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A mockup of a simple affiliate marketing funnel

Affiliate Marketing Funnel - The Simplest Way To Quickly Make Money Online

Imagine this: you're at a New Year's party.

The mood is cheerful, and everybody is having a fun time.

You're talking to a new friend, cocktail in hand, smiling.... when they ask you the dreaded question: "So what do you do for work? How are things going there?"

On the inside, you want to tell your new friend - "I hate my job! And I can't take off as much time as I want."

I'm working on making money online with affiliate marketing and someday soon I'm going to make a full time living online so I can quit this shitty job and spend my time EXACTLY how I want to..."

But... you're not making enough money online to quit your job just yet.

So you give that same old tired grin and mumble something like - "oh, yeah, the job's fine..."

But on the inside you're still seething.

You wanna quit the rat race... but you feel stuck, and angry. You've been buying all these courses, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, and yet... you're still not making the money online you NEED to get free!

OK, take a second. Breathe.

It's not your fault.

You've been sold the idea that there is a "secret blueprint" to online marketing. You think:

“I gotta learn the secrets to making online biz work! Surely, once I know the perfect system, I’ll be set”.

And then a guru sells you on his “perfect system”.  But yet another guru tells you that HIS system is perfect!

Another one says, “Hey listen, - if you just buy my system you’ll be making money in no time…”

It's no wonder you feel frustrated.

Here's your promise: if you follow the FREE, extremely detailed instructions in this massive article, and hustle your ass off executing, you'll be able to achieve financial freedom and give your boss the middle finger as you walk out the door.

Through this post, you can stop telling people: "yeah, I'd really like to quit my job..."

And start telling them proudly: "I quit my job last month! Now I'm making more money from my online business than I was at my old job - and I'm having a lot more fun working for myself!"

The simplicity of this computer and green leaf fits the theme of a simple marketing funnel.

How are you going to do that? Through affiliate marketing, combined with your MVF - your Minimum Viable Funnel.

This post is a full "business in a box" guide to a simple affiliate marketing model that has been proven to work time and time again.

But before you get into the nitty gritty details, you need to understand a key idea that could be the secret to you making money online and quitting your job…

Vs continuing to read blog posts like this, but never making any money or seeing any results.

Ideas Vs Execution

WIth all the gurus spouting pretty ideas about business on the internet, it’s easy to get sucked into a mindset of thinking that your ideas are what really matter.

Well, here's some news for you: at this stage in the game (when you’re still working for someone else) your ideas mean zilch. Nada. Niente.

If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.


What MATTERS (and what’s going to get money in your pocket) is your execution.


Because when you’re a newbie internet marketer who’s spending more time reading about business than executing on business, you have a lot of knowledge (aka models and ideas) in your head.

This knowledge is useful, no doubt - but it’s not the same as wisdom.

You can think of wisdom as applied knowledge. So if you take the MVF framework I’m about to give you, then execute on it and make some $$$... you’ll have attained some wisdom.

Wisdom is much more valuable than knowledge because it’s tied to the nitty gritty, the action steps, the real world.

And guess what?

People don’t pay you for what you know. They pay you for what you ship.

A pic of a welder reminding you that if you do the work on your funnel, you'll get paid

If you want to be truly successful online, you need to switch from a “learning and researching” mindset into a “executing and executing and learning directly applicable information and then executing more” mindset.

In other words… you want to transition from being a Frank to being a Matt.

Pick A Proven Model, and Run With It

All of this rambling to say - stop researching. Stop reading. Stop listening to podcasts.

Instead, pick ONE person’s model and run with it.

Today, you're going to get the details of one model in the form of a very simple affiliate marketing funnel.

If you’re interested in putting money in your pocket while building an email list you can build a business off in the long term… read on!

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is your best choice for a few key reasons.

1. You don’t have to develop a product to sell.  THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. One of the biggest risks you can make as an entrepreneur is to put a ton of time/energy/money into a product, and then to sell it to crickets, aka nobody.

When you have an affiliate product (and you choose a good one like I’ll show you below) that work is done for you. You already know that product sells.

2. You don’t have to deal with customer support. Look, if you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you have a full time job or a string of part time jobs. Your time is limited. You need it spend it wisely.

When you sell someone else’s product through affiliate marketing, you don’t have to spend any time on customer support.

Instead, you get to keep spending time on marketing that product and earning money!

3. You don’t have to develop in-depth sales material/copy. When you choose a good product on Clickbank, you can rest assured that they already have video sales letters and long form sales pages in place that get results.

