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7 Facebook Advertising Tips To Get Better Conversions Today

Do you want to actually start making money on your Facebook ads?!!

Using these Facebook advertising tips I generate about 13,500 Leads & 175+ Customers For $888.84 every 30-days. $30 a day, CHEAP!

A lot of people are still struggling to drive conversions. They are not getting the op-in rates they need, and are definitely not seeing the number of customers that they were hoping for through their Facebook advertising.

Which means… they are spending a lot of money, being a Facebook money doner instead of a for profit business!

These are some of my higher-level Facebook advertising tips. And a lot of these tips have a lot to do with mindset.

The simple truth of the matter is that most people aren’t making money on Facebook.

But you can change that. And these 7 powerful tips can help.

In addition to these Facebook advertising tips, I will also be showing you the dynamite $5 Facebook ad strategy that absolutely crushes it, and with a minimal investment!

So let’s get started.

Does Facebook Advertising Really Work?

Facebook Advertising Tips To Do

In a word, yes. But you have to do it right.

I have had students scale revenue from around $10,000 per month to over $100,000 per month through Facebook ad strategies. That is a lot of growth!

So yes, Facebook ads do work. The trick is in learning how to use them effectively.

Let’s start making you money fast with your Facebook ads.

Here are the tips.

1. Don’t Make Your Ads Look Like Ads

Humans today are bombarded by advertisements! In fact, it is believed that humans are exposed to as many as 5,000 ads on a daily basis… up from around 500 back in the 1970s.

And I hate to break it to you… but Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are HUGE contributors to this number!

What does this mean for your Facebook ad campaign?

It means that people are putting up walls when it comes to advertisements that they perceive to be advertisements. More and more internet users are literally becoming ‘advertisement blind,’ meaning that they are ‘automatically ignoring’ ads when they come by.

This is both good and bad for you.
facebook advertising tip make ads look like posts

It is bad because you want your ads to work. But it is also good, because this gives you the ability to tailor your ads to navigate the challenges.

Here’s the first Facebook advertising tip for dealing with this ad blindness.

Your Ad Needs To Look Like Native Posts

A successful Facebook ad fits in with the timeline and looks like an actual post that someone’s friend or family-member may have shared.

If your ad looks like an advertisement, odds are good that it is going to get skipped right over.

Here’s one of my successful ads we are currently running as an example.
Facebook Advertising Tip Create Quality Post

Make Sure the Content Blends-In with the Rest of the Facebook Experience

Focus on making sure that you produce quality content, and that the content you are using for your advertising blends-in with the normal feed.

Does the above picture look like an ad?

Nope, it’s my wife on a hike with a plain old backpack checking out nature.

Something you would see from any of your friends’ profiles.

Facebook advertising tip: Be relevant to the platform and don’t make your Facebook ads look like an ad.

People love Facebook because it brings them different kinds of value throughout the day.

Facebook is a social networking platform. And as such, it was designed to help people socialize.

If you can add to this value with your ad, you have a higher chance of getting attention.

If your ad looks like an ad it only serves as a distraction on the platform, engagement goes down, relevance score is lowered… you will likely not make it very far.

2. Try Not To Make People Angry With Your Ads

Facebook advertising tip positive content
This Facebook advertising tip is pretty simple… don’t publish ads that are going to make people mad, angry, or upset!

I will explain why.

Negative Reactions To Ads from Users Give You the Boot on Facebook

Facebook, as a social platform, wants to provide a positive experience for people.

So what happens when your paid ad starts getting negative reactions?

Facebook’s algorithm is actually designed to pick up on this, and for good reason. They want their users to have a positive experience… not an angry one!

Facebook actually goes into excruciating detail on this. They even measure how slow or fast people are scrolling past your ad!
facebook ad example ovens

They count angry face and sad face reacts, and even have an algorithm to pick up on the tonality of comments!

Some people believe that using fear tactics or making people angry are good approaches to getting a lot of attention.

