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A Lesson In Value & Content Marketing From Two Out Of Print Books

A Lesson In Value & Content Marketing From Two Out Of Print BooksQuick story of two books...

Both books are out of print an both highly recommended.  In their simplest form, both are ink on paper.

First is "The Moon In The Water"

Good Reads put this book at the top of it's 'out of print' list as one of the best books you can read that is out of print today.

The other is "Breakthrough Advertising"

By far one of the most influential marketing books ever written and consistently touted as the #1 'must read' copywriting and marketing book from the best in the industry... Also out of print.Ok, so that's the backstory... Two books, both out of print.

The first one, "The Moon In The Water" you can get right now for $1.99 on Amazon.

The other, "Breakthrough Advertising" costs $198.95

That is literally 100x the price!

But why?  They are both highly recommended books... They are both out of print.  They are both just books.

How can one be 100x more expensive?

How can one be 100x more expensive

Well, the answer lies in the intangible that lies within them.

One book can entertain you for a few afternoons, maybe a week, through a fictional story of two lovers in the English civil war.

The other can teach you the marketing, advertising and copywriting principles that can help you generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue... Possibly millions.

Well, again, it comes down to value... Just like we've been talking about for the last several days.

So many people think content marketing is about outsourcing cheaply written articles to cheap non-native English writers and then they wonder why they get no traffic and no conversions.

Other people roll up their sleeves and put in the work and create ground-breakingly epic content...

They craft the absolute best post on a specific topic after hours, if not days of research... Writing, copy editing, further editing, re-writing and finally publishing.

Can you outsource great content?  Of course...

There are professional journalists and writers out there who craft EPIC content on topics they know little about... That's their job!

But it can easily cost you $250 per article or more...

For most people that is too much when you consider it often takes 50 to 100 posts to really gain traction.

This is why relying on your past expertise can be KEY to growing an authority site fast... Because you instantly eliminate the research time.

If you are better at talking or video vs. writing... That can eliminate a fair amount of time there, too!

This is my approach...

This is my approach

For example, when I cut a video... I don't "research" anything except for maybe a keyword phrase... My 15+ years of earning income online have been my research!

But what if you aren't an expert at anything?  Great question!

Choosing the right niche becomes key!

First of all, if you jump into a niche that is saturated, like the 'digital marketing' niche you are going up against some of the best in the world.

Ouch!  You've already stacked the deck against you from the get-go.

That said, if you niche down enough and choose an underserved audience within this space you set the 'competition' bar much lower.

For example... "Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents" or for dentists or for home inspectors, you have cut the competition down immensely...

And if you have experience as a real estate agent and intimately know their challenges, struggles, goal, etc...  You are now WAY ahead of the competition.

So, choosing a niche you know about or are excited to read about, research about, talk about, interview people about is the first key!

choosing a niche

This will help you sustain the energy to research and write day-in and day-out for the next 3 to 5 years.

And a quick but important note here... You don't have to go into the digital marketing space.

In fact, your life will probably be a lot easier and way more fun if you avoid the digital marketing niche because you will avoid highly skilled competition.

So remember, a 'niche' can be so many things... Like 'Fish Finders' or 'Fly Fishing Rods' if you love fishing...

Another example would be 'camping cots' or 'camping coolers' if you love camping.

Or racing drones, mini whoops, bowling, golfing, salsa dancing, music production, homesteading, container gardening, organic beauty products, bushcraft, backpacking, vegan dog food!?!

...Whatever excites you is best!

Because, if you get bored of your niche after a couple months, it is game over.

Make sense?   Good!

If you feel 'stuck' at this niche research part, click here and watch this free webinar to see how my super successful buddy Gael goes about niche research.

Once you are dialed on your niche, then, it is time to DO THE WORK!

If you are going to create the kind of VALUE PACKED information that will be valued at 100x of what your competitors publish (think about our book examples above) you are going to have to put in the work.

This may mean going to the library and reading 4 books on the topic or reading the 2 chapters in the 6 books that are hyper-relevant to your next blog post and keyword phrase.

There is no way around it...  You gotta do the work!

Interviewing experts on your podcast to get their take is a great way to learn while creating super valuable content... But it still takes work!

Maybe your version of 'work' is documenting the process of building something your audience desires, solving their problem, or creating a specific result...

Example: You start building racing drones from scratch and document the process in the absolute best "How To Buid A Drone" video series on YouTube.

Since you are building it from scratch, it is the most cost effective approach for new drone-heads!  #WinWin

They get the tutorial, parts list and it is the cheapest option...  They'll love it!

The parts you buy (affiliate links) and the tools (more affiliate links) the workbench you built (more affiliate links) can all generate revenue when you show 'how to build a drone" in a mega post and video series.

But here is the KEY - It must be a fantastic tutorial that is easy to follow, detailed and gets them the result they desire, fast.

That phrase gets 3600 searches/mo and has very reasonable competition, by the way!

When you are done, you have just built a new toy you get to fly and the whole process is tax deductible!  BOOM!

If you love drones, this is AWESOME! LOL.  If not, you would feel like that'd be a waste of time and money!  hahahaha.  Again, niche selection in alignment with your passion is key.

Time to wrap this up and make sure the two books example followed by the niche examples above makes perfectly clear sense.

First key... Not all information is valued equally.  One book was $1.99 and the other was $198.95 .

You must create the high-value content!  And that takes WORK!

This can be relying on your past experience or your willingness to geek out on a passion and research/document the in's and out's of your niche for the people searching.

Again, creating THE BEST content in the space... Because that is how you stand out.

And great content gets valued by the audience.

Giving value to your audience is how you build trust, goodwill and ultimately, income!

Make sense?  Good.

Because this was the most valuable post I was able to muster up today with this hour I had to kill at this random Starbucks in E. Washington!

And since it was soooooooooo long, it'll go up on my blog soon so it can continue to deliver value to the interwebs for years to come. 😉

Miles "Give More Value" Beckler

P.S. You will get better at giving value as you continue to give more and more value on different levels.

And by giving value you will earn income...

If you haven't seen my most recent video that drills down on the different levels of value you will give, it is a must watch!  Click here and watch it now!

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