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Your Unfair Advantage For Business Success

Need a guide to create the best business for you? Want to take your current business to the next level?

Your unfair advantage holds the keys to knowing what entrepreneur route to take and how to continue to scale your business.

Once you dial in and figure this out, everything gets easier….

Determining your niche, your content marketing strategy, email marketing campaigns, even your sales funnel has to include this competitive advantage.

How do I know all of this and why am I super passionate about this whole getting-to-know-your-unfair-advantage space??

It’s because I’ve been there!

My blog traffic stunk, I held on to limiting beliefs about myself, my impact was not happening, and revenue? ZERO

But I was able to break through to the other side and really shine from the rest, and I made it happen by discovering and leveraging my unique competitive advantage.

Let’s get you moving forward too!

The Unfair Advantage No One Can Compete With


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To gain an unfair advantage you have to discover something that no one else can copy.

Finding something that is truly unique, one of a kind, and can not be duplicated…

And when you discover and tap into this competitive advantage you will define an untapped market and untapped unlimited potential.

The worries of, “Am I in the right niche?” will be dissolved, the content marketing questions will be answered, and you’ll be able to hone in on what products to create.

You’ll have an uncompromising drive that will lead you to continually improve because you desire to help others. Those people, your audience, will gravitate around that passion that shines through you, your words and your actions.

All of the how to determine my business and scale it questions will be answered when you discover the unfair advantage that no one can compete with.

What is the Most Unfair Advantage?

What is the Most Unfair Advantage

What’s going to give your business an edge over the rest? It’s YOU!

You are the competitive advantage in your business.

You are unique, one of a kind, and can not be duplicated.

That’s right. No one can EVER duplicate you no matter how hard they try. You’ll always have a different perspective, cultivate new awesome ways of doing things and new information to share because unique, original, creative juices flow through your veins.

When you take what makes you unique and use it as leverage for your business, no one can compete because no one else is You!

Do you realize how much power you’ve got to be the best in your game simply by realizing this fact?!

When you are reflected in your business you have that edge over all competition.

Market saturation is a myth and the way to break out is to live from your DNA which is the foundation of your competitive advantage.

Don’t just do something because everyone’s doing it. You won’t achieve your lifestyle design by following everyone else.

I’ve already heard all the limiting beliefs that have popped into your head because I had them myself!

“I’m a nobody, I don’t even know what is unique about me that people would want, I have no credentials…”

These are lies and I will show you that you already hold the unfair advantage you need that no one can compete with.

How to Determine Your Unfair Advantage

How to Determine Your Unfair Advantage

It’s right inside of you and all you have to do is pull it up to the surface and channel it in a way that will just make everything you do flow.

It’s in your strengths, what makes you YOU and the experience you’ve had in your life that has transformed the average task you’ve been doing into your expertise or specialization.

It’s in your burning desires and passions, what you want to learn about and communicate about for the rest of your life.

The books you read and listen to, the podcasts and videos you watch, the Facebook pages and Pinterest boards you follow.

You already have all of this unfair competitive advantage inside of you and all you need to do is narrow it down.

Have you always been curious and eager to learn more about child psychology, how to homeschool kids or how to meditate?

What’s that thing you’ve ALWAYS loved to do that when you do it, it just feels so natural to you?

I want you to look in two places, (1) within your very DNA and (2) in your experience so you can start moving in a direction that’s in total alignment with your values, passion and goals.

First, let’s talk about the DNA Level.

Your DNA Holds Your Unfair Advantage

Your DNA Holds Your Unfair Advantage

You communicate in a way that’s uniquely from your DNA

Maybe you’ve always been a written words kind of a guy or gal.

Or, you like spoken words more because that’s just how your brain operates. When ideas flow, you want to say them out loud because it feels easier for you to talk than to write.

I talk a lot. My friends used to tease me and call me 9/10 because they said, “You can ignore 9/10 of what Miles says and still get what he’s trying to say!” LOL

I’m this extroverted guy, talking is in my nature and it’s just who I am. It’s in my DNA to verbally communicate. This is my natural unfair advantage.

On the flip side, not everyone loves talking in front of a camera or a big audience, but there are other competitive advantage examples.

Just like your audience doesn’t take information in the same exact way not everyone likes delivering the goods in the same way either.

Some people are more reserved and would rather journal or write and everything flows naturally that way.

Some people fall in between.

Do you enjoy speaking, or writing or both? How do you feel about being in front of an audience?

This is going to be your main source of how you deliver your content, and how you can best grab customer attention.