(i.e., all publicity is good publicity)

But this is an old-school copywriter tactic that doesn’t apply to Facebook. Instead, you could face a double-negative… where you drive away customers and make Facebook’s algorithms quite displeased.

Facebook will sometimes even eliminate content that its users don’t like through its curation process.

This will result in them tuning you down, charging you more for ads, giving you a lower relevancy score, and essentially limiting the scope of your reach on Facebook.

So keep it positive and uplifting. My wife and I decided long ago never to use fear tactics in our advertisements… and to this day, our business is growing and succeeding as strong as ever!

3. Bring Something Unique To the Table

This is just one of the Facebook advertising tips in this article that deals with originality.

A lot of people fall into the ‘copycat’ method of advertising through Facebook, where they are trying to emulate someone else who has been successful.

The problem with this, though, is that it keeps you from being unique… and that is actually a pretty big issue.

Give a Unique Angle To Your Audience With Your Ads

To succeed in your ad, you should offer something unique. If you don’t, you’re just going to blend in with the crowd… and Facebook users will scroll past you without a second thought.

This is how you get ignored.

So be creative. You have to have a unique, big idea to capture attention and give people an ‘Aha’ moment, where they realize that you could actually potentially offer them a solution to their problem.

Do You Have a Big Idea About You, Your System, Your Approach, or Your Products?

Facebook advertising tips unique idea

If you want to succeed in business in general, there needs to be something unique about you, your approach, your mechanism, your messaging, your products… etc.

Your goal is to help users get results. That’s it. It’s super simple. And when you position yourself in such a way that your audience can tell that you are unique, you will end up getting them to listen to you more often than if you were just another copy-cat.

If you take a unique angle and stand out, your customers might think that this is the ‘next big thing.’ They may say to themselves…

“This could work work for me! This person seems different. Maybe their approach could actually help me!”

But if you just play ‘follow the leader’ with a bunch of other gimmicky marketers, you won’t stand out… and your ads will get little to no attention.

4. Be Honest in Your Ads

If you can’t actually help people, then you will probably not last long in the wild, wonderful marketplace of Facebook advertising. This is one of our most relevant Facebook advertising tips for 2019.

And by this, I am more specifically referring to those who believe that you can ‘fake it till you make it.’

Fake It Till You Make It Doesn’t Work With Facebook Ads

If you can’t help people, you will be exposed. It’s only a matter of time. The marketplace will do this for you.

If you have not created an actual change in your life, and found success in solving the problem that you claim to be able to solve for people… then you’re actually lying, and the truth is that you do not know how to help anyone.

You probably just want to make fast money money and it’s not going to happen.

Authenticity is The Key To Online Success With Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising tips be authentic

Authenticity is pure gold. There is nothing that trumps real, true authenticity nowadays.

A lot of things in our world are fake. This is why people will actually pursue what they perceive to be real.

Have you actually changed your life and achieved what you are claiming to be able to help other people achieve?

Have you helped other people, either one-on-one or in group coaching sessions, to solve their problems and achieve success as well?

Do you have a proven track record of success and credibility in your chosen niche?

If not, you may actually be lying… and that is definitely ‘no bueno.’

I spent over 13 years on the front line, in the trenches of my business, before I started coaching other people. I was working 80 hour weeks, doing digital marketing work for my business, my wife’s business, and for over 100 client websites that I’ve built throughout the years.

I was succeeding at this for 13 years before I ever started teaching it. And that is why people know that they can trust me when I say that I can help them to get results.

The simple, hard truth of the matter is that I have tried and failed at more things than most people will ever try… period. That is value. Those are lessons that I’ve learned, and that is why my message resonates.

So don’t lie in your Facebook ads. Find real success and help people first. Then, when you have truly learned enough to teach, start teaching.

This is especially true if you have signed up with some ‘guru’ who wants you to run ads, claiming to have achieved things that you haven’t actually achieved.

Take a hint from the real pros… and stop paying these people to give you bad advice!

