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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business relationship where business owners will pay independent marketers commissions based on sales or lead generation performance.

From a business owner's perspective, affiliate marketing is a customer acquisition channel that leverages independent marketers to drive traffic, leads and sales in exchange for a commission paid on specific actions.

That makes it sound more complex than it isā€¦ LOL!

Let's simplify it for you...

Affiliate marketing is like having a commission only digital sales force who only get paid when they deliver sales.

For independent digital marketers, affiliate marketing is an opportunity to earn income selling other people's products. You do the marketing work and pre-sellingā€¦ They do the selling, product delivery, customer support and you earn a commission for all sales you generate.

Affiliate marketing is simple in theory, but it is not easy due to the mis-information being sold by fake gurus, the shear volume of competition, and wide variety of digital marketing skills (and the amount of work) required to make money as an affiliate marketer.

This post will show you the right way to make money as an affiliate marketer and will link you to the free trainings I've created here on my blog or on YouTube that will help you gain the skills required to become successful with affiliate marketing!

Next, you must get an understanding of how the tech works... I promise to keep this simple.

Real quick before moving deeper into this... If you'd prefer to watch this all in video format, check out the POWER PACKED video I made to cover these ideas...Ā  I went deeper into the steps in the video, for sure...


Or if you'd prefer to read, keep on truckin! šŸ˜‰

How does affiliate marketing work?

How does affiliate marketing work

Before you jump into the tactical how toā€¦ You must understand how affiliate marketing works from a broad overview and a mildly technical perspective.

First, the tech.

Online merchants, e-commerce stores, or vendors add a specific tracking system to their website that offers every affiliate a unique ID and tracks clicks or referrals from each affiliate all the way to the checkout process and completed sale.

When you sign up as an affiliate you get a special link. This is your affiliate link and contained within this affiliate link there is a tracking code that works with a tracking cookie.

When your visitor clicks through your special affiliate link the tracking cookie on the merchant site picks up your affiliate ID and stores that data on the user's browser.

When that user completes the checkout process, the merchants website recognizes your affiliate ID in the cookie on their browser and the sale gets attributed to you as an affiliate, thus earning you a commission.

I promise we won't get any more technical than that!

The one key you need to keep in mind is what's known as the cookie duration.

Every affiliate program has the freedom to set their own cookie durationā€¦ Amazon is set to 24 hours, where most products are 30 to 60 daysā€¦ Sometimes as long as 6 months or 180 days.

The cookie duration is how long after the visitor clicks on your affiliate link you are able to get credit for the sale.

Two super-quick examples using Amazon and their 24 hour cookie duration so this whole concept makes sense:

Example #1 - A user clicks on your affiliate link today and completes the check out tonight (5 hours later) for a new set of headphones. You earned the commission because the click was attributed to you and the sale was completed within the cookie duration window.

Example #2 - Another user clicks on your link today and completes the checkout two days from now (48 hours later) for their headphones. You do not earn the commission because the cookie expired before the user completed checkout.

What you need to remember: The longer the cookie duration the more time and opportunity you have to close the sale and earn a commission!

Amazon's 24 hour cookie window is one of my biggest challenges with the Amazon affiliate program, but that's a topic for another blog post! I prefer a 30 day or 60 day cookie duration.

Now that you understand the tech, let's look at the theory behind successful affiliate marketing.

Successful Affiliate Marketing Theory

There are three parties involved in you making money as an affiliate marketer and they each have different goals and responsibilities.

making money as an affiliate marketer

#1 - The merchant or vendor - Their goal is to sell their products and their responsibility is to have a high converting sales page and a functional checkout process.

#2 - The end user or customer - Their goal is to solve a specific problem, achieve a specific goal, or obtain a specific item they're searching for (that they believe will solve their problems or help them achieve their goals)

Every product ever sold is either moving the customer towards a specific desired outcome or goalā€¦ Or moving them away from a specific problem via a solution. From Ferraris to Tylenol, every transaction in the history of man falls under these two categories.

The psychology behind the users search for solutions, or their goal seeking can get quite deepā€¦ Often there are deep emotional reasons that guide their purchase behavior, NOT LOGIC!

You can learn all about these emotional reasons people buy in this video so you can integrate these ideas into your marketing:


I'll be honest with youā€¦ The more you understand the psychological and emotional reasons that customers buy things, the easier this whole affiliate marketing game gets!

Ok, back to the 3 parties involved...

