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The power of UNSUBSCRIBE

On your entrepreneurial journey you will find no lack of people trying to sell you tools, systems, products and software that will 'make you more money' or 'make your life easier'.

In fact, you probably have dozens of offers like this in your inbox now.

It is important for you to realize what your inbox truly is... Often times we get addicted to checking our email and replying quickly.

But ultimately, your inbox is other peoples' to-do list for you!

Think about that for a minute.

Your inbox is the to do list that other people have created for you.

From 'hey can you send me the ______' messages to the 'Check out this new ninja hack tool that will _____'

The trick that I've found and that helps me keep the 'noise' to a minimum is to be extremely fast to click the unsubscribe button when someone 'misses' with an email.

I'm not going to tell you to check your email less... You and your compulsive behaviors are free to be yourself.

But I am trying to help you understand that it is super important for you to keep close reigns on who is allowed to send you anything in your inbox.

If you don't yet already have a separate email account you opt in with to check out other peoples' funnels, that should be priority numero uno.

I am always studying my competitors and industry leaders' funnels.  It always starts with an opt in... And I have a special spam trap email address I use for each of them!  This allows me to go deeper into their funnel to look at their OTO's and upsells without having to clutter my inbox with more distracting sales messages.

If I do receive emails from companies who I purchase products from, then generally on the first 'follow up' message I receive, I unsubscribe.

This keeps my inbox as clean and tidy as I can get it and most importantly, it cuts down on the number of shiny objects I'm subjected to...

After all, I'm human and I'm distractable by nature... So using the unsubscribe feature in my inbox liberally is my 'trick' to keeping myself focused on what is important.

Remember, it only takes a few kick ass tools in order to create hundreds of thousands (eventually millions?) of dollars per year in revenue with an online business.

Keep it simple, keep it focused and keep on top of who is able to put 'to dos' in your inbox.

2 thoughts on “The power of UNSUBSCRIBE”

  1. I literally unsubscribed from almost all of the internet marketers today haha. Because of them I had information overload and fell victim to shiny object syndrome. Now I decided to only follow your model until I'm successful and look for additional info I would need as the problem arises. Thanks for all your hard work putting these content out there Miles! Really appreciate it! 🙂

    1. This is a POWERFUL step, Ben! Consuming new information on an 'as needed' basis is key to staying focused.

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