Basically, when you do affiliate marketing in the way I’m about to show you, you ONLY have to do one thing: drive traffic to a simple 2 page funnel that you set up.

That’s it. You don’t have to do any of the other bajillion things that operating an online business involves.

The Power of Focus

A picture of an archery target reminding you that in online marketing, focus is key

Trust me - learning how to drive traffic is hard enough. Since your time is limited, it makes sense to focus on this one area.

Plus, the skillset of learning how to drive traffic will help you in all of your other online business endeavors down the line.

Finally, since you’re just going to do, and not try to remake this system, you can use ALL of the energy you’re investing in  your online biz towards getting results…

Rather than splitting your energy between thinking about action and actually taking action.

So if you’re ready to stop chasing shiny objects and work with a model that’s:

  • Simple as hell
  • Proven to work time and time again
  • Built to give you both short term $$$ and long term gains

Then you just found the right model my friend.

Why The Minimum Viable Affiliate Funnel Works So Well

The MVF (Minimum Viable Funnel) for affiliate marketing works extremely well because of it’s simplicity.

What you have here is basically a “copy and paste” formula you can use to start making money online.

The MVF for affiliate marketing gives you 3 awesome outcomes when executed:

  1. Money
  2. Email subscribers
  3. A budding relationship with those email subscribers

Fitting these 3 outcomes, you have three pages to the MVF:

  • The Opt-in page (gets you email subscribers)
  • The Thank You page (builds your relationship with those subscribers)
  • The Affiliate Offer (makes you money)A mockup of a simple affiliate marketing funnel

The Opt-In Page

The opt-in page is where you’re going to send traffic to.

Essentially, this is a “squeeze page” with one and only one goal: get people to give you their email addresses!

However, people aren’t going to give you their contact info out of the kindness of their heart.  You have to offer them something in return.

What you’re offering them is based on your affiliate product - you’re going to be making them a promise through the headline/hook that you put here that the video sales letter of your affiliate offer will fulfill.

The Thank You Page

This page is where you build your relationship with your email subscribers through a short video that I’ll give you a script for below.

You may ask, “why have this page at all?”

You have this page so that  you can create a long term business rather than just buying traffic and sending it straight to an affiliate offer.

For an affiliate marketing funnel, the thank you page becomes a bridge page where you bridge the gap from your website to the affiliate offer.  You will need to either create a short video introducing yourself and telling them to click, or some simple copy...

And don't worry, the video can be as simple as grabbing your cell phone and following the script below... It only takes a few minutes.

Ultimately you need the Thank You page because it becomes the home for your affiliate link and you will learn exactly how to set this all up in detail, below.

The Affiliate Offer

You’re not actually going to build this page - instead, you’re going to simply link to the video sales letter of the affiliate product you choose to promote.

It’s Time To Set Up Your Sales Funnel!

Are you ready to start this process for yourself and start making some car payments, rent payments, and/or credit card payments with the money you make online?

Perfect. But before you get started, you’re going to need a few things:

  1. An email list provider. Active Campaign and Aweber are awesome options.
  2. A platform to create pages with. Instapage is a great option, ClickFunnels is way better but comes with a warning, WordPress and Thrive Themes are the internet tools I build my businesses on.
  3. A niche selected. This doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should have at least a vague idea of who you want to serve with your funnel.

If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

In the screenshot walkthrough and the video you can see below, I’m going to be using Aweber and Clickfunnels to set up my MVF for affiliate marketing. I find that these tools work best for me.

If you’re strapped for cash, I would do this: sign up for a free trial of Aweber and ClickFunnels.

Then create a funnel RIGHT NOW using this video / blog post to get some momentum.

You can use Instapage or Leadpages or WordPress to “remake” the funnel you have in Clickfunnels if you don’t want to shell out 100 bucks a month.

How To Setup Your Affiliate Marketing Funnel, Step By Step

What are the steps to create an affiliate marketing funnel?  You only need to do five things to launch.

  1. Find profitable affiliate products with Clickbank gravity score
  2. Create an email autoresponder series
  3. Build the Opt-in page of your funnel
  4. Create your funnels thank you page
  5. Create the affiliate VSL or sales copy

Make money! Lets start by finding a profitable and high converting affiliate product for free on Clickbank.

Step 1: Clickbank Product Selection and Headline / Hook Research

First, go to and go to their affiliate marketplace.

A picture of clickbanks which is an affiliate marketplace

Then, you’re going to find a product in your niche that has a high gravity score.

You can hear more about this in another video, but for now all you need to know is that a higher gravity = better, because it shows that other people are successfully selling this product.

