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13 Profitable Niche Market Examples to Dominate 2022

Looking for the best market to launch your business?

Finding a profitable niche to connect with you potential customers is not easy. Let's face it there is a TON of competition out there.

Here are 13 niche market examples to help you brainstorm your own!

niche markets

Niche 1: Dressage Rider + Health and Fitness

My friends Nicola and Ben are fitness and health buffs who decided to turn their passion into an online fitness program. The business was making a decent amount of cash until they found it harder and harder to stand out because of too much competition in the market.

The path got tighter and tighter for them, so they decided to carve a new path with niche marketing that would set them apart from the rest.


Dressage riding PLUS health and fitness were born.

They literally invented this niche market and crushed it. They became the authority in it because it was like hitting two birds with one stone… and nobody else was doing it!

They found a way to be authentic and blend their passions together to create something truly unique!

Niche 2: Ask Angels

My wife has always been in the meditation space.

It’s what she loves to do.

And over time, she has learned more and more about it by reading an incredible number of books on the subject. She also took training and classes to become more knowledgeable and experienced in it.

We’re talking YEARS of continuous learning, and hundreds of thousands of pages read in the meditation realm.

Her passion for meditation is what brought her to that niche, and she has stuck with it since day one.

Now, her social media following and customer base has exploded with a 6-figure followers on Facebook, and millions flocking to her website every year!

Niche Marketing Example: Tap Into What You Love

But to her, it’s not about the money, followers, or customers.

It’s about helping others by teaching them all about meditation. It is about channeling this activity she loves, to literally create miracles in people’s lives.

And because of this, she is highly successful in this marketing niche.

Niche 3: Vegan Coach

There are a lot of small businesses doing blogging and content-marketing in the nutrition world right now. It seems social media is saturated with TONS of this content.

But what the Vegan Coach does is this… she focuses totally on veganism instead of going too broad on health and nutrition in-general.

If you go on Google Trends and type in “Veganism,” you’ll see that it tends to trend upwards.

Vegan Coach basically teaches her audience how to cook vegan meals without recipes. She also teaches about vegan basics... like what to buy, what ingredients to use for the different vegan dishes, etc.

She’s also got different cooking lessons, useful kitchen tools for vegans, and several different classes that she offers.

This niche business brings in tons of customers because she doesn't have a dozen marketing strategies. She stays focused on what her customer base wants and delivers a niche product that's hyper relevant.

She is definitely crushing it!

Niche 4: The Sacred Womb

Now this is a different kind of niche, and is super-specific.

It’s called Sacred Womb, and it is all about ‘befriending your menstrual cycle’ as a woman.

The niche is actually kind of shamanic, and it features things like drums, an e-course that helps you to prepare the womb for pregnancy, and all kinds of other things. They basically help women to deal with hormones, emotions, energy fluctuations, and other challenges having to do with the womb.

They offer a professional training that costs about $1,500 a course, but they also put on live events, online events, group coaching sessions, etc.

~ Cash in From Your Hobby ~

cash in from hobby

Niche 5: Knit Hacker

This website is about knitting… but it also blends knitting with artwork - a very unique target market indeed!

The owner got her start slowly on social media by selling knitted items like gloves, hats, T-shirts, etc. And she wove her unique artwork throughout the items she created.

From Crafts To Cash

She has an Etsy shop for her hand-crafted items, but she also sells patterns for a few bucks to those who want to make their own.

She offers all kinds of products, but she also puts out a LOT of content that her audience can learn from and enjoy.

It all came from a hobby...

But she took this hobby and turned it into something profitable… all while still enjoying her craft and making cool products!

Niche 6: 52 Kards

This website is pretty unique! You will notice that it is not exactly a content machine… but they do have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, a few blog posts, and some info-product courses.

This site is all about teaching card magic.

They offer two basic courses. One is free, and the other is $52.

Their biggest bit of revenue comes from their shop. They sell their courses, as well as a stripped deck of cards that professional magicians can use.

So they are essentially selling professional-grade magic trick components!

I love that they offer a free course so that you can give it a whirl. But I also love how they turned their love of card magic into a profitable online business!

~ Helping Others With Your Skills ~

help others with your skills

Niche 7: The Hand Tool School

The Hand Tool School is all about woodworking with hand tools.

They offer courses and training on how to be a great woodworker to the target market of... You guessed it - woodworkers.

They can teach cool hands on stuff like:

  • How to build a bed
  • How to build a table
  • How to build a shelf
  • And much more!

The guy who runs this site sells not only courses, plans, and projects, but also teaches classes. He divides classes into semesters, sort of like colleges and other schools do.

A course will cost you $125. But there is also a video course. In the future, he plans to do a course on how to build an entire bedroom set!

Smart Niche Marketing Example

Figure out what your customers want and then deliver your product or service!

There are also courses that are individually priced, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars.

Aside from his courses, he also has a website called the Renaissance Woodworker. Here, he publishes all kinds of content. When you get to know your customers in this way you begin to understand the finer aspects of marketing to those customers.

Most importantly, he used his skills to start his own coaching business… and it actually works! His product examples are something to note...

Focus on what your customers want and then deliver it!

