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55 Profitable Niche Ideas For 2024 Based On Deep Psychological Needs

55+ Niche Ideas Based On Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Some internet entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers seem to effortlessly soar towards success, while so many others fail.


What do the fast-growing entrepreneurs have figured out that others do not?

They have two vital things that failing businesses do not have. An understanding of human psychology that's backed with a profitable niche they believe in.

You see...

People make decisions based on their emotions.

We all desire to look and feel good. We all want to have a sense of security and community. You and I, him and her, we're all seeking those life-changing adventures that make us feel alive.

Businesses that understand the human psyche of their audience are able to create a deep and lasting connection with their niche market.

While others in that niche fall short and feel impersonal.

Human psychology ties into your copywriting, content marketing, niche market selection, and product creation. When you apply humanness to these areas in your business, success will follow.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains the motivations of humans to achieve a need. Maslow's five-tier diagram not only shows what these motivations are, but the value of each.

In this post, I will show you how Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs will help you to choose a niche idea you can thrive in. I will explain how you can use it as a guide to fulfill the needs of your audience.

In addition, you'll learn about 55+ niche ideas that you can use as an internet marketer, course creator, affiliate marketer or dropshipper, starting today.

And remember...

When you craft your niche idea from an understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, every piece of content from your business will resonate with your avatar.

Niche Ideas For Internet Marketers Based on Human Needs

Maslow explains that all human needs fall into five different categories. These needs are physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. As you can see there are endless niche ideas in these categories.

Physiological needs are at the bottom of the list while self-actualization is at the top. As each need is filled, we move up in the pyramid in our motivations to achieve a need.

Internet marketers can use this understanding to provide solutions for human needs.

When you craft your content from an understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, every piece of content from your business will resonate with your avatar.

As an internet marketer, your goal is to show your audience you can fulfill their needs.

Being able to relate to them in the place they're at in the pyramid will bring you greater business success in your niche market.

When you make offers and create marketing content, you have to address the needs of your audience.

Where is Your Audience in the Hierarchy of Needs?


If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

Without our core needs met, humans have a major problem. Physiological needs are at the foundation of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. These include food, shelter, reproduction, and clothing.

Physiological needs are the most urgent needs to fill. If your target audience needs food or shelter, your copy should exude a sense of urgency.

Once the physiological needs are met, we then want to have a sense of security and safety. Safety needs include health, well-being, and financial security.

Then there are social needs which include intimacy, sex, love, relationships, community, and being a part of something. Companionship and belonging.

Next in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is esteem. In these niche markets, your audience is looking to build their sense of self-worth. The need to feel important, respected, and looked up to.

Once all of these needs are met, people begin to seek out making sense of their lives. Self-actualizing is the last need in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Meditation, charity work, legacy, spirituality, and purpose are all niche ideas within this tier.

"As an internet marketer, your goal is to show your audience you can fulfill their needs. "

You must evoke an emotional response and prove you have a solution.

How your content connects with your audience will depend on your niche market and where they are within these needs.

The Ultimate Niche Idea is Built Around Human Needs

The Ultimate Niche Idea is Built Around Human Needs

Your copy will be effective when you connect with your niche market at the needs level they are at.

Design your product according to how it will solve the needs of your niche market. Then, sell your message with your written content, copy, video, or podcast.

When you connect with your audience on a psychological level, they'll respond with a, "hey, this guy is giving me exactly that one thing I need right now.”

Understanding these two basic points will bring value to any niche market:

1) Become well-versed in the different human needs before you even choose a niche

Write your copy, come up with your offers, and go full speed ahead on your content. These needs give people the motivation to consume your content and take action. That action is to buy your product, subscribe to your channel or join your membership program.

2) Solve the Needs of Your Chosen Niche Market

Successful internet marketers solve their audience’s problems.

Meet these people where they are and provide them with a product, service or message. Speak to them, connect with them. Help them realize that your solution will help meet their need.

Keep these two important things in mind, and they’re going to fall in love with your content, your copy will resonate and they will buy the products and services you’re offering and recommending.

As we go through these niche ideas, keep in mind what you are passionate about. What skills and knowledge do you already possess?

As an internet marketer, ask yourself why you want to work within the niche market you choose.

The best niche market for you is the one that reflects your authenticity. It won’t necessarily be what I, or anyone else suggests.