Clickbank affiliate marketplace step 2

Once you’ve selected your product, you’re going to want to check out the sales page for it so that you can get your copy for the funnel pages.

The goal here is to take the 'hook' from the affiliate sales page so you can mirror that copy and language on your opt in page.

This will make the transition from your affiliate funnel to your bridge page (thank you page) to the affiliate offer feel seemless to the user and is the easiest way to setup your funnel!

Ok, I'm using the "Diabetes Destroyer" as my example here, but be sure to enter a niche you enjoy... Here's the screenshot of their sales page:

an example of an affiliate product sales page

Sometimes the hook (the promise of what benefits the buyer will receive if they buy the product) will be right on the video sales letter homepage, as you can see in this other sales page:

a sales page of another affiliate product

The hook is right at the top: "A foolproof, science based diet designed to melt away several pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21 days!" You're going to want to copy this hook whenever you find yours for the product, as you'll use this to create your funnel opt in page in a bit.

Other times, you’ll have to dig a bit to find the hook. One cool hack you can do is to click the “x” button on the tab of the video sales letter.

Then, you’ll be asked if you want to leave or stay. Click “stay”, and you’ll often be taken to a written version of the sales letter.

Then you can find the hook rather easily:

a picture showing you how to find the hook for your affiliate productI’m using this diabetes cure product to walk you through this, and here’s the hook which I’m going to copy to a file:

“With this “pancreas jumpstart solution” that I’m about to show you, you’ll be able to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes, sharply reducing or even eliminating your need for medication.”

Finally, you’re going to want to actually watch the entire video sales letter, taking extensive notes as you go.

This is a bit tedious, as the VSL is probably about 30 minutes long, but it’s very necessary. When you create the first page in your funnel (which we’ll get to in a minute), you’re going to be dangling the carrot of a promise to your prospects that you drive to that page.

Your promise will be in the form of the headline, hook, and subheadline on your opt in page.

In order to make that promise accurately (which is crucial for building a good long term relationship with your email list) you’re going to want to know exactly what content is in the video sales letter.

This Product = Your Brand

Stated another way, you are spending your advertising money, your time and building your site to promote an affiliate product.  If their product is rubbish, that makes you and your brand look bad.

Before you actually start selling, it is highly recommended that you buy this product because you need to make sure it’s a quality product and they deliver on what they are promising in the sales copy.

It doesn’t have to be the MOST AMAZING solution ever made - it just has to be a solid product that you are comfortable putting your name behind.

Remember, your email list is going to be associating your brand with this product, so keep that in mind and build your online business with integrity, for the long term!

If you’re short on cash and worried the product you are looking at may be a lemon, remember - Every Cickbank product has a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can buy the product and return it if it sucks.

...And this is probably the exact same position your web visitors are in, so you get to be their trusted adviser who looks for the best product for their needs and delivers.  They will thank you for it with their trust and clicks on your affiliate link!

Step 2: Get Your Mailing List Setup If You Haven’t Already

First, choose a mail provider and create a new mailing list within that provider. As I said earlier, for this walkthrough I’m going to be using Aweber.

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 1

First, you’re going to want to make a new list in Aweber.  Click "manage lists" in the upper right of your screen:

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 2

Then you're going to click the green "create a list button":

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 3

Type in your real name and your business email:

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 4

Then type in your website domain and your company name into this list. Name your company name whatever you please, (obviously use your real company name if you have one) but keep in mind that subscribers can see this.

If you don't have a domain name yet go buy one at namecheap or something - don’t overthink this, just buy any name that is in your niche for now. Then you can sign up for an email account through namecheap as well that's attached to your domain name.

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 5

Then, name your email list something straightforward and write a short, straightforward message describing the type of emails you're going to send out. 

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 6

Next, write a nice confirmation message for your new subscribers.

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 7

Hit the green button that reads "approve message and create list" and you'll be taken back to the main Aweber screen.

One last action here - click the tab that reads "sign up forms" on your Aweber bar:

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 8

Then hit the big green button that says "create your first sign up form":

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 9

And then click "save your form" as we don't need to modify this at all.

A pic showing you how to use aweber to build your email list step 10

Step 3: Create Your Opt-In Page of Your Funnel

OK, so let’s go over to clickfunnels. You’re going to hit “add new funnel” first:

Clickfunnels setup step 1

Then, select the goal of “collecting emails”:

Clickfunnels setup step 2

Name this funnel whatever you please.

