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Earn Money Online Without A Big Investment

You want to earn money online, but you don’t have money to invest right away.

Is this even possible?


If you commit time and energy, you can absolutely start an online business with virtually no money.

How do I know?

I’ve done it three times and have walked hundreds of others through the formula.

After reading this post, you will know the most valuable actions you can take tomorrow to start a successful business online with no money or big investment.

Let’s get right into it.

Commit Time to Your Online Business - Instead of Money

Commit the Time to Your Online Business - Instead of the Money

As the saying goes, ‘you can have time or money but not both.

But that isn’t even fully true.

When I first started building my online business, I didn’t have a lot of free time to spend.

I was working 40 hours a week and spent 2 hours a day commuting back and forth from work. The last thing on my mind when I got home was to work some more.

But I had a big goal in my mind, and I knew that if I wanted to make it work, it was up to me to really do something.

Even with very limited time, I made the time.

This means instead of a 40 hour work week; it was more like 60+ hours per week.

A typical work day was 12 to 16 hours.

But I didn’t care because I was super focused and committed.

That’s how you do it when you’re juggling your day job and that desire to start your online business without an investment.

It’s tough, but you can do it.

I have a number of friends in the online business game who have bootstrapped their way to success.

You can also get your business going on the bare budget.

So when I say bare budget, that’s roughly $25 to $30 a month.

Do you have a dollar and a few hours each day to start an online business?

The Crucial Thing You Must Watch Out For Next Week

The Crucial Thing You Must Watch Out For Next Week

The how to start an online business world is full of predators that want your money.

There are crazy powerful re targeting, re marketing, and interest targets that are on your back.

Have you watched any make money online videos on YouTube? Visited make money online websites? Joined make money online Facebook groups?

If you have, then you are tagged, and they have probably already started displaying their re targeting advertisements to you.

You might even already be on their email lists. Unsubscribe!

Once you are targeted by advertisers on Facebook and Google and through your personal profile as someone who wants to make money online, you will begin receiving ads every day. Each ad is offering a shiny new way to make money online fast.

You must not fall for these schemes.

Here is a video that will explain the most common types of scams that you must avoid online:

Many of these 'systems' or courses that you do not need have expertly written copy and make you feel like you 'NEED' their secret to succeed. If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

That simply is not true!

You MUST not fall for these free webinars or whatever else they communicate to you and convince you that the secret is in this webinar or guide.

They are expert marketers and extremely hard to say no to especially when you are trying to start an online business with no money or investment.

Putting in the effort and work and not falling on getting rich schemes will move your business forward without setting your wallet back.

The Predictable and Easy Way to Make Money Online Without an Investment


If you'd prefer to listen to this content from the video above, play it or download it from the podcast episode below.

There are only three ways to grow your business, so your work is focused on those few things only.

Consistent Traffic

You only need traffic. It is the free way to get new customers and also provides you with a viable way to make money from that traffic which can lead to a successful online business. Consistent traffic is the secret to success for an online business.

Advertising Efforts

Google advertising is now out of reach because of the demand for most businesses. It also looks like Facebook advertising is heading that way as well. Social media platforms change algorithms or disappear completely on a regular basis.

If you have 400 people visiting your website every month, do you think you can make some money online?

What about 700,000 website visitors a month?

That is the amount of traffic this model has generated for my wife and I’s online business 8 years after starting it.

Will you make money online sooner than eight years?



Become a Search Engine Marketer to Get Traffic For "Free"

Become a Search Engine Marketer to Get Traffic For Free

You hear a lot of people say free traffic, but in reality, there’s really no such thing.

Your investment is your energy and time.

It may not cost money, but is extremely valuable.

Commit 10-20 hours a week to building this side hustle to change your lifestyle later.

This is what my wife and I did.

We went full on for this dream, even if it meant devoting several hours each day to acquire the skills and traffic strategies we needed to make it happen.