However, these 55+ niche ideas will definitely get your “choose a niche” creative juices flowing.

Niche Market Ideas for Physiological Needs

"Businesses that understand the human psyche create a special connection with their audience. While others in that niche fall short and feel impersonal."

You can not live without your basic needs of survival met. We know that physiological needs are at the base of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Water, food, air, reproduction, shelter and clothing. Imagine life without these things. You're number one priority would be to obtain these needs before moving on to any other need.

Here are some niche ideas based on the physiological needs category of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

1. Solutions for Safe Drinking Water

Solutions for Safe Drinking Water

People all around the world experience issues with finding safe, reliable drinking water. There are many niche ideas you can choose for safe drinking water. You may even be an internet marketer advocating for those people if your niche market is in helping people who are unable to reach these resources themselves. Or, do you live in an area where there’s an issue with water contamination? Flint Michigan is an extreme example of this, however countless cities around the country are facing water issues which makes this an important niche market to fill.

You can offer water filtration products, ion products, water treatment systems. You can even teach DIY ways to filter drinking water.

2. Van Life/ Nomadic Lifestyle

Van Life/ Nomadic Lifestyle

These niche ideas are a big hit among millennials and even retirees. Instead of spending decades paying on a mortgage, people are opting out for the van life. With this niche idea, you can introduce what the van life is all about. Van life too cramped?

This niche market is interested in information on where to buy RV or even a school bus and convert it into your home sweet home. Not only does this address the need for shelter, but it also gives you freedom of living. Off in a different zip code, anytime and any day you want.

People have made awesome YouTube videos and movies on this concept. Felix and Selima’s “Expedition Happiness”, Jinti Fell’s Van Life, and CheapRV Living.

What can you bring to this niche idea? Don't forget a huge niche market is space saving and DIY projects!

3. Sleep Quality

Sleep Quality

A LOT of people are living in a constant state of stress. When you're stressed, sleep becomes an issue.

Some people have a hard time sleeping because they have a bad mattress or bedding. While others sleep better with a supplement.

Niche ideas include helping these sleep-deprived folks by offering them tips on how they can sleep better.

Or, providing products to this niche market that work to help them conk out fast and sleep deeper.

4. Breathing Devices

Breathing Devices

Asthma, allergies and respiratory disorders make sleeping tough.

With these niche ideas, you can sell devices that help to provide a better night's sleep. Or, you can review devices such as CPAP filters or inhalers.

5. Health Tips

Health Tips

The need for healthy food rears its ugly head for people who struggle with their health. These niche ideas revolve around helping people feel better in their daily routines.

If you’re an expert in the health and wellness niche market, write or talk about effective diet and exercise. How can you help people with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis?

There are many medical conditions that arise from poor nutrition. Create blog or YouTube content addressing the need of improved health.

You could be offering a food delivery. Or, you’re in the real estate niche. If your niche idea pertains to physiological, your niche market needs a product or service right now.

Niche Ideas List - Physiological Needs

Niche Ideas List - Physiological Needs

Water Filtration Products


Water Treatment Systems

DIY ways to Filter Drinking Water

Van Life


Convert a Bus to a Home

Space Saving Ideas

DIY Projects



Sleep Aid Supplements

Sleep Tips

CPAP Filters

Real Estate

Food Delivery

Rental Properties


Medical Breathing Devices








Safety Needs Niche Ideas

Safety Needs Niche Ideas

After the first tier of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, we can explore the next niche ideas. The niche market of safety needs are next on the list. You as an Internet Marketer and business owner can provide solutions for those needs.

These niche ideas include personal safety, financial security, as well as health and well-being. People need to protect themselves from physical danger. From losing their job, financial loss and from getting sick.

Safety needs are crucial like physiological needs are. But, the latter are needs you must have to survive or feel comfortable.  Still, there are tons of niche ideas for safety.

People search for keywords related to the first two needs more than the others. So there's a large niche market for niche ideas within these tiers of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

Niche ideas addressing safety needs include:

1. Survival


Preppers want to make sure they’re prepared for a natural disaster. Survivalist want to live off the land. Ideas, tips, to-do lists, and the product recommendations you can offer are incredibly vast.

These individuals have a need for safety for themselves and their loved ones. Ryan Diess’ “” is a great example of delivering on this niche idea for survival.