Clickfunnels setup step 3

Next, choose a template for your funnel. I really like the “super clean opt-in” template so I’ll be using that one for this walkthrough.

Clickfunnels setup step 4

Next, hit the “publishing” tab on the “opt-in” step of the funnel and edit the path of your page so that it reads something that makes sense given your product. I'm naming mine the "pancreas jumpstart".

Clickfunnels setup step 5

You’re also going to want to connect your domain to clickfunnels, which is a bit of a task, so you can do this after you finish the actual funnel creation if you like.

Here’s a help article to walk you through this process.

Go ahead and click the "overview" tab at the top, and then click the yellow "edit page" button near the bottom:

Clickfunnels setup step 6

Boom. Now you are looking at the template of our opt-in page which is where you’re going to put our headline/hook that we got from our video sales letter research in Step 1.

Clickfunnels setup step 7

You're going to edit the headline, hook, and subhead on this page to make them relevant to your offer and you're also going take a bit of time to make things pretty. 

Click here and watch for 3 minutes if you want to see exactly how to do this. 

Here's my final result:

Clickfunnels setup step 8

Finally, you’re going to hit “email” on the upper right side of the screen. Choose your email provider, click the integrate action, and select the specific new list you created in Step 2.

Clickfunnels setup step 9

Step 4: Create The Thank You Page Of Your Funnel

OK, so going back to your funnel overview page, you’re going to click on the “thank you” funnel step on the left hand side right below the “opt in” funnel step.

Clickfunnels setup step 10

I’m going to use the template of the “simple download page”, fitting in with the theme of this post.

Clickfunnels setup step 11

Then, click the “publishing” tab in the upper right side of the white part of your screen. You’re going to change the “Path” to “thanks here is your video” and then hit "update funnel step”.

Clickfunnels setup step 12

Now, copy that URL that is in the middle of your “overview” tab on the "thank you" step of your funnel.

Clickfunnels setup step 13
You’re going to head over to Aweber and go to the “settings” tab of the list you created earlier. Change the “thank you page” drop down menu to select “custom page” and then paste the URL from your overview tab in clickfunnels to the box below.

Clickfunnels setup step 14

Don’t worry about the “already subscribed” page for now.

Step 4.5: Creating The Thank You Video

The purpose of the thank you page is to build a relationship with your new email subscribers so that you can build a business with them as your customers (not your affiliate’s) in the long run.

You’re going to accomplish that through a very short video. This video should be under 90 seconds ideally, and definitely shorter than 3 minutes.

If you have a smartphone or a computer, you have a video camera. Ideally you would get a lavalier microphone for good sound quality, but it’s better to have a video with the built in mic on your phone or computer than it is to have no video at all.

You could even just use a cheap gaming headset and plug that into another phone or something to record the sound, although you’ll look like a goon (which is fine haha).

There are two goals of the video:

  1. To make a good, personal impression
  2. To get people to CLICK ON THE BUTTON that takes them to your affiliate product sales page

Here’s an example video script for you to use as a template, based off the diabetes solution product I’m pretending to pimp:

“My name is Miles Beckler and my father had type 2 diabetes. He tried everything and it wasn’t until he learned about this secret that he learned to manage and even reverse his type 2 diabetes.

I’m excited to share with you through the video we’re going to get to next, but I also wanted to introduce myself because I’m going to share with you other emails that are going to help you understand how to better your health, to improve your situation, and to live a happier, longer,healthier life while managing your diabetes naturally.

So click the blue button below that says “click here for the pancreas jumpstart solution” and watch the video now.”

Short, sweet, and benefit rich, this script tells a bit of a personal story, and it ends with a VERY clear and specific call to action.

Make your call to action THAT specific. Tell them the exact color of the button you want them to click and the exact words that are on it.

As an alternative to this whole process, you could outsource the video to someone on

However, I don’t recommend that you do this unless you’re TERRIBLE on camera… and hell, you can be terrible on camera but still make a decent video if you just practice your script, speak clearly, and look right at the camera.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Once you’ve got your video done, upload it to YouTube.

Then back in ClickFunnels on your "thank you page", hit the add button below your headline.

Clickfunnels setup step 15

Then, click the video button in the menu.

Clickfunnels setup step 16
Copy your YouTube embed code into the URL/Action box where it says “video embed”.

Clickfunnels setup step 17

Finally, we want to pretty up the page and add your unique copy.  Click here and watch for 2 minutes to see exactly how I did this.

Here's my final page:

Clickfunnels setup step 18

Clickfunnels setup step 19

If you haven’t created an account on clickbank, now is the time to do that.  Then, you’re going to go back to the affiliate marketplace and click the “promote” tab next to the product you want to sell.

