Sales Funnel - What Is It & Why You Need One [3 Reliable Examples]

Sales Funnel - What Is It & Why You Need One [3 Reliable Examples]

In this blog post, you are going to learn about the three types of sales funnels that I’ve used to generate multiple millions of dollars online.

At the end, you will also learn my number one tip for making everything work together seamlessly in your respective company or business.

Let’s dive into it.

What is a Sales Funnel?

what is a sales funnel

A sales funnel is just a series of pages in order. It isn’t anything special!

Here you can learn a lot more about sales funnel philosophy but at the end of the day, it is important to understand that funnels are not marketing rocket science. It's really just content that increases awareness.

The entire point of why companies have a sales funnel is to guide the visitor through a series of pages where people will be likely to take action and turn into a lead or a paying customer.

You could even drive prospects from content on social media to your product or service. Your sales pipeline content options to have prospects take action are endless.

Funnels created the right way and arranged so that they will work together, will inspire your prospect to take action!

How to Create a Sales Funnel That Makes MONEY

how to create a sales funnel

Here are the five key components necessary to create a sales funnel that makes money.

They are

  • Traffic
  • Opt in / Email List
  • Relationship / Trust
  • Solve A Problem
  • Sales page


Traffic is the big one. If you can’t generate traffic, the stages of your sales funnel aren’t going to be worth much.

You can source traffic from a number of different platforms. You don’t have to pay for traffic but if you do learning Facebook advertising above all other social media marketing would be a good decision.

Organic content-driven traffic is the most effective, dependable types of traffic that you will ever get.

People finding you when they are looking for your products, services, the problems you solve, and the solutions you provide.

But in order to make it work, you have to be a consistent content creator.

Email List

Creating a list of prospects for your business will help both ends of the sales process.

When you build each stage of your sales funnel, lots of your content in the initial stages will drive customers and prospects to sign up for a lead magnet.

You want to build your email list and engage those prospects… but you also want to design each stage of your sales funnel so that it will help you to utilize the email list you already have to make sales and convert leads.

You will learn more about this in a moment.

Build a Relationship with Your Audience

A sales funnel is series of pages designed to take a customer through a predetermined process. And hopefully, at the end of that process, a prospect will buy or opt-in as planned.

It is also really important to remember that you need to build a relationship with your audience before you really try to sell them anything. If you don’t do this, your funnel conversions are going to suffer. People aren’t going to click through the various stages of your sales funnel if they don’t trust you.

How do you build this trust? You can do it in a number of ways. You can…

  • Create awesome, compelling content on your website and online through blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, social media posts, etc.
  • Craft dynamic sales pages that will help prospects to understand how you can help them
  • Produce sales copy that will outline the benefits of what you have to offer
  • Show your prospect how you can actually help them with their unique problem via storytelling

At the end of the day, you need to build a relationship with your audience before pitching them your product or service.

And what does every positive relationship need in order to work?


Solve The Problems Of Your Prospects

If you cannot actually solve the problem a customer is having, each stage of your sales funnel simply won't work.

People will make a decision to purchase or not based on if they feel it will take care of some type of issue in their life.

  • If you don't OBSESS with how to solve a customer problem at each stage in the sales funnel and...
  • if your product or service hasn’t PROVEN that it can solve your audience’s problem...

YOU are going to have a problem!

Sales Page

This is pretty self explanatory. A the end of your funnel it's time to take action and purchase. We'll explore this much more as we dive in.

3 Multi-Million Dollar Sale Funnels

multimillion dollar sales funnels

At the core base of its design, a successful landing page is a single-button page on your website that is crafted to generate one specific response from visitors.

Many people believe that purchasing a drag and drop sales funnel is the answer.

But I’m here today to tell you that it most definitely isn’t!

The key to a multi-million dollar sale funnel is in its design.

Here’s a visual explanation of these three sales funnels.

Hear are Each:

  1. Cold Traffic
  2. Membership
  3. Offer

Let’s get started.

1. Cold Traffic Sales Funnel Template

The cold traffic funnel basically works by funneling traffic obtained through all kinds of different content like:

  • blog posts...
  • and social media marketing sources...

into your funnel.

This is the funnel that we are running essentially all of our cold traffic through. And the great thing about this funnel is that it is basically creating the budget that I need to go reinvest back into marketing.

The money that comes out of this funnel actually does not go back into my pocket. It goes back into the company.

I dump this money right back into our marketing campaigns for the company.

It goes to help the

  • SEO team
  • Pinterest marketing,
  • Facebook ads
  • etc.

