Top 11 Simple and Effective Clickfunnels Alternatives
Clickfunnels Alternative

Top 11 Clickfunnels Alternatives Compared | Who is Sales Funnel King?

Your online sales funnel contains three to five of the most valuable web pages you will ever create.

Click Funnels are being aggressively marketed as the only solution available to quickly and easily create sales funnels online; however, as you'll learn in this post, that is not true.

There are simple and effective Click Funnel alternatives available to you that can ultimately save you hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year.

You can then take that saved money and use it to invest in Facebook advertising instead.

Why am I interested in sharing with you my alternative to Clickfunnels?

Simple... Clickfunnels did me wrong. 

I bought into the hype around ClickFunnels that was being portrayed by their affiliate program who all earn 40% commissions. However, those affiliates are not telling the full story and instead paint Click Funnels as a bug-free and stable solution with great support. I found that this is not the case and their support has been less than helpful to me.

With Click Funnels' decision to pay 40% of monthly fees in affiliate commissions, that also makes them overpriced by at least 40% as well. You then take the companies cut out, and you are overpaying by literally 60% plus compared to investing a few hours in building your own sales funnel.

Is there a clear winner in the alternatives to Clickfunnels conversation? A Free alternative?

There are no free squeeze pages available that you can truly build a reliable income and internet based business on. Even if you have the skills to hand code your squeeze pages and sales pages, you will still need to pay for hosting and for the email service provider.

The clear winner is when you can DIY the most cost-effective Leadpages competitor and Clickfunnels competitor using WordPress.

WordPress is best because it is open source, the best option to not get “stuck” continually paying an ongoing overpriced subscription.

This then brings us to an important question that you are probably asking,  "how much does this DIY sales funnel cost?"

Save Money and Get Better Results?

As you are about to learn, it will cost approximately $300-$500 per year to operate a WordPress Funnel, whereas Click Funnels can cost upwards of $4000 per year to operate; again with 40% of that going to pay for affiliate commissions.

It is far more valuable to invest that $3,500 per year of savings in more Facebook advertising!

Yes, I am forgoing large commissions from ClickFunnels by not promoting Click Funnels, but I cherish my integrity and could not promote an overpriced and sub-par solution simply for the money.

That is simply greed, below the 12 how to set up your funnel on WordPress videos, you will find 10 more ClickFunnel alternatives to explore if desired.

Over $1 Million So Far

You will learn about the exact system, tools, and software I use to run my successful sales funnels and my businesses that have generated over $2 million dollars in revenue and over 1 mil of that in a sales funnel!

Whether you are a bootstrapped entrepreneur, a complete noob to digital marketing, or a small business owner who wants to leverage the power of sales funnels but appreciates the concept of a lean startup, then these video series below are designed with you in mind.

I cover every single step of the process. I will show you how to install WordPress and the theme and will then show you how to configure the theme of your autoresponder in your merchant account. I will then show you how to create your membership area as well as your product delivery pages, your products, install a Facebook pixel, your checkout pages, analytics and more.

How to Set Up A Successful Sales Funnel

The DIY Sales funnel video series will continue to evolve as I add on new videos explaining additional functionalities that Click Funnels offer that are easily replaced with this WordPress sales funnel. The core sales funnel creation process is complete, and it took these videos that span approximately four hours for me to explain every step in the process and every option you have available to you.

Facebook advertising, SEO, Shopping Cart, Email Automation and more.

Step by step here is how to customize a sales funnel and business that will support any lifestyle design dream that you have.

Ready to get started building your own funnels alternative?

Video One: Install WordPress, Build your basic funnel and integrate your email service provider.

In this first video, we build a fully functional affiliate marketing funnel that we evolve into a membership funnel or sales funnel that sells an online course in future videos.

. I walk you through every one of these steps in the video above, so you can follow along and be guided through the process to guarantee you are successful at setting up your own sales funnel for your business and website.

Once the hosting is set up, we can then configure the WordPress platform for security, search engine optimization, and compatibility with our theme and funnel building software.

  • The second step is to obtain and install our theme:
  • Third, we add the funnel building plug-in from the theme company and begin to actually create the sales funnel.

UPDATE! Thrive Themes has changed the content builder plugins since I recorded the above video.It is now called Thrive Architect, and I've made a new video that shows how to use the Thrive Architect plugin to create the same opt-in page I did in the video above.

Check out the video below for how to use the updated ThriveArchitect theme plugin.

Ok, that is all for the update...

Then we configure your email list with your funnel, so your leads are able to receive your autoresponder emails.

In my constantly evolving effort to make this the most valuable resource for you possible, I've created a new email marketing automation video that shows you exactly how to set up your autoresponder series and create a broadcast segment.

This will allow you to use automation to send a pre-written follow-up series to your subscribers and then create a segment that you can send daily broadcast messages to for your campaigns.

This video shows the exact step-by-step process:

Now, I don't cover exactly how to create your free giveaway or the theory behind the copy I'm using in this affiliate marketing funnel because I have covered those in depth in other posts and videos.

By the time you have finished this video, you will have a complete affiliate marketing sales funnel created that is ready to run Facebook advertising or other traffic to it, and this is the closest thing to a free alternative to Leadpages or a free alternative to Click Funnels that you can rely on.

Although WordPress isn't a Leadpages competitor or a Click Funnels competitor, directly, when you build out your squeeze pages based on the tools and steps here, you get all of the benefits of Click Funnels data tiny fraction of the cost!

Video one and a half: Setting up your custom email address at your new domain name.

It is important to use a custom email address at your domain name to get the highest deliverability rates in Aweber. Also, your subscribers will feel a more personal connection with you when they receive your automated follow-up emails from

Video two: Content marketing and WordPress customization.

In this video, we take a  quick step beyond the funnel to look at how WordPress can be used asan effective foundation for powerful content marketing campaigns.

How to Get Traffic to Your Funnel

My wife and I drive nearly 1 million visits per month from our WordPress websites from the content marketing efforts over the last several years.

For someone on a bootstrap budget, content marketing is the least expensive and most powerful traffic option available to you.

If you simply want to run Facebook pay per click advertising and that's all, then this video is optional. However, I still recommend that you watch the video because you will learn the basics of customizing WordPress which is important to understand even at just a theory level.

By the end of video two, you will have your core pages and your first blog content published and optimized for the search engines.

You will also have begun the process of customizing the look of your website and theme through the WordPress customization feature.

Additionally, you will also understand how to manage the menus, the widgets, the sidebar, and more.

Video three: Creating your member's area and product delivery pages

In this video, you learn how to leverage one of the themes most powerful and underutilized functionalities to build out your own members area or product delivery pages.

Whether you are creating a modulated course, a fixed duration membership program, delivering an e-book as a product or creating a monthly coaching program...

This video shows you exactly how to build the members area where you deliver the products you will sell from your sales funnel.

This is the exact system my wife and I use to manage our membership area that contains nearly 300 lessons in dozens of modules under eight main categories.

This system works perfect for simple product delivery and can be leveraged for very large courses with a complex module and lesson structures like the one we have built.

This functionality is more than a click funnels alternative… The unlimited functionality and customization of this membership area is 100 times better than the functionality you receive with click funnels' membership area.

Video four: Adding your shopping cart, Receiving payments for products and protecting your paid content.

In this video, you learn how to protect the content you structured in video three, for your member's area.

Since that content is for paid customers and members only, you need a way to protect or hide that content from public's view so that people who did not purchase it can’t find and download your course materials.

Additionally, you will learn exactly how to install and configure your shopping cart so that you can sell products, memberships or services.

You do have multiple choices when it comes to the shopping cart system, and membership plug-in that you choose for your WordPress sales funnel.

How to Collect Money from Sales - Your Shopping Cart

The beginning of this video covers the four main options that are worthy of your consideration.

These are the four mentioned and be sure to watch this segment to know which is best for you!