Next, you’ll enter your account nickname and your tracking ID. You can make the ID whatever you want.

Clickbank linking to aweber and clickfunnels

Clickbank will give a unique URL you’ll send people to - any people who buy from your affiliate after going to that URL within a certain amount of time will generate commission for you!

Your URL for affiliate commissions from clickbank

Copy and paste that URL into the “URL/Action” box within clickfunnels - the box pops up after you click on the blue button below your video.

Clickfunnels setup step 22

Step 6: Test It!

You now have an affiliate marketing funnel set up that will give you money and email addresses if you drive traffic to it!

But before you start spending time/money driving traffic, make sure to TEST your funnel first.

Trust me, you ALWAYS want to do this - I’ve spent a lot of money driving traffic to dead pages, and that’s always a shitty feeling.

So go into clickfunnels and click the “preview page” button on your “opt in” tab.

Clickfunnels setup step 23

Then, go into your internet browser URL field and remove the “?preview=true” from the end of the URL. Go to that page.

Clickfunnels setup step 24

Your last step is to actually go through the funnel - enter your email address, make sure you get subscribed, click all the buttons all the way to the end.

Step 7: Drive Traffic

Now all you have to do is drive traffic to the URL you setup for your “opt in” page.

There are a ton of ways to do this, but they basically boil down to paid traffic or organic (aka earned) traffic.

This has been a massive guide, and driving traffic is a book in itself (or many books really).

At some point I’m going to put up another blog post on driving traffic, but for now here are some YouTube videos that can help you out:

Here’s a whole YouTube playlist you can use to learn how to drive traffic organically (good if you have lots of time but not much money):

If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

Here’s another playlist you can use to learn how to drive traffic through paid Facebook ads. This is good if you have less time but plenty of money.

I’m not going to say good luck… because luck has almost nothing to do with your success here.

Instead, I’m going to bite a line from The Roots and say, “don’t give up”.


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    1. I do agree that my wording was a bit 'aggressive' in the video... With that said, I am still driving traffic from FB directly to landing pages that have ~15 words max on them, to this day! My ad copy and my landing page copy are super similar... And I get a high relevance score... I've had no problems at all. One thing I recommend is setting up a account, then setting up as many ad accounts as you can (not adding any credit card to them, tho) to just have some extra accounts there... Just in case.

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    1. Yes, collect the emails on your end... Build the relationship with them first. Ask them if you can get an affiliate link directly to the sales page. But all in all, get the optin, build the relationship, then refer them to the affiliate products. Most of the best affiliate products will get

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    1. Darlene, you are 100% correct that you need to nurture the relationship once they're on your email list. It's important to mail more than once a week... You gotta think of subscribers as your best friends, you gotta keep them up-to-date on all the little things that are going on, sharing fun stories, sharing the ups and the downs... Being a real human being!

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    1. I've never connected ClickFunnels to a WordPress site... Gonna have to work with ClickFunnels' support on this one!

  12. Howdy !
    Miles, This is important... What if I sidestepped the OPTIN stage and just generate URL from clickbank as an affiliate and plugin to an ad banner. And place that ad banner in a website that sends out the traffic. I'm thinking about quick money right now. Your opinion pls

    1. It will never work long term... Build a real business... Build a list and an audience of people who know like and trust you. Be their trusted advisor on a specific topic you have passion or expertise in.

  13. Do you have any information on how to set up and link Landing Page, Thank you page, etc. in Thrive (For an Affiliate funnel) like you do with Clickfunnels? I have read and watched several times (above) but am not able to convert Clickfunnel understanding to Thrive. I have watched several tutorials in Thrive University and haven't yet seen how to do that. Any assistance is greatly appreciated; Thank you!

  14. Good videos Miles, and thank you for the advice. I have a question for you about getting everything set up on Word press. First, can I make enough money to cover the yearly expenses by just making an affiliate page that promotes someone else's product off of Clickbank? Without having my own product to sell?
    Second, if I decide to make more pages, do I always use the same email so people know that the product is coming from me? Should It be a non-identifying email that cannot be tied to one product? Thanks Miles, I have always wanted to try this but everyone else seems too shady.

    1. I make more than enough to pay for all my server fees from clickbank affiliate promotions... So it is possible. The 'trick' is building a big audience and email list of people who will actually listen to you and trust you when you recommend affiliate products.

      You tie in one email address to your email autoresponder and when you send broadcast emails, they come from that address.

