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The #1 Sales Funnel Mistake a 1-Page Funnel Fixes Fast

Old sales funnel success steps,

  1. Buy a sales funnel system and a separate shopping cart.
  2. Build sales pages, build the cart, and integrate separate systems to get the cart, sales page, credit card processing, and deliverables all talking together.
  3. Set up split tests, and launch 2-months later.

Eliminating many of these lengthy processes is how a 1-page funnel will improve your life.

In addition to being more simple, within every marketing funnel or sales funnel there is one page that is more important than all the others…

The checkout page!

It is on this page that a visitor either takes out their credit card and enters their information to purchase, or decides to hit that back button and not purchase!

In either case, this is the most important moment in your business.

And most people are failing to crush it at this crucial moment!

This is called cart abandonment, and it is costing businesses around the world hundreds of billions of dollars per year

Why The 1-Page Funnel is Not Your Average Funnel…

The one-page funnel is officially the easiest way to sell your products or services online.

Too many fake gurus are trying to convince you that you need confusing and overwhelming funnels to create success.

But Brian Moran has proven that you can do it with just one page, considering he has sold over $30 million in products online.

Speed of implementation is one of the keys to success as an entrepreneur online.

How fast can you test that new product idea?

How fast can you iterate and test versions 2.0 and versions 3.0 after launching your minimum viable product?

Those who can launch and iterate the fastest have the highest likelihood of creating success.

Therefore, you need a marketing stack which allows you the ability to launch and test fast.

Imagine if you could remove the sales page altogether, and eliminate an entire step from the process.

That would get you launched more quickly with less work to do, and reduce steps in the sales process for customers.

Simply send them to a checkout page that has the sales mess AND the checkout all in one place.

The One Page Funnel Crushes Your Business Goals - And Here’s How!

one page funnel for your business goals

Most businesses are not optimizing their checkout pages for conversions.

In fact, most shopping cart options don’t even allow their customers to do this.

Everyone focuses on conversion optimization of the landing pages and sales pages.

But what about the checkout page?

Out of Brian Moran's experience from not being able to sell his baseball training product online, Moran realized that most checkout pages are rigid in their design, and not designed to maximize conversions.

After years of trial, error, and software development, he put forth a solution that was not only simple and effective, but that solved the two key problems in the sales funnel steps.

  1. How do you launch and begin making sales fast
  2. How to split test and optimize checkout pages

Why Split Testing Checkout Pages is Critical

If your sales page only gets 20% of people to click through and even look at your checkout page…

And your checkout page only converts 10% of those people…

You have a 2% conversion rate.

If you send your traffic directly to your checkout page that has a sales message embedded above the checkout area and you convert 10% of those people, that is a 5X increase in your conversion rate.

By simply eliminating a step in the process, you can increase your conversion rate significantly.

This means that it gives you the ability to not only launch your products fast, but also the ability to continue to test checkout pages to increase your conversions from 10% to 20%, from 20% to 30%, and beyond.

Performing these types of split tests could mean doubling or tripling your profits, which is much better than the results you could get with other ‘static’ checkout pages.

How to Build a Sales and Checkout Page, On 1-Page

build that funnel

Brian Moran found that none of the shopping cart systems available online could technically do what he thought was required to increase sales through this one page funnel system.

This is why he developed SamCart, which currently processes millions of dollars per day in sales for digital entrepreneurs like you all around the world.

This is the exact system that I have used to generate $1,018,927.42 in sales for my wife’s business.

Although you may be able to replicate the one-page funnel on other shopping cart systems, Samcart is the only system that allows you to split test your one-page funnels in addition to creating them.

Extremely tech-savvy people with custom shopping carts and an affinity for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and other coding languages may be able to replicate this kind of system themselves…

But for mere mortals like me, who are limited to software that has graphical interfaces, SamCart is the only option around!

Recently, Brian Moran created a specific training course that will not only teach you how to leverage SamCart to increase sales, but also how to build and implement a proper one-page funnel so you can boost your conversions and decrease the time it takes to create success.

In addition to the training modules, he also offers a new customer special as a bundle for SamCart…

So you are able to get the trainings, the software, and access to a private mastermind group to help you implement everything you’re learning, all for less than simply paying for the software.

Click here to begin the free training, How a 1-Page Website Makes $1,729 per day.

The Missing Link In Sales Funnel Success

As with every sales process online, the marketing is paramount to your long-term success!

What is the difference between marketing and sales?

Marketing is everything that happens before the moment you ask the user to pull out their credit card and purchase.