We got so good at online marketing, eight years later we receive over 7 million website visitors for free per year.

It was just consistent work and continued growth over time learning SEO, learning how to start a PodcastPinterest Marketing, optimizing YouTube SEO, and breaking things all along the way.

Bottom line is we did the work ourselves, investing time, not money.

We committed to and continually improved in the skills to create a business on the side, to change our lifestyle.

There are three places people search for solutions and inspiration online.

This is how you get discovered for free and build an online business with virtually no expense.

You become a search engine marketer in one of these three places: YouTube, a Podcast platform, or Google.

Search engine marketing (SEM) can be divided easily into two different categories: organic and paid. Organic SEM is a much more natural way of driving traffic and is free, while SEM that utilizes paid options may work a bit faster.

Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), and local search marketing are all valuable tools you can use to grow any online business you create while effectively getting ahead of your competition. SEM helps potential customers gain access to your website.

Let me give you a few examples to help you define how you can effortlessly become a search engine marketer.

How to Get Traffic -Earn Money Online Without A Big Investment

How to Get Traffic -Earn Money Online Without A Big Investment

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of online earning without an investment.

Becoming a content creator is a MUST.

You create and publish great content in your preferred delivery method - written, audio, or video format.

You put your content out on a searchable platform such as your own self-hosted WordPress Blog, YouTube, or a Podcast.

You can also use other platforms for sharing your content, but don’t let this get in the way of putting out more content.

Start with Search Engine Marketing first, and if you can, learn more about Social Media Marketing. Most of your time, in the beginning, is creating a piece of content and publishing it each day to one of these search platforms: your blog, YouTube, or your Podcast. This is how content marketing 90-day challenges change everything.

Start an Online Business With No Money Example #1

Start an Online Business With No Money Example #1

Say you LOVE to meditate, and you are a writer.

So your niche idea is meditation and the content you create will go on your blog.

You are a mom that uses meditation techniques to help your kids be calm.

So you’re topic is “calm child” with search volumes of 1,300x a month.

With your knowledge in meditation, combined with the research you’ve done in the past on anything related with meditation, and pacifying the mind; you write a brilliant post on this topic that summarizes what you have learned to help children be calm.

One Post Done.

Next post, keyword - “angry child,” search volumes of 4,400x a month.

Write a post to help a mom struggling with their angry kid right now. Change mom’s day today,and you have generated a fan! This is successful marketing in action.

These are the exact steps my wife and I took to build the main business we have today. We used one keyword and one blog post at a time to create an authority site.

Start an Online Business With No Money Example #2

Start an Online Business With No Money Example #2

Until recently I have had roadblocks with writing.

I have tried to get this blog going since 2014 with no success until early 2017.

What changed? I became a search engine marketer by making videos and posting them to YouTube.

I found the easiest method of producing content consistently and then hit a stride in it within a few months of creating a video every day.

Here are the results from 22 months of overcoming this content marketing hurdle for my own brand.

I posted 120 videos in 120 days. These videos were all about online business ideas, how to advertise on Facebook, and lifestyle design because that is what I love to talk about. I have no product to sell, but I make money by doing affiliate marketing the right way.

Affiliate marketing is basically an arrangement that is made with an online retailer in which they agree to pay a commission to an external website for any traffic or sales that have been generated due to referrals.

This marketing strategy is based on revenue sharing, and since the promoter is being offered a financial incentive, you are more likely to recommend the products to earn the cash through the affiliate program.

I recommend and teach the internet tools I useand I recommend fantastic courses I have gone through personally that help people start a successful online business.

After about nine months into establishing this video marketing routine, I branched out and began to expand my content marketing strategy onto a second search platform.

The easy way to start an online business with no money is to help people’s day in the way that only you can.

There is no competition or market saturation because no one can speak or write like you.

How to Start an Online Business With No Money

How to Start an Online Business With No Money

Enough of the examples and theory, let’s get to you.

How will you start an online business?

