The #1 Membership Funnel Hack That Crushes ClickFunnels

The #1 Membership Funnel Hack That Crushes ClickFunnels

I learned this from an expensive info-product, put it into play and it is crushing it.

It is simple... But way powerful.

The hack is the structure of the funnel... Here it is:membership-funnel-hackOpt In for free video -> Free video is a sales video -> $1 trial for 7 days & $37/mo sale -> OTO for annual membership at $197/yr

Super simple, but what this does is creates the lead bait, the trip wire, the recurring revenue model and the high(er) ticket upsell all in one neat and tidy funnel.

Almost 30% of customers take me up on the one-click annual upsell which MASSIVELY increases my FB PPC budget so I can spend more to acquire customers and create a very strong cashflow and huge list in the process.

Check out this video for the full explanation...

Breakdown of the steps

Opt in - 'Free video reveals________' is the basic premise of the squeeze page. Not going into the market/message match here, but it needs to be compelling to your audience (duh!)

Sales Video - Goal was 20 minutes long, ours ran to 30 min (but the offer comes up at 20 min). The video has a strong hook that reinforces why they are watching (to solve their problem) and then engages them in a story.... the story is 'soft teaching' about how the solution worked in real life.

The sales video transitions to a $1 trial offer for the membership program that auto re-bills at $37/mo starting day 8. You can play with the monthly price all you want, but that $1 trial is sooooo small, it is a micro-commitment after a previous micro-commitment that it converts well.

Checkout page - Super simple... Just make sure that after they check out they go to a one-click upsell page where they can buy the OTO without having to re-enter their credit card information again.

OTO Upsell to 1 year - After they complete checkout for the $1 trial / $37/mo membership they go to a video and the transaction is still 'open'.

If you are curious about the 'tech' behind this membership program, I cover all of that along with step-by-step instructions on how to build it, in this post here.

If you are solely interested in the shopping cart I use for the dollar trial, monthly and annual upsell, it is Thrive Cart.

You can learn more about Thrive Cart in this review, here.

This second video explains that to truly fix their problem or get their desired result, it takes time, patience and dedication...

If they are willing to commit to it, I'm willing to commit to them and right now they can get a full year for over 50% off. ($444/yr is full price, they get it for $197)

You want your one-click upsell video to be SHORT, under 3 minutes. It is 'their chance to save $247' and it works like gang-busters!

Very soft sell... Actually not a 'sell' at all, just a chance to save money if they '...Know this is for them'

So all in all, you get all the components of a modern funnel that someone can go from visitor -> lead -> customer -> $198 customer in about 25 minutes.

Then the follow up series hits them repeatedly for 7 days, there is an 'exit pop' on the sales page to offer them a text version and finally if they don't 'convert' after 7 days, they go to another follow up sequence that offers other one-off products ($17 - $97 ea) and related affiliate products.

They get an email every day for at least 3 weeks and after that they go to a 'broadcast list' that receives an average of 4 or 5 emails per week for life.

This 'funnel' has been the biggest and most significant revolution in my business in the last year....

Want to see inside of the membership site and the member's area I built on Clickfunnels?

Click here to see my Clickfunnels Membership Site Example

Now you know!

46 thoughts on “The #1 Membership Funnel Hack That Crushes ClickFunnels”

  1. Hey man, this is awesome! I just implemented a $1 trial and it's converting at an insane rate (I send them straight to the trial, no optin).

    Just put an upsell in place, after seeing your article...let's see how that goes. Do you have a sequence for people who do not take the upsell? Is that the 7 day sequence you are talking about? Thanks, Nils

    1. Nice! I am going to test running traffic direct to the sales video... Good to hear that is working for you! For me, if they don't take the upsell, that is it, just monthly for them. They never see the option for the annual again. BUT... If I wanted to generate cashflow quick, I could send an offer to all monthly members that allow them to get an annual upsell. Would be a bit cash injection.

      1. Heya Miles, very grateful for this! Any chance we can get a quick update on your test (traffic direct to the sales video)? Are you still optin-gating the free video?

        Thanks man!


        1. Not opt in gating anymore... The landing page looks the same, but they simply click on the button and get access to the VSL. FB doesn't like us direct linking to a VSL, so this is the work around.

          It is working much better this way.

          1. Facebook frowns on direct linking to VSLs... I have heard of people getting their ads shut off and accounts banned for direct linking to video sales letters. I just one time them through what looks like an opt in page, but when they click to get the free video, they actually get it instead of requiring their email...

          2. Another question, Miles - if you're not opt-in gating on this anymore.... what are you doing to build your list?

          3. I am using a separate funnel to drive leads that has a higher conversion rate and higher lifetime value... Then once I have established a relationship with that subscriber, I link them over to this membership funnel... So it is kind of 'funnel stacking' in that sense.

          4. Thanks again for your feedback. I've been trying to get a very similar (but different niche) membership funnel to positive ROI on ad spend for a few months, and just can't get there. It's getting very costly failing for this long, so really appreciate any help.

            So it sounds like you're running 2 FB campaigns then... one to a bridge page (no optin) then to the VSL... and another one optimized specifically for list building. I'm guessing you put something after the optin to try to recoup some of your costs?

  2. Awesome stuff here Miles. Do you see a lot of people asking for their money back on Day 8-20 or so when people who forgot to cancel their trial realize that they're on the monthly plan?