#3 - The affiliate marketer - Your goal is to connect people who are searching for solutions with the products that will help them achieve their goal. Your responsibility is to build trust, educate and presell the item to the end user...

The affiliate marketer's job is not to sell the itemā€¦ That is the merchants responsibility!

This is so important it is worth clarifying...

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to build trust with potential customers, and increase awareness for the merchants solutions to those individuals searching for a goal or solution. This is called 'Pre-Selling'!

Most people get this part wrong... And this is why there are very few super affiliates earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Most people approach the affiliate marketing game thinking "great, I just run some ads for some products and all earn commissions when people click and buy."

The problem with this direct-linking affiliate marketing method is twofold.

#1 - The merchant or vendor can do this themselvesā€¦ And you are often prohibited from running ads that use the merchants name or the specific product name, or any other trademarked items. This is how people get their ad accounts banned!

#2 - There is no TRUST!Ā  The customer does not trust you, they don't trust your advertisement, they don't trust the merchant, they don't believe the item will actually solve the problem or help them achieve their goalsā€¦ The customer is filled with doubt and skepticism.

Until you help that visitor get over their doubt and skepticism and help them believe they're making the right decision that solves the true underlying emotional needs or desiresā€¦ Nothing happens!

But when you communicate in a way that builds trust, amplifies the desire, and helps them see the emotional benefits of completing the saleā€¦ You are well on your way to earning full-time income as an affiliate marketer.

And this leads us to the most important question...

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

How to make money with affiliate marketing

At this point you've learned a lot about affiliate marketing from the parties involved, their goals, the tech the cookie duration and even your job to pre-sell not sell...

You also learned the power of psychology and the importance of building trust and finding the emotional needs that the products you're promoting solve.

So how does it come together for you, an affiliate marketer, to make money?

Wellā€¦ There's actually several ways it can work depending on the types of products and the types of traffic that you're focusing on.

You are about to read a few stories that outline some specific examples to paint an extremely clear picture about how affiliate marketing works when done the right way.

Story time my friendā€¦ And I'll keep these quick!

Affiliate Marketing Success Scenario #1 - A busy soccer mom named Sally has four kids and a husband who works full-time from home is ready to go on a smoothie kick. She has been eating too much fast food, is a little overweight and had a few green smoothies at a friend's house recently.

She not only feels better when she has a midday smoothie, but she doesn't feel the fast-food cravingā€¦

And her kids seem to avoid the midday temper tantrum crashes when they have smoothies, too!

Just this little insight paints such a big understanding of her, her challenges and her reasons for buying.

Obviously she's looking for a blender... And maybe some Organify greens (a kick-ass Clickbank affiliate product)

But she is looking for more than just a blender... and when you acknowledge that you will have a head up on your competition!

This process of learning more about the end user, their life, their 'story' is required and I call it creating a customer avatar.Ā  Click here for my ultimate guide to creating your customer avatar post.

Ok, let's get back to Sally and HOW she will set out to achieve her goal...

My best guess is that she will turn to Google in her busy life, probably on her cell phone, to find the exact blender she is going to purchase.

She will type in a phrase that we call a keyword phraseā€¦ And it will probably be a longtail keyword phrase meaning she's going to search more than "blender."

Odds are her search phrase will be closer to "best blender for a family of 6 for under $100"

So how do you connect with her?

Well in this scenario, a content heavy website that is focused on either blender reviews, getting fit through green smoothies, or countertop appliance review sites could all have a great chance of ranking well in Google for her specific search phrase.

For help learning how you can create this type of content FAST... Content that will be useful to your audience and will rank well on google, click here and watch this video.

Let's say you have a specific post on your blender review site that has the title "Seven best blenders for big families under $100"

She sees your post title in the Google search engine results and thinks "aha, this is exactly what I'm looking forā€¦" And then she clicks.

Now it's up your copy to do the job of pre-selling the right blender for her. She's already sold on a blenderā€¦ So no need to sell the idea of a blender. Just help her find the right one that fits her needs!

In the content of this page you need to find the benefits of the blender and help translate those to your readers specific emotional needsā€¦ Where can you find these benefits? Often times the five star reviews in Amazon contain some of the best reasons why customers love their blenders that you can leverage.

So if it is dishwasher safeā€¦ You help reiterate how fast it is to clean by throwing it in the dishwasher because busy moms don't have time to hand wash blenders. She really understands that you get her when she reads content like this...

Now I'm not in the blender world so I'm gonna stop with this example hereā€¦ But you carry on finding all of the different benefits and translate them to her specific needsā€¦ And you also can compare the different benefits of the different blenders to help her make an educated decision.