With that being said, the entire goal of this funnel is basically to be a self-liquidating offer that allows me to generate enough cashflow to then reinvest into ads, while also growing my email list.

Multiple Traffic Sources (Sales Funnel Stage 1)

I use multiple different types of traffic sources for this funnel, including:

  • Blog traffic, which goes through a popup with a ribbon. I have a lot of blog posts bringing organic traffic onto my site, where popups and ribbons attempt to start a prospect down the funnel
  • Pinterest traffic
  • YouTube traffic
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook organic
  • Facebook Pay-Per-Click

Landing Page - (Sales Funnel Stage 2)

Eventually, all of these traffic sources lead viewers to a landing page.

This is just a simple opt-in page.

This page basically just offers visitors something free (a lead magnet) in exchange for their email.

Of all the sales funnel stages, this one is often made way too complex.

Here's an ultra quick checklist:

  • Keep everything above the fold
  • Have a compelling headline
  • 3 bullet points that tell the benefits
  • An Image of your product
  • and call to action button...

That’s it! Keep it simple.

Email List/ Follow Up Sequence (Sales Funnel Stage 3)

email list

After the opt-in page, two things happen.

First, people are added to my email list. And this is the BIG part of what makes this funnel so valuable. True, I spend the money made through this funnel on advertising and marketing. But the list provides a GIANT boost and brings me a tremendous amount of value… and I will explain why in a moment.

After opting-in to my email list,

  • people will get a follow up sequence…
  • then they move on to a ‘broadcast list’...

Where we continue to broadcast to them via email and build up the relationship.

This is how we continually work toward giving them value

At the moment, my follow up sequence is somewhere around 7 or 8 emails set up in a tested autoresponder campaign.

Now for the second part. After the opt-in, people see what is called an OTO page.

One Time Offer (OTO) - Stage 4

OTO stands for ‘One Time Offer.’

This is a page that shows our first product that is for sale.

As for the price of this product… I have tested a huge range of price-points here, from $7 all the way up to $97.

In our business, we are running a $27 special on a product that originally retailed at about $77.

In other words, customers offer a massive discount

Now, after the OTO, after the customer has filled in their credit card info, we take them to another page where they are offered an upsell.

This is what we call our ‘One Click Upsell.’ This needs to be an actual one-click upsell, where they are not required to re-enter their credit card information a second time.

At present our business runs a $97 product as the upsell, though it is discounted down from about $297.

Once again… they are getting an extreme amount of value out of this product, which is awesome.

The idea here is that, if people are interested in buying the first product, you can offer them an upsell that provides even more value for the money than the first offer, at an extremely discounted price.

This makes customers think “Why wouldn’t I buy that? That is such a great deal!”

It also helps them, because hopefully you are offering an awesome product that will actually help your audience in solving the ‘big problem’ that they are trying to solve.

2. Membership Sales Funnel

membership funnel

This second sales funnel example is the funnel that customers see after they have made a purchase or been added to my email list.

Our membership program funnel has two different entrance points.

  1. Opt in list
  2. Social media ads

The first one is email. My email list is converting really, really well right now when we send them to our monthly access page… though I do still occasionally send them to my $1 trial page as well.

The second traffic source that I use for this funnel is Facebook Ads. And there are two ways that I use Facebook Ads to bring traffic into this funnel.

In some cases, I am actually retargeting members of our email list, as well as customers who have already purchased something, with ads taking them directly to our monthly membership page.

The next group of people we are targeting with Facebook ads is the group that clicks through the monthly access page to go to the checkout, but never buys anything.

This group is actually retargeted with ads that are trying to send them to our $1 trial page… with the theory being that people will be more likely to try a one-dollar trial than they would be to sign up for the monthly membership, since they didn’t sign up for the membership the first time they went down that funnel.

Membership Program - Recurring Revenue

Some of the best funnel success stories are those that offer the opportunity for recurring revenue.

If you can offer some kind of product, training, or service that will compel your audience to sign up for a membership, then you’ve got it made. That’s pure gold.

Yes, a sales funnel can help bring awareness to this. But before that can happen, you need to create a dynamic product, service, or membership that will actually help your audience.

  • Then, you get your visitors to opt-in.
  • Then, you get them to sign up for your membership… bam!

This is all happening in just one funnel, it works in a few different ways. So now, let’s go on and talk about what these monthly access pages actually look like! We will also talk about the ‘Annual Upsell.’

The Monthly Access Stage

The monthly access entry point leads prospects to monthly membership programs ranging in price from $37 a month to $97 a month.

