Why 99% of All Content Creators Totally Miss the Boat in 2019

Why 99% of All Content Creators Totally Miss the Boat in 2019

The most important thing you need to do to become a successful content creator is probably not what you would expect. Working toward your business goals and becoming a successful content creator focuses on one simple idea. That idea is showing up every single day and doing the work.

Check out what twelve months of consistent YouTube content has done for me here.

When you find your media platform and the right niche for your ideas, show up and do the work, and are persistent...

An audience happens and consistent income can be had from these efforts.

The Big Shift

Steven Pressfield has a book out called The War of Art. It's a fantastic book for content creators, artists and people who are considering embarking into new areas.


In his follow-up book, Turning Pro, Press field talks about the differences between an amateur and a professional.

He says that a professional is one who shows up every single day to do the work.

In one of his examples, he talks about his career as a writer and his experience writing screenplays. Many of the screenplays that he tried to sell were never bought and ended up in the wastebasket. That was okay though because the act of showing up every single day and writing each screenplay showed that was a professional writer. He did the work every single day, honed his craft, sharpened his tools, and indeed became a professional writer by curating content.

If you learn about Press field’s path to becoming a successful writer, then you will see that it is filled with years and years of just showing up every day and doing the work; and that’s the difference between an amateur content creator and a professional content creator.

Reading the War of Art every year has been critical in my content creator success journey.

Professional Content Creator Versus an Amateur

An amateur content creator is one who spends more time searching around for some trick, some growth hack, or something that is outside of them that will hopefully get them that secret magic solution to success. They are generally looking for the easy path toward success.

The professional content creator, on the other hand, knows that their job is to put out engaging content every single day. They know they have to write and send the e-mails, grow their list, grow their blog, and grow their video channel. They are focused on growing what ever their media platforms and social platforms are that they use for communication. They are creating marketing campaigns and are creating engaging content to grow their business and grow their audience.

Becoming a successful content creator is about showing up, doing the work, and providing digital content that is valuable to grow your audience and build a positive reputation through these marketing efforts.

Decide What You Want To Do

There are three things that you need to do consistently on a regular basis and over extended periods of time to guarantee your digital content creation is successful. You must learn, do, and teach.

Learn. Do. Teach.

The learn, do, teach idea is a very simple way for you to stay focused on what it is that you need to be doing to create successful content for your audience. It can also help create a better online sales funnel to grow your business.


When I share these learn, do, teach concepts with you, my goal is to help share a bit of perspective and let you know that the goal isn't necessarily to learn something and teach it all in the same day.

Everyone who is teaching something online right now all learned what they are teaching at one point. They then mixed that knowledge with their effort and their own experiences. And that is how they have created the courses, content, and other valuable elements that they have for users.

People who utilize Facebook advertising, for example, all learned exactly what they are now teaching somewhere, in some way shape or form.From Facebook advertising to the funnels and other marketing efforts, and the mindset and the investing to how to build a team and outsource; I learned all of that.

Whether it was from blog posts, reading information products, or going through courses; I have consumed information from hundreds, if not thousands of sources, paid and free.I then took the time to implement what I had learned into my business,and I have taken the time to work with that and expand for over a decade.

You are learning something new every day, and you are doing these things to help grow your business and ultimately expand on your success and strategy.  The coolest part for a lot of people is that you may have spent twenty years doing something, learned a trade twenty years ago, or have been doing that trade for twenty years. You have years of that built up knowledge and personal experience.

At this point, you might be over it and bored with the routine,  and you have begun looking for something else to do. There are a lot of people out there in the world who would love to know what you know and acquire the skills that you have developed and crafted through those years while you were engaged with what you were doing.

However, you should also remember that you don't have to learn, do, and teach new things all of the time. Becoming a content creator also means that you should look back and see what you learned years ago. Take a closer look at what you have been doing day in and day out and try to pinpoint when it became more of a habit to you. You would be surprised;  a lot of people want to learn what you already know and what may seem like second nature to you now.

You may think that everybody knows that, but I guarantee you they don't.You do know things from your upbringing, your experiences, and everything that's made you a unique person.You have a unique series of experiences that make you who you are.

You also have a unique take on those experiences, and it allows you to tap into your past experiences and then share those experiences you have with the world.That can be your jumping off point. It could be the reason why you start to learn, do, and teach new things on top of it.

How to Execute


Let's say that you are a great guitarist and you're going to teach people how to learn the guitar from your online membership program.The first thing you had to do in this process was to learn how to play guitar.You had to learn the basic chords and basic chord progressions.

All of that knowledge built upon itself to help you get to that high level of expertise as a guitar player.So, you learn the techniques, and then you practice those techniques because it is not enough just to know the chords; you need to know the finger positions on the frets and strings. You also need to know what goes where and what the proper timing is while playing.

You have to do it over and over and practice enough, so you can gain a certain level of mastery. Once that is achieved, you can then share that knowledge with others who want to learn as you did.

In the Malcolm Glad well book, the Outliers, he said that it takes 10,000 hours to become world-class at something.I'm not suggesting that you need to get to 10,000 hours before you begin to teach, but I think it puts into perspective how much doing is required to actually truly be able to say that you are a master at something.

I have done a lot of free videos about Facebook pay-per-click marketing.I spent several years and tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds if not thousands of hours partially struggling, but I got some good traction in those early days with a few campaigns as well.

I was involved in the implementation of running Facebook Ads,and I had to experience a lot of different


situations.That is part of why I can teach that so well, because I have tried a lot of things that didn't work.