In your list of the seven best blenders, you might have a "best dishwasher safe blender" and then you might have a "best large capacity blender" in addition to your "best all around blender for under $100" option.

When you help her realize that getting healthier with smoothies can be fast, easy, and fits her budgetā€¦ She's closer to taking a recommendation clicking through and purchasing from you!

Let's look at another example that takes a totally different approach to affiliate marketingā€¦

Affiliate Marketing Success Scenario #2 - A 33-year-old machinist who works swing shift in a manufacturing plant Tennessee gets off of work every night at midnight and has a very difficult time falling asleepā€¦

He thinks he has insomnia and gets frustrated as he lays awake until the wee hours of the morning sometimes not falling asleep until the sun is up and feeling like he only got a nap.

If you've ever had challenges sleeping you understand how big of a problem this feels from his perspective.

Now, since he thinks he has insomniaā€¦ He's probably not going to be searching Google for his solutionā€¦ Although he may and the above approach used with the blender example could work here.

But in this situation you could also probably encounter this individual and millions of others who have a hard time sleeping at night through Facebook advertising.

Think aboutā€¦ What do you do when you can't sleep? Watch Netflix with your phone in your other hand, browsing social media? Yep! Millions of people spend their evenings this way.

Sleep Related Affiliate Marketing Example

You create a free e-book that is titled "Seven Natural Sleep Hacks To Fall Asleep Fast Without Pharmaceuticals"

You offer your free e-book in a Facebook ad through an affiliate marketing funnel.

You obtain their email address in exchange for the e-bookā€¦ And you have your first opportunity to present an affiliate offer on the thank you page they see after the often. This is called the bridge page and it works best when you put a video introducing the affiliate product that is the ultimate sleep solutionā€¦

Now a quick note here, you should only be promoting products that you've tried, purchased, and had a great experience with yourself! Remember, your goal is to build trust and to offer actual solutions to their actual problemsā€¦ How do you know if it's a solution? You try it out and see if it works for you first!

Back to our little solution hereā€¦ The e-book!

Your e-book is simple. You maybe even had it ghostwritten by a writer on UpWork... Maybe you wrote it yourself. Doesn't really matter!

Out of the seven options, you might link over to Amazon for a specific herbal tea that helps induce sleepā€¦ That can be an affiliate link for a specific physical product!

Maybe you recommend the blue light eliminating glasses that help people fall asleep as an affiliateā€¦ Now your book has two affiliate links inside!

Not every option here should be an affiliate linkā€¦ Recommending people have a healthy diet and get good exercise don't require affiliate links. But there's probably a way to get them in there if it's more relevant excavation point

Then finally you have an audio program you recommend that is the ultimate sleep solution with specific audio programs that are scientifically proven to help people fall asleep when they listen to these audio MP3s as they lay down for bed.

Ultimately the user should take all seven recommendations in order to sleep betterā€¦ But three of those recommendations they can click through and purchase immediately from their phone!

Don't forget! you also have this person's email addressā€¦ And you can follow up with helpful emails they give you even more quality advice to help them sleep and eventually make additional offers, too!

This is my favorite approach to the game of affiliate marketing because you are capturing their contact information in a way that gives you the right to send email marketing messages in the futureā€¦ So you can take more time to build the relationship, give more value, and ultimately present more offersā€¦ Further increasing your odds for success as an affiliate marketer.

Final exampleā€¦ Let's play some golf!

Affiliate Marketing Success Scenario #3 - Golfers are notoriously passionate about the game. It is well-known that a golfer is willing to spend large amounts of money to remove strokes from his game so he can get bragging rights in the clubhouse for beating his buddies after a round of golf.

From physical products to fitness products and even membership programs like revolution golfā€¦ There is nearly an infinite number of ways to promote the different aspects of golf as an affiliate.

For this example we are going to take the expert approach. I like to call this "Building a niche authority site"

This is most closely related to how I built this brand here at https://www.milesbeckler.com somone who struggled for a decade to make money online, then finally figured it out and is now spilling all the beans for free!

Ok, our individual in this example is Donna.Ā  She is a 61 year old lady who just retired early from years as an executive.Ā  Her husband was also an executive, is a few years younger and they just relocated to a golf community and bought a house on a golf course.

Donna struggles 'keeping up with the guys' off the tee. She just doesn't have the distance. Her fairway game is good... Her chipping game is rough and her putting needs work... But she is a great at getting out of the sand traps because she always finds herself in them!