Bear Grylls, who has his TV series and blog is another great example. Graywolf Survival, and several others are all included in this niche market.

You can write about freeze dried foods, the best brands of knife, or water storage tips. Or, how to prepare an emergency bug out bag, bringing comfort to those looking for safety.

2. Martial Arts and Weapons

Martial Arts and Weapons

This niche market continues to grow and provide business owners and internet marketers opportunity. Self-defense like martial arts is a big one in this niche market.

Then there’s gun heads, or folks who are passionate about their guns. Niche ideas includes knives and other types of weapons.

This is a great niche idea if your target audience are people looking to ensure their safety. This niche market can also overlap into hobbies, sports and hunting.

3. Financial Security

Financial Security

The safety niche market encompasses a pretty broad spectrum. Folks in their 20's and 30's who are seeking ways to grow their income and want help starting a lifestyle design business that will give them freedom. Allowing them to live anywhere, make a ton of money, and have the time freedom they want.

This niche market covers retirees seeking to know how to secure their wealth for a comfortable future. Maximizing their income potential.

This niche idea also includes baby boomers who want to protect themselves from a potential market crash.

You can provide solutions to investment, job and resume tips. Or, you can expand on entrepreneurial topics.

4. Preventative Health Maintenance

Preventative Health Maintenance

Unfortunately, people get sick. If we could, we'd do anything to hold onto our health. Be it for our families or ourselves. There's so much opportunity in helping this audience achieve their optimal health through these niche markets.

Niche ideas in the vegan and whole foods world is growing everyday. Folks are moving towards consuming plant-based, whole food diets.

Do you have knowledge on how switching to these foods can potentially prevent cancer? How can you contribute to encouraging people in their health journeys? With both health and digestion benefits, these niches will continue to expand.

Other niche ideas include yoga, alternative medicine and holistic healing.

Remember that these niche markets are urgent.

Niche Markets List - Safety Needs

Niche Markets List - Safety Needs



Freeze Dried Foods


Water Storage

Emergency Bug Out Bag


Conceal and Carry




Make Money

Lifestyle Design


Job and Resume Tips



Whole Foods Diet



Alternative Medicine

Holistic Healing

Moving up the pyramid of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs we can now look at niche ideas for social needs.

Awesome Niche Ideas to Solve Social Needs

Awesome Niche Ideas to Solve Social Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs takes us to the niche ideas within the social realm. The need to connect, and be with people.

We want friendships, love, marriage, or a community to belong to. Playing sports with teams are included in this niche market. As is supporting any group of people. Niche ideas also include meeting like-minded individuals who understand your passion for a cause.

People enjoy going to the gym to meet up with workout buddies. People join book clubs. These are all areas that give us social lives. The social needs of humans also include solving social challenges. Within Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the social needs remain a broad niche ideas market.

1. Dating and Relationships

Dating and Relationships

When looking for relationships, we tend to have a general idea of what we're looking for. But man, these niche markets are giant for you. Do you want to help people with their dating wants or woes?

This niche involves dating websites for women, men, LGBT, Asians, Americans, one nighters, Christians... again, there are tons of niche ideas here. There's websites for women or men looking for marriage. Even relationships based on food preferences like vegan dating.

You can also give advice on how to propose, when to propose and other dating and relationship tips.

2. Marriage


Marriage can be pretty complicated for some people and thus is quite a large niche market. You can help people in their marriages through providing solutions to marital problems. You can publish content about dealing with a cheating spouse, or ways to rekindle the romance. These niche ideas are never in short demand.

3. Hobbies


If Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs have been met up to this point, it’s time to have some fun! The hobbies niche market is anything from learning, technology, swimming, the arts, golf, polo, beach volleyball, basketball, football, arts and crafts, music, collecting, gardening to... well, anything!

There's so many niche ideas you can create content about.  You can appeal to a person's social needs through their hobbies!

4. Self-Love


Social needs aren’t all about being with other people. It can also mean relating with yourself better. You can’t overflow with love and compassion if you don’t love yourself, right? Niche markets don't only include self-love tips and practices though. Self-love also includes whole body health, stress relief and inspirational messages and healing.

You can create content around self-love and help people appreciate and enjoy their lives more fully.

5. Video and Board Games

There’s this whole world of pro gamers. Gamers who like to connect with others who dig their favorite games as much as they do. But there are also some gaming pros in this niche market who like teaching other people how to get better at their games.

