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“How?” you may ask? Before you continue reading, remember: your landing page is the start of your funnel and is the doorway to your ultimate goal of building your list and generating revenue.

The Game-Changing Million Dollar Sales Funnel Formula



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We all know that those get rich quick schemes are nothing but a bunch of BS.

Going from zero-to-hero overnight, I don’t buy that kind of thing.

I’ve always believed that to grow a business, and I mean to really grow it consistently and not create just a one-hit-wonder kind of thing requires a process.

In my case, a sales funnel literally changed my cash in-flow from just a couple grand a month to the six-figure range.

And no, this wasn’t one of those get rich quick scams at all.

It’s a process, a template, a route I took and have never steered away from since the day I first started it in 2013.

Dialing in a customizeable sales funnel template opened up opportunities for my wife and me, giving us more time to actually live life and enjoy it by doing the things we love, and by expanding our knowledge and skills. Your typical lifestyle design business.

I’m handing you the keys to success, once you dial in a successful sales funnel, everything changes in your business and your life.

The way we play this business game has shifted, coming from working hard and getting decent profits to working less and skyrocketing our revenues.

It’s not a magic trick, there’s nothing weird or crazy about my sales funnel at all. In fact, it’s all about psychology, some math and a whole lot of common sense.

I went through 6 adaptions, stages of sales funnel optimization, to make our funnel work on autopilot and your journey will be similar.

You will learn the million dollar part of a sales funnel, how to start today, and how to upgrade what you start in a month or so to make this a total game changer for your business.

Are you ready to learn about my life changing sales funnel template and create the lifestyle business you’ve always wanted? Let’s get to it.

Why Not Having A Sales Funnel Is KILLING Your Business

Why Not Having A Sales Funnel Is KILLING Your Business

Let me start with a little back story...

Back in 2000, I started dabbling in the online business world. Got into affiliate marketing through direct linking and just focused on doing what I was doing because I didn’t know much.

At that time, I didn’t know about sales funnels or a sales funnel template. I was on Myspace and direct linking users of the platform to affiliate programs.

I was pretty much content with my solid $2000 monthly income and I really thought I had it.

But when Myspace changed their terms of service, my income was gone overnight! Just like that. The whole collapse blew up everything, and there was nothing for me to fall back on.

I didn’t have a sales funnel template, no landing page, no opt-in page, no email list, no nothing.

The whole crazy turn of events really shook my world and made me realize a lot of things. I regretted not building an email list, which my today self would have told my past self to do. I also would have told myself to learn about this sales funnel template.

That was my Aha moment number one...

So my wife and I charged that whole scenario to experience and tinkered around with content marketing. At this point, we had no money for paid traffic and were kind of wishy-washy about getting people on our list. To us, it was just content marketing all the way and nothing more.

That thing worked for us, but just minimally. We were publishing a ton of content on our blogs and linking to it from Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic, giving out newsletters to our subscribers…

Traffic growth was awesome but our income growth was just so-so. What’s wrong in this picture!?

I set up my three pillar content marketing strategy which really helped us to expand our reach, covering multiple platforms with our content.

But then, Aha moment number two came to me when I bought a course that divulged a secret sales funnel template to me.

“We went from a few grand a month to a whopping and consistent 5 figures a month - All thanks to our million-dollar sales funnel template.”

  1. We were awed by our sales funnel results and wondered how far our revenues could still increase considering how our sales and profits went vertical consistently.

And guess what? We even crossed the six-figure income barrier with this sales funnel template, and were thinking, pinch me, am I dreaming??

My sales funnel template is not some magic trick and not a get rich quick scam at all. It was moderate growth at the start, but we kept at it and things just got better and better for us. It seemed like things couldn’t get any better…. But they did.

Launching A Sales Funnel is Step 1 to Success

Why Phase 2 Of The Sales Funnel Template Is Key.