5. Don’t Expose Your Offer Too Early

Expose Offer Later Facebook advertising tips

Deciding on the length of your Facebook ad is an art form… and it is important to get it right. This is one of the Facebook advertising tips on our list that is easy to get wrong.

When you write an ad that is more than about 4 lines of text, the only text that will actually be shown is the few first lines. The rest will be compressed, with a small ‘read more’ link posted at the end.

And there is a magic formula to making this little link work for you!

Be sure to apply these two powerful, high-converting Facebook advertising tips I follow myself:

Don’t Reveal Everything in Your Facebook Ad (The Offer) Too Soon

You want your ad to get attention and provoke curiosity. But you also don’t want to give away your offer too early.

Why? Because you want to engage your readers. You also want more positive interactions.

When building a Facebook ad, you have the opportunity to place another ‘more’ button within this long-form copy. Basically, you want your readers to…

  • Get really into the headline and the first few lines, so much so that they click ‘read more’
  • Then, you want to get them intrigued and emotionally invested in the story being presented… so much so that they press the next ‘more’ link to continue
  • After this, you want to really peak their curiosity… because this is when you present them with your offer

Communicate the Offer After Taking Them on an Emotional Journey with Your Ad

At this point, if they were engaged and connected with the story (quality copywriting and storytelling), they will likely click your offer… and that is how you get conversions.

Let them get into the story. Engage them. Peak their curiosity.

Then… offer them your product or lead magnet in exchange for their email.

The Clicking of the “Read More” Increases Your Engagement Score

facebook advertising tip increase engagement

Ultimately, you get rewarded by Facebook with a better relevance score, better displays, and lower cost per thousand displays and impressions when you get positive engagement on your posts.

So if you do a good job, engage readers, and draw them into your story… your ad will start seeing even more read-time and relevance, which is awesome!

Every time someone clicks ‘read more,’ you get a positive interaction. And that will help you even if that person doesn’t end up clicking on your offer.

6. Deliver Real Value

deliver value in your facebook ads

Winning ads are all about value.

The best Facebook ads deliver a lot of value along with the offer… so make sure that your ads reflect this.

You could bring value by sharing a analogy, giving information, an encouragement, etc. Make it unique, but make it valuable so that users will see that you actually have something to deliver.

Facebook advertising tips that teach you to do otherwise are nothing but garbage.

Your audience are thirsty for something that will add value to their life. And it’s your job to give it to them.

Value Gives Your Audience Insight

valuable facebook advertising tip

Value can come in many forms. You could share a story, give an analogy, or communicate using metaphors. These are all mediums that can communicate value to your clients.

Keep in mind that your ad is designed to help a specific group of people in your niche (your niche audience) solve a problem. But in order to solve it, they need your mechanism.

You have the ‘thing’ or ‘service’ that can help them to achieve their goals. But you have to prove 100% that you can do what you are claiming to do. You also have to connect with them and get them to visualize what you’re offering.

They have to be able to imagine themselves succeeding with your ‘thing.’

So give them a taste of it for free, with no strings. Bring value. Bring relevance.

Give Them an Aha Moment As They Read Your Ad

A powerful story is the ultimate Facebook advertising tip to make money on your ad.

Your ad is not going to offer the same level of depth as a 7-part module course with 15 lessons… but you can still communicate the core concepts and give them a sweet taste of ‘victory’ through your ad copy.

You have to show them that you understand them, that you know where they are coming from, that you have been there before, and that you have found a specific solution that works.

Then, give them a little bit of information to show what all is involved. Show them the framework.

Give them access to the basic idea, so that they will have an ‘Aha’ moment and see that you may actually be able to help them achieve what they have been wanting to achieve.

7. Establish Trust

Facebook advertising tip trust

This is actually the big one.

As a general rule, people are not going to trust you.

People are flooded with ads every day, and empty promises are passed out like free samples. People also know that the majority of things posted on social media are fake.