Let’s go a little old school here and enter the world of board games. Retro board games have a massive following.

There's BoardGameGeekTV, BlameSociety, Cards Against Humanity and so much more. Can you recommend a great game for game night? Or do a game review? This niche market is surprisingly big.

6. Travel


Travel falls into the social need because we usually travel with one or more person. It’s also popular among people of all ages.

Niche market ideas can revolve around motorcycle and boat travel. There's bicycle adventures. You can take these niche ideas and write about the best motorcycle road trips, or film your motorcycle adventures.

How many people dream of traveling to different parts of the world? Create content on how to travel on a budget. Or, review the best cruises and hotel stays for anywhere in the world.

Maybe you know of the best historical places to visit, locally or abroad, or the best ski resorts. People do their research before traveling, so these niche markets come with a lot of opportunity.

7. Wining and Dining

Wining and Dining

People love great food and the best quality craft beers and wine. This niche market feeds a person’s social needs since wining and dining is so much better when with a companion, right?

Niche ideas also include talking about the best beers in the world. Or how to make beers and fine wines. Or, wine-based travel, craft wines and beers.

Dining with others is one of the most common community activity humans partake in. You can review pubs, restaurants and so much more with this niche need.

"When you connect with your audience on a psychological level, they'll respond with a, 'hey, this guy is giving me exactly the thing I need right now.”"

Niche Ideas List - Social Needs



Relationship Tips

Wedding Planning

Marriage Advice

The 1,000’s of Hobbies

Video Games

Board Games

Motorcycle Travel

Boat Travel

Bicycle Travel

Wine-based travel


Craft Beers

Cheap Beers



HomeBrew Beer/Wine

Business Niche Ideas for Esteem Needs

Business Niche Ideas for Esteem Needs

The next tier in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is all about esteem.

After those basic needs are met, people then want to be looked up to. We want to feel special and unique. Some people have the need to feel extraordinary, showing off their skills or looks.

The niche markets for esteem aren’t an urgent need like the foundational needs are. They aren’t something you need to survive.

But these needs give you a confidence boost and there's definitely an audience within this tier.

Instead of having "just any friend", people in this niche market want elite friends. A simple, cheap watch won’t do it. They want a 10-grand timepiece on their wrist and a big rock on their finger to match the HUGE bling on their ear.

Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, here's a few niche ideas that will appeal to people’s esteem needs.

1. Fancy Watches and Jewelry

Fancy Watches and Jewelry

Niche ideas include showcasing fancy watches or top-selling timepieces. Or tips on how to buy authentic luxury watches online and the best luxury watches for women and men.  Jewelry for her, jewelry for him.

Do you know anything about the best engagement, wedding or diamond rings? Precious stones are of high interest in this niche market.

2. High-End Bags

High-End Bags

Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Hermes bags are not just to carry things. These are status items. Write reviews and do some affiliate marketing for these expensive bags. Or, sell luxury bags and give tips on how to care for fancy bags. More niche ideas to explore can also be in high end travel gear.

3. Luxury Vehicles

Luxury Vehicles

Maybe you're already interested in expensive cars. With this niche idea, cars equal status. Red-hot Ferraris and Lamborghinis aren't just for getting you from point A to point B.

The esteem niche market need draws people to these high end luxury vehicles. Making them look and feel richer than they are. Or hey, maybe they are. You can talk about the top 10 most expensive vehicles in the world, which luxury vehicle to buy, or how to care for your vintage car.

4. Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and Beauty

Niche ideas can be you talking or blogging about makeup, the latest fashion and hairstyle tutorials.

You can sell cosmetics, beauty products, or fashion accessories. There are some very popular vloggers in this niche such as Michelle Phan, MakeUpGeekTV, Samantha and Nic Chapman, and Lisa Elridge.

5. Weight Loss and Bodybuilding

Weight Loss and Bodybuilding

Niche ideas go beyond wanting to lose weight to stay healthy. There are those who want to shed some pounds and flaunt their bikini bods. Getting as many compliments as they can from strangers.

As a status symbol, they dream of getting ripped and looking chiseled. This niche idea can lead you to the fitness buffs. You can teach or talk about ab workouts, squats, bubble butt exercises and bodybuilding tips.