It’s our sales funnel template upgrade, and the whole thing is very easy to do. We got extra revenue from it and the best part…

We’re not working harder by using this, it’s not taking extra energy out of us, in fact, we’re working less than when we were just starting out.

I am still marketing and testing this funnel and the money just keeps coming in. At the same time, we’re passionate about what we do.

We changed our approach to avoid the MySpace disaster, the missing piece was the #1 goal of a successful sales funnel.

The thing I have since then learned is what the multi-millionaires do in the business game.

What’s the Best Sales Funnel Goal?


Question of the day: Collect emails or make money?

Collect emails, definitely.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking:

“But Miles, I don’t want email addresses I want MONEY!”

Here’s what I have learned after following this sales funnel template for the last 5 years: Rookies focus on the sales funnel money. Pros a.k.a. Millionaires focus on the email list backend - which is the gold mine!

You’ve heard the money is in the list.

And that is half-true.

The whole truth is: The Money Is In The Engaged List

You can have 400 or 400,000 email addresses but, if no one is opening them, is there money in having 400,000 email addresses?


To bring this home, let’s re-visit the MySpace thing..

If I had been collecting email addresses of my “customers” from MySpace, and MySpace did it’s shut down thing, would I have had a business still the next day?


To make a sales funnel work, you need traffic. If that traffic dries up, gets too expensive, or you break a rule on accident and get shut down, you still have a business with an engaged email list.

Don’t think you can make huge amounts of money in a sales funnel alone. You have to be building a relationship with your audience on your email list.

You will make money with Your Sales Funnel but,

You can live the lifestyle of your dreams with an engaged email list.

That’s really the main thing for me. As I said, the profit-making power of the back end of this sales funnel template is the bread and butter.

One sale is good on the front end, but if you grow that list on the back end, that will eventually turn them into customers and then you’re golden.

Then you keep building that email list...

When your sales funnel is working right, you can buy more traffic than you could ever imagine and earn more money than you thought possible too.

One more thing…

You get yourself two sets of email lists.


Because one is more valuable than the other:

1. Prospects Email List

Prospects Email List

When people don’t buy STRAIGHT AWAY through your sales funnel, it’s not that they don’t EVER want to buy from you.

There’s a psychology thing going on there.

They first want to know, like, and trust you before they give their credit card info and click the buy button. And that’s the beauty of your email list, which is an essential component of my sales funnel template.

They’re on your list, and that gives you an opportunity to take them into an email sequence to connect and nurture them.

By the time they receive email number four, you can offer them a product to buy...

By that time, the chances of them buying from you is significantly higher than the first time they saw your landing page.

That makes sense.

But the rookies only see the front end when people click the buy button right away.

Pros see it differently. It’s really the back end of the sales funnel where the money happens.

It’s these upsells and additional sales and the sequence of emails that make you money.

2. Customer Email List

Through this sales funnel template, once they actually buy from you, they go onto a separate email list and that is the customer email list.

This is even more valuable than your prospect list.

Let me explain...

Say a customer thinks about buying from you. The question is no longer “Am I going to buy something from this guy?” It turns into “How much am I going to spend with this person?”

They already know you, so they don’t even think about whether they want to buy from you or not. If you gave them a great deal in the past, they liked it, they’re happy with their purchase, you crush customer service and they won’t hesitate to order from you again in the future.

It’s really just a matter of what their budget is.

And this whole thing gets into a value ladder idea of starting them small then building them up to a higher priced item, a higher priced membership, exclusive events, etc…

The MOST important first step is to first, turn them into customers, then it is easier to sell more.

Let’s get some customers.

3 Steps to a Successful Customized to You Sales Funnel

3 Parts That Make Up Your Successful Sales Funnel Template

Technically there is four. But we have already beaten the email marketing horse to death so,

Hopefully, you know that your primary end goal is to make HUGE money from the email leads you generate with this sales funnel.

We are going to go over the three parts of this sales funnel template then give you a step by step guide to implementing each of these three parts.