Your Ongoing Passion and What You Do With It Comes From Your DNA

Your Unfair Advantage For Business Success

What particular topic do you love to read about?

What is it that you are you constantly hungry to consume content on?

My wife is passionate about meditating. She practices, and is always learning more through reading books, listening to podcasts and watching youtube videos on the topic. She even attends workshops and seminars. She does this because this topic ignites her and she has the desire to dive deeper and share all of that knowledge with the world.

She is able to learn more and gain an incredible perspective because of her efforts to go deeper and really explore her field in depth.

What are you passionate about and are actively trying to learn more about? What is it that you’re expanding your knowledge on that takes you deeper into that niche? What are you doing with what you’re learning, that’s actualizing and reflecting your passion?

Maybe you love to cook, but not everyone has the same level of passion and desire to discover and create new recipes as you. You want to show your creations, inspire others to create magic in the kitchen by following your example and your motivation and even learn about nutrition and healthy living and all that and how these relate with cooking.

Find out what the heck you have within you that no one can compete with because they’re not you!

They don’t have your brain, your hands, your feet, your words, your sense of humor or your creativity.

Because no one else is like you!

Keep that burning desire going and take actions day after day to become the authority in your niche, and you’ll get much deeper in that space than 98 percent of people in the world!

This gain and execute approach towards something that lights you up is a huge component to your unfair advantage!

Finding Your Unfair Advantage In Your Experiences

Finding Your Unfair Advantage In Your Experiences

Okay, so maybe you’re not super sure what your unfair advantage is on the DNA level.

No biggie.

We can go back to that in a bit and take a look at another area to discover your unfair advantage.

And that my friends is in your experience.

What experience do you have that puts you a step ahead from the rest?

Some people have cemented their names in a niche…

They are lawyers, doctors, SEO experts and have been practicing in their field for years…

I’ve been in the digital marketing niche for 8 plus years and so I have more experience than someone who is only just discovering their passion for this niche today…

Not everyone has labels or initials added to their name. No MD, PhD, MA, Atty., etc.

If this is you, so what??!!!

Choose a niche based on your experience or expertise and rock it all out!

If you have the desire to learn about your niche constantly and keep taking actions that are in alignment with your passions, that’s way better than titles or labels!

Are you a yoga expert who has been practicing for years and now you want to make something profitable out of that experience?

Maybe you’re a parent with 9 years experience, juggling your responsibilities and managing your home all on a budget.

Maybe you’re a lawyer, an awesome horseback rider, makeup artists, golfing pro or gardener.

Maybe you’ve gone through some transformational events and have collected wisdom that can help someone in their lives.

Other licensed doctors or attorneys are not getting deeper into their niche because they’re content with where they are….

So they become stagnant and just focus on what they know, have learned in law school or med school.

But if you’re a lawyer, doctor, teacher, nurse or massage therapist who always wants to stay up to date and ahead of the game, you’ll keep learning and wanting to improve yourself!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a degree, a label that says your a professional psychologist or professional graphic designer. If you’ve been willing to self teach, read a ton on the topic, listen and watch a crazy amount of podcasts and videos, attend regular seminars and trainings, and spend hours practicing what you’ve learned because you love to design, write or learn about psychology….

Then you’re ahead of the game because of what you do - even without labels or titles in your name!!!

You’ve been there, done that and become an authority in your niche by using your experience and expertise.

I’m sure you’ve got something that you love, are good at, and super experienced with whether it’s a hobby or a career.

What’s something you have years and years of experience in doing? If you can answer that, well, that’s part of your unfair advantage!

This one’s too easy because I’m sure you know what it is that you’ve been doing for the past years whether it’s gaming, fishing, gardening, music writing, guitar, or vegan meal prep.

Let me show you what else you need to know about using your unfair advantage to build your dream business!

Important Tips to Leverage Your Unfair Advantage

Important Tips to Leverage Your Unfair Advantage

Ready to use that thing that’s special about you and apply it to your business?

Put your unfair advantage to good use and help others.

Figure out what your audience wants, communicate what you have to offer from the DNA level so that you can build rapport.

Build an audience, grow a following, and use that to build a business and generate income.

Write an eBook, create a DVD, or set up a $37 a month membership that will help people learn yoga at the comfort of their own home whether it’s yoga for weight loss or back pains or flexibility.

Do what you enjoy and do it consistently

Do what you enjoy and do it consistently

My wife and I have been working on 1 business, 1 business model and building 1 email list for 7 years.