Golf Affiliate Marketing Example

Immediately, you can see that there are many 'areas' within her game that she will focus on as she continues to hit the links now that she is retired...

She will probably start with her perceived 'biggest problem' (or the most psychologically embarrassing problem) first, then she will work on the next biggest problem, then the next, and so on.

Donna has the chance to become a repeat buyer with a very high lifetime value, by the way... If you hadn't noticed!

Now, for every 'Donna' out there who may relate better to a female content creator, there are a dozen or more Mike's out there who are her husband who have their own challenges... The slice off the tee, can't hit the driver, etc.

So if you are going into the golf world as per our example here, the first step is to niche down and focus in on a very narrow segment of the golf niche. You are going to become the most helpful person online to people searching for solutions around that segment.

This idea if niche'ing down to stand out is MASSIVELY important to your long term success!Ā  Learn more by watching this video, now.


Niche'ing down could mean you focus on helping people with puttingā€¦ Could be chippingā€¦ Could be eliminating a sliceā€¦ Could be yoga for back pain relief for golfers!Ā  But it must be specific and not just 'golf tips'!

This works best when it's around a solution that you found for yourself to a problem that you had yourself.

In the expert example, your "zero to hero" story becomes the driving force in the products and solutions you offer.

You overcame a large problem and improved your gameā€¦ Now you're going to show them how to do the same!

Since golf is a visual sportā€¦ I'm going to use YouTube as the content creation example here. Writing blog posts and even podcasting are both valid approaches to this content creation segment. Create content in the manner that is easiest for you!

Meaning: if you hate to write, don't write! ...Or if you fear being on camera, don't make YouTube videos!

Simple stuff, right?

Through the basics of keyword research you can find all of the questions people are searching in regards to your little subset of the golf niche. You then move forward creating one unique video that is excellent, for each keyword phrase you find.

This is called content marketingā€¦ I recommend you start by publishing 90 videos in 90 days and what I call a 90 day content marketing challenge!

This process of publishing 90 pieces of content in 90 consecutive days forces you to become comfortable and competent as a content creator.

Just like your first game of golf and how bad you were thenā€¦ Your first video will suck too. My first video definitely sucked!

But like your golf game, as you practice more you got better! Your videos will get better as you publish more videos too!

The same applies to podcasting and blogging... This isn't a 'YouTube only' thing!

There is no way around the learning curve. No one is a good golfer the first time they get on the links. You will not be a good content creator the first time you publish content! That is okay!

So let's just condense down that learning curve to 90 days and get you to become a competent and confident content creator with a 90 day challenge.

Right... You are now content marketing machine and your noticing that your audience is growing. People are finding you on YouTube... Well done!

You continue to put out great videos that help them learn tips, strategies, tactics and techniques that will help them shave a stroke here and a stroke there off their gameā€¦

All while reinforcing through your actions of consistent publishing, that you are the one helping them beat their friends so they get those bragging rights they care so much about in the clubhouse!

Your fans are rapidly falling in love with you because they are taking your tips to the links and they are seeing improvement... And you haven't even asked for money yet!?!

Now, once you get traffic rolling and your channel gains a bit of authorityā€¦ Do you start bombarding affiliate links at them at this point?

Absolutely not!

Your next steps as an affiliate with an audience is to grow your email list!

You create a free report, or a free video training series they can access in exchange for their email addressā€¦ And you begin email marketing and email list building!

This is called your 'lead magnet' and the following video explains what makes a great lead magnet:


Your big goal in the expert model is to grow in email list because that is your largest and most valuable asset for an affiliate marketing business.

Once they are on your list and they have had a great experience with your training, you can offer a few more tips and then share the main affiliate link via email, whether that is a Revolution Golf affiliate link or a specific physical product on Amazonā€¦ It does not matter.

And in this model you continue to alternate giving value in three or four consecutive emails with a new affiliate offer.

The Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook Approach To Email Marketing

This is called the jab, jab, jab, hook approach to email marketing... Which is a boxing reference if you didn't notice.

The jabs are the value that you give for free and the hook is the offer. You don't always land your hooks all you control is how often you throw them and with what level of finesse!

The main point here with the jab, jab, jab, hook method is that you give value, value, value before presenting an offer!

My favorite benefit of the expert model and even the first product review model is that you get residual results from the efforts you put in!

All of your early videos will continue to drive traffic over timeā€¦ While you continue to add new videos that also drive traffic!