Objective number 1, we need to get real people to our sales funnel.

Right now the best way to do that is to set up and become a pro at Facebook advertising.

  1. Facebook Ad


Now, this is very essential because the goal of your Facebook ads is to drive people to your sales funnel.

An important thing to know about your sales funnel and Facebook ads that I want to really point out is it needs to be super simple.

I’m not a fan of all that crazy stuff going on in the ad. Just an image, some story copy, and a super clear and concise headline.

Give them a compelling offer they will have access to after they click the learn more button.

Dial in Your Facebook Ad

What I do is I conduct split tests, where I check which ad works and which one doesn’t. Once I get the right ad going, it’s just a matter of time when the numbers keep skyrocketing.

Speaking of split testing…

I highly recommend this system because it allows you to learn the right words that trigger your audience quickly.

You are never only one funnel away, you have to test phrases, headlines really quickly and get to the best one out of a thousand options on how to deliver your message to your audience. You have to model successful copy and find what words get people to take action, and this is how you can get a bump in your sales.

For me, personally, the word “invoke” is huge for my audience. So it’s just one word, and I used all kinds of ways of describing it, but it was only “invoke your angels in your life” that changed the whole game.

All of a sudden, it was up to like 5, 6 percent click through.

I took action and put that word in my ad and I went from about 30, 35, 40 to 45 percent more clicks, and that’s building my list.

It’s not like logic doesn’t work. But it’s more about exploring what causes them to lose sleep and stresses them that will trigger them to take action. You have to really get to know the dreams, desires, and hopes of your target market and make it all clear in your ad.

Monitor Your Relevance Score

Pro Tip: After Launching Your Sales Funnel, Don’t Change Anything Until You Get Your Facebook Relevance Score.

Facebook is monitoring how many leads you get, how many likes and engagement your ad gets, and more.

They show you your ads relevance score and it is a critical metric that determines the cost of your Facebook ads.

They want you to be enhancing their customers Facebook experience, instead of bringing people on their platform down.

You want your customers to be happy too, right?

Facebook is the same way.

They show, and reward us facebook advertisers with cheaper ad costs when a target audience resonates with our sales funnel.

To get the cheapest ad cost, you have to have a relevance score of over 7. Drop that relevance score below 7, and you’re actually paying more than you could be.

The higher the number, 8 or 9, the cheaper your ad spend will be on Facebook.

You need 500 impressions before this relevance score populates, you have to force yourself to sit on your hands and wait until you get this number.

  1. Landing Page/Optin Page

Landing Page/Optin Page

When they click on your Facebook ad, you direct them to a landing page. There is a huge difference in a landing page and a home page. The only option we want to give our traffic on this landing page is to opt-in to our email list.

Keep the look of your landing page clean and simple.

Don’t go all in over the appearance of your landing page. The most successful opt-in pages that have generated millions use the most basic look because they know that the words are the most essential part.

Landing Page Step 1 - Determine Your Deliverable

Depending on your niche, who your target audience is and what their needs are will depend on what you deliver to your new customers after they enter their email address.

This is called a lead magnet and it is the first piece of your sales funnel you need to determine.

Here is a complete guide to creating a successful lead magnet for your sales funnel.

Landing Page Step 2 - Write an Irresistible Headline and Copy

Make your headline clear and concise, let them know what they get and will gain by entering in their email address.

You can even apply the fear of missing out and inform them what they’ll lose by not opting in.

In your copy use trigger words and phrases that convey you have the solution to the problem they’re having.

Go deep into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to ensure you are connecting with the human needs level with your words.

Build your landing page to inform, entice and motivate your audience to opt-in and you’ll be well on your way to growing your email lists and making some serious money.

  1. One Time Offer Page


The second page of your sales funnel is the one-time offer page.

They don’t go to a confirmation page just yet.

Once they enter in their email, you direct them video sales page or a text sales page.