  1. eStore -
  2. MemberMouse - Recommended
  3. ThriveCart -
    I'm now using ThriveCart on 2 separate membership sites very successfully! Learn more about ThriveCart in this review.
  4. SamCart -
    Still running SamCart on 1 live site and have transacted over $739,000 with it! Such a great cart!  To learn more about SamCart, read this review.

At approximately 19 minutes into video 4, I help you understand why Member Mouse is the most likely to work for you and we begin the process of installing and configuring that shopping cart.

  • You will learn how to set up your main checkout pages, login pages and other core pages that make sales funnel function.
  • You will learn how to create products and integrate payments, so you can charge users for the products and services you sell.
  • You also learn how to protect content that is for paid customers and paying members so that your website visitors who have purchased an item can automatically receive access to the item. Also, to make sure that visitors who have not purchased the item cannot see or access the downloads.

Video Five: Testing Your Funnel!

Before running paid traffic, you need to be sure that your funnel, your shopping cart, and your payment processor are all working correctly.  This video shows you how!

First, you will learn how to put both your shopping cart and your payment processor into 'Test Mode' so you can run a test and see what the user experience is like.

Then you will learn how to put your funnel back into live mode, so you can test with a real transaction on your credit card which I highly recommend you do to be sure everything is working and is configured correctly.

Video Six: Setting Up Your One Click Upsell

Adding on a one-click-upsell is one of the most powerful ways to increase your average order value allowing you to increase your budget for paid traffic.

In this video you see exactly how to set up a one-click-up sell so you are able to add on membership programs, high ticket offers, personal coaching, etc. after the user checks out for your front end product.

Video Seven: Setting up your Facebook Tracking Pixel & Custom Conversions.

In this video, you learn how to add Facebook's tracking pixel to your site and how to set your funnel steps up as custom conversions.

This is a required step if you plan to run paid Facebook advertising.

Once you have that tracking in place, if you want to learn how to advertise on Facebook, click here.

The next step in the process is to set up your split tests so you can improve conversions on your landing pages and sales pages.

Video 8 : Setting up and running your split tests:

Recently, Thrive Themes launched their 'Optimize' plugins that allow you to do A/B Split Testing inside of the WordPress dashboard which is 10x easier than the 'old way'!!

Learn how to setup and run your split tests in this video:

That video above is the 'new way' to run split tests...


The 'old way' of using Google Analytics still works, but it is a bit more clunky.

I'll leave the video showing that old way of A/B Split Testing below, just in case... But I recommend the above approach because it is EASY!

Click Funnels claims to be the only sales funnel building tool out there which is nonsense.  As you have seen here with these videos, there is a clear Click Funnels alternative that can save you money while giving you all the performance and functionality you need.

10 Additional Alternatives to Clickfunnels


Small business owners rejoice: Samcart is a company that has actually built its reputation on being friendly for small and up-and-coming online businesses. Here's a deep dive on how I use Samcart in my business every day.

With SamCart you can make a 1-page funnel which is the fastest and easiest sales funnel to make money with... In fact, they are the only company on this list you can build out true 1 page funnels with and if you want to learn more about the power of a 1 page funnel, go here:

Samcart can help you integrate PayPal, Stripe and more into your checkout process, and altogether provide your customers with a sleek, easy, and secure checkout experience. Samcart is an upsell master and can help you lower your cart abandonment rate, which is no small victory. 

WordPress Lead Plus X

Sometimes, the best solutions to your problems are also the ones that are most affordable. If you want to see more traffic and sales on your WordPress site, then a free WordPress plugin might be the answer you’re looking for.

WP Lead Plus X can not only help you create a great landing page for your site, but also squeeze pages, splash pages, thank you pages and more. Instead of dealing with multiple plugins, this tool can help you manage pages of all types.

Cheap and reliable WordPress hosting for $60ish dollars a year, a free WordPress funnel plugin and done!

If you are working with a tight budget this is the way to go, you’ll be free from the hassle of refund deadlines or trial periods too.


Ontraport is a comprehensive alternative to ClickFunnels, offering a number of valuable tools that can help you with both targeted campaigns and day-to-day sales.

Ontraport is a very automation-focused tool, which can sometimes present challenges for small teams who prefer to manage a project as independently as possible. However, larger teams will certainly save time and money from this automation, with many businesses even seeing the brand as better than ClickFunnels altogether.

Ultimately, ClickFunnels is a strong choice for sales funnels, but Ontraport is simply much more versatile, offering top-quality services like email marketing and analytics, and other tools that could change your business for the better.


No matter what your experience is with web editing, Leadpages can help. Unlike many other tools, Leadpages offers two different editors, one catered towards experts, and the other towards newbies.

It’s also a budget-friendly option, with select plans available for under $30 a month. However, some users have found that the editor can be a little frustrating and clunky, as well as harder to customize.

If you want a relatively cheap plan without many additional features and you are alright with an editing process that is a little less than smooth, Leadpages might be right for you.


CartFlows is one of the top funnel builders for WordPress, and the reputation is well-earned.

An easy user experience and high-quality ready-to-import templates are two of the main reasons why customers are so satisfied with CartFlows, but one of its greatest strengths is a checkout system that automatically increases conversions, earning you more money on online purchases.

At $299 per year, CartFlows is not the cheapest option on this list, but it is a reliable tool that makes e-commerce an easier experience for both businesses and their customers.


Instapage is a popular landing page tool, with a reputation for having a great user interface. The landing page is easy to use, and you can even review your web activity in a creative and unique way: by viewing a “heat map” of traffic from your customers.

It also has a very strong drag-and-drop builder, although it is fairly low on built-in images, meaning you will more than likely be left searching for your own.

Although the product is strong, for many businesses, it comes down to the interface: even newcomers will be able to quickly learn the ropes given the straightforward and user-friendly nature of Instapage’s layout.


Convertri is a great choice for anyone wanting to stay in control of their website by using a drag-and-drop web page builder.

Although Convertri boasts numerous features such as the ability to set up countdown timers, the DIY feel is what so many people love about the brand. Their free-form editing feature can help you maintain absolute creative control of your webpage at every stage, while also creating a high-converting sales funnel that rivals anything you can have access to using ClickFunnels.

The company also offers a two-week trial for just a penny, making it an essentially risk-free opportunity to get started on creating your own sales funnel.

10 Minute Funnels

10 Minute Funnels kind of sounds a lot like ClickFunnels and we won’t lie, that’s almost certainly on purpose. Both brands are very similar in terms of pricing, features, and specific focus on sales funnels.

Ultimately, 10 Minute Funnels could be seen as simply a newer, perhaps sleeker, version of ClickFunnels. However, as you will not save a ton of money choosing one over the other, 10 Minute Funnels might not be the alternative you need.

However, if you like ClickFunnels and value creating sales funnels over any other feature, but want to try something different, 10 Minute Funnels is a pretty safe bet.


Unbounce is a company focused on playing well with others.

While using ClickFunnels, you might notice that, if you want your webpage to benefit from a certain tool or feature, you must be ready to pay for theirs. Unbounce, on the other hand, is designed to be used hand-in-hand with other tools.

However, it does not have many of its own features, which is certainly an area of weakness. For example, Unbounce has no campaign management tools at all.

If using features and tools offered by different providers is a priority of yours, Unbounce is a compatible and affordable option, although you should not depend on it if you prioritize campaigns and email marketing.




BuilderAll is an option for anyone willing to put their faith in a young company (after all, we were all once in that very same position, too, and many of us still are).

BuilderAll is truly focused on the “all” part, with a versatile range of marketing tools and features. Although it has garnered some flak for having a clunky interface and the occasional glitch, it is also a significantly more affordable tool compared to ClickFunnels.

Essentially, if you want ClickFunnels without having a ClickFunnels-friendly budget (and you’re willing to overlook a rare glitch), BuilderAll is the comprehensive tool for you.


If you have followed along, you will have a complete understanding about how to operate a sales funnel on the WordPress platform, and your total investment ( depending mainly on whether you chose annual or monthly billing for the different tools) will be between $300 and $500.This is the exact setup my wife and I are using successfully on multiple websites.