6. Anti Aging

Anti Aging

Some older women go to great lengths to preserve their youth or reverse signs of aging. Niche ideas can be in anti-aging products, wrinkle creams, eye gels, botox, and even cosmetic surgery.

You can share on some amazing anti aging products. Or, tips for younger, healthier looking skin.

Niche Ideas List - Esteem Needs

Luxury Watches for Men


Luxury Watches for Women

Jewelry for Her

Jewelry for Him





Beauty Products

Fashion Accessories

Extreme Workouts


Anti-Aging Products

Wrinkle Creams

Eye Gels


Cosmetic Surgery

Self-Actualization Niche Ideas

Self-Actualization Niche Ideas

When life no longer revolves around those low tier categories on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, then what? You can have all the money in the world and still feel like something is missing.

Niche ideas for self-actualization are targeted towards filling the hole in your soul or the emptiness within. This is at the very top of Maslow's pyramid, and you usually fill this need once all the other ones are met.

Niche market ideas include the need to give back and find inner peace. To obtain self-awareness and achieve wisdom that goes beyond being book-smart.

In this niche we have business gurus and inspirational folks that people look up to. Like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, and Steve Jobs.

This need is where you can offer people guidance towards self-discovery. Inspire them to be their the best version of themselves.

You've been there, you understand how it feels to be in a daze, and have traveled the messy path. This target audience is in that place and can come to you for advice without thinking twice about it.

Here are some niche ideas for your business ventures that meet the self-actualization need.

1. Meditation


This a big niche idea in the self-help and self-actualization world. In fact, our business is in this niche market.

We help a lot of people who need ways to wash away stress and live in a higher vibration of life. We make out our sales copy to speak to these people. Income levels don't matter.

This niche idea is all about teaching people how to live in a vibrant state of being through mediation practices. We also offer memberships and products that help solve problems stemming from within.

We have our guided meditations each with a different purpose. Stress relief, how to be a better parent, and so on.

2. Inspirational Books and Talks

Inspirational Books and Talks

Overcoming a tough experiences can make you an inspiration to others. Through motivation and encouragement, these authors sell millions of copies of their books. Is there something you lived through and are ready to help others who were in your situation?

These niche ideas include writing inspiring novels or deliver inspirational talks. Through your content you can offer healing energy to people and give them a new perspective on life. Let them reach their full potential through your works.

3. Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Organizations

Volunteering can fill this niche need in a big way. People who are ready to give back can share their skills and time with others.

Other niche ideas include starting a nonprofit organization or volunteer website. Or,  you can write motivational pieces to get people inspired to give back.

Self Actualization Niche Ideas List


Inspirational Books

Inspirational Speaking




Endless Niche Ideas for Each Need

There are endless niche ideas for every area of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Meet your audience's needs based on where they are on the pyramid.

Express your ability to meet those needs through your words, content and ads. That's what shows you're real.

"Emotions drive people to make decisions, it's not the brain that runs the show."

Every marketer is a problem solver. That’s your role in the niche market business game. Consider Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Sure, you're going to offer and sell stuff. But the ultimate reason you’re here is to help people with what they’re going through.

It's you that is fulfilling the needs of your niche audience to take the load off their shoulders.

Provide a solution that’s been causing them to lose sleep. Make them feel amazing about themselves and their life.

If your business is providing solutions to water shortages, that's a physiological. If you're teaching self defense training, you know that falls into the safety tier.

You wouldn't offer the self-actualization sales pitch when they’re looking for safety. The niche ideas within the lower levels, physiological and safety, are the most urgent ones.

In opposition, your self-actualization niche audience wants to live a more fulfilled life. They've moved through those first couple of tiers. Now, they can now focus on that aspect of themselves and their lives.

Niche ideas based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs will help you connect deeper with your audience which will help you to succeed. Find out what your audience gravitates around. What needs do they have and what issues are they having? Provide a solution.

When you offer a solution to their problem, be sincere and authentic. Be the trusted adviser they need in that niche market and be there for them.

People want answers on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and podcast channels.

After choosing your niche take one of these next steps.

Become a content creator, create an information product, or build a sales funnel.

Or venture down the stress free road and build an affiliate marketing website.

Let this quote by Zig Ziglar be your guiding thought:

“When you help enough people get what they want, you'll get everything that you want too.”

If you have any questions or would like to share your niche idea, drop a comment in the section below. I would love to connect with you!