The reach and traffic keep compounding!

After a year or two of publishing great videos that are all focused on specific keywords you can create a massive amount of momentum and traffic based on your past efforts.

This is how my wife's main website generates over 8 million visits per year.

Affiliate Marketing Results

All this traffic is the combined results from all the content she wrote in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013ā€¦ Etc. not to mention that she still posting new helpful blog posts to this day.

With paid advertising, the moment you stop payingā€¦ That is the moment your traffic stops!

That's why you focus on building a list so you can keep mail your list even when you stop the traffic flow.

But I'll be honest, I prefer getting traffic for years based on the efforts I put in today!

In truth, it doesn't matter how you approach affiliate marketingā€¦ A content heavy review site, PPC ads to a funnel or the expert approach building a niche authority site...

All of these approaches will work! Find the one that is most in alignment with your personality type and your content creation style and you will find that all of the successive steps become a little bit easier.

You're probably realizing at this point that growing a successful affiliate marketing business is a lot of work.

Well... You are right!

But here's the more important part! Building a real affiliate marketing business that can pay for the lifestyle of your dreams takes an incredible amount of work.

Affiliate marketing is more work than most employees put in at their 40 hour per week job!

But it offers a level of lifestyle freedom (and time freedom) that a desk job can never offer you.

And it is the mis-understanding that affiliate marketing takes MORE WORK than a traditional job that is why most people fail at affiliate marketingā€¦

People who buy into the hype from the fake gurus claiming that it's easy to make $1000 per day with affiliate marketing will never make it, because when the going gets tough, they look for another 'short cut'.Ā 

But you now know the truth!

The short cut is to become a prolific content creator (which starts by being a bad content creator who sucks less with each consistent post) and give value to your niche/audience for a few years straight.

When you're focused on being of service to an audience you will find that you can tap into new levels of energy. I don't know how it works, but when you give of yourself to better and improve the lives of others, you get uplifted in that process.

When the niche you choose is something you are passionate about, or you enjoy doingā€¦ Like the golf example! The process of creating content becomes fun.

When you are having fun helping others and getting charged up in the processā€¦ You have the type of business that can sustain you energetically for years to keep publishing great content and truly become the number one expert in that little tiny sub niche that you will own.

You will own your niche because you will outwork everyone else in that niche!

And don't think some people are passionate about countertop kitchen appliances! Or improving sleepā€¦ Or any of the millions of other niches that are ripe for the picking and the world of affiliate marketing.

I hope you found this post to be helpful and insightfulā€¦ If so, scroll down and leave me a comment below. I want to know if you made it through this whole post because if you did you are a #BadAss!

Now, get out there and start improving the lives of those you can helpā€¦

And remember: The money is a byproduct of the value that you give to the marketplace!

Affiliate Marketing Questions Answered!

After creating this post and the video above on how to make money with affiliate marketingā€¦ I held a one hour question and answer session on YouTube.

After brain dumping this much content on such a complex subject, it's good to give people the chance to ask questionsā€¦ Right?

That's exactly what I did and you can catch the audio version of the question and answer session through the embedded Episode of my internet marketing podcast episode below:

Free Affiliate Marketing Trainings & Tutorials

This is a little bonus I decided to add for you at the last minute, because we did a HUGE overview of affiliate marketing, but you are missing some of the "nuts and bolts" how-to info...

We were in the clouds for most of this post, looking at the game from a 30,000 foot view... If you are ready to dig into the dirt and hard work, below is access to all the free 'How To' info that is relevant to start making progress!

So, in addition to the videos and links contained above, you can find the links to other posts on my site or videos/playlists on my YouTube channel that will help you do a deep dive into any of the marketing steps needed to succeed with Affiliate Marketing, below.

Training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHY3teLOShYHow To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams:

Tutorial: Simple affiliate marketing funnel overview: https://www.milesbeckler.com/affiliate-marketing-funnel/

In Depth Training: How To Build A Marketing Funnel For Cheap (This is exactly how I build my funnels!): https://www.milesbeckler.com/clickfunnels-alternative/

In Depth Training: How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest https://www.milesbeckler.com/pinterest-affiliate-marketing/

Tutorial: Making sure your site is indexed by Google - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwJGmHHa1Yg

In Depth Training: Keyword Research - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eofkzs0fVOA&list=PL0sOKzn__yK1kcevy9MZq5uBZyQKa487N

In Depth Training: Learn how to drive traffic from Google with Search Engine Optimization - https://www.milesbeckler.com/learn-seo/

Tutorial: How to setup the #1 tool for email list growth, your content pop up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYJL2KY6uMQ

Tutorial: How to split test your pop-up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJGMUz6RukE

In Depth Training: Email Marketing Mastery Series- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxaX0bsbvho&list=PL0sOKzn__yK0VnVMgrmpZKAqAAAp0ynBm

In Depth Training: How to advertise on Facebook HUGE training! - https://www.milesbeckler.com/how-to-advertise-on-facebook/

In Depth Training: My #1 advanced Facebook advertising approach - https://www.milesbeckler.com/5-facebook-ads/

You now have everything you need...