If you found this click funnels alternative post and these DIY sales funnel videos helpful or if you have any questions specific to the or steps covered in any of the videos above, please leave me a comment.


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  1. Watched your video series, super valuable info. But I'm confused with regards to what software to use. You don't recommend ClickFunnels in this blog post, but you do recommend CF on your Recommended tools page. Suggestions?

    1. Simply not a matter of updating that page in a while and honestly forgetting that was up there... For most people, WordPress as setup here is a far better solution especially if budget is of any concern. I'll be updating that recommended tools page here today. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  2. Now even though this is all new to me. Your site was accurate and to the point I didn't feel as though it was all over the place. I haven't brought into ClickFunnels because honestly the videos don't keep my attention and all the rah-rah is a turn off for me. I'm not interested in being an affiliate I want to focus on building my coaching business and reaching my intended audience.

  3. Hey Miles
    You've mentioned that click funnels was great for anyone that has little tech skills, does wordpresss have a similar offer
    By the way I'm steaming thru your you tube series right now,
    I'm at a point where I'm ready to build my first funnel its crazy cause 2 weeks ago I was planning to hire someone to build out a site but having watched your series It's all become clear
    Thanks you

    1. If the videos in this series here look easy enough to do on your own, I do think WordPress is a far better solution. It really is easy to build out on WordPress... Have seen dozens of readers build funnels with no previous experience... To me, a little effort to save thousands per year is always worth it! lol.

    1. Are they physical products? ...or digital download products? We sell nearly 100 different digital products from our setup this is modeled after. If you are doing digital products, there is a plugin called 'woo commerce' that ties into WordPress to turn it into a full-on e-commerce store.

        1. First off... I don't do much in the ecommerce space. Woo Commerce's benefits are price and the ability to customize (being WordPress based you have full control)... That said, Shopify is great because it takes a few clicks and you are up and running.

    1. Funny part is, some of the cheaper solutions offer more customization and better organic traffic opportunities! More value for less $$ seems like the way to go, to me!

      1. hi miles,

        i'm selling physical products online and one of the features of clickfunnels that i like is the post-payment upsell. do the alternative you are talking about have that? if not, do you know of other alternatives that offer this?


        1. Upsells are not unique to Clickfunnels at all... In fact, I think all the carts I show can do one-click-upsells. Can I ask why you are not considering Shopify if you are doing physical products?

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    You write some great detailed articles. Thanks alot.
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  6. Hey Miles, first of all thx so much for your many videos and straightforward approach...I am brand, brand, new to all of this and really don't have a product of my own...I'm a speaker/clean comedian who is looking for a way to supplement income with a flexible schedule until my speaking/comedy bookings are enough for full time question is do your videos help someone understand how to use wordpress to create a funnel for affiliate products? Since I don't have my own product/business I need to create traffic for others' products and earn commissions I think...any advice/suggestions would help.

    1. Video 1 is really the key to an affiliate funnel... the 'thank you' page after opting in can offer an affiliate product. It is called a bridge page. This is how most people start, to prove the lead gen system works, and you can convert traffic to leads and then to sales. Once you prove that, you can build your own product to replace the affiliate offer with your own offer (the rest of the videos show how to set that all up). So you can take it in phases!

  7. Hi Miles. Your video's are great. I updated now my plugins after you mention it and then happened the following. I already contacted my host but as I live in Europe they are already closed. Can you have a tip on how I can get my website working ? Fatal error: Call to a member function add_global_groups() on null in /home/ on line 144

    Kind regards

    1. Disable your plugins one at a time and see if you get a different result. If no change, re activate that plugin. Keep going through the plugins one at a time and you will eventually find the one that is causing the error. Probably a plugin.

      You are using Thrive Themes, right?

  8. I'm all about Thrive themes also! I always tell people to pick it over clickfunnels so you're content isn't a slave to Russell Brunson lol...

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    I am waiting for your response and I would really appreciate it if you can reply ASAP ! 🙂

    Sincerely :)

    1. To grow a successful affiliate program you will need to put in a lot of work! You do need to nurture the relationship with affiliates to get them to promote your product.

      You also need to be sure your offer converts cold traffic! If affiliates run traffic and your offer doesn't convert well, they will never run traffic to your offer again... So you need to be sure your funnel is highly optimized first.

      Also, I don't think you can run a $977 product on Clickbank as a new vendor... they have limits. Never used JVZoo... so they may work.

  11. Hi Miles

    I think your videos are great and have given me a much better understanding about the workings of sales funnels.

    Will you also develop a video regarding a 'DIY sales funnel for physical products?

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    1. I think the same ideas apply here... When I get my free plus shipping funnels going, I'll document that process for sure.

      1. Do you happen to have F+S funnels up yet? That's exactly what I need to do to replace my clickfunnels funnels. CF lets you stack OTOs (and I offer 3 after purchase). Is that something that can be shown using Thrive?

        1. I haven't but it is more about the cart you use than thrive. Thrive is a 100% customizable page builder... It can do anything. SamCart and ThriveCart each can do like 5 or 6 upsells in a row if my memory serves me correctly.

  12. I always thought Clickfunnels was the only funnel solution out there but wasn't ready to fork out that much money on something I had no experience with and would probably spend time learning a lot about. So, had an idea to google alternatives, and your article popped up!

    Thanks for providing us with an alternative, now I can o ahead and stufy funnel building without worrying about the cost of paying for clickfunnels 😀

    1. Right on! Glad you found this blog post and video series! Many people are having great success building their funnels in this manner, I'm confident it will work for you, too!!!

  13. Hi Miles,

    First, thanks for all the great work!

    Is it possible to create advertisement campaigns on social media to drive traffic to others’ products and services without having to create value in the middle such as videos on how to create funnels? For example, create ads on Facebook to Amazon’s books and get a commission for every sales they make through my ads. I don't presently have something to offer and with the other commitments I have in my life (full time job, 2 children, etc.), I don’t presently have the time to invest on creating such content.

    I hope my question gets to you.
    Thanks again.

    1. Possible? Sure... Does it have a high probability to create a true online business you could replace a full time job with and support a family on? No way.

      Here is why... You don't own any sort of asset in that situation. The vendor could cut you off... Income stops. The advertiser could cut you off... income stops. the vendor could copy your ads that work and out bid you... Income stops.

      When you build a list and build an audience... Then develop a relationship with that audience, no one can take that from you...

      Now some hard love for you here.... The 'I don't have time' excuse is bullshit. That is a limiting belief and it flat out isn't true.

      If you have time to create ads to direct link to affiliate offers, you have time to build a real business where you create value in the marketplace.

      All you really need is an opt-in page and a free give away... Then you market you.

      Whoever is selling the idea of 'just run ads to an affiliate product' is either trying to get you to pay for their advertising and take on all the risk or sell you a rubbish product that is built on false promises.

      If you want to create a better life for your family and get more time, location and finacial freedom for you (and your family) it may take working from 9pm to 2am every night... Or waking up at 4am every morning to find that 3 or 4 hours per day to build this out...

      But you can do that...

      You may not WANT to...

      And that is ok... This isn't for everyone. But everyone has time if they make it a priority.

      1. Hi Miles..Saw this here...but how do I add value to my subscribers when I am new and just get started out? What sort of content or "value" should i consider to provide to my subscribers? By the way, i am in the "make money online" niche...Thank you!

      2. Good links, and good talks. I'm 57, and finally chose to making a living doing what I Love over a retirement that I could neither afford nor would ever find fulfilling.

        Good stuff, all of it. Thanks again. I'm here doing it, and partially due to your presence.

        1. Right on Glenn... Retirement is bullshit anyways. lol. We are here to create and when you find that blend of passion/service that you can create through, online... Magic happens! Now with that Retirement being B.S. comment, financial independence is absolutely a worthy goal and is possible for you with this kind of business model, but that is a much different animal!

