ThriveCart Review - Is ThriveCart Really The Best Option?
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ThriveCart Review

Most Thrivecart reviews are trying to sell you Thrive Cart in order to make a commission… Because that's their only business.

This is kinda shady and results in you getting PUSHED towards software that may not be perfect for you.

The goal of this post is to help you understand ThriveCart (and the other options) better so you can make an intelligent decision whether it's the right tool for you.

Full disclosure: Yes I'm an affiliate… But I have two wildly successful businesses (that run on Thrive) and I'm not here to make commissions.

My goal here is to help you avoid disaster and get started with the correct foundation from day one.

You see, if you get started on the wrong shopping cart and have to migrate a running membership program to a new shopping cart later, that is an absolute disaster!

You can lose subscriptions, you can lose months of time and energy… And ultimately you will lose customers.

How do I know?

I found Thrive Cart after ClickFunnels began dropping member payments while still giving members access.


After Click Funnels lost over $10,000 of my money it was time to move.

Thrive Cart and Sam Cart were the two shopping carts I considered for my Clickfunnels alternative when it was time to change.

My requirements were:

  • Must be able to run 'bump offers' (the check-box to add a product to the order on the checkout page)
  • Must be able to run multiple 'One click upsell' offers in series
  • Must be able to run 'downsell offers'
  • Must be BULLET PROOF with the ability to handle thousands of transactions per year.

These requirements pointed to two possible options which you'll learn about next.

Thrivecart vs. SamCart

I had already been using SamCart on my wife's main website and we've generated over $739,578.15 in revenue through that shopping cart.

For my full SamCart review, click here.

One of the biggest differences between the two, Sam Cart has a recurring monthly fee, meaning it costs you more over time…

The additional expense does offer you additional functionality that advanced marketers will want.

The main benefit of SamCart is that it's checkout pages are infinitely customizable...

This means you can run A/B split tests on your checkout pages!

Your checkout page is one of the most important conversion points on your website.

If you are focused on constantly increasing your conversions, like I am…

And you run hundreds of transactions per month...

The ability to split test checkout pages on SamCart can more than cover the additional costs.

Plus, you can build out '1 page funnels' on SamCart which are CRUSHING IT in many niches right now… And you simply can't do this on Thrive.

My Checkout Page On ThriveCart

Thrive cart's checkout pages are very limited in their look, design and customization…

For many businesses, this is not a problem and for new Internet marketers selling their first products online…

The flat fee on TC and annual savings of hundreds if not thousands of dollars may be more important to you, at this point.

SamCart and ThriveCart Pricing

Although Thrive cart has claimed it will be changing to a monthly payment option at $97 per month…

Right now, Thrive cart is offering a lifetime license for a 1 time fee of $595.

On SamCart's basic option ($99/mo with no affiliate module) you end up paying over $590 more in the first year and then about $1200 more each additional year compared to Thrive.

It is worth repeating.

If you have a high volume business that generates hundreds of sales per month, your ability to split test checkout pages on Sam Cart will likely allow you to make 5x to 10x more than the cost back each year.

This has proven true for me which is why I'm still on Sam Cart for my one-off product offerings and Facebook PPC funnels.

When Is Thrive Cart Better Than ClickFunnels & SamCart?

This is the ultimate question: When is ThriveCart the best option for your online business?

The simple answer is: Membership sites!

This is not to say that Thrive cart doesn't work well with physical products, for Shopify stores, one-off digital products, coaching, free plus shipping, etc.

I'll get to that…

But Thrive cart is one of the easiest shopping carts to build out a successful membership program on.

And membership programs are the holy grail of recurring income!

I teach a specific membership funnel that I've used to create multiple six figure online businesses.

Thrive cart's system works perfect with this funnel and the default checkout pages and upsell pages convert great in this scenario.

My Six Figure Membership Funnel!