She likes to write, her blog posts communicate her heart and soul 100% and her readers can see that.

Through consistency and hard work, we’ve been able take our unfair advantage and create a lifestyle business that now supports us both the way we want to be supported.

You can start the business you want too by doing what you love to do.

It can be anything, music, art, photography, cooking, recreation, whatever it is, it’ll be unique to you.

If you’re doing what you love and what you find to be fun you’ll be able to keep doing what moves your business forward because you enjoy it.

Outsource the Rest

Outsource the Rest

You need to focus on your strengths, don’t worry about your weaknesses, you can outsource that.

If you’re good in front of a camera and you’ve been patio gardening for years, make videos about container gardening.

If you’re a writer who’s also a parent whose become become a master of organization, time and project management, create a blog for your avatar and help others like yourself!

If you don’t care to be in front a camera but enjoy speaking and are an experienced lawyer, create a podcast on legal advice or tips that can help someone on the legal side of their business.

If you love taking pictures like my wife does, do that! She takes pictures of flowers from botanical gardens we visit and uploads them to Pinterest and people love it!

If bookkeeping is not part of your unfair advantage,outsource it. If writing blogs are your weakness, outsource it.

I don’t find writing to be the best use of my time, check out the post history on my blog. Because we became successful in our business with my wife writing, I thought that is what I needed to do too!

But in 2014 I began to blog and for the next 2 years a few blogs were posted, but I had a hard time with it since writing isn’t in my Dna.

Late 2016 I was challenged to do something I was more comfortable doing.

Two years later I have created over 350 YouTube videos!

Now I hire writers to take care of creating awesome blog post with my video content. They may not have the exact same writing style as I do, but that’s ok because the goal is to get this information out to you so I can bring you more value.

As your business grows so will the need for a virtual team.

You don’t have to do everything and you don’t have to spend hours and weeks and months on turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Then you turn your strengths into super strengths by focusing on them and keep getting better in what you do giving you that competitive advantage.

Your Unfair Advantage is the Key to Starting and Scaling a Business You’ll Love

Your Unfair Advantage is the Key to Starting and Scaling a Business You’ll Love

Now that you know your unfair advantage it’s time to get cracking!

It’s your most important tool that will take your business to the next level or get you started if you haven’t started at all yet.

Whatever your unfair advantage combination is, take that, and use it to start moving towards the life you want to live.

Bridge the gap and take your passions and what makes you unique and use it to go from dream to reality by taking the rights actions to achieve your future goals.

You don’t have to do everything, focus on building up your strengths first. You don’t have to stay in a job you hate that just sucks everything out of you.

Honor yourself so you can honor and help others. You have everything you need, already right there inside of you and no one can take your unfair advantage away from you.

You can build an audience over time and keep creating rocking content consistently because the passion and the alignment with your values and persona are there.

If you need some help discovering your unfair advantage or you suddenly had an “aha” moment while reading this post, send your thoughts and feedback in the comments section.

I want to help in any way I can to get you closer to your goal by helping you find and leverage your strengths. I hope this helps and I’ll catch you on the next one!

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  1. DEAR MILES, NAMASTE! HEARTFELT GREETINGS! This is Neeraj from mysore, India. im extremely glad to have stumbled upon you, in my voracious search for authentic content on affiliate marketing online!! my search for the right approach and guidance lasted almost a year, during which i was trying really hard to take off as an affiliate marketer. as you know, obviously, that most of the content on the internet is candy floss, the same superficial content spun around in different ways, bordering on pitches, sensational claims and hype! thats too much for a newbie to ingest!! the information overload is overwhelming!! i watched a couple of your videos and it felt like the first breath of fresh air, after being locked up in a dark room! i want to learn to become a pro affiliate, Mr. miles! please please help me! i have financial commitments and im struggling with liquidity. i have great faith in the business of affiliate marketing and i want to learn how to do it right! Can u please mentor me??

    1. Glad you've found my content! Every video on my channel: is designed to be an on-demand mentorship session for you. Find the ones that will help you take that next step, then get off YouTube and put in the work!

      Remember, create more than you consume!!!

  2. Miles - what if you have multiple interests/passions?

    For example, I love natural health/fitness and live it everyday. But I'm also a parent and love anything internet marketing related.

    Do you still recommend just picking one area and ignoring the others?

    Curtis Alexander

    1. You could blend the natural health and fitness with being a parent and then apply Internet marketing to that niche and have a little bit of all three.

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