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Recommended Courses

This page contains only the best-of-the-best courses that I've gone through and have gotten great value from.

I am not including the tools or software I use and recommend here, just the courses.  To learn about the tools I use to grow my business, click here.

For transparency and disclosure, you should assume that all links on this page are affiliate links and that I do receive a commission if you click through and purchase.

That said, I only recommend products that I have used personally and recommend based on how beneficial they will be to you in growing your business to the next level.

It takes a lot for a course to make this list and out of the 100+ courses I've been through, you will notice only a tiny fraction make it here.

Ok, onto the list.

#1 - Email Marketing Course w/ 80 Email Templates!

Email marketing is the CORE asset of your digital business!  Running a recent audit, Melanie had over 1,300,000 emails opened in the last 90 days.  I had about 150,000 emails opened!

These are amazingly powerful moments of ATTENTION from your audience that can be used to deliver value and to sell products (A.K.A.  This is where the money comes from)!

But the big question is... "What do I send to my list?"

Well, that is exactly the problem that this course solves with a complete library of video trainings AND over 80 email marketing templates that have generated millions in profit.

You simply choose a template, modify it with your story, your 'bit' and send!

But the course has so much more than the templates!  They are just the BONUS?!?!

Check out what this one customer said in a recent email after purchasing:

Email Marketing Course

This course truly is an unknown GEM  in a sea of over-hyped info products and those who get access to it first will be able to dominate their market via email marketing...

To show you around inside this course, I did a full review of this email course in this video:

Most important... This is a course I purchased at full price with my own money... And, I have gotten great value from and I know it will help you LEVEL UP your email marketing...

Click here and get the email course, today.


#2 - 20 Sales Letter Templates & Copywriting Training.

Noticing a pattern?  The top two courses are more than just courses...  Learning is great, but you need to be able to get RESULTS fast.  Using the right templates can be the #1 'trick' to making massive progress in your business, fast!

This course is designed for you if you are selling products... Doesn't matter if they are physical products, coaching, a membership, a newsletter, a video course, info-products, etc.

I've spent over $12,000 on copywriting from a 'pro' that sucked... And it took 6 months!?

This course helped me crank out my last sales letter in a few days (only a couple hours each day) and it has already generated 5x the cost of the course from just 3 emails!

I show inside the course and how I used the course to create this letter in this YouTube video here.

Most copywriting courses cost thousands upon thousands of dollars... This one is cheap, but effective!

Click here to get the copywriting course and sales letter templates, now.


#3 - Pinterest Marketing Training

How would your online business be doing with an extra 764,000+ organic website visits and 29,315 opt ins, in the next year?  That is exactly what Pinterest delivered for my wife's site last year!  Check the screenshot.

pinterest marketing

Pinterest is our #1 source of social media traffic CRUSHING Facebook and Instagram.

The best part?  Pinterest users are wealthy and known buyers!  BINGO!  This is one of my favorite traffic sources.

Notice in the graph, how it shoots upwards from about July?  Ya, that is when we took this course and began implementing her strategy.

It is a change from what we were doing and our reach, engagement and traffic are growing massively, month over month because of it!

If you want to learn how to get massive traffic from Pinterest, get the course we are following and implementing, by clicking here.


#4 - The Authority Site System

This course most closely teaches the exact process my wife and I used to build our website, our audience and our income... From the ground up on a tight budget.

If you are just getting started or looking for a step-by-step guide for making money online as an affiliate (that can grow into a product creator or membership program) this is it.

This course is by the Authority Hacker team and they are trustworthy practitioners who leverage these techniques in multiple verticals including the health and wellness niche, the golf niche and more.  So they aren't just teaching 'ideas' they found and re-packaged from a forum...  They are teaching you exactly what works and what to do in an organized and step-by-step fashion.

In addition to their super-detailed tutorials, you get access to their Facebook group for ongoing advice and support as you move through the course modules.  This access to their team and to the other authority site creators is a powerful way to stay connected and keep motivated as you push through to build your first profitable website.

I personally have access to this product and their more advanced Pro level course and have received great value from it.  They really helped me dial in my gameplan for taking my video content and leveraging that to grow this blog that is now receiving over 1000% more traffic than it was before!

Start by watching the free webinar that looks at a The Authority Site System case study by clicking here.


#5 - Story Powered Marketing - Michael Hague and Andre Chaperon

Nowhere is the power of the story more evident than in Hollywood. Michael Hague is a professional script consultant who helps the biggest names and movies in Hollywood. He coaches screenwriters, producers, stars, directors on how to make their stories and characters more engaging for the viewers.

When Will Smith wasn't satisfied with the new Karate Kid script and how the 'hero' of the story didn't tug at the audience's heartstrings... He called Michael Hague! And those changes made that move an absolute HIT!