But we are also offering a $1 trial that allows potential customer to try out the membership program for 7 days.

So, a prospect can either choose to sign up for:

  • The monthly,
  • Or they can try the $1 trial…

Which signs them up for the monthly as well, unless they opt-out of it.

Not every prospect is directed to both. Usually, we choose which one they are seeing, based on how they are entering the funnel.

But the point is that this gives us two different methods for pitching the monthly access membership to potential customers.

Also, both of these entrance points lead toward an annual membership upsell.

The Annual Access Savings Stage

Our Annual Access Upsell allows customers to save about 50% by pre-paying for an entire year of access.

So, it basically works like this. They click to sign up for the Monthly Access and fill out their credit card info. But then, they are taken to a screen that says ‘Hey, wait… do you want to save even more money by signing up for a year?’

And the idea here is to make them aware of how much money they will save doing it this way, and may jump on the offer due to the value they would be getting from it.

But of course, the membership needs to be good. You have to have that part down first, or no matter how awesome your sales funnel stages are, a lead won't take action.

This should be obvious. But you would be surprised by how many people don’t put enough care and effort into that part!

3. Simple Offer Sales Funnel

sales page

This is absolutely the simplest funnel that we run. But… it is the most worthy of noting, and that is why I am going to talk about it for you that made it this far in the post.

It is, quite simply, an offer/sales page.

That’s it!

No fancy series of stages...

  • The company sends a sales offer to our email list
  • or we post a coupon code on social media.

This is because the awareness is already there!

We have made more money with standard, basic sales pages that only sell one thing, than we have with any other type of sales funnel.

People think that things have to be so fancy and complicated. But in reality, that isn’t the case. The reality is that even a simple one-page offer/sales page will earn you money and get you opt-ins… IF you are helping people, building that relationship, and establishing trust with your audience.

As for traffic…

I usually send members of my opt in list to this sort of sales funnel.

I also use retargeting Facebook ads to either target:

  • Those who were somewhat interested before
  • Or those who are interested in similar products online.

This was the first funnel design that we used. We ran this funnel for about 3 years before I added a one-click upsell page at the end, and an opt-in page at the beginning. That is when it turned into the ‘Cold Traffic Funnel’ that we now use at the front-end of our funnel structure.

Nowadays, this is the type of funnel I use when I am offering new products to our email list.

But still… a simple, single-page sales/offer, when well-written with decent copywriting, is a super-compelling sales piece!

We’ve sold hundreds of different types of products with this type of funnel.

Start fast with a simple sales page and grow from there!

Boss It Up with a One-Click Upsell On Your Sales Funnel

one click upsell

This last page, the offer/sales page, could probably be improved with a one-click upsell. We aren’t currently doing this at the moment, but it could absolutely be something to look into.

With that being said, it is really important to understand how the stages work together to create a click-trail.

Let’s talk about that for a moment.

Cold Traffic Funnel

Your cold traffic funnel may require some tweaking and adjustment to get right. But that is to be expected. It takes time to dial this in.

But the point is that IT WORKS. A sales funnel don’t have to be super complicated to get the job done. I have proven this in my own business.

And my cold traffic funnel, as simple as it is, is the product of years and years of trial, error, and testing.

As for how this funnel works together with the others… this is literally my cold traffic funnel. I am basically targeting potential new customers with this funnel, and bringing them in from places like:

  • Pinterest,
  • YouTube,
  • Blog SEO traffic,
  • etc.

This is how I bring in brand new potential customers and get them to sign up for my email list.

Membership Program

Membership programs take some adjusting to get right. You obviously need to make them worth the money to your audience. But if you can figure this out, they are the gold-standard for paid content… because they are basically giving you regular cash income, not just one-time purchases.

This can provide the kind of security you need to really grow your business and help your customers even more.

Plus, once a customer opts-in to your email list through the cold-traffic funnel, they will likely be looking at getting more involved… which is why we use this as funnel number 2, to get them to sign up and bring them into our ‘inner fold’ to help them even more.

As you can see, each funnel has a specific purpose

I’ve figured this out over years of testing, and it actually works.

And then, we have our sales pages, which basically allow us to release and sell individual products to our customers… usually through our email list.

Each sales funnel works together creating a machine to target and retarget as necessary, to bring the most value to our customers and also to give us the best chance of bringing on new customers who could potentially find help and value in our products and services.

