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The Secret to High Converting Ads & High Facebook Relevance Scores

Are you struggling to write great ads that drive conversions?

Are you paying more in Facebook ads than what you need to be?

It is likely directly related to your relevancy score. The score that is numbered between 1 and 10 that Facebook uses to determine how they will show your ad and what they will charge you.

If your Facebook relevance score is below a 9 or 10 or you’re struggling to maintain a high score you’re not winning the Facebook ad game.

I’ve been building my Facebook ads in a very specific way, incorporating a concept that has made and kept my Facebook ads successful.

Today I’m going to share with you the secret technique I’ve been using that has resulted in low ad costs and high conversions. I'm going to show you how turn a cruddy relevance score into one that supports the success of your Facebook advertisements and your business!

Eliminate your losses. Increase your gains. Starting today! Let’s jump in!

Why You Should Care About Your Facebook Relevance Score

facebook relevance score success

Your relevancy score significantly affects your success and your wallet.

If you’re sitting at a 3 or 4 relevance score on Facebook Ads then Facebook is going to charge you more money for the same clicks than someone else, in the same niche, who has a 9 or a 10 relevance score.

If your score is really low, you’re paying more money to keep losing money. And that sucks.

But if you have a high score, as close to 10 as possible, then you are getting a greater return on your investment. Minimizing your cost per click, cost per leads, and cost per acquisition.

You have to shoot for the highest possible score to maximize your return on investment for your Facebook ads!

Another thing, your Facebook relevance score has a massive impact on the success of your Facebook advertisements.

Low relevance score equals lower quality traffic and lower conversions.

Nothing about a low score is going to help the success of your ads.

Now you see that relevance has either a positive or a negative impact on the success of your business. You, as an online marketer, need to learn how to make your ads more successful.

You need to understand how Facebook determines that score, where you can find your score and what you can do to raise it up.

If you prefer to hear me discuss these topics, here’s a link to my video:



Let’s go deeper into how Facebook determines your score in the first place.

What You Need to Know About A Facebook Relevance Score

Facebook is monitoring how effectively you communicate in your ads, to the audience who care about your topics.

So how you advertise on Facebook matters. They’re looking at the copy that’s on your advertisement, the group of people, or audience, you’re targeting, and the copy on your landing page.

Facebook is taking that information and then determining if you’re hyper-relevant, they are looking for the right message and whether or not you’re giving their users a positive experience.

How well you’re doing with those things is reflected in your Facebook Relevance Score.

You want to shoot for a 7 or 8. But if you really want to stand out against your competition, then your goal is to get your relevance score up in the 9 to 10 range.

What does a 9 or 10 score mean?

It means that Facebook thinks you’re the best advertiser with the best message versus other people out there doing the same thing you’re doing.

Where You Will Find Your Facebook Relevance Score

Now that you know you’re getting rated by Facebook for your ads, and that it affects everything you do with your ads, I’m sure you want to keep track of these numbers.

Here’s how you can find your Facebook relevance score:

  1. Go to your Ads Manager on Facebook.
  2. Click the ad you want to view.
  3. Click the drop down button for Columns and select “customize columns”.
  4. Click the Relevance Score option and hit Apply.

And voila!
where will you find your facebook relevance score

You can now view your score and work towards either improving it or keeping that score high!

How Do I Increase My Relevance Score on Facebook?

So how do you get to the magic number of 9 and 10? There’s one main solution and two things you need to do to get there.

Remember, you still have to focus on value. You need to set yourself apart as an entrepreneur who can solve the problems your audience is facing.

Good copy and a focus on value will help you to have a rocking relevance score, more clicks and more people making purchases.

The Magic of Well Placed, Good, Long Copy

increase facebook relevance score

There are three places you can add text to a Facebook ad.

You have the option to insert text either above or below the image; then you have your headline and the call to action button.

One trick with your long copy is where you put it

You want to write long text ads and place them above the image.

Facebook’s algorithm is similar to Google’s SEO. By placing a good long copy above the image, you have the opportunity to tell Facebook exactly what your ad and landing page are all about.

If you’re only writing one or two line Facebook ads, you’re missing out on one of the greatest opportunities to increase the conversion response of your advertising!

When your ad loads for the user, there are those 3 - 4 lines they can see and the “see more” button.

They click that “see more” button, the copy expands and then it shows the entire content of the ad.

This in an engagement!

You can run hundreds of words in your Facebook ads.

When you give your audience lots and lots of content that pertains to your niche and to their related problem, you’re feeding Facebook’s algorithm with a lot of content to work with, and increasing the engagement of your ad.

Not Just Any Content Will Do for Your Facebook Ads

In order to have a high Facebook relevance score, you can’t just throw down any old content into your ad.

If you’re simply talking about your product’s features and benefits in your advertisements, you’re missing the boat. That’s one of the reasons most Facebook advertisers fail.

Should you just put out some sort of article?

Definitely not.

There’s one element that make the best Facebook Ads really stand out.


Humans have been sharing, listening and reading stories for thousands of years. Our brains are wired to consume and visualize stories.

So what kind of story should you write?

There’s a particular story you need to write. I’ve been sharing this kind of story in my ads and it has been CRUSHING it!

In these examples of the best Facebooks ads, the majority of them are stories.

That’s the kind of long copy you want on your Facebook ad in order to hook in your audience and have a high conversion rate which will raise your Facebook relevance score.

How to Write A Story That Will Hook Your Audience

increase facebook relevance score

The formula is the Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell. This goes back to mythology and overlaps the famous psychologist Carl Jung and his work on the different archetypes.

Most great Hollywood stories and great books generally follow this idea of the hero’s journey.

I would definitely read Joseph Campbell's book about the hero’s journey called “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.”

That with the combination of the material from Story Powered Marketing collaborated by marketer Andre Chaperon and screenwriter Michael Hauge has taken the stories I use in my long copies to a whole other level.

The main idea is that when you follow the formula of the hero’s journey and your target audience reads the first few lines, they’re going to get hooked. They’ll want to click the “read more” button and become engaged in your story.

This is a pre-framing tool for you to set up the problem, and the solution, in a way that’s easy to be consumed by the reader.

You need to resonate when you share your journey. Whether you use humor, or a challenge, you need to go from your lowest point to how you overcame that challenge. Your copy should have an emotional impact.

Your target audience is going to want more and you are going to convert more people over to your landing page, where they can see your offer.

As the saying goes, facts tell and stories sell.

Those who have mastered storytelling are the ones who are converting the most traffic into clicks and the most subscribers into customers. And that, my friend, is your ultimate goal as an online marketer.

How to Have Full Control of Your Facebook Relevance Score

You have the power to make a shift and improve your Facebook relevance score!

It’s all about applying the right techniques to change things and up your game.

Then keep those stories coming.

Use stories in your video sales letters, written sales letters and long Facebook ads.

Your audience is already pre-set to consume stories

Use your story to quickly build the relationship, build the trust, and that’s when they’ll click your link.

You now know the secret to gain high relevance scores, and in turn reduce your ad spending while you increase your conversion rates.

What I’ve shared with you is the formula I’ve used to keep my Facebook relevance score high, and it’s what you have to do to elevate yours, too!

If you’ve got some more questions, insights to share, or anything at all that you need to clarified hit me up in the comment section below, I’d be happy to help.