  14. kelsey mitchell

    Hey Miles! I have found your blog extremely helpful! I have a few questions that you may have already covered and just missed:

    1. How many products do you promote at one time. Some marketers I see can have hundreds of domains with products they bump, isn't it smarter to concentrate on a smaller group of say, 5?
    2. If you are operating in a single niche, could you technically run multiple funnels on a single domain? Does this make more sense if you are building a media brand?
    3. What is the benefit of a double opt in?
    4. How many hours should a beginner anticipate to spend per day on launching this business (with a starting goal of $50 a day).
    5. Do you find Clickbank or LaunchPulse more valuable in determining what will be a 'good' product to promote?

    I know that's a lot of questions! I appreciate any feedback greatly!

    1. 1. It depends... There is no 'right' answer here... Start with one, if there is a need for more, add more.
      2. Yes! The more relevant your funnel is to what they want the better...
      3. Less fake email addresses
      4. Depends... How fast do you want to see results? ...And do you have a day job? Can you do 12 - 16 hours per day? Maybe 1 - 3 years. Part time? 3 - 5 years+ It is different for everyone, honestly.
      5. Neither... Target an audience, figure out what their needs and problems are, then find or create solutions. Doesn't matter what network those solutions are on.

  15. Patrick mcguire

    Very interested in what you created! I just started click funnels a month ago and I feel like it's very confusing right now and I can't get any help.

  16. Great stuffs! . Thanks so much for detailing everything!

    Was about to switch to clickfunnel from Shopify but was intermidated by the price. Though our sales all happen on other market places but we still plan to have our own Econmmerce site.

    Q1 Do you still suggest WordPress then?

    Q2 which auto responder do you recommend ?

    Thank you!

    1. I don't do anything in the eCommerce space beyond a few products on Amazon. WordPress has a great plugin system for eCommerce called Woo Commerce that is a solid Shopify alternative. Worth checking out and that is probably what I'd use.

      I like Aweber for people just starting out because it is simple to setup and has the best deliverability in the industry...

  17. Just wanted to check if you heard of this one at this link: SPAM-Link ? Admittedly it's an affiliate link to my reseller package - but it's the first time i ever resold anything - just because i thought it was so good. Have a look and tell me what you think?

    1. Since it seems like maybe you don't realize your are comment spamming... I figured I'd reach out and let you know that this is totally spam, mate....

      I edited your comment and removed the link... Noticed you put up a similar comment on YouTube, it got caught in the spam filter there, too...

      If you want to be successful online, put in the work mate... Put out helpful content, build a list and build a relationship with that list... Then offer your product. Your current approach is not serving you and will get you blocked on all platforms as a spammer, FAST!

  18. Hey miles, you are a rockstar. I actually thought this was going to be a sales letter LOL. I'm still waiting for you to try to sell me something. In any case quick question. I get some really nice sales emails from one of my competitors who is using Fusion soft. Any idea if there is any competitive product that can create such nice emails without HTML programming? Basically the email looks like a long form sales letter.

    1. Pretty much all email service providers have point and click email creators... You could do that with Aweber.

      That said, I use simple plain text looking emails so people think it is a friend emailing them... Then getting them to click and read a sales letter if that is the goal, gets them to take a micro-commitment (Cialdini's Influence book talks about this) and has proven to work well for me.

      An email is not to sell something... An email is designed to get a click... That is all. Have you heard of "Ben Settle"? I'd recommend checking out his podcast (ignore his paid product, not worth it) and learn his take on email marketing... He is one of the best in the world at it.

  19. I'm looking to move away from WordPress because of all the problems that come with it. Plugin conflicts, updates, backups, staging sites, caching issues. Spend more time troubleshooting and fixing than producing and marketing. Looking at fully managed saas like teachable, Coach, Thinkific, LearnWorlds, etc. What do you think?

    1. If you run your WordPress site lean (only a few plugins) and stay away from the 'popular' caching plugins life becomes way easier. Backups can be automated and updates should take 5 minutes per week, max.

      I have friends who use teachable and thinkific, Udemy and even Kajabi but I'm not a fan of those closed systems. Many of them are moving to this type of a system because... They are all limiting.

  20. Hi Miles,
    Just found this and am super new. Wondering if I can still use this model if my website is on Weebly?

  21. Thank you for this training. I really thought I was going to drop thousands on one if the "gurus". I heard you on a podcast say aweber was a linear auto responder. Which do you use. We are a Life and Buiness Coaching business just venturing into online marketing. Thanks !

    1. I use Aweber and Active Campaign both... And I am only using Active Campaign in a linear fashion even though it has more potential functionality... I just can't be effed to put all those pieces together... lol. I love Aweber, it is simple and bulletproof.

  22. Hey Miles, I watched another video where you talk about leaving CF for Thrive, Active Campaign, and Active360 Member plugin...have you changed your thoughts to Aweber and MemberMouse?

    1. I haven't... I think the Active Campaign and Active Member360 setup with Thrive Cart is too advanced and too expensive for most people... I use this exact setup (Aweber and MM) on a different site. Also on my main site (not my membership) I still use Aweber and a different cart/plugin setup. Lol... So I have several stacks running ( and made this series to focus on the easiest to implement for most people.

  23. Hey Miles, I've been a raving fan of yours watching many of your videos since I first saw your video on quitting Clickfunnels. That's what snagged me back in February in the very beginning. Ever since then, as I've watched many of your videos, I've hoped you would do a series on this very subject. I've been holding my breath waiting for it and trying every other software option I could come up with (all which have left me frustrated). We're now beginning to implement your course suggestions on our website, changing everything around. What you're doing is exactly what I want to do so every video you add to this series will be quickly snapped up and followed as closely as we can. You're The Man! For months I've been telling my friends about you as "My Mentor". Thanks so much for what you've done here and please, please add to it, refining your steps and showing the depth you can't give in the first few videos.


  24. Hi Miles, I like your video series, you're gold !. I learn a lot from you. What about wix? Since i built online store with wix. I used WordPress for personal blog before.

    1. Great question and MailChimp will not work for this on their free plan. Their free plan does not include an autoresponder which is key... I tried MC and did not like their system and am glad I moved on to a more professional service.

  25. Miles,
    Why Aweber over Mailchimp? I've been using Mailchimp in a business that I own(not online) and I'm used to the way it works, although I haven't gotten very far with it, other than putting an email together and using MC to send it to my list...I don't have it integrated with a website...would it make sense to switch over to Aweber, or just keep using MC?
    Great videos!

    1. Mailchimp's delivery rates were worse... Their 'free' plan didn't have an autoresponder and their system is clunky at best. I switched from Mailchimp to Aweber years ago and am so glad I did.

  26. Hi Miles - this is the very thing I am looking for to set up and launch my very first training product, so thanks very much for this valuable set of videos! I had been considering Clickfunnels or Kajabi but already know WordPress so will look at the Thrive themes (as you say, it's better to own your environment).

    I flicked through your videos first and will be watching them in greater detail this week, but I didn't spot any mention of a Jeff Walker-style Launch funnel, with 3-4 training videos, released per day leading up to the eventual sale. This is where, on day 2 for example, you can only watch Videos 1 and 2, whilst Videos 3 and 4 are locked. Is this achievable using Thrive?

    I use Wistia for my video hosting, if that makes any difference.



    1. Totally... Super simple. Each day gets its own landing page... The future videos that are locked are simply images and the past ones link to the unlocked landing page.

      You just build out day 1 to work the way you want, day 2, etc. Then email them the next link each day!

      Wistia is great for hosting these types of videos.

      1. Thanks very much Miles. The challenge I've set msyself is now to get the training written, training and marketing videos recorded, and the whole infrastructure set up in 2-3 weeks - speed! 🙂

        I'm going to use MemberMouse, which also links to Paypal as well as Stripe. You mentioned in Video1 using Paypal, for which I already have an account. Would you recommend for a newbie moving over to Stripe? I like the fact that Paypal is simple, but they have have higher charges. Not sure if Stripe is much more complex.



