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How To Create A High Converting Lead Magnet

The real trick to an effective lead magnet is giving your audience an experience, giving them a solution to their problemClick To Tweet

Want to build you're list the sure way to help your business take off?

Merely having that “Subscribe to Us” message popping in on your website just won’t cut it anymore.

I’ve got two words for you - Lead Magnets.

What is a lead magnet, you may ask?

You might call it a lead bait, or some an ethical bribe.

But essentially, the question we are going to answer is

“How do you create that free giveaway item that you're going to offer on your squeeze page or popup and get a bunch of qualified email addresses?”

I’ve got a little trick here that's has worked absolute wonders in my business, and it will work for yours too.

The key to creating high converting lead magnets is all about giving the user an experience.

An immediate positive change in their current situation right after they opt-in.

Let’s get the ball rolling with these fail-proof lead magnet ideas, increase your opt-ins, and build a successful business on email marketing that works.

What Experience Can Your Lead Magnet Give Your Audience?

What Experience Can Your Lead Magnet Give Your Audience?

The lead magnet game changer is an EXPERIENCE.

Say you’re selling a kind of service to help parents with unruly kids calm down and let go of their anxieties.

An easy to teach and no cost to you lead magnet would be a video that shows mom a surefire breathing trick that will calm her child down in 30 seconds.

See, you’re not giving them a lengthy book with chopped up chapters on the basics of child psychology, or the top 5 reasons why kids misbehave and other things parents might not even have the time to read.

They have this serious problem with their kids, the kids are out of control, and they want solutions NOW.

So, you give them a breathing exercise that’s completely free of charge, and it’s something they can do in just 30 seconds.

And now they’re thinking “Wow, this guy is actually offering help for me to tame my unruly child.”

That’s where they’re at, and they want to experience first-hand the shift in their child INSTANTLY. And you’ve got to give it to them.

"The real trick to an effective lead magnet is giving your audience an experience, giving them a solution to their problem"

Plan, Test, and Increase Capture Page Conversions

How To Create A High Converting Lead Magnet In business, you got to try a bunch of things to eventually stumble upon what works best.

Crafting a successful lead magnet is no different.

It is a cycle of planning, testing, planning, and testing until you get the opt-in numbers for massive success.

Set yourself up with a few ideas, lay out a plan, if it converts at 15 or 20% keep it and improve it.

If it is below those number throw it away and try again.

One way to speed up this testing is with a split test. Split test headlines, offers, page layout, and copy.

If you get excellent results, awesome! But if it is not working, don’t quit, adapt.

It is really powerful when you hit 40, 50% opt-ins on your lead capture pages.

What that means for you is you are getting two or three times as many leads from the same amount of traffic!

It is worth the time and energy it will take to get to where you are tripling your leads every day, and the only way to get there is by split testing.

Establish Yourself As An Expert With Your Lead Magnet

Establish Yourself As An Expert With Your Lead Magnet

Depending on your niche, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of people like you, competing against your business.

Establishing yourself as the authority in your niche is key to your long-term success.

“A lead magnet that brings massive long-term success is one that establishes yourself as an expert with your audience.”

Let me share with you this old-school lead capture idea that brought Eben Pagan from zero to a huge success.

Back when Eben Pagan was still doing his double your dating stuff, he was targeting guys who were trying to snag dates and desiring to get to second, third base, and so on.

This audience had tried a bunch of products without results, so they’re skeptical to spend money on anything new.

Then enter Pagan’s best capture page that hooked this audience, immediately.

The question every guy has on a first date is “Will she let me kiss her or Will she snub me to my face?”

Immediately after the opt-in, you get this super cool test, for FREE, that gave the solution to this age-old male dilemma.

It’s what he called the “Kiss Test.”

You walk your date up to her door at the end of the date, say goodnight, move her hair behind her ear, paying attention to her movements.

If she leans in towards you, that’s your signal to kiss her. If she pulls away, your saved the embarrassment and don’t even think about trying to kiss her.

Guys who signed up tried this kiss test for themselves, and it worked.

What happens when they get the next email from David DeAngelo? (David DeAngelo was Eben’s pen name back then)

Open it, or delete it?

You bet they're going to open it.

In their head, they are thinking “What am I going to learn from the master this time?”

To build a long-term business, you want to first, gain trust. Once you are trusted, your selling odds increase dramatically.

The real trick to establishing that trust fast is to give an experience.

A Framework To Help You Create Your Lead Magnet Fast!

In addition to giving your users a great experience, your lead magnet needs to help your audience take a step towards their ultimate goal of solving their big problem.

Now this step they take with your lead magnet is usually going to lead them down their path closer to wanting to purchase your full product, membership or your services.

Keeping the greater 'picture' in mind of your overall customer's journey is key when creating your lead magnet so it can support your greater business plan.

This video below shows the framework I use and recommend using for creating your lead magnets and even your online courses...

You will see how your course and lead magnet topics can appear from using this framework just one time.

Check it out, now:


If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

I've used this framework successfully for everything from courses on my wife's site, to my current lead magnet, even for the powerpoint presentations for the public speaking gigs I've landed!

Trust in the process on this one... Draw out that framework whether in your notebook or on your whiteboard and you will be amazed at what you create!

The Long-Term Asset That Begins With Your Lead Magnet

The Long-Term Asset That Begins With Your Lead Magnet

Okay, so now you’ve got subscribers. Woo-hoo!

Then what?

Next up is to turn them into customers.

"Your lead magnets ultimate goal is to build a customer list."

One way to do this is with a simple affiliate marketing funnel.

But you don’t want to stop at just having a list of subscribers.

You need to turn these subscribers into lifelong fans, and you do that through email marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuk calls it the jab jab hook method. I use the words give, give, ask but it is the same idea.

For example.

Email number one “giving” another experience, more help to your audience. Email two another help to them, then email number three or four an offer that some of your audience will want to purchase.

Rinse and repeat with new “gives” and different offers, or the same offer presented a different way.

This is how you build a business that will pay you for life.

Engaging an audience through helpful information and after every fourth, fifth, or sixth jab (give), you offer them something else.

You will establish an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you that you can offer your products, your courses, affiliate products, affiliate courses to, ongoing.

That’s the power in building your email list and its long-term value. And you own that list!

Here is an in-depth post on successful email marketing.

A Successful Business Starting With Your Lead Magnet

If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

Turning traffic into customers is tough to dial in, but once you do, the returns from that effort are incredibly rewarding.

Over time optimizing these lead pages you can see opt-in percentages at 40 or 50 percent.

But those numbers only come from a lot of trial and error.

A successful opt-in starting percentage is 15-20%.

Dialing in your lead magnet and opt-in pages earn you double or even triple the leads from the same amount of traffic. That is why creating a high-converting lead magnet needs to be one of your highest priorities.

When you are paying for traffic with ads or getting “free” traffic from search results, they are effectively gone if you do not get them on your email list, an optimized lead magnet will capture 40-50% of this traffic.

Then treat that email list like gold with effective email marketing, and you have a business built on an asset that no Google update or ad platform change of service can take from you.

Give them an experience of you and your expertise, and they will want to open every email that you send and buy every product that you offer or recommend.

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  2. Hi Miles. I am starting to read your Article ( I just determined my niche) and it is AWESOME! I was wondering if you have an Affiliate Program where I could participate in. Because I am going to Blog about the Law of Attraction (LOA) and Meditation is an integral part of LOA.

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