Your marketing may have started with this prospect several months ago, when they found your YouTube video…

Maybe they even watched several of your YouTube videos before subscribing to your email list!

They probably followed you on social media, and have been paying attention to your emails for weeks now that you’ve presented the opportunity to solve their problem with your offer.

This is all marketing. And in this process, you have (hopefully) proven to the user that they can trust you.

And at this point, they kind of like you and feel like they know you.

This is the pre-frame for when your user sees your one-page funnel.

When the pre-frame process of marketing is done correctly, you should increase your sales conversion because they “know, like and trust” you.

If you are using Facebook advertising or other cold traffic methods, it is best to leverage long copy advertisements, for this exact reason.

In these long copy ads, you have the ability to tell emotionally compelling stories that bring users on the hero’s journey with you.

In the advertisement, they are made to understand that you once had a similar problem, that you dealt with the same challenges and frustrations they are currently dealing with…

Eventually, you found a solution that helped to solve your problem.

And through the story, the long-form ad, you tell them that you can help them… and they believe you.

At this point in your long copy Facebook ad, you are ready to link them to your one page funnel, where you simply share the solution and offer along with it the opportunity for them to solve their problem through your product.

The same process would be used with leveraging YouTube videos or other traffic sources.


The big mistake people make with a sales funnel is too much complexity.

Spending days, weeks, maybe months building multiple sales pages, setting up split tests, purchasing and setting up a separate shopping cart system, integrating stripe, setting up your autoresponder, integrating your deliverables, and many more steps are the #1 obstacle in Sales funnel success.

Eliminating many of these duct-taped solutions, empowering a fast sales funnel launch, is the true power of a 1-page funnel.

Simplicity wins!

In addition to a fast launch, the ability to split test your checkout page makes the 1-page funnel the fastest known way to optimize for sales conversions.

Learn step by step from Brian Moran, how to launch and optimize a sales funnel fast in this free 1-page funnel training.

If you have any questions about the 1-page funnel system or other successful marketing strategies, leave me a comment below, I'm happy to help.


8 thoughts on “The #1 Sales Funnel Mistake a 1-Page Funnel Fixes Fast”

  1. Hey Miles, can I add Sam cart to my existing website to sell a product? I have a few ideas and would like to start planning it all out.

    If there is a training about this that you've recorded, could you please send the link?

    Thank you for all the value you provide.

    1. SamCart is like any other shopping cart... all you would need to do is set up your products in their system and then put the link to their checkout page behind the buttons on your site. Super simple to integrate!

  2. I am new in internet marking and trying to learn it without going broke. I have looked at some of your Youtubes videos and kind of trust you but, I am surprised you are recommending this product. Have you ever used it it? At least you should check out the BBB for complaints before recommending . It seem they do not deliver what they promise. You constantly advise to stay away from internet sharks and here we are!!

    1. I have been using SamCart successfully for over five years and have done seven figures in revenue through that system... You clearly have never tried their service, yet you are rendering an opinion on the matter? that seems odd

  3. Nice post Miles, thanks. That's exactly what happened to me recently. Registration page to an educational VSL (45 minutes or so) but when they register they go to a thank you page and get an email with a link to the vsl. I've noticed that I'm loosing people right from the start. I've removed the ty page and the email and now it's straight optin to the vsl itself. We'll see how it goes.

    1. Good job finding that leak in your funnel flow… The less steps we have in place and the smoother the process is to getting more and more people to see our offers, surprisingly the more money we make! 😀

  4. Miles, great review! Is there anyway to truly know if your Salespage is any good? That's a ridiculous question I know, but if I'm running FB ads, and people are indeed clicking on my ad, but I'm not making sales, I assume it's the Salespage, not the ad...therefor, I have to 'fix' my ad...but, without some 'expert' sharing their expertise with me, I'm just guessing at what the problem Title, the font, the colors, the pictures, too long, too short, too expensive, not enough credibility, etc. etc. etc. I do like your review and even like Samcart for what it does...but, so much seems to rely on my knowing and understanding what is not 'connecting' with potential customers...any advice for some of us out here working hard but not quite hitting it yet? Love your stuff, as always dog loves taking walks with me listening to your podcasts...(I'm listening, she's hunting squirrels.)... 🙂

    1. It is pretty much always the sales page, not the ad... lol. Look for a 3% click through rate on your ad and a 1% conversion rate on your sales page. See which is farther from that baseline and improve from there.

      Sometimes hiring a copywriter for an hour or two to get a review and some suggestions can be an inexpensive way to find improvements... Also be sure you go through the free copywriting courses shared here to keep sharpening the skill.

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