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Sneaky niche & keyword trick

I've been hanging out on Twitter while kicking it by the pool here in the AirBnb we've got in the SW...

Feels good to just kick back, soak up the sun while reading and chopping it up with the other niche site builders and entrepreneurs on Twitter.

But yesterday?

Saw a trick that blew my mind because it's super smart...

Especially if you've struggled to get 100% committed to a niche.


If you've got your niche figured out but you're struggling to find great content ideas and moneymaking keywords.

Here's the trick:

Content ideas

Open up Google in a new browser window...

Then, paste this search string into Google:

intext:Mediavine Programmatic Advertising (Ver 1.1)

Just copy and paste that entire line above straight into Google and click search...

Now this search query will return websites that are disclosing that they're a part of the MediaVine advertising program.

Why is this helpful?

Because you can't be a part of MediaVine unless you have at least 50,000 monthly sessions.


So you'll get a search result filled with high-traffic niche sites!


It works with AdThrive sites, too!

Just use this search query:

intext:This Site is affiliated with CMI Marketing

Again, paste that entire line into Google and click search.

This reveals the list of sites with 100k monthly visits to them (the minimum to qualify for AdThrive).

Think about it...

These are BIG niche sites that are spitting out tons of automated cashflow displaying ads.

They are great sites to study and reverse engineer if you're truly committed to success!

See how cool this is?

Well, keep going.

Because it gets even better...

results in Google
Let's say you already have your niche and you want to 'sort' the results in Google further...

For example, maybe you want to find all the blogs in these programs under a your niche, like gardening or yoga.

Well, you add quotes around the query and then just add your keyword...

Like this:

intext:"Mediavine Programmatic Advertising (Ver 1.1)" gardening


intext:"This Site is affiliated with CMI Marketing" yoga


Now you have a list of sites that are dominating with these pro-level monetization systems in a specific niche.

From here, you can reverse engineer their success by plugging their URL into my favorite keyword tool under the "Search By Domain" tab.

Now you can see all their keywords, the search volume and the difficulty.

It shows all their best keywords, right there for you to reverse engineer.

Ooooohhhhh snap!

It's like getting your hands on your competitors' playbook!

competitors' playbook

You'll have content ideas and niche ideas forever.

So cool!

All that's missing is your willingness to show up day in and day out to create great content until YOU become the authority in your niche.

Miles "The Helpful Marketer" Beckler

P.S. Here are the exact steps to take in order to go from 'niche idea' to execution with this strategy:

#1 - Start your blog (with this free step-by-step guide) if you haven't already.

#2 - Quickly write SEO optimized posts for all the keywords you find.  (This YouTube video shows my exact process)

#3 - Master writing with AI's help to crank out content faster.  Using AI to help you flesh out the content based on the process in #2 is the ultimate cheat-code.

PPS: If you are new to writing with AI, the full 'how to' training is freely available here.

Now, get to it!

You've got your competitors' playbook in your hands.

Become a publishing machine and you'll chase them down and overtake them for the top spot!