The basics of the funnel are offering a one dollar seven-day trial followed by a monthly recurring payment…

After the user checks out, you offer an annual upsell at a steep discount.

Having set this funnel up on multiple systems, including Clickfunnels (don't even try it there, lol!) and Samcart...

I can tell you firsthand that it is way easier to build and manage this funnel and the customers' subscriptions on Thrive cart.

Since Thrive is a standalone shopping cart you still need some sort of a membership module, or plug-in that will receive the payment information and deliver access to your customer.

You will learn more about the different options in the integrations section below...

But if you are wanting to set up a membership program, ThriveCart is a great option.

On the two membership programs I run, we use Thrive cart on both.

Real quick on that $595 sticker price…

If that is just too much for you to handle at this point, but you still need a solid shopping cart, I recommend you check out that eStore plugin that is also a 1 time fixed fee.

Click here to learn about the eStore plugin.

This is the first shopping cart I started with many years ago.

It is extremely simple, has very few bells and whistles, but it WORKS!

The developers are very responsive, still update it and it is a cheap, flat fee option.

With that said, if you are investing for the long term and you can afford the $595 now, Thrive is a much better shopping cart and you'll probably eventaully upgrade anyways…

If that's the case, just click here and get Thrive Cart now.

Ok, that said, lets move on to some of the tech behind Thrive…

ThriveCart Integrations

Thrivecart's Integrations

For a long time Thrive cart was actually the number one leader in integrations out of any shopping cart solution.

Their direct tag based integrations work amazingly well with marketing automation solutions like ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, etc.

In the last year, SamCart has actually mirrored this integration model and they both work the same, now…

ClickFunnels is not even a contender in this area!

To go deeper… We need to break up the Thrive cart integrations into multiple sections…

Payment processors, autoresponders, membership platforms, webinar platforms & more.

Thrivecart Payment Gateways

The most important connection that your shopping cart will make is with the payment gateway… These are the people who actually run the transactions and charger clients.

For me, I have Stripe, PayPal and Apple pay all tied in and they work flawlessly.

With more and more traffic coming from mobile and more mobile users getting comfortable making payments through their cell phones, Apple pay has created a significant boost in my conversion rates and profits.

Again, Thrive cart was a leader in the shopping cart world by adding on the Apple pay functionality very early.

Additional payment gateways for Thrive that I'm not using are:, Android pay.

Thrive Cart Membership Integrations & Marketing Automation

As I mentioned above, this is one of the areas Thrive Cart excels.

Personally I am using active campaign that directly receives tags from Thrive cart upon specific actions (new customer, failed payment, refund, cancel, etc.) And these tags run specific automations inside of activecampaign.

All of the customers information, passwords, and access are controlled through active campaign.

I then use ActiveMember360, a WordPress plug-in, to receive the member access information from active campaign and give members access to the appropriate content based on their purchase.

My active campaign automation drips new content access each month that a member stays on. When they cancel, miss a payment, or refund…

They are eliminated and their account access is revoked.

Personally, I hired Dave from to set this all up for me… He's awesome.

If you're wanting help building out your membership program on Thrive, he is the man! Be sure to tell him Miles sent you…

I'm not an affiliate of his and I don't receive a kickback. Just a happy client of his who likes to spread the good word!

Integrations With Membership Plugins

Now, there are a number of additional ways you can integrate Thrive shopping cart with your members content…

If you run on WordPress , Thrive integrates directly with MemberPress, MemberMouse, and Wishlist.

If you are on a stand alone course management or learning management system, it integrates with Kajabi and Teachable.

For Infusionsoft users, Hubspot users and Ontraport fans…

Thrive integrates directly with these marketing automation solutions too.

If you run webinars, Thrive integrates with Webinar Ninjas and Demio.

ThriveCart & Physical Products

Another example of how Thrive cart is truly a leader in the shopping cart software world, they integrate extremely well with multiple fulfillment systems and Shopify.

First is the direct integration with your Shopify store and integration with Zapier...