Niche 8: iPhone Photography School

This website basically overlaps iPhones and photography to create a pretty specific, niche market.

They sell courses on how to take professional-level photos with an iPhone. They also offer tutorials with massive amounts of content. They provide all kinds of detailed how-tos with before-and-after pictures, etc.

It is not your typical blog. Their blog posts are super super in-depth, and are more like mini courses.

But once again… someone took a very unique, focused idea, and turned it into a very profitable online business!

Make It Your Own

Niche marketing examples like this one are are a perfect model for crafting your own product or service. What two things could you combine to create for your potential customers?

Fitness and online gaming?

Drinking coffee and computer programming?

Truck driving and podcasting?

The possibilities for niche marketing examples are endless for any product or service.

You just have get a little creative!

Niche 9: Expert Photography

Can we just take a moment and admire just how really well-done this headline is???

“Do you want to understand your frustrating camera and take great photos today?”

So here, we realize that there is a big problem. People spend thousands of dollars on fancy DSLR cameras, but still struggle to take awesome photos with them!

Enter Expert Photography

They basically offer anything anyone would need to learn how to take the best photos with their camera device, regardless of what it is.

They talk about astrophotography, intermediate landscape photography, Milky Way photography… so many different, varied topics!

There is a lot of stuff going on with this website. But one thing is definitely for sure… they know how to get customers to open their wallets!

They took a niche that worked, and turned it into an awesome online business that is now generating a profit!

~ Fashion and Travel ~

fashion and travel niche market

Niche 10: How to Start an LLC

This website is all about starting and running an LLC. The genius behind this website dedicates his work to those who want to start an LLC and run it successfully.

The idea came about when he himself wanted to start an LLC, and realized that there was a lack of practical information available for it online.

And best of all, he gives out the vast majority of this information for free!

If you’re bootstrapping your own business, just follow along with this content. No need to pay someone when you can do it yourself, right?

How Much Value Can You Offer?

Niche markets like these need to give their customers tons of value upfront because there are so many other small businesses seeking this type of attention. People want to get to know you first!

Focus on high quality content as one of your primary marketing strategies and you can't go wrong!

Niche 11: Aeclectic Tarot

This is another card-based niche market… this one dealing more with tarot cards.

Aeclectic Tarot is basically a site where the owner reviews different tarot cards. That’s it! She makes money as an affiliate based on the tarot cards she reviews through her website.

She also gives users terms for different cards. So if someone wants to know the meaning for each card, they could find it on her site.


it is all about finding something that you enjoy… and creating helpful, useful content with it.

Market examples like these are worth noting. She didn't start by saying "I want to be an affiliate and sell a bunch of stuff!"

She picked a small niche in the market and dominated that one thing!

~ Travel Pro with a Purpose ~

fashion and travel niche market

Niche 12: Dad’s Guide to WDW (Walt Disney World)

This guys loves everything related to Disney.

Even as a kid, he loved Disney… the stories, the characters, you name it!

But he turned this passion into a business when he became a Disney travel agent. He studied for it, bought courses, and made his dream a reality!

Now, he runs his business with one purpose… to help families, couples, and individuals plan their best trip to Walt Disney World!

If you’re spending $2,500, $5,000, or $7,000 on a trip to Disney World, you probably want to know how to make the most of your money!

Excited Customers With Open Wallets

He helps you with your itinerary, helps you to figure out where to stay, helps you to figure out what to do, etc.

He also sells some affiliate products, and has even written his own book that he sells on the site.

Small businesses that focus on marketing to the emotions of people have a big upside potential. Your marketing strategies almost work themselves out because you already have a deep rooted emotion to target. In this case - the love and wonder being a child!

Niche 13: Anguilla Beaches

Last but not the least of our examples, we have this cool little niche market website about Anguilla Beaches.

Odds are, it’s not even going to be on the first page when you search Anguilla... and you’re probably wondering where the heck it even is on the map.

But this Canadian woman just happened to take a trip to Anguilla, and fell in love with the beaches. So she just started documenting the island, and now she’s got a small business going based on it.

She monetizes her blog on Anguilla beaches in two ways - one, on a 10% island-wide Anguilla savings card. So you buy this card for $49, and you can get 10% off on your hotel, 10% off on restaurants and other selected places, etc.

That’s a pretty good deal since people can save hundreds of dollars on your hotel by simply presenting this card that costs you a measly 50 bucks. It’s a no-brainer for sure!

But the second part of the monetization is where businesses can buy listings on her site and pay her to be a part of the savings card. She actually has a LONG line of business owners who are literally WAITING to pay her money to get listed on her discount card!

She is CRUSHING IT with this small business!

She also makes some income from sponsorships. She even sells real estate, features wedding destinations on the island, and all kinds of things for her would-be customers.

She literally turned her love for this island into a super-profitable venture!


If you already have a social media following then I urge you to talk the people you have there. What do they all have in common? You might find some VERY interesting overlaps there.

When you know what your audience likes, it becomes much easier to build a business niche around that.

Trust me... It can be a MASSIVE waste of time to start cold. Before you spend thousands on social media marketing just to get a glimpse of if your product will sell or not - try surveying the people you have following you now!

Research is always key before diving into any niche!

Leave a comment with any questions!