One-Click Upsell On Your Sales Funnel in Action:

A one-click upsell is really awesome, because it offers the customer an even larger value for even less money. This is helping them a lot, but it is also helping you to sell a product, membership, or service that is worth more.

If you can design a one-click upsell page the right way, offering the right type of upsell that will actually appeal to your target audience, then you can make some decent upsells and really drive your earnings upward.

But remember…

it is all about helping people, and that is the thing to keep in mind.

Your entire goal is to help your audience. This is why you shouldn’t necessarily be focusing on the money. Instead, try to think about your customers.

Again that's:

  • Help your cold audience
  • Help your leads
  • Provide value to current people who made a purchase
  • Help and provide value to everyone each step of the way!

If they are clicking on your offer, why would you upsell to them? What could you be offering in addition to your main offer that would actually be even more beneficial to them?

These are the types of questions you want to ask before creating your each stage of your sales funnel and making decisions about the products you are offering.

You can also tweak and test your upsells to make sure that what you are offering is appealing to your audience.

The better you get to know your audience, the better you will get at learning what they actually need and want.

How to Keep Your Income Flowing Through Your Sales Funnel

keep income flowing

As you start to build out each stage of your sales funnel and earn revenue from your sales pages, you might be tempted to put that money straight into your pocket.

But just like any business, your website needs capital to continue to grow. So you want to make sure that you not only:

  • Keep your income flowing by continuing to scale...
  • But also that you reinvest a certain amount of it to continue to grow your audience and gain new traffic...

Here are 4 of the most important tips that I could give anyone looking to use a sales funnel wisely to grow their online digital marketing business…

  1. Reinvest profits in your Facebook ads
  2. Keep your marketing campaigns growing
  3. Keep building and growing an engaged list
  4. Keep the focus on helping your customers… always

One thing that I cannot stress enough is the importance of not only growing, but also nurturing your email list.

But the questions remain:

  • How do you build an engaged list?
  • And how do you keep them engaged?

By continuously offering valuable content for them, for free… to prove that you have what they need and that you can help them.

My wife and I email our list extremely frequently, with the focus being on giving them more value and helping them to get better results for their time in advance. After you've done this, THEN you can ask for a sale.

But you have to establish that trust first. That is super important; but it is an element that so many digital marketers are overlooking nowadays!

Sales Funnel Conclusion

Keep in mind that the big goal of my number-one funnel (the cold traffic funnel) is just to build the mailing list.

Sure, there is a chance that those people will buy something later on. But I want an engaged email list more than anything else.

Why? Because that will allow me to directly engage my readers in ways that will actually help them.

And that is where real, measurable value is created in the long-term.

Do you remember how I told you that I was going to show you the number one BIGGEST piece of advise that has allowed me to earn 6-figure-money online with my own sales funnels?

Well, here it is.


At the end of the day… you want to deliver value. That’s what it is all about.

When you dial in how to give the most value, you will win!

Please comment here to let me know what you think of these funnel templates. Has this helped you? Have you ever used any of these funnels before? Do you have different funnel templates that have been working for you?

Let me know in the comments, and do not hesitate to ask any questions!

See you next time!

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  1. Hey Miles, I just "binged" your free course over a weekend 😉 Wow, so much information - some of which I knew already but so much more I wish I'd known 3 months ago when I was really laying into building my blog. Thank you for taking the time to put that together.
    One thing I wasn't sure about was on the OTO. How is it best done technically? For example, if it's a limited time offer is there a way to set an actual time limit? I thought about doing it with woocommerce and setting an end date for the "sale" price - but then it wouldn't be scalable and the funnel would only work for that exact time period. Or if it's something they can buy for $27 you obviously don't want anyone else to be able to buy it for $27 who isn't going through the funnel. Maybe I'm missing something obvious?

    1. you can use something like deadline funnels or certain shopping carts have the ability to only sell a certain number of products at that price. We simply show the offer once the people at that price and never show again. They search for the product on our site they will find at full price

    2. I'm glad you're enjoying the content. Technically speaking on our OTO we simply never show them the offer again. We let them know that this is a one time special offer and that we will never show them the offer again… And then we just hold true to our word. The offer is displayed after the opt-in, so we never email them the URL. No fancy tech here, just simply holding true to our wordand technically someone could copy down the URL, save it, return weeks later and buy it… To be perfectly honest, I'd be stoked if they did!

  2. Hi Miles,
    Great content you put out! Such amazing work you do. I can't thank you enough for the value you give and your teaching skills.

    I have one quick question to ask you. What software do you use for your memberships site to give customers a trial of $1?

    Thank you!!!!!

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