  27. Thanks for sharing this valuable information, I understand everything above. I just started my online business and I do promoting products from clickbank and this stuff here really provides me a lot of great information for me to master my online career. Soon I will also create my own products.

  28. All this email marketing, optin, companies, auto responders and funnels are so confusing i hate them but it seems like these days you can't do business with out it. Yesterday I book marked your video on quitting click funnel. I will watch today and see what to do, but I know I cant do anything.

    1. The first time you go through the process it is confusing... But then you have this moment of "Oh, I get it now!" and it gets easier and easier from that point... You won't get to that point by researching... That comes from doing! Best of luck Shah!

  29. Hey Miles,

    Great article. I'm wondering if I can use the personal license of Thrive since I'm building funnels to generate leads with optin pages and thank you pages where I own the domain. I'm essentially providing a lead service to different businesses. I've asked ClickFunnels and heard nothing.

    Thanks ~

    1. That is how I'd go about it! If you own the domain and the site and are simply selling leads, that is your website! This is a great business model, by the way!

  30. Miles,

    Can you use just ONE website for all your funnels? Assuming you have an autoresponder and Thrive Themes, can you just set up one domain to handle ALL the affiliate products you want to sell OR is it better to create new domains for each product? Seems like if you could come up with a catchy but generic domain name, you could use just one domain to do all the work.



  31. Hi Miles and the group,

    Thrive themes question: does it have Amazon US integration to fulfill sales made on my own WordPress store using funnels/Thrive themes?


    1. Thrive is just the theme, not the shopping cart. You can add any shopping cart in the world that works with WordPress, to thrive, so simply find one that includes the integration you desire!

  32. Hi Miles, awesome content and I'm cancelling my CF trial after finding this. I have Shopify store. What is the best funnel service for Shopify? Is Zipify any good? Thanks!

  33. Hi Miles,

    Firstly, thank you for giving of your valuable time to share all you have learned with us.

    I am 42 years old, a mechanical designer, and only yesterday did I create my first Facebook account...I'm a real introvert and do not like social media stuff. Now that my job evaporated, I'm now in charge of managing and re-tooling my wife's online business. I have to be successful or we don't eat.

    I AM SCARED TO DEATH, I don't even know what some of these terms mean...yet.

    I'm not technologically inept by any means, I just have zero exposure to building websites or doing sales. Do you think I'd have a chance at being able to actually learn and apply these concepts myself or am I fooling myself?



    1. You absolutely have a great chance at being able to learn this stuff and apply the stuff. I started with zero specialized knowledge, no degree in this stuff… Just a lot of long nights watching YouTube videos and reading to figure out answers to my problems. It all makes much more sense once you begin building and actually physically creating with these tools and ideas you are learning about, there's something about just reading that keeps it all abstract. And remember trial and error is how everything's been built… Run backups on your website and even if you destroy everything you can always roll back to yesterday's backup and everything will be fine. I know because I've destroyed my website hundreds of times at the least opportune moments along this path.

      1. Thank you for your assurances, it's helpful to know you once were in the same boat as I'm in now.

        Did a little digging and found a potential one-page funnel alternative to Sam cart. Have you heard of paykickstart, if so what is your opinion?

        Additionally, I know you're not in the physical products side of retail, but in your opinion would a one-page funnel work well for physical products too?

        The answer is probably..."it depends" help you answer the question, we sell Spanish curriculum my wife created that has a core course (manual, flashcards, etc.) and supplemental materials. I'd love to do an up-sell bundle, but need to find a cart that can handle physical shipping too.

        I know you mentioned woocommerce in the above posts, I'm curious just how customizable it would be to emulate Sam cart or paykickstart.



  34. I agree on the CF commission point. Their affiliate commission is crazy. Somebody's gotta be picking up that check, and I'm pretty sure it's us. I was a CF user for a while. I always hated their limit on visitors. And, frankly, it's a bit pricey - at least for what I was using them for.

    1. I think it could have worked if they would've invested more in support and developers… But the bugs and that "pass the buck answers" combined with the expensive monthly price was just too much for me to handle

  35. Hi, Miles,

    Thanks for all the awesome info on clickfunnels alternatives!

    I am evaluating Clickfunnels now - one thing that is disconcerting is that to integrate CF with Shopify, it seems I have to invest in yet another program called Zapier.

    Is there any way to integrate Shopify with a funnel program like you are using with WP that isn't another additional cost?

    I would really appreciate any feedback on this - thanks in advance!

    1. Not that I know of... But you can use WooCommerce on WordPress which is a Shopify alternative... Then everything would be on WordPress... But honestly, I don't do e-commerce

  36. Hi Miles. First of all, I want to thank you for putting up all these videos despite your busy schedule...Really appreciate it. I am using what you've taught to set up my sales funnel. One question I have about adding the one-click upsell to my funnel. If I want to upsell a membership into my Facebook private group, do you suggest I use estore or membermouse for this type of Facebook private membership? And I am new to this, so will there be anything i need to set up to "connect" the sales funnel to my facebook account? If there are some steps involved, do you have a video on this? Thank you in advance!

    1. You have to manually add people to FB group, not automatable, I don't think... MemberMouse can handle the transaction, or Thrive Cart or Sam Cart.

      1. Hey, Miles...Thank you so much for sharing! I am placing my order for the Thrive theme through your affiliate link...You deserve it for your generosity for sharing so much...Keep up the good work! Cheers! 😉

  37. Hi Miles,

    I'd say you are doing a great job and the release of this content many persons tend to add as a paid service, I'd say thank you. I've been watching your YouTube videos on fb ads and you've got the juice.

    Now I have been blogging for a while and I decided to start my list building recently. So I started with instabuilder their funnel seems to be a bit confusing for creating OTOs...

    It seems you solely recommend Thrive but any hope of having a steady income stream from instabuilder first? And between JVzoo and Click bank, which do you prefer is a suitable affiliate market for newbies?

    1. I don't use or recommend instabuilder... You are right, I recommend and use Thrive as detailed here.

      The best affiliate program is the one that has products your audience wants to buy.

  38. Hello Miles,

    I've already viewed the first two vids just following along to get the full picture. Now I'm actually walking through the installation ! Thanks for doing this. It's really awesome. 🙂

    Question\Observation if I may : If we don't use the exact configuration you show, even just your hosting provider, there are differences, like in the WP plugins. As I begin this process, it makes me wonder whether there's any impact not having any of the initial set of those included plugins in your A2 WP hosting installation and missing my installation on a different hosting platform (GoDaddy).

    Coming from my IT background, I'm always (dare I say ! ) a little paranoid that there could be something different which winds up being a showstopper for the whole lengthy install process. However, I will follow along with your video to the letter in all other aspects than using a different hosting provider.

    Any thoughts on that ?

    Sincere thanks,

    1. No show-stoppers... Any hosting can work and you can probably use one of 10 different plugins to do the same thing... Many paths lead to the same destination here, but I had to choose and show just one of many.

  39. Hi, Miles. Thank you so much for sharing. I want to sell online courses (not membership, so not monthly payments). But the customer has to receive the loging information (password) to get access to the online course. Does the estore plugin deliver the password after the customer bought the online course (via email)

  40. I have never seen such high quality content all in one place on the internet! I am so thankful for what you have put together!

  41. hi Miles.

    Would you mind giving me any input you may have regarding Thrive Membership vs Igloo Reloaded.

    I see that Reloaded has a higher entry price point.

    Any feedback you might offer would be appreciated.

  42. You indicated that it could take 1-3 years putting in 12-16 hours a day to get to $50 per day return. Why is it that I read every where on the Internet of 5 to 6 figure months? I don't have a product, but find there are sites that offer affiliate products to promote, where would you direct someone to find eproducts to promote? Do you offer an affiliate program? Thanks for all the information, I've been contemplating using clickfunnels.