Now, what if, day two after I started learning Facebook Ads, I started teaching exactly what I was learning?Yes, I would be putting out content,and that content could be potentially helpful for some people, but most people who try and engage with the ideas that I'd be teaching would run into some questions. I would be lacking the content authority I needed.

They would run into a speed bump and would ask me for help, but I would not be able to effectively answer them because I wouldn't have enough experience around what I'm teaching.You need to get first world experience with these new techniques that you are learning, and you need to test them.

You need to be able to analyze what you are learning from different perspectives to get a solid and well-rounded picture and understanding of what you have learned through experience. You can then begin your next journey and move on to teaching.

But you also have to be willing to put in the work,and the time to get that feedback loop going so you can see what worked and what didn’t work along the way. Keep adjusting your path until you start to see some success in what you are doing.

A More Personal Example

My wife and I created two separate profitable websites before I began to teach how to do this stuff online, which is now the third profitable platform we have.

We didn't just do it once.We went through the process a second time with a small tweak on it from the first time and learned even more. We shortened the time it took to achieve the success we desired in attempt number two.And here I am on attempt number three; this is one piece of content and a much greater platform that I have been building here.

Again, I've condensed the time to success down even more because I am getting better at it.The coolest part of this learn, do, teach process is as you teach, you begin to learn what you are doing at an even greater level.

So, if you really want to give your mind something to hold on to, a process for you to hold on to that you can move forward with on many levels of your business, really take this learn, do, teach idea to heart and make sure that every day you are doing a little bit of each of these things.

I did just that, and now we are at over fifteen months putting out YouTube videos and years into putting out blog content. We are also ten plus years down the path of making money online, and I'm now teaching you something that I have been doing.

And I’m still not out of ideas to teach,and you will not run out of them either.There are always new books you can read, new blog posts, new videos, new how-to things you can learn that you can implement and then teach.

Learn, do, teach.

It's a great way for you to simplify what it is that you need to do, and it is a concept that also keeps you focused on the goal of teaching and putting out content that will be of service to others.

Get your message out. Get your voice out.

My ultimate goal is to help empower you and inspire you to put out quality content over and over again for long periods of time.

See You On The Content Creator Side

I want to teach you the nuts and bolts and make sure you have the how-to information available to you.If you watch what I'm doing, the most important thing for you to take note of is the fact that I am showing up every single night, every single day, and I am doing the work.


You can look back through my monthly recaps on the results I'm generating, and you will notice that this is where the results are coming from; they are coming from me putting out the work.Some content does great and gets tens upon tens if not hundreds of thousands of views.Other content only gets dozens of views, maybe 100 to 150.

But that is okay because I am continuing to show up to do the work. I am dedicated.

I have to keep showing up even if I just traveled 40 hours, flew across the ocean to the other side of the world and I am jet lagged. There is no excuse. I still have work to get done and have a conference this weekend.

The most important thing for you to understand as you strive to reach success is that you have to show up and do the work. Don’t let excuses become obstacles that you stumble over throughout your journey.

It might feel like you are not making progress. Maybe the blog post you write ends up in the rubbish bin.You might have to start over with a new one, but that’s okay because it's all a part of the process.

You do the work over and over; day in day out, week in week out, year in and year out, and by doing so, you will find that persistence and hard work are the true keys of success.

I encourage you to decide for yourself because no one but you can decide to become a professional content creator. So, stay focused on putting out content and putting value in reaching as many people as you can.

That is the key to success.

That is how you become a successful content creator.

8 thoughts on “Why 99% of All Content Creators Totally Miss the Boat in 2019”

  1. You're probably going to get tired of seeing comments from me but you are awesome! I've been floating around between several teachers but never could really trust since I was always being sold something.

    It's my mission to watch/read everything you have posted in the next 30 days. Super excited because I always knew I was destined for greatness (confidence, not cocky) but just didn't know what to do. Literally found my purpose a week ago and am making steps every day now.

    1. Never gets tiring having comments! 😀 And I love hearing about people who find their purpose and create a life mission to be of service!

      With my content, be sure you limit reading/consuming my content until AFTER you publish your one post for the day... Being a content CREATOR is your goal right now, my posts/videos will be here for years, but the 90 day challenge is your window of opportunity!


    2. Wow! I must say, I'm happy for you. One of the most important things in life is finding your purpose. Now, not only that you've found yours, but yous have the zeal to create meaning of it.
      Unfortunately, I'm still in that phase of finding mine and I hope I do too, someday. Cheers.

  2. I have read so many of your stories and heard them on podcasts and through your youtube videos. This blog has become not only a learning tool for me but honestly, I just read your shit for inspiration and motivation. My daily routine is becoming Law of Attraction audio/video and then Miles Beckler Audio/Video/Written content. Honestly, I am down a rabbit hole on your content and none of it is boring. I went from a vague idea to honing it in over the past two days going through your content. Keep it up brother and thanks for the awesome tools and information.

  3. It's easy to admire someone without thinking about the path they've had to walk. It's easy to look at where someone is now and just feel good knowing it's possible. But on the inside doubtful of if one has what it takes to make it happen for themselves.

    Doing the work. That got me good. I'm going through your blog posts with a fine tooth comb and I must admit I am getting fired up from the thoughts of what's possible. If only one does what needs to be done though.

    Keep up the good work. We, newcomers, need these reassurances all the time. And with you around, Glory to God, for making it easy.

    Thanks and Be blessed!

    1. Cheers James... I'm glad you've found my content and it sounds like you have the right mindset to put in the work needed to create the reality you truly desire!

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