With these two, you can use Thrive to sell a nearly infinite number of physical products.

You can push all transactions that happen in your Thrive shopping cart directly into your Shopify store, seamlessly.

If you are wanting to create free plus shipping book funnels, DVD funnels or CD funnels…

Or to integrate directly to your fulfillment partner for CD sets, workbooks, calendars, thumb drives, print on demand items, etc...

They've got you covered.

Specifically, for product fulfillment Thrive integrates with:

  • Lulu
  • Kunaki
  • Printful
  • Shippo
  • Shipstation
  • Vervante

This creates an extremely scaleable solution for you, for a huge variety of products...

If you are planning on going big with your Facebook advertising to a free plus shipping funnel.

Is ThriveCart Right For You?

This is the ultimate question…

And with so many software providers getting into the 'shopping cart' and 'sales funnel' game, the number of options you have available are staggering.

If you want a professional level shopping cart that can handle multiple six figures in transactions each year…

But you don't want to have a recurring monthly fee…

And you want the ability to create a variety of upsell funnels, downsell funnels, bump offers, etc…

Click here and get Thrivecart today before they switch from the lifetime license to a monthly pricing model!

You'll save thousands over the life of your account this way!

If you want to be able to A/B Split test your checkout pages and have full customization control click here and get Samcart.

If you want the cheapest shopping cart for WordPress, go with the eStore plugin here.

Any questions for me, leave me a comment below…

I'm happy to elaborate on anything covered here!

Cheers and happy selling!

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24 thoughts on “ThriveCart Review”

  1. Hi Miles,

    Great information.

    One question: Isn't gumroad enough for selling digital products when they have the shopping cart built right in?

    Why to have a separate shopping cart?

  2. This is amazing content lol wow I’m in aww!

    So this is my first time hearing of thrivecart and I was actually considering switching to active campaign... im just a tad confused where you said you hosted your membership site ?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. ThriveCart is just a shopping cart... Active Campaign is an email autoresponder and marketing automation tool. I host the membership sites either on WordPress or on my private forum (XenForo)... They all integrate together to make the experience smooth for customers.

    1. Do you want to spend a few years marketing the site to get traffic? If not, Etsy or Fine Art America are marketplaces where there is already traffic looking to buy art.

  3. Use caution when buying thrivecart, just because they offer a money back guarantee does not mean they will. Thrivecart has more than enough time to process my refund request, and it appears that I will have to dispute the charge. This is what happens when you do not honor what you say, then your reputation starts going into the toilet. You start getting bad reviews like this, but since you are promoting thrivecart, then I do not expect anyone will ever see this. It is all about money and screw the person that is paying.

    1. Why not use ThriveCart to bring in a few hundred thousand dollars? I prefer that outcome personally. You are actually the first person I've ever heard of who even considered getting a refund... Have you tried reaching out in their Facebook group? Remember... people help friendly people 😉

  4. Hi Miles - thanks so much for all the information. I have bought Thrive Cart and I'm happy with how easy it is. I use learn dash to host my programme and then also offer group coaching. What membership site is the best to integrate with that? I have a theme (from Theme Forest) but considering using Thrive Architect - do I need that if I have Thrive Cart? I have seen that it has a funnel feature. Wondering if i can just link everything together on my website or if I need to rethink and start again? Thanks

    1. LearnDash should be the membership site... If you want a stand alone option, Teachable is great. Thrive is just a theme... What you do with that theme is the question. LearnDash is a learning management system, so is teachable. You definitely can build it out on thrive just using pages if you'd like...

      1. With the LearnDash (as LMS and Membership Site) and ThriveCart combination, does it also integrate and synchronize with ActiveCampaign as the CRM/ contact list source of truth?

        1. I use a plug-in called active member 360 in order to get active campaign to communicate properly with learn dash... Thrive cart adds a tag to the user in active campaign after purchase, active member 360 picks up that tag in WordPress and lets Learn Dash know they deserve access to the paid content. if they refund, a new tag is applied and active member 360 tells LD they no longer get access!