    1. Honestly, making money online is more difficult than most people make it seem... Most of the people selling products or courses in this space need to make it sound 'easy' in order to sell things that most people don't need. It is like becoming a professional at anything... Sports, music, etc... It takes time to hone your craft and master the skill. I don't have anything to sell so I don't have an affiliate program. I believe it is more important to figure out what audience you can be of service to and then find the products they want/need and become an affiliate for those... Check out this post for more info on how this works:

    1. Cheers! That is exactly where I was a few years ago... Bootstrapping my business and I had to figure this all out alone. Figured I could give back and share what I've learned along the way. Glad you like the content!

  43. I'm using s2 member, thrive themes, active campaign, but I'm dying to switch over my content into activecampaing360 or a more updated membership plugin. Who would you recommend finding for help to migrate all my stuff into something better than s2 member. s2 works, but it seems dated and I want more customization at checkout. Thanks!

  44. Hey Miles - thanks so much for the detailed info and videos. So I have a question for you. Would it be possible to export the HTML files from the Clickfunnels landing pages and then import those HTML files into a funnel in WordPress (using the tools you described)? We have a lot of custom templates and landing pages inside Clickfunnels and it would be nice to use the exported HTML files to keep the same design when migrating to your DIY funnel. Is this possible?

    1. I have no idea... Ask Clickfunnels' support! I rebuilt my custom CF landing pages in Thrive in a couple hours and was just done with CF.

  45. Miles, I'm so thankful for this tutorial. I ditched the other route I was taking and am going with this (I'm glad to buy from your affiliate link for all your work on this!)

    Even though you made this so recently, Thrive has changed some of how everything looks in their lead generation. I'm looking for the Event Manager etc. and struggling with how to make the button initiate the action that I need it to make. It looks like they have a spot for a URL, but I want to keep the Lightbox that they already have ready and edit it. I'm still looking around and trying out the tutorials in Thrive, but I would love it if, in your spare time (hah), you would do a updated tutorial with the updates to their plugins.

    Have a great day and a wonderful Christmas season with your family, Jenette.

    1. Now that I'm back in the states and setting up my home office, updating these videos to include Thrive Architect is a top priority... Construction crews should be finished here at my place next week so I'll have my full office hours to dedicate towards this soon!

  46. Hi Miles thanks for these tutorials, I have just purchased Thrive and currently going through your first video. You say to download the Thrive content builder plugin... however that plugin doesn't appear in the list.. Im wondering has something changed since the release of this video? perhaps the name has changed? I cant move past this step currently so will be great to know.. have reached out on the forum but no response yet..

    1. It is now called 'Thrive Architect' and looks a little different but is really the same thing... Planning on doing updated videos soon!

  47. Do Thrive offer live chat support? Will their support team get on the phone with you when you get stuck?

    I currently have clickfunnels and I'm contemplating switching to a cheaper alternative. Doesn’t using so many plugins and widgets cause the site to load slower than if I had click funnels or LeadPages?

    Doesn’t having so many plugins and widgets also cause pages and funnels to break when something didn’t get updated? and/or creates opening to get hacked when it hasn’t been updated?

    1. No live chat, no phone calls... They have a training center and a forum where you can post questions. Hiring a developer is the best way to get phone/chat help!

      When you are on WordPress you have full control of the speed based on how good of hosting you get! Yes plugins can slow things, but so can images, videos, etc. My WP site loads faster than it did when it was on ClickFunnels.

      Yes, things need to be updated... Yes you need to secure your site! Super easy stuff!

  48. Great Content. I also had this idea that I can use my hosting and domain name to create funnel using wordpress and was playing trial and error. Meanwhile found your videos. Thx.

  49. Miles- this material is dynamite. I am a past Click Funnels user with both the Funnel and email automation tools. I agree with you it was complex, inflexible in places (although it had a nice drag and drop editor) and was expensive. So your solution is fantastic for people bringing up their internet marketing website and e-commerce engine. Your advice is excellent, extremely thorough and correct (as I have done the steps you outline). The value bombs are everywhere. Thanks for your hard work on this video series!

  50. Miles what i want to do is to get a plugin that i can use to build a two step sqeeze page and redirect it to a Thank You Page please send me the training for that and please tell me if i can use your word press plugin for this also i do have hosting with Host Gator please help

  51. 😂 I typed on google "why is clickfunnel so expensive?" And I found this site.

    I still didn't get the answer though

    Technologie evolvs so Fast that I have no doubt that someone is cooking something cheap funnel for us.
    Some months back I bought a product call interoptin for $400, a sort of a landing page builder. Some guy is selling a wp plugin that does the exact thing for $17 on jvzoo.

    1. Clickfunnels is so expensive because A) they pay affiliates 40% recurring revenue and buy them a car when they reach 100 affiliates... So there is about 50% down the tubes. B) they simply charge a lot so they can pay themselves a lot and they are pushing for growth so they advertise a lot.

      You clearly didn't read this post as I show you how to get the same functionality from a WordPress theme... So the less expensive option is already here....

      And JVZoo? lol... Makes me think you are trying to comment spam your content marketing service, but your link got blocked, so whateves.


    Hi Miles,
    I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! Ive learnt so much in this video series and Im only half way through :). It's the little tips with SEO & Speed optimisation I love most, because its been hard to learn all this stuff!!
    Quick question. I've already got Wishlist member running, do you know if Wishlist will clash with thrive themes? I'm about to use your link to get the membership and migrate my theme.
    Thanks Gina.

    1. They should play nicely together! I know many people who love and use that plugin (with Thrive)... Glad you are liking the content!

    1. Theoretically it is possible, but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't HIGHLY RECOMMEND you get onto WordPress immediately... WordPress is 100x better for building an online business with especially if you want to accept payments and deliver digital items.


    Hi Miles,

    I am happy to let you know that I purchase the $228 thrivethemes plan. Your videos and blogs are awesome


    1. Step 1 - Leave Squarespace (Squarespace is sub-par compared to WordPress and a total handicap to you)...

      Step 2 - Follow this series.

      There are many reasons why this is only shown on WordPress... Similar to how there are many reasons why over 30% of all websites online use WordPress. It is a superior option.

  54. Miles!

    Firstly, this is AMAZING content!! You are so so generous. I havent even watched any of your videos yet but reading through and seeing what you have done, I am SO grateful already. I can't wait to start your series and stop wasting thousands of hours trying to learn all this nonsense back end tech crap and waste money on big time marketing hype systems..(even though i fully respect Brunson and people like Frank Kern etc).... I will go through your vids and hopefully make some sense and save a lot of money on setting up my back end.

    I wanted to ask.....what do you actually sell? Do you sell your tech services ? I wondered for the future because what you have done here has already given me trust to work with you perhaps in the future 🙂

    Again, content is king and you have delivered my friend.
    I appreciate you!

    Amy, Melbourne- Australia.

    1. Glad you like the content. My wife and I have a niche meditation and spirituality business in the Angel niche... So that is my main business and it affords me the lifestyle I enjoy. Here, I have a few affiliate relationships but don't sell any services or products at all.

  55. Miles!

    I wanted to give you (to give to your clients and fans) SPAM at a MASSIVE discount that I only have access to until tomorrow midnight (2/28/18).

    I am able to give it to you for $50 set up fee and $99 start subscription for monthly (instead of $1,999 set up and $199 monthly).

    I want to split commissions with you too which I receive in 45 days from SPAM of $500 per new account! Call me asap to set this up with each other!

    I am just trying to help other businesses out grow without large amounts of money!

    1. Seriously, dude... Don't spam comments. Be bigger than that! #PutInTheWork #BuildAList

      Gonna leave this here for my audience to see the kinds of 'solicitations' I get for profit sharing and trying to lure me in to promote SPAM in exchange for '$500 per new account'

      No way, man... Not even close.

  56. Hey, I am a Realtor and have been looking into ClickFunnels then I came across this. If you have a blog would you use a completely different domain or can I have blog pages on here too? Also, how does this work with webinars?