      The goal here is not to 'trick' people into clicking, but to build a relationship with people, give them value (for free) and then offer them things to buy that help them solve their problems. You want to be a real person and someone they can 'get to know' through the emails.

      I show all the steps to setting this up here:

  15. This article is truly amazing. Very simple to implement. Although I used OptimizePress 2.0 to build my affiliate funnel, it can work any landing page software. Thank you so much Miles for taking the time to write this!

  16. great post, thank you for that. I decided to take action but the company i want to be an affiliate of does not have a video sales letter, they just have a store. would it work if i link to their online store?

    1. Yes it can... But it works best when you 'pre-sell' a specific item with your content (an email or a blog post) and then link directly to that product's sales page on their site. Don't expect people to 'look around and shop' there... Give specific recommendations for the products that solve peoples' problems and link them directly to those products!

  17. Miles, Great tutorial!! I absolutely need to change my mindset. Question: If I wanted to promote an offer, would it be ok to use a contest or giveaway, then add the affiliate link to the thank you page after they have given their email address? like " thanks so much for entering the contest, BTW, do you have a XXX issue? if so check out the button below.

    1. Could work... Testing is key to see how well it works. The one potential challenge I see is that people are interested in something free... They are not moving in the direction of solving a problem.

      Whereas a free give away that teaches the 'secret to solving _______ problem' shows they are motivated to solve the problem...

      So your conversion rate on the one focused on information that solves the problem would probably be higher.... That said, test both and see which works better.

      Just start with the one that you feel is easiest to launch to get momentum on your side! Once one is up and running, then start building out the second one.

      It is a process!

  18. hi thank you for the guides. I would like to ask except clickbank, do u have any other affiliate? I couldnt sign up for clickbank, so do u have any suggestion that can replace for clickbank? TQVM

    1. It is more about finding an audience you want to serve, then find the products they are looking for... The affiliate program should be for the product that is a perfect fit for the goals/needs/desires of your perfect customers!

      1. tqvm for yr prompt reply. I think i can catch up yr meaning. U are very kind. May God bless u. Thousand thanks again.

  19. Hi Miles. Thanks for the videos and information; very useful.

    I am just setting up an affiliate company.
    In time I would like to branch out into multiple niches, but am unsure whether I can do this using one company name. If I am effectively emailing various lists (who have bought different niche products and are categorised into separate email lists), would it be best to use different email addresses and company names for each niche? I am unsure what to do, as I do not wish to appear to deceive anyone, but do not want to be protrayed as an expert in every area.

    What is the best long term approach?

    1. The best long term approach is to build one funnel for one niche and one audience first... Get that one profitable and then figure out how to best expand after that. Trying to figure out how to build 10 skyscrapers at once is more than 10x harder than building one first, then a second, then a third.

  20. Hi Miles, I've been following you on youtube for a while now 🙂 Really good and valuable information! I have a question for you which I could not figure out an answer to yet. Let's say I picked a niche and I found a number of products to promote. Do I need to have a website/blog for the niche? In addition to a funnel (or funnels). Or I can build it later? The reason I am asking is that at the moment I have no idea what content I need. Hope it makes sense. Thanks, SV

    1. You need to build an email list of people interested in the topic(s) that your products help people with... and a website (and funnel) are how you do this.

  21. is there a way to do this same process but 100% free? I am really strapped on cash right now, but really want to be able to copy your process and start making money right away! If you know of any other websites/alternatives that I could use to do this, I would really appreciate it if you would share them with me. I understand if there isnt a way around having to pay though, and just want to thank you either way. I thank you for your time and your help. ~ Cassie

    1. Nope... No free alternatives for this process. Also, 'making money right away' usually takes 3 years so be sure you are ready to invest the time and energy needed to truly achieve success online.

  22. Wow. You're actually a real person explaining a process to make money. And require no obligations to yourself. I commend you and thank you for the "real" video. I have taken notes and will watch it again!

  23. Hi Miles,

    Awesome content! just curious to know, when you setup a MVF with a OTO to a Clickbank offer, for the ones who do not buy initially would you send a follow up email sequence for that same product or would you promote a different product that still related to the subject to why they signed up?


