerous myth floating around that you need to go aggressively 'build backlinks' for your site to rank well and get discovered...

I don't build backlinks to my site and neither does Melanie...

You will learn why we don't build backlinks and what we do instead, here...

This is important because if you get this wrong, you could destroy your entire business and all of your momentum overnight!

First off, you need to know that this myth has resulted in thousands of sites getting SLAPPED by the Google ban-hammer because it goes against what Google wants to see happen.

And because people get GREEDY.

It all started back in 2009 and 2010... People found out that you could simply publish any kind of content (terrible content was acceptable) on web 2.0 sites and article directories with a backlink in it and BOOM your site would go up in the rankings...

Marketing service providers got aggressive selling backlink packages saying it was the 'shortcut to #1 rankings'

Fake Gurus got in the mix selling their rubbish ebooks teaching 'how to' execute this dangerous method.

Then in 2011, it happened!

Google started rolling out a series of updates to eliminate web spam.

The article directories that once ranked a ton were GONE from the top of Google.

The web 2.0 sites that ranked fast were completely eliminated...

And, anyone who had a large volume of links from these sites was erased from the top of Google, overnight.

It was mayhem...  Like digital armageddon.

The forums were like a war zone... People's entire businesses crushed, overnight.

One guy went from earning over 40,000/mo to zero... Literally overnight!?!

Agencies that were building businesses in this manner for clients saw dozens, even hundreds of client sites disappear from the search engines, overnight.

But it wasn't a surprise to some of us....

The writing was on the wall and was clear as day.

Google was very clear (and still is to this day) that you don't pay to build backlinks... And in fact, you shouldn't 'build' backlinks at all!

So what do you do, then?

Your #1 backlink strategy Well, you create the absolute best content you can...

You work your tail off for YEARS to give amazing amounts of value to your audience...

And then what happens?

Well, posts like this start to pop up here and there:

Amazing people who run their own blogs and have received great value from your content start to share your content.

Especially if you are in a unique niche, like my wife... She has thousands upon thousands of links...

Some people even translate her content into other languages and link back...

It is even easier when you are in a unique niche compared to where I live.

Not to mention you will get the social shares in the FB groups, the links in the forums, the embeds of your videos on their sites...

The world wide web is built on this kind of reciprocity... We all comment on and share what we love, online.

So you must create content that others love and want to share.

Why is my content shareable?

Well, I'm not constantly spamming you with offers in my videos and blog posts... So it is 'safe' to share with others because you aren't sharing a sales pitch!!

And one other big key, real quick, before you go...

Keep in mind I've been publishing videos now for about 23 months... Just under 2 years.

Not 2 years of trying to build backlinks to get rankings...

2 years of practicing becoming a better content creator!

2 years of learning my voice by doing the work!

2 years of SLOWLY getting better and better at making helpful content that ultimately makes a name for myself.

And in all honesty?  We are just getting started... And the backlinks are just starting to roll in!

Give it another year and you will be AMAZED at the momentum this freight train has!

I'm honestly flattered and honored to see these backlinks show up...

If you have shared my content, my blog or my YouTube vids with anyone...

Thank you!

I truly appreciate the shout-outs, shares, tweets, FB mentions, Reddit love, etc.

But most importantly, if you are thinking you need to hire someone to do SEO for you...

Or if you think you need to buy some network or 'shiny object' that will teach you how to build backlinks...

You are on dangerous grounds!

You are on dangerous grounds!

Because Google is not done combatting webspam.

It is one of their top priorities, and everyone who is trying to game the system through backlinks will eventually have their day of reckoning.

And I recommend you keep the long game in mind...

Build your business right the first time and it can serve you for the rest of your (and your family's) life!

Try to game the system and you may experience a little short-term gain, but you will go back to zero and have to start all over again...

And there are only so many times you can go back to zero and start over before the stress of it all gets you to throw in the towel.

So, stay focused on creating epic content...  And remember, you'll get better and better at it with each post!

Then eventually, backlinks will emerge out of the web-o-spehere where people who have found and love your content start to give you the love you deserve!

Miles "Do The Work" Beckler

Remember... Success is emergent!  Just like these backlinks are emergent!

If you haven't seen the video that explains HOW success emerges, watch it here:

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