    Thank you

    1. Hey William... You can definitely run a blog and multiple funnels on one site/domain. That is exactly what I do with all my sites on Thrive! Plus since it runs on WordPress, your blog content will get better reach as the code is more search engine friendly.

      For webinars you simply plug in a webinar system like you would with ClickFunnels... Like WebinarJam or something. I don't run webinars myself, so no training on it but Thrive is designed to integrate with webinars, for sure.


    Hi Miles, when you signed up with a2 your WordPress site was instantly available. I signed up an hour ago, following your instructions, but my site is still not up. Any ideas why?

    1. No clue... I've seen it take 10 minutes or so, but not an hour. Definitely send their support team a ticket and ask for help!


    Hi Miles, following your instructions, I installed the word fence security, however I got this message: Proceed with caution: A currently active plugin, Wordfence Security may be incompatible with A2 Optimized. Thoughts?


        The answer to above is the version of thrives wordfence you show in your video, is not available from Thrives. They will have currently a version of Wordfence assistant, and then a type of anti-malware and wordfence combined. When I did your setup with this a couple of months ago, I hit this. Took some playing around, but also paying more for the version with anti-malware. Don't belive it is malware bites, but something that until $$ were spent,I got past what I think is described above. Still your knowledge of wordpress and SEO is top notch. The person above shouldn't feel bad, I have over twenty years in IT and it took me a couple days to get it figured out. If that under the hood part with word press isn't done right, someone can have test messages make it through Aweber to host, and reply, but actual site will not be want someone sees in preview. Threw me off for awhile. You recall the extra video you made when Thrives change the theme part?? That caused me some confusion until I went through their videos. But the version of Wordfence you have won't be found on Thrives as of a couple months ago. Gregg

  59. Do you see value in using CF for the 14-day trial, finding the funnel setup/flow/etc. that works for a product or service, and then setting up the same style funnel using the DIY setup? I'm new to funnels and I'm thinking the 14-day CF might give me a good starting place.


  60. Hi Miles. YOU are awesome! Thank you for sharing all this SUPER content. WOW! So, I'm glad I found you ... I think? Why "I think?" Because although I like what you have shared and that there IS an alternative to the expensive CF, the ONE THING that is vital to my funnel plans seems to be missing in the WP option. That is the ability to sell or give away copies of my funnels I create so others can replicate what *I* do with them. However, I could be wrong and I would be HAPPY to find this out, BELIEVE me! So, if you're aware of something I am NOT regarding this issue then please edumacate me 😉 I HOPE I am wrong...


    Miles you are truly a blessing. I’m at a loss for words for how grateful I am that you are here to help. I have 2 advanced degrees including a doctorate, yet Ive discovered I don’t really want to be a doc so I’m going through a mid life crisis at 37. I’m a little overwhelmed trying to get started with e-commerce etc but I’ve wanted to be a stay at home dad with control over my income so bad....and I’ve been searching for years for someone like you. I hope I can build a business where people can have the same gratitude for my services. It means so much to me that you genuinely care and have still found a way to be compensated without compromising your integrity. I’ll take advantage of your affiliate links any day. You deserve it!

    1. Thanks for your kind words! Remember to follow your heart... The niche you choose should be something you are interested in, passionate about or that you love... This way you are creating a superior lifestyle that includes making money doing something you LOVE. If you just get into selling widgets for the sake of making money, it could work, but it is just another JOB...

      All in all, know that you can do it! Takes time, but hell... being a doctor you probably went through highschool, college, med school, maybe a residency, too!?! so you get that it takes work... And if you love the niche, you will enjoy the work more!


  62. Hi Miles,

    I've followed all the steps up to purchasing from A2 via the wordpress link (did I just purchase WordPress or A2 hosting??, but after I paid I didn't receive the emails that you said I should receive to continue the steps, the Verification email from A2 and the Softaculous email. What do I do?

    1. WordPress is open source (meaning free) software. Hosting is the 'virtual real estate' that software runs on... That is what A2 offers. Be sure to email their support to sort you out... May have just been an email address mis-typed or something.

  63. Did you know that you can now do split tests with Thrive Optimize? Might be just a smidge easier than Analytics though I use it as well for tracking..

  64. Hi Miles, this was great. I was just about to sign up to dickfunnels and now Im using your affiliate link to support you and am much happier about that decision.

    I have a question maybe you could give advice with, i have woocommerce on my website, is there any plugin out there we can work with to shorten it to a one page checkout or something that's fancy like CF's stripe integration that allows upsells and one time offers etc etc?

    1. Honestly, I'm not totally up to date on my WooCommerce knowledge, but there is definitely a way. That system has more plugins than just about any other WP platform... Look at WooCurve... I just found it on a quick search and it looks like where I'd start!

  65. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this! One question, can you do downsells with this as well? I've not been through all the videos yet, but just wondered if you can just copy what you do for upsells and modify it a bit?


    1. Of course you can do downsells! There is no technology missing here that magically other funnel software has. But downsells are probably going to be one of the least performing aspects of a funnel.

      1. Thanks for your reply.

        I'm new to all this and I don't really understand domains, I've searched around but haven't found an answer so I was wondering if you could help?
        If I've already got a shopify store, can I use the domain for that when I register? Or will it break the shopify website or redirect to wordpress if a customer types it into the search bar?
        Or do I set up a subdomain first? My store has many Niches so can I use different subdomains for different funnel pages?

        Sorry if this is a stupid question, thanks for any help.

  66. It looks like this will be an excellent resource to create my own sales funnel(s) using WP. I am curious though, why do you promote RB in your Recommended Tools area? I just thought it was odd and it had me wondering if you were in fact still affiliated with RB in some way? Thank you for the video series, I will be going through them soon. Take Care.

    1. Some of Russel's tools and info are quite helpful so yes I do promote some of his items. That said, Clickfunnels is a waste of money, which is why I built this CF alternative course.

  67. Thank you Miles, I don't think I'll find the words to express my gratitude, you're thorough, honest, sincere, and always, but always in the best of our interests. I wish you keep doing exactly the same you do.
    It's beyond doubt treasured and mostly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  68. Hi Miles, Thank you for providing such awesome content for us. I consider building my first Funnel thanks for the great Information. My Question is to I need to have a Website first to build the Funnel?

    Thank you from Austria


  69. Hi Miles,

    I have been going through your content for months now and have the understanding that every online business should have some sort of sales funnel setup. 

    I really want to setup my online business in the correct way, I presently don’t have a sales funnel and have been running FB adverts!

    Heres is my dilemma, I’m presently using Shopify not WordPress for my website.

    How do I go about following these click funnel setup in this case ?

    I also have a highly limited budget to spend and after calculating the purchasing of thrive themes and aweber including shopify’s existing costs I will be out of pocket quickly.

    Do you have any advice based on these two conditions ?

    thanks for the support #humblebeastbeckler

    1. I don't do enough work with Shopify to know what tools work within that system... So I'd recommend adding on WordPress and Thrive to the site so it lives there with your store on the same domain... But that said there is probably a tool to do that in Shopify natively.

  70. Hello Miles, First of all thank you for all the free content you provide. I really appreciate the valuable information. My question is: I have a WordPress Site already and my dashboard does not work the same way as yours on the video. There is no permalink option in settings. Also there are no options when I hover over the plugin tab. Is it because my site is not A2 optimized? If so, can I still optimize my existing site. Can you help?

    1. Is your site self-hosted on a shared server you control? You can definitely optimize it, just need to get through the learning curve of the dashboard. Not sure why it looks different, is open source and should be similar.


    Hello Miles,
    Great content.

    Please, how do you embed some of your links that once it is clicked it takes one directly to another site, differently from the visible link shown

    here is an example.
    when I clicked on that link above, it takes me to Aweber site. how is it so?
    just confused.

    1. Glad you like the content... I don't make it through all my emails unfortunately... No time since I receive hundreds of messages per day. Sorry about that.