  5. Just got off of a webinar from Samcart. As I am trying to make a decision (huge investment for me) I ended up researching Thrivecart. I feel that your reviews of both are the most accurate/real since you are actively using both platforms and promote both platforms.

    However, for someone just getting started, you are not making it easier to decide. lol

    I have one question, Samcart is offering a ton of training materials. For someone just starting out do you think those materials is a large enough benefit to make it the preferred choice?

    1. Absolutely... Sam Cart's whole '1 page funnel' offer is a game changer for 3 reasons (I haven't updated my SamCart post with this yet). #1 - Product creation blueprint #2 - 1 Page Funnel (copywriting) training #3 - 6 months of SamCart.

      This is everything needed both from a training standpoint and from a tech standpoint to build a cash flow engine. You may end up adding on a member's area for product delivery or a blog on the front end with opt in page... But the core business machine is 100% covered in these pieces...

      And the whole price is cheaper than 6 months of SamCart alone. Tilts the scales in my opinion...

      I bought the training myself and am getting a TON of value from it, as a pro. For someone newer to the game it is revolutionary.

    1. you get one hosted domain name on Thrive cart… So it becomes but you can use this cart for multiple different websites... but it will not be perfectly branded to each domain

  6. Miles, I also signed up for the Samcart deal...figure I have 90 days to play with far, it's really driving home points I learned from you, so I thank you for that! Relating to forums, I was going to try a side deal with a Xenforo forum...I have around 500 pretty specific email addresses of people who this would only relate to...I wanted to send them an email and ask them to join for $1, then increase after 30 days, etc. However, based on what you've seen, is my best option to use Samcart to handle the payment portion? Can Samcart integrate with Xenforo? I have seen from Addonflare a paid registration app, but because I'm now trying to use Samcart, I really wanted to stay with that one...I have the domain already and the forum is up and running...just need the paywall and ability to track who's in, etc. Any advice?

    1. Great to hear from you Lew. XenForo is a bit complex and does not natively integrate to as many things as the more common platforms do… If you went with something like Thinkific (They have a free level) it integrates directly to SamCart. now the layout is more like courses with modules and lessons what there is a discussion function built in. I recommend this approach because it is simple to set the tech up and allows you to go all in on figuring out what content you will deliver and sell. Can you do an ongoing weekly coaching program for them? It could run very similarly to a Zen 40 forum but just use the Thinkific to deliver the content.

      The absolute simplest option is to add customers to a separate email list and host an 'unlisted' YouTube live and simply email out the access to that live stream to the list of customers. You can configure SamCart to add customers to a specific list and also to remove customers from that list if they refund...

      Delivering everything through email doesn't give the feeling of value that having a members area with all the past video archives available… But it would get you started. There is something to be said about the simple approach.

      I would try to keep the tech as simple as possible within reason, and stay focused on the kind of content that you can sell… Really geeking out on their product creation blueprint

  7. HI Miles. Great article. Do you have advice for someone who is starting out in the coaching industry- which software to use and what to focus on? I have a book with free plus shipping on clickfunnels, but I am not completely happy with clickfunnels, as it still requires coding. My main service right now is services, so do you have a recommendation for which is the best bang for my buck getting started? Thanks!

    1. Best bang for the buck is absolutely Thrive cart... best overall if budget isn't really an option, definitely Sam cart. for the extra expense you get a lot more visual customization capabilities and split testing… But for the "bang for the buck" Thrive cart has all of the fancy automations you need especially when it is paired with active campaign as an email System because active campaign has a lot of valuable marketing automation capabilities that plug directly into Thrive cart

  8. Hey Miles,
    Any ideas on replacements for the Shopify integration for ThriveCart, now that it's time for the time being? If it's not gone for you, it is gone for all new users. Let me know. Thanks!

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