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The truth about email marketing

he truth about email marketingGrowing up in the San Francisco Bay area and going into the workforce immediately after high school…

I spent a lot of time commuting.

I even delivered windshields all over the Bay Area full-time for for a while…

Literally spent eight hours per day in a van driving around.

There were a few amazing radio personalities who I always looked forward to listening to…

From local personalities on Live 105 to the sports broadcasters talking about last night's Giants game on KNBR 680...

And of course, some of the personalities from the nationally syndicated shows… Opie and Anthony was my favorite show, no doubt!

These radio personalities were there every day for me, to help me get through my day, to add a little light and laughter or thoughtfulness to my drive time…

And inside of the radio shows they had a few bits… Short little segments they repeated often, that I absolutely loved.

They were sharing everything about their lives in a very vulnerable way and I couldn't stop listening.

There were days when I would even get home and keep listening…

I either sit in the car, parked in the driveway, for the end of the segment... And then I would run in the house on a commercial break and turn on another radio just to keep listening.

The 90s and early 00's were awesome! Nothing was on-demand you either caught it or you didn't!

This is where my love for radio broadcasting came from and probably why I decided to go get an Associates degree in radio-television broadcasting.

Okay, so what is have to do with you… And what does this have to do with email marketing?

Glad you asked...

In my AWESOME live question and answer session about email marketing yesterday, many people are filled with doubt and fear about the idea of emailing their list more often.

The idea of emailing every day seems very scary at first… I get it, I've been there, too!

And it wasn't until I realized that my daily emails are most similar to a radio talk show segment delivered via email… That it all really clicked.

No one ever thinks about a radio personality… "Geez I wish they would only do their morning show three days per week"

And the radio personalities never think "I probably shouldn't go on every day, that might annoy my audience"

Now, you don't have to produce a professional full show every day…

That's the good news!

The goal is to create one little segment each day… A "bit" as they would call it in the comedy world.

This is where you share a story, a lesson, an analogy or idea that is relevant to your audience and their goals…

You make it entertaining, informative (infotaining?), emotionally engaging, or you put a new twist on an old idea so they enjoy reading.

I mean, let's be real…

There are no new ideas in this world. Even when I'm teaching here and on YouTube can be synthesized and picked up in other areas.

Jay Abraham has talked about giving value first and building trust for decades.

Neil Patel has been teaching how to learn SEO on YouTube since way before I knocked him out of the number one spot with my learn SEO video! 😉

Some people don't like the way I teach and they prefer to tune in to other shows… That's cool.

Some people don't like my little radio show that's delivered via email and they change the station…  That's cool too!

But that doesn't change my commitment to being that consistent broadcast of fun, helpful, insightful ideas…

My commitment to helping you grow your business and to remind you that putting in the work every day is the trick.

Because some people love my content and they are turning in to raving fans because they are taking action and seeing results!

THAT is who I'm talking to every day... Those #BadAss marketers who are in the trenches doing the work!

Through my emails, you get to see it in my actions and you get to hear it in my words.

In closing… Let's make sure it is crystal clear how can you apply this concept of treating your email marketing like a radio show in your business!

Because, you're not going to have the best idea in the world before you start…

At best, you'll have a sliver of hope in an idea and then you will start…

And then you will continue to persevere, adapt, and iterate.

Then, with consistent action over long periods of time…

You'll find your voice, you'll find your bits, your audience will begin to look forward to tuning into your little show, every day.

And this is how you stand out heads and shoulders above your competition! Because they don't have the guts to do what it takes to truly give value to the lives of their audience.

They're too busy trying to sell shit to people who don't trust them.

A.K.A. Failing.

Lucky for you, you now know the trick to making it work!

Miles "#DoTheWork" Beckler

P.S. if you want to listen to my YouTube content as if it were a radio show… Be sure you subscribe to my podcast where you can stream hundreds of episodes on demand.

Simply search "Miles Beckler" in your podcast app and my show will pop up…

If you don't have a podcast app you love, try the Castbox app!

it's free and I'm a big fan of how simple it is!  Just search for it in the app store and then search my name to find and subscribe to my podcast!


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