    1. Absolutely! That is the whole point of getting their email first... So you can follow up. Often times vendors will have multiple sales pages and even 'free' items (their own opt in) you can promote over time. Also other products, too... Just remember to give value and educate your leads between linking to offers! On average, 3 'giving' emails between every 'pitch' eamil

  24. Hi Miles,
    I am very new with Affiliate Marketing funnel. Most of the words/jargon in this blog are foreign to me. But I am willing to learn. I want to use this to market my MLM product. I have my own webpage for my product. I also created a Facebook page and shop that link to my product.
    What would you suggest to me on where and how to start?
    Could I email you personally so I can ask you questions as I started to get some help in starting my affiliate marketing funnel? I am happy to put this as my 90 days challenge.
    Thank you

  25. Miles, I cannot even tell you how excited (and relieved) I am to have found you and Melanie. This information is a godsend. I'm just starting out with online marketing and have been completely baffled, overwhelmed and confused by the amount of systems, platforms and conflicting reviews all over the internet.
    Your direct and frank information is a breath of fresh air.
    Is this the best place to ask a few burning questions?
    Yours gratefully,

    1. I answer questions and comments when I have time… But I don't have all that much time. I may be starting a Group membership program to help people who have a desire to get their specific questions answered... Hopefully by the end of the year that will be ready

  26. Hi Miles,

    I'm just starting to look into affiliate marketing and came across your really good stuff here. I have a few questions.

    1. Is it viable to set up a Wix site for opt-in and "thank you" pages? If not, why?
    2. I have "Elegant Themes". Can that be used by itself? Is there a "need" for Thrive themes or something like that?
    3. I've been doing video work on Camtasia. Would I ever want to place an attention-grabbing video on the opt-in page? Or do I need to avoid that?
    4. Can you suggest a good order of stuff I should go through on your site to best learn and implement this method of affiliate marketing? Or, Is it all here on this post?

    Thanks, Geno

    PS- If it might be possible to talk a bit on the phone, let me know.

    1. 1. I would not try to build a funnel in Wix... Just use WordPress as shown here:

      2. Elegant themes has a divvy theme that might be able to work...

      3. Maybe… You would have to run a split test and see what the data says. I wouldn't start with the video because it's way more work and you don't know if it's going to increase conversions compared to a standard opt in page like I show you how to set up in the link above.

      4. It depends on what you're trying to do, linked to the final creation tutorials above... Beyond that, be sure you have my free course

  27. Hello Miles,
    You've really worked hard to gather the kind of knowledge you got here. I say a very thank you to it. It's quite informative and as a newbie marketer, I will appreciate if you can really introduce me into affiliate marketing properly.
    Once again, thank you so much for this information.

    1. I recommend you read this post and watch the videos and follow the links... This is a great resource to explain how it all works!

  28. Hi Miles,

    Great article.

    I am in full Hussle mode now building my first MVF. I'm going to market the 2-week diet ( 200 plus gravity still ) and build the funnel with WordPress. I plan to get it ready by the end of the week and start driving traffic to it from facebook adds. As soon as it's running and earning money I'll drop you a line again with the ongoing results.

    After reading your article I am confident; in fact sure of a positive financial result and the freedom that it will bring. Thanks for this information, it has all resonated deeply with me and driven me` to action,

    thanks again

    Best Regards


  29. Miles, you simply gives a TONS of content supported by your expertise. Would you consider to run or be a mentor?



    1. Glad you like the content... I have unique views on what mentorship is and kinda ranted about it in this video: In short, I see every video and blog post that I put out as mentoring, so tune in all you want, join the live streams and most important, take action building your business!!!! But if you are asking if I do one on one coaching or consulting, I don't.

  30. Dude, you are awesome. I have been following you for a while. Just launched my site a couple of weeks ago on Funnels and I am determined to get it to 5 figures very soon.
    There is a high demand for the subject.

    1. Great to hear! Stay fired up and remember to build your list and then email lots! Give lots and lots of value to the list and when it comes time to present an offer, everything works well!


    Thanks Miles for all your great content...quick question, what plugin do you recommend to track all the affiliate links, I see you have a link for each, how do you track the amount of clicks? do you only use google analytics?

    Appreciate a lot your advice

    1. I really don't track much on my end... I use Pretty Link plugin to make them short and easy to remember, but that is all. But I don't track anything really because I'm just promoting what I use and if people buy, cool... If not, cool. I'm not 'optimizing' anything.

  32. Hi Miles

    I m using this funnel

    1. I m Using FB Ads , I m paying 0,20 USD per leads with a conversion rate around 50%-70% (asking name and email) and around 70%-80% of leads read my presell page and click the button to go to My Offer

    2. So If i m getting good metrics in my FB Ads .... Until when must I wait to know if the campaign is working or not? (100 LD? 200 LD? ) pd: I m using a sequence of 5 emails (6 days in total)

    3. How You know what is wrong with you funnel ? If you have good metrics in your campaigns : Low CPC, CTR 3% - 5%, Good CPL but not sales? ( Is in that case a problem Of Offer / sales page?)