Leave me a comment if you made it this far and let me know if you liked it or if you have any questions for me!


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    nope... Just a page

lamontjd.usmc@gmail.com says March 16, 2019

Hello Miles, awesome job getting over your hesitation toward writing. I have the opposite problem, Iā€™ve been trying to make a YouTube video for the last 3 days after finding your channel. Itā€™s very frustrating because Iā€™m excited about the process and very motivated I just donā€™t seem confident at all on camera (because Iā€™m not). However, my niche is in fitness and confident, over the top enthusiastic delivery is sort of expected.

I focus on helping skinny weak guys get bigger and stronger. I have been a coach for 2 years and personally went from being a classic hardgainer to weighing over 300lbs and competing in strongman competitions.

I want to start creating content and giving value to my audience who are being grossly misinformed by the fitness industry. Do you think I could do just as well writing articles every day while I practice making videos?
Iā€™d like to learn as much about SEO and digital marketing as I can because I love the idea of being able to have that skill and offer it to others. So maybe the blog would be a better start?

I apologize for the rambling comment, I really am interested to read your thoughts on this and hopefully it can help others in similar circumstances.

Thanks for your time.

    Miles says March 30, 2019

    Yes articles would work... But you'll be frustrated with how bad they are at first, too... lol. There's a learning curve at everything, you have to persevere to get good at your videos. Just start, publish every day and in a year or two you'll be comfortable.

Jasmine J Johnson says May 28, 2019

Hi, Miles im a 17 year old currently in chicago il, and i was thinking about starting my own brand which is a clothing brand, how will i go about affiliate marketing in that case? or will affiliate marketing be good for me?

    Miles says May 29, 2019

    choose one of the two business modelsā€¦ Either go all-in on affiliate marketing or clothing. They are two completely separate businesses. Start one business, not two!

jassen_pr@yahoo.de says August 2, 2019

Hi, Miles! I love your content and appreciate all the effort and time and wisdom you put in all the posts and videos! You rock dude!
I want to escape the daily work, and be my own boss... I'm thinking of starting an affiliate marketing web site as a side hustle and hopefully scale it with time...
There are just 2 aspects that would like you to give more in-depth detail if you can... that is the taxes, accounting, and location ( "backend stuff" )...
Because I would like to think, that whatever we get as affiliates would be pure profit, but I'm 99% sure that there must be some taxes involved at least at the end of the tax year ...
And what importance (if any) has the place that you live in ... meaning if you want to start a business you have to give the government some address (for taxes again), I think... I suppose it would be different for some countries... for example, I live on rent in the UK [but originally I'm from Bulgaria (east Europe)] and I'm not allowed to use the address that I'm in right now (for some reason, that I don't know) ... so should I use my old address in BG in that case?!

...Sorry for the long explanation, hope is not to too complicated and annoying.

Anyway if you could do a video/post about those things I would highly appreciate it .
Thank you in advance for your time and effort!
Stay well and keep on crushing it! šŸ˜‰ (y)

    Miles says August 14, 2019

    To be honest, I know nothing about the EU or the UK. as an affiliate you are simply an independent contractor, here in the United States we get a tax form called a 1099 that reports our earnings and we have to self report all earnings and pay taxes on our own. I usually expect 30% to 40% of my income will be taxed and that is a conservative estimate so I don't underestimate. Best to find someone more familiar with Europe, the UK and your specific position to give you specific guidanceā€¦ With that said remember, the only time you deal with taxes is if you're making money. If you don't have a website built, you don't have an audience growing, you don't have dozens if not hundreds of posts publishedā€¦ You are very far away from earning money and a thought about a future challenge that is not real yet is holding you back from getting started. The most important thing to do is to start

Hedwig says October 6, 2019

Ths. for your info about Online Marketing.

    Miles says October 7, 2019

    you are very welcome

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