So scrap those Facebook advertising tips you learned from some fake guru that’s teaching you stretch the truth…

That’s NEVER going to work

Individual people even act fake on social media. So businesses are obviously doing the same thing.

How could they possibly know that you are any different?

This is actually an incredibly important thing to understand. If you can’t establish trust in your ad, you will never find success in this medium.

So let’s talk about how to establish trust with readers who might be seeing your ad for the first, second, or third time.

How To Establish Trust With Facebook Ads

There are a number of ways to do this.

Personally, I love running a two step Facebook ad campaign. First, you send them to a video that just provides a TON of value… almost like a webinar-level video that helps people, completely for free, with no strings attached.

This gives you the opportunity to help them, while also planting the seed of the idea into their mind that you are actually an expert.

Next, you retarget people who watched this video with another Facebook ad that contains an offer. Now, you are actually not running cold ads… but ads where your viewers have already been exposed to you, already had a touch point with you.

Facebook advertising tip build trust

You can also build trust by building on multiple touch points. You can direct them to blog posts that you have written, videos that you have created, etc.

It is not always perfectly clear from the beginning how you can build trust with Facebook ads. That is why split testing has to be done.

How Can I Make My Facebook Ads Better?

Now you know my 7 Facebook advertising tips that have saved me money on my ad spend and increased conversions.

But there are also some additional steps to one up your competition.

Become an Expert StoryTeller

Don’t create ads that look like ads. Instead, tell a story that delivers true value to your readers.

This is an old school advertising tip from the great copywriting books.

Make your content compelling, inspiring, interesting, and helpful to their current situation.

Story hooks like this are hard to not click the learn more button.
facebook advertising tip story

Don’t settle for one-liners with ‘click here to buy’ buttons. That is the exact kind of thing that drives people away.

Instead, give your audience metaphors and analogies. Let them visualize themselves succeeding with your methods, and give them mental images of how they can achieve their goals. Build up excitement with your story, and cultivate legitimate curiosity.

Then, hit them with your offer. If you’ve done everything right, they’ll be eager to know what comes next!

Look into Andre Chaperon. He is an expert story copywriter, and you can learn a lot from his stuff.

How To Steal Competitor Ad Copy and Create Competitive Ads

Did you know Facebook gives you the ability to spy on your competitor’s ads?

Bet that’s one of the coolest Facebook advertising tips you’ve ever heard!

It is super easy and free to see the exact ad, copy, image, or video your top competitors are running right now!
facebook advertising tip steal competitors ads

Check out the guide here: https://www.milesbeckler.com/facebook-ad-spy-tool/

This could give you excellent insight into how you’re being beaten at your own game. Learn how the pros are doing it, and one-up them with better stories, ads, and content!

How Much Does It Take to Advertise on Facebook?

Does it cost $1,000? $5,000? Will you have to take out a loan to run a Facebook ad campaign?

Actually, you won’t.

You may find this hard to believe, by I started out with just $5 on my Facebook ads!

Crazy, right??!!!!

And here’s the kicker…

This is the system that helped me to generate 14,000 leads in just 30 days!

I’ve explained the full step by step method to the $5 Facebook ads in this post, which I highly recommend that you take a look at if you want to start making money… Like, right now!


effective facebook advertising tip
If you think Facebook ads don’t work just because you’re not making money from them, you are 100% mistaken.

Facebook ads do work… but you have to do it right.

These 7 Facebook advertising tips will really help you to dial-in your ad game, and you can start today with just $5!

Remember that it takes time to see results. You won’t see them overnight.

Through successful ad split testing, you will start to notice statistical differences in click-throughs and revenue.

These are the same Facebook advertising tips that my wife and I have been using for years, and we are giving them to you for free because we believe that you deserve to reap rewards for your hard work.

We want you to live the kind of life you’ve always wanted!

Let me know how it works for you. Leave a comment if you need help or if you get stuck. I love to help, so hit me up and let’s connect!

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