      1. Thanks for your reply Mile.

        What do you think of this funnel? Ads > Article > optin>offer (plus Retargeting) is effective?

        I think that is a little long and you can filtre the traffic using (Ads >optin >Thanks/pre-frame)
        That can have sense if you get organic traffic of google... but if you drive fb ads...

  33. Hi Miles, Great Guide but Is possible track what adset is giving you sales? If you are testing multiple adsets How You can know what adset made the sale if you cant put a pixel in the Affiliate Offer ?

    Thanks You

  34. Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this huge article! There is a $90 photography course I would like to promote as an affiliate (it's not from clickbank) and I was wondering what you would think of this alternative:

    Start with a free mini-course or some insightful, valuable email sequence (3-5 emails) and then recommend the course. The email sequence is both the lead-magnet and the trust-building phase.

    I am thinking maybe people who have just opted in don't like feeling too pressured to buy something right away, and can learn to trust my recommendation through these few emails. Do you think this is valid or do you think it actually works better to exploit the opt-in "momentum" and the email sequence would end up in a lower converstion rate?

    Thanks in advance!

  35. May I just say what a comfort to uncover a person that genuinely understands what they are talking about online.
    You certainly know how to bring an issue
    to light and make it important. A lot more people need to read this and understand
    this side of the story. I was surprised you're not more popular since you
    certainly have the gift.

    1. If you get a few more keywords in your comment spam it may work better! lol. Your link was blocked by the way... Comment Spam is so 2004! Time to step up your game Leena.

    1. For sure! Any funnel can work... It is much more about having a message/market match! The right offer for the right audience will work presented in many ways!!!

  36. Hi Miles

    Recently I did a test with that funnel : Ads (CTR Constant 7-10%) > Quiz (30 - 35 % leads) > Thanks you ( 100% of persons do click in the button and go to see my clickbank offer) .

    My email open rate is around 25% - 30% and CTR 4% - 10%

    If I see the statistics of my funnel (all is right except the sales page )... after +400 clicks and generate 150 leads must search another offer? (I cant get the 1% in my oto .... the 2 last email of my email sequence are giving the product for just $7 instead of 37)

    I was following the benchmarks, of this video

  37. A update ... i have improve my visitor > lead conversion and now is 50 % - 66% . I m paying 0,1 CPL (and my niche is weight loss) . Usually of 100 persons that visit clickbank sales page ... around 10% of this traffic , visit to checkout page (In her first visit after my thanks you page)

  38. Hello Miles, thank you for the valuable information. I want to get started as an affiliate marketer but I am afraid to use my real name. I have a PhD in Public Health from a reputable university and this stops me from marketing products because I am afraid I may be judged for marketing products that may not be based on scientific evidence. I want to have the freedom to sell all products. How do I get over this block? Can I still build a list without using myself as the brand? How do I succeed if I am working behind the scenes? What name do I use? A fake name or use a company name? Thank you!

    1. You can use a pseudonym, or a pen name. Some of the greatest authors in history wrote under pen names… Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Clemens!

  39. Hi
    One thing everyone seems to leave out is how to create the fb ads for your funnel - specifically for affiliate marketing. ie: Images and ad copy

    1. Your ad should promote your free give-away from your opt in page. so the hook you have in your opt in page should be reflected in the ad. And it sounds like you are realizing that it takes work stepping out into the unknown on your own. that is a healthy realization!

      No one's going to hand it all to you… You actually have to do the work, run ads, test different ideas, track the data, see what works, improve it through split testing. This video covers some Facebook ad examples

      1. Miles your the real deal, I always come back and read your post you have great knowledge in internet marketing. Thanks for sharing! Ryan M

  40. Great article. Thanks! It must be more interesting if you could teach some follow-up email sequences for each funnel. 🙂

  41. hey I like the article. my biggest question is click funnels. I am a new blogger and dont know at what point should I invest in click funnels. this is a lot of money for the little traffic I have and the few suscribers i have (albeit its growing slowly). just trying to figure out when to get into clickfunnels. thanks!

  42. hello my name young I have a question, first of all great information you are great. when user enters the email where I tell him that he will receive an email and has to confirm to enter my list? the authorsponder that I use you can't put option without optin

        1. Anywhere you want... you are overthinking this. Just say "Your next steps will show up in your inbox" on the thank you page and your autoresponder will send the confirmation email.

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