  72. Hey Miles! Jaime Delgado here, from Barranquilla, Colombia (South America). Man, you are the best. You do really provide value for people, you care for us. I send you my best wishes both for you and your wife Melanie. We need more people like you. See, I am just starting in this internet marketing journey and the blogging and email marketing component is a big and very important one. I will continue to follow you and your content as much as I can, because there is a lot of big gurues out there who charge us a lot of money for their products and it is ok, they are very high quality products, but none of those
    gurues care for their followers as you do, so the human touch is important and that is what is going to make your business sustainable in the long run. Thanks a lot Miles! Please give me a hand to start my project, I want to learn as much as I can!

  73. Hey Miles, just went through all this. WOW. Thank you.
    I'm curious about Thrivecart, it's been quite some time and the one-time payment offer is still available. Now that's great! In fact, one of the main reasons I'm going with it (along with the other benefits you mentioned of course), but it's a bit concerning... have they fallen off and won't offer support like member mouse, or are they in fact still growing without recurring revenue?

    Next is I didn't quite catch if you named the plugin to use with thrive cart to restrict access to our Thrive Apprentice course?


      Whoops, I think that was ActiveMember360. However, I'm already a pretty invested user of ConvertKit... is AM360 able to function without ActiveCampaign?


    Hey Miles, Gregg here. Want to throw you a curve ball. How are you factoring in AI overall? How about Blockchain and Web 3.0? You know of someone I help with Internet security-one of those top people. For him, just trade off for access to all their programs and seeing big money being spent on development. Won't mention names, but even set up not just securing vulnerabilities, but traps to let him see who is trying to check out what he is up to. Sort of funny with those big 6 or so that have been around for a long time. Not quite like Jeff Walker and his normal long drawn ot launch routine, but sort of like where has XzX gone? What could he be doing? Well he is spending lots of money on AI, blockchain technology and Web 3.0. Names of companies and products I have never heard of. He never goes into hiding and puts as much into development, as he is doing now. Any ideas on where you see AI, blockchain, web 3.0 coming soon??? This is different than my regular stuff doing great, but the other things?? I know marketers have been trying to figure this out. I don't get to see everything in development. Your perspective, I know he wouldn't be spending millions on this, unless he had a very good reason to do this. Thanks


    I've been watching your videos for a while and really want to get into it! thanks Miles for this, very very helpful!

  76. Thank you for providing an honest review. By the way, I got the click funnels slap when I couldn't log in to a digital course course I paid for (one time purchase), when I canceled my monthly membership to that business owner that was using click funnels.

    It took some digging for a balanced review; I am glad I came across your youtube video comparing CF to your wordpress setup. I do have wordpress experience and I am happy I can use that to build out a better solution than using click funnels.

    Even though I won't be able to launch until February 2018 (saving up for everything), I am happy you give full instructions for using wordpress to build a complete business. At the time of this comment, I was on disability pay and could afford to save up for all the tools in only a few months.

    The biggest revelation you gave was the revenue you lost from using click funnels. I cannot afford for such bad functionality on the part of the click funnels team. This wouldn't be the first time my instincts saved my butt. I have bookmarked this blog post to study later and takes notes from.

    Thank you for saving the financial future of this military veteran!

  77. Hi Miles, just finished the facebook ads guide which was absolutely great! Thanks for the value. I have a couple of friends who all own webshops; some doing better than others. Who're all interested in me getting FB ads and salesfunnels (physical products sold online) for them. Now after your guide the FB part is completely clear to me.

    Their webshops are on different platforms though. Some on Shopify some on WordPress etc. My question before I dig into this guide; can I make landingspages through Thrive for webshops created on Shopify and other platforms aswell or do you only recommend it for WordPress shops? If so how would you go about creating landingspages and salesfunnels for other platforms?


    1. you are able to install WordPress on the same domain as a shopify store. Then, you are able to build landing pages there. So it could be theirstore(dot)com/go/ There is also an add on for Shopify called zipify pages that allows you to build funnels inside of Shopify

      1. You cant install Shopify and WP on the same domain, not possible since you have to edit your DNS to forward your domain so it will mask over your Shopify URL,for example, > I have read that it may be possible to add a subdomain, but who the hell would want a subdomain? They are not much good, and difficult to rank compared to sub-folders, and if you are running a for-profit site, then SEO is not the answer since SEO is long-term, and costly to obtain high-quality backlinks, and if you have to buy backlinks, then your site may not be as good as you think.

  78. Hi Miles,
    You are really Awesome & generous, i was about to join a course how to advertise on F.B, but after watching your FREE video i am glad i did join, wondering Miles are you offer any course for beginner how to launch products on F.B & get sales ?
    kind regards

    1. just tested them all and they work for me… I would recommend clearing the cookies and cash in your browser and be sure you're not using a VPN.

  79. Hey Miles, I am the military veteran this blog post helped very much. I am back again. Could I create a separate wordpress membership website separate from my blogging website? This question comes from a security standpoint, some of my potential members may not be very wise security wise with their logins. Do you have a blog post showing how to create a separate membership website for your member mouse memberships and courses? Thank you for your time to read this.

    1. You definitely could. Just repeat the process on a 2nd domain. It is not necessary tho... But I did decide to run my membership on a separate domain. Just requires building out a second site.

      1. Thank you for the follow up Miles and your time. I guessed that would be the logical answer, but I needed confirmation to be sure.

  80. Great stuff Miles!
    I recommend removing these d.i.y. videos but leaving some valuable free tips.
    Then you can sell a few versions as a full course or mini course.
    Sendowl is great and have used for 10 years...a bit pricey. Digital app is free and better than sendowl, BUT...they don't do subscriptions.
    I will be sticking with Sendowls low cost $24 plan which allows up to 10 memberships or subscriptions. Because they cap out storage for this lower price plan at 1 gig, I will have a doc with links to my videos hosted at Google drive. These will drop out every week to my students/members and I'll have each Google drive link expire after 1 week.
    You can do the same.
    It's called passive income.
    I only have my 16 week course there but plan to have 5 other existing courses available then add 2 more I'm creating now.
    Now if I can just get my funnel built I won't be a poor starving musician...hehehe

    1. What? Gate it all and make people pay? NO way, who would that benefit? ME? Lol. I'm on this Earth to help others... And I'm good financially. And remember, Kurt if you are building your funnel this is NOT passive income. It is VERY active... You are ACTIVELY building and testing. Don't fall for the Passive Income Lie!

  81. miles,

    I am looking on the thrivecart that you suggested, and noticed something about an affiliate center, can you tell me what this about as I was planning on using AffiliateWP for affiliates.


    1. ThriveThemes is not a shopping cart, so add on anything you want that has an affiliate module... Thrive themes is just a theme. I run an affiliate program on one Thrive site.

  82. Hey miles! Love your videos and your clear, precise way of communicating some great information. Maybe I'm missing the point but is there a way to set up a funnel through Shopify? Or do you recommend building everything out through WordPress? I do usually work in WordPress but for my e-commerce store I've chosen Shopify. Should I reconsider or are there options for me outside of clickfunnels?

    1. to build a proper funnel on Shopify you need to add on an app that gives you some sort of page builder or funnel builder.... There are hundreds of options I know some people really like zipify pages. I can't recommend any personally because I just don't use Shopify myself

  83. Hi Miles,
    Know I'm very late to the commenting party on this post! But just wanted to say that I'm loving your content, and thanks so much for sharing your advice.
    I'm in the process of changing from a course provider to migrate everything fully to my WordPress site - and there's soooo much info out there, it's a headache! But watching your videos and reading your posts is really helping clear the fog, and helping me reassess what my business (and my sanity!) really needs.
    It's so refreshing to receive such genuinely-given guidance, too - so appreciated 🙂

    1. Cheers Laura. Glad you are enjoying the content and know that I've been there several times (moving from one platform to another)... Stick with it and you'll be much happier in the long term on the new system!

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