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You're not only going to learn what makes the perfect upsell video for your sales funnel.

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Let’s get rolling.

When Would You Use This Script?

when to use a script

When you put together a sales funnel, the first thing you want to do is get people to opt-in with their email address.

You do this by offering them a lead magnet on your landing page… a free thing that is really going to help them solve a problem they’re having.

After they accept this offer and opt-in to your mailing list, you will present them with a one-time-offer… which is an offer that is related to the lead magnet, that will build even more value on top of that.

Where Does A One-Click Upsell Fit Into This Funnel

The 1 Click Upsell is offered after the one-time-offer, before the checkout is finalized.

This gives the customer the option to opt-into the one-click-upsell without being required to pull out and enter their credit card information again.

But if you want to convert with this upsell, you need an awesome script that will crush buyer fears and communicate EXACTLY why purchasing this thing, right now, is THE BEST way for that customer to find the solution they are looking for.

How do you sell this?

You should be able to experience a 25 to 35% conversion rate, as long as your upsell offer is relevant to the core offer.

Now you can’t imagine your customers buying a course on baking cakes after they purchase your how to organize your storage room course, can you?

So come up with something totally logical...may be a course on how to determine what you keep or what goes away in the storage room.

Got it? Good!

The Basics: Putting Together Your One-Click-Upsell Video

a man recording his sales video

Keep this in mind: Your upsell video shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes….... It should create an opportunity for a FAST decision. And, you don’t want to bore your customers to death!

Got no fancy photography equipment? No worries!

You can simply record the audio and then make simple slides (white background, black text) for the video if that seems like a better option for you.

Or, if you feel up to the task, you can do a talking head video for the first part, and then transition to the slides where noted in the video below.

Both approaches work... But 'nailing' a 3 minute script with a talking head format only is VERY difficult... And you need to get this done and launched FAST, so I don't recommend trying to nail the entire thing talking-head style.

That will bog you down... and speed of implementation is KEY.


Right. With that being said, let’s dive right into the template.

A 1-Click Upsell Script That Will Crush Your Sales Conversions

Here's the template. Use this as a guide to write the ‘script’ for your sales video.

1) Introduce yourself: "Hey, I'm Miles"

2) Thank them for purchasing (reinforce benefit if you'd like): "I just wanted to say 'Thank You!' for your purchase…”

3) Tell them how they will access the product: "Within about 5 minutes your login info and access to the product will be sent to you by email."

4) Explain how to reach support: "If for some reason you don't get that email with your access, be sure to email our support team at for help."

[You can transition to text on slides for the video as you speak out #3 above]

5) Logical transition to the new product: "Now that you've got the funnel course and everything you need to build awesome funnels, the next big challenge you'll face is driving high quality traffic on the cheap."

6) Answer: Why is this product important (Connect it to their main desired outcome): "Because a funnel without traffic won't ___________.”

7) Answer WIIFM: What does this product do for them?: "This will give you all the _____________________ you need to ________________."

8) Transition to discount: "And since you've already proven you are committed to ______________, I'm wanting to give you an opportunity to save $100 right now."

9) Price anchor the retail value: "The _________ regularly sells for - $147."

10) Discounted price (works best at ~60% discount): "But today you can get full access to _______ for $47."

11) Explain the offer: "So right now you have the chance to get the __________ that will help you_____________.”

Optional: "You'll also get the _________ that will help you _____________ as an extra bonus.”

12) Introduce urgency: "But, to get it at this discounted price, you must take action right now.

13) Call To Action: Simply click the green "YES!" Button below to add the _______ to your order, now. (Make sure you verbally speak out the EXACT color and text they will see in the button!)

14) Give them their out: If you want to pass on this one-time opportunity to save over 68%... (Use the exact percentage!)

15) Remind them what they are missing: ...And miss out on the best traffic training available anywhere, at a huge discount, just click the 'No Thanks' link below.

16) Money back guarantee: And of course, there's zero risk for you because your purchase is covered by my unconditional 60 day money back guarantee...

17) Reinforce the 'ease' of the guarantee: So if you don't love the __________ you can just email support and we'll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

18) Repeat Call To Action: Go ahead and click the green "YES!" button below to get access to the __________ now...

19) Repeat the 'no thanks' option: Or, if you want to pass on this once-in-a lifetime offer, click the no thanks link below.

20) Close: "Either way, I look forward to connecting with you inside the member's area."

You Will Want To Customize The Script For Your Specific Product And Audience, Of Course

customize the script

The details of the script will change to match your specific offer, target audience, goals, niche, etc.

But the main objectives and transitions should remain the same.

This exact script has been crushing my 1-click upsells in my membership funnel, and I have all the confidence in the world that it can do the exact same for you!

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this script will help you to really increase conversions on your one-click upsells.

It has done wonders with mine!

But also don’t forget that you constantly need to be split-testing this stuff!

There is nothing wrong with creating two videos, and split testing them to find out which one works better.

At the end of the day, your specific demographic and niche is very unique, and what works for one person will not always work exactly the same for everyone else.

This is why split testing is key.

If you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up in the comments.

Have you been using a one-click-upsell in your funnel? If so, how is it converting?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Until next time…

Miles “script-creator” Beckler!