For the one-time offer sales page, you put something like, “Your Request Has Been Received” in the subheading. After that, you let them know that their free item is on its way.

Your OTO in your sales funnel will be unique to you but right out of the gate my one time offer was converting 0.5% of traffic. Through split testing my headline and copy I have raised the percentage of closed sales to 3%.

This means that within 15 minutes of meeting our brand with a Facebook ad they are pulling out their credit card and getting on our customer email list.

Your Sales Funnel Checklist To Start Today and Get Done This Week

Your Sales Funnel Checklist To Start Today and Get Done This Week

Let’s get to work on your life change that a sales funnel can bring you!

You can look over my shoulders as I build this DIY sales funnel on the smarter alternative to Clickfunnels.

Sales Funnel Checklist and Steps

  1. Define or Create What to Sell after they Opt-In
  2. Create Your, Related to Your Offer, Lead Magnet You Will Give Away
  3. Write Your Headline For Your Landing Page
  4. Write Your Landing/Opt-In Page and Facebook Ad Copy
  5. Write Sales Copy or Make A Video Sales Letter for Your One Time Offer Page
  6. Set up your Shopping Cart and Payment System
  7. Build Your Landing Page, One Time Offer Page, and Thank You page
  8. Integrate your email autoresponder and shopping cart
  9. Set up your Facebook Advertising
  10. Test your optin and lead magnet delivery, Test your cart and product delivery
  11. Launch your sales funnel with the strategic $5 a day facebook strategy
  12. Do a dance, go out and celebrate because you just began a new life!

While you’re celebrating your launch, don’t forget….

Don’t change anything until you get your Facebook Relevance score.

Let’s get to phase two of your life change.

How to Upgrade Your Sales Funnel: Your One-Click Upsell

Sales Funnel Template Upgrade: Your One-Click Upsell

Once they purchase that one-time offer, what you can do is add a “one-click upsell” which would be the third page in this sales funnel.

So what this one-click upsell does, is after the checkout page, they see another offer on this cool thing that might interest them, whether it’s a discounted rate for an additional product or something to that effect.

And you know how consumers are, I mean, we’re consumers too!

You go to the store for just one thing, then see another awesome product with a slashed price, and boom. The store just increased their average order value.

You just have to make it really attractive and catchy. Let them know that they’re really getting a killer deal by grabbing that special offer on top of that first item they just got.

Keep it Simple

I make things super easy in my sales funnel with this one-click upsell feature. Instead of re-entering their credit card details for an add-on purchase, it’s either they click the add to order button or a NO THANKS, then done.

There’s no need to re-enter credit card details a second time, it is a one-click upsell.

Nothing remains final in the checkout page until they see this second offer. The transaction remains open until they click yes or no to the upsell checkout.

If you don’t have a basic sales funnel going, what I recommend is you dial in the first three parts of your sales funnel first. Limit the number of moving parts and keep it simple.

Crush Your Online Business Game

My Sales Funnel Template That Revolutionized My Online Business Success

You have to continuously test and improve your sales funnel template.

You need people to see your sales funnel first. Split-test your Facebook ads first to get your click through rate up to 3%. Many times this involves split-testing your lead magnet you tease about in your ad.

But a couple of last few things about my sales funnel template…

But a couple of last few things about my sales funnel template…

You really need to learn the right words to put to your ad. Every step of your sales funnel needs to trigger their emotions and make them feel you’re there to help them.

People act on their emotions and not much on their logic, so drop the intellectual head-level stuff. The success of your business depends on it.

You have to become an expert of your target customers hierarchy of needs to understand why they buy and know the stages of your prospects awareness.

Get to the core of their being and craft your written or video sales page copy this way for your sales funnel template.


No get rich quick money scheme here. Just a solid, constant, long-term money-making business to give you the kind of life you want.

If you liked this post on my creating a customized sales funnel for your business or have questions, leave a comment below, I’d love to connect.

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