Step 1 - Define An Audience You Can Lead

Define An Audience You Can Lead

What skill or passion is inside of you that you love to help people accomplish?

What problem do you have that you can document your process of solving it?

Defining an audience you can lead is what can make or break you loving the business you built two years from now, or just doing another thing to make some money.

Step 2 - Defining Your Niche

Defining Your Niche

In the two examples above, they are in a niche that has many products to offer or create; the meditation niche and make money online niche.

Depending on your passion and interests, there are virtually unlimited niches to enter.

There are over 55 niche ideas in this post if it is not clear to you what niche your skills and passions are in.

Step 3 - How Can You Become a Content Machine?

How Can You Become a Content Machine?

The ultimate goal of becoming a content machine is to be found by people that are searching for the information you are providing.

Therefore, you should become a search engine marketer.

Do you speak in front of a crowd with no problem? Do you crank out words effortlessly in your journal? Do you enjoy talking one on one, around a table or campfire? If you thrive in front of a crowd, begin YouTube marketing.

If you write fluidly in your journal, then you should consider growing a WordPress blog or creating an affiliate marketing website.

If you enjoy conversing and speaking side by side, then you should consider starting a podcast.

Love photos and graphic design? Begin an affiliate marketing on Pinterest campaign.

Step 4 How do You Monetize from Your Audience

How do You Monetize from Your Audience

You offer them what it is they are looking to obtain.

The most effective way to do this is with the correct approach to email marketing on Aweber.

Email marketing takes a while to dial in if you are doing a podcast or YouTube. You want first to be efficient at producing content otherwise you have no business.

I did not begin to collect email addresses from my YouTube subscribers for about 6-months. I made money before that though by recommending a product I was using in my business and having affiliate links in my video’s descriptions.

My wife with her meditation blog offered and sold services she would fulfill via conference calls at first. We quickly realized the same five or so questions were asked on these phone calls, so we recorded the answers to these top asked questions and sold them as a course. It later grew into a consistent 6 figure membership program.

Once you have an audience, you can thentest out offers until one hits and becomes your online cash machine. You have some of these ideas when you start, but they become extremely clear when you engage with your audiences more and more.

They email you questions and ask you questions on YouTube or Facebook; you will then begin to see consistent questions people are looking to find answers and solutions for. Once you are privy to this valuable information, you then create your product, find an affiliate product to recommend or utilize any of the top 10 ways to make money online.

Talk about what you are passionate about, build an audience you can help, learn what they need more help in, and create your own information product or engage in affiliate marketing or both!

Surveys - Another Other Online Money-Making Idea

Another way you can earn money online is by taking surveys. The other ways we have discussed like podcasts and blogging all require a certain level of prerequisite knowledge, albeit small. But getting paid to take surveys only requires that you have very basic internet skills.

Several companies are offering cash in exchange for survey answers relating to products and services. Many legitimate survey sites and companies also allow you to regularly withdraw the cash you have earned taking the surveys.

The Only Trick To Earn Money Online Without Investing Money

Earn Money Online Without A Big Investment

The only trick to these money-making ideas is that there is no trick. It takes discipline, showing up and doing the work every day, being of service at scale, and helping your target audience through content that is targeted on a search phrase.

Show up, become an expert keywords finder, create content that helps, and learn what your audience craves. You can then successfully help them with either your ownproducts or your affiliate products. And there you have it. An online business begins to grow and thrive.

You can go super deep into this business model in my free from zero to more than a million online course.Continue learning and getting better at serving your audience, the new successful marketing shift.The first step, just starting, is always tough.

But once you get your first check from an affiliate commission or you make your first sale on your own info product, you’ll realize that you can do this.

The second one is a little bit easier and just gets easier and easier.You have it in you to succeed, now walk in it.Excited to one day soon hear your story of how you started making money online without an investment!

So, what are you going to make tomorrow?

A blogpost, video, or a podcast?

Hit me up in the comments if you have any questions.