    1. Not at all... They get onto a follow-up sequence and we let them know "tomorrow you are going to get billed for your first month and we have all kinds of great stuff coming for you.... You will get ____ and ____ and ____" at the end of their trial

      So we are transparent and prime them for all the exciting and valuable stuff they will get when they stick around for month 1.

        1. Yes... And in two ways. We drip out our 'archive' of content which is all the stuff we have created in the past 3 years. This content is released in small chunks every 15 days... So when they pay for the month they get stuff, then 15 days later, mid-month they get stuff. This drip runs for 24 months.

          On top of that, we are releasing a couple 'new' items every month... Those get broadcasted to all active members as they are released.

  3. Seems like just yesterday the secret was let out about sales funnels and now things are steadily evolving but rarely no one goes into what the email messages look like which to me is the glue to the whole thing so what are your thoughts on this?

  4. Hey Miles,

    I was crunching numbers base on what facebook charges for adds. Con you clarify where you get the lead numbers from?
    for Example you can run an add for $300 over a month ($10 dollars a day).
    Facebook states it Reaches (69,000 - 180,000 people)
    69000 X 30% = 207000 emails
    207000 X15% = 3105 customers
    If they are opting in for the $37 monthly service....That is $37 X 3105 = $99360 > $99060 profit.

    Different that what mr Dillard states
    (20000 people)
    20000 X 30% = 6000 emails
    6000 X15% = 900 paying customers
    If they are opting in for the $37 monthly service....That is $37 X 900 = $36000 ( $6000 profit)

    1. Every niche is different... And the reach and conversion numbers fluctuate a ton from one niche and one funnel to another. Just gotta build it out, run traffic and set your personal baseline. Then find the weakest part in the funnel and start testing to increase conversions!

      1. Miles my friend, I absolutely love everything you put out. What’s the stick rate from the $1 trial to the $37/month membership? I know it’s different for every niche. Just looking for benchmark metrics for goal setting. Thanks!

        1. I don't measure it, never really 'mattered' to me... Also, I just switched over to $37/mo only, no more $1 trial!

          1. do you help people who are just starting out? does your membership site allow people to have direct contact with you or is it just video driven on different topics?

          2. All of my videos are designed to help people who are just starting out! I don't run a membership in the marketing space, that is for our niche business around my wife's brands

  5. Hey, i have to say i loved reading this! I am in business with my wife and have a fitness membership site and am looking for ways to get people in through the door, i ran a 14 day free trial asking for card details but found that put people off so starting without asking card details. Would love to see if you have any example facebook ads you run to this funnel.

    1. My ads are very niche specific... and most of my signups for my membership come from my email list.

      But a $1 trial makes more sense to your users... Think about it like this: say I am a vendor at an event and you walk up to my booth. I say "do you want this free thing?" You say "yes"… Were all good so far right?

      Then I say: "great! Just give me your credit card number and I'll give you the free thing"

      what is your reaction?… If this happens to me? I'm like, this person's out of their mind if they want my credit card for something free! Now rerun that scenario if I'm offering you an incredible value on this item for just one dollar. Do you think you'd get a better response?

  6. Great info thanks. Out of interest, what cart are you using to create this funnel as I assume if they take the year membership up sell you cancel the monthly subscription but my cart can't seem to automate that?

    1. I am using ThriveCart... When it was on Clickfunnels I had to log in every day and remove the monthly subscriptions for annual customers... I think ThriveCart does that automatically, but I could be wrong... My Virtual Assistant has been managing all of that for me for years now, so if it is manually removed, she does that daily for me.

  7. Can this be done in Thrive themes? Or would I need to use Click Funnels. This is exactly the funnel I want to do. We have a membership Program that we would like to be "FREE" on the opt-in then charge them the $50 per month on day 30.

    1. Absolutely! I use Thrive Themes for this funnel! I highly recommend charging for the first month... The 'Free -> $50/mo' conversion will be way lower than even $1 -> $50/mo!

      1. Hey Miles, we're a couple here in Australia very interested in what you're doing there.
        Our question is, do you do private mentoring?
        We are very interested in bringing your methods here though would love some one on one coaching.
        Can you provide this?
        Can we contact somebody to talk about this?
        Kind regards, Kieran.

  8. Miles God bless you my big brother...seriously you are a rare Gem! You have no idea the quality content you give all of us i know there are people charging thousands and here you are giving it for FREE GOLDEN BLESSINGS. GOD BLESS YOU IMMENSELY!MAY you reach high and dominate all the goals in your life and become the next billionaire out of your sincerity by God's Grace! I am 30 yrs old mom of 7 and i been hustling like hell...lost soo much but it aint' OVER! Because soon i'll be singing my victory song and i'll be crushing it and peeps will be like Zannng! what was that a tsunami of team crusher is here dominating this IM world lol:)) God bless!

  9. Hi Mate,

    I want to know do you do this offer to offer them in the email series follow up or is purely cold traffic where the people do not know who you are?


  10. Hi Miles, interesting post as always!
    I have a freemium model membership site in which the membership itself is free, but private messaging between users requires a paid subscription (from the sender). The top-level funnels are performing well, but the paid conversion rate could definitely use some improvement. Would switching to a $1 trial yield better results? What do you think?

  11. This is outstanding information. I think we're really fortunate that you shared this with us.

    I notice you stated the monthly price can be flexible. Do you think charging $1 for the first month and then $97 (instead of $37) for every month after that is too high?

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