A few years ago, Michael got discovered by a handful of internet marketers and was brought into some high-end marketing seminars to coach internet marketers about how to leverage the power of story in marketing. From here, Andre Chaperon found out and started hiring him for coaching on his autoresponder sequences.

Shortly thereafter, Andre and Michael did a paid webinar together that completely changed my perspective on marketing and storytelling... I had always heard 'stories sell' but this was the first time I got a real formula to follow and it has revolutionized my main business incorporating this into my videos, blog posts, emails, and autoresponders.

You don't need to go through the Autoresponder Madness course before this one... Although I have received great value from both... This course is stand alone in the fact that the types of stories you learn about here will work at all levels of your content marketing and your copywriting, not just in your email autoresponders (but it will help those, too!)

If there was a 'secret weapon' for some of the best marketers out there, it is effective storytelling and you can learn how to become a great storyteller here.

#6 - Webinars with Russell Brunson's Perfect Webinar Course

Russell Brunson is a great marketer and potentially one of his greatest contributions to the marketing world is his Perfect Webinar system and scripts.

For anyone doing webinars, this is the 'must have' course that will lay out a very specific script, setup and close that creates amazing conversions on live webinars.

Personally, I have purchased to this course now and am studying it because my wife and I plan to being offering webinars here in the near future. With that said, I have very good friends in several different niches who are using this exact system and script with amazing results.

Webinars are best for selling products valued at $300 to $1000 and they have resulted in one of the most powerful leaps forward in marketing in a long time. It combines the power of platform selling with the ease of the web and results in a powerful experience for your visitors and often generates a significantly higher conversion rate than a traditional sales letter or video sales letter.

The feedback you are able to get in the comments section during the webinar also allows you the ability to tweak your approach, handle objections and adjust your product as needed, in real time, further helping you increase conversions through webinars.  Learn more about how to run profitable webinars, here.

About the Author Miles

Miles is a full time internet marketer who sells information products and a niche membership program with his wife, Melanie. Together they have created a lifestyle business that allows them true location independence and this blog where you get to see behind the scenes and see how they have built their online business from scratch.

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Sherese Connell says March 21, 2017

love your Youtube channel. can you direct me to your videos, your course or blog post that teaches step by step how to determine budget for an ad spend. KPI and AOV like hoe do i know what my kpi is and how do i know how much to spend per click?

Marco says March 28, 2017

Hello Miles
Thank you for what you are doing here. All your posts are great and the information is really good and easy to understand! There are not lots of people out there coming over like you do!
I was in the LFP team as you and did go on with MDM and Mike spend to me the network marketing world.
I had a longer stop just reading a lot and getting more information like maybe all beginner as well a bit finding excuses...As well running my actual business is costing lot of time.
However i decided to start now, really start building my online business. No more excuses!
I guess soon or later you too will offer some complete course like Mike or Todd, but i can´t wait.. So i just hope you can help me to decide.
As i see you have changed from Mike´s tool list and gone over to Thrives and Active Campaign (is click funnel definitely out for you?) and i was wondering what you think the best option would be to start from zero building the funnel. With your experience now. This is not about a dollar more or less, it it about starting in the best way without loosing more time and having the best system in place.
Would you suggest me Mike or Todd? My focus will be on hospitality industry, languages, travelling..
I will really appreciate your help!

    Miles says April 5, 2017

    Thanks for the comment Marco! I have gotten completely off of click funnels at this point, and do recommend WordPress with Thrive. You can see the numbers and more of the "why" here :

    The ability to have a content marketing platform and efficient funnel all in one is the ultimate reason that thrive is winning.

Charlotte says April 13, 2017

Hi Miles, I just found your site this morning when looking for reviews on the downsides to clickfunnels, and then just so happened to listen to Mike Dillard's webinar this lunchtime and couldn't believe that you were mentioned - what synchronicity! I was just wondering why List Grow is not on your list here as a recommended course. I signed up to it on the webinar, then explored some more of your content and was surprised to see it wasn't listed. Also wondering if you ever intend to do a program / videos on exactly how you got your whole Thrive set up working?


    Miles says April 17, 2017

    Thanks for the question and for the comment Charlotte... Fun to hear about that synchronicity.

    The one reason Mike Dillard's course is not on that list is because of how advanced it is and how 'difficult' it was to implement everything. I feel like a lot of people who find my content could interpret that as a simple 'make money online' and for the right people it can truly be that...

    But it takes so much to create a funnel, create a membership, create the VSLs and upsells, then to market it... Simply out of reach for most people.

    That said, for people who have membership programs up and running who want to implement a solid funnel to take it to the next level, it is perfect. I just don't have that many people in my audience at that phase.

    I have been thinking a lot about recording how to get Thrive all setup... Since I'm not really looking to build a new funnel or a new site, that'd be hours of work in a direction that doesn't track where I'm going right now... Plus more copywriting and it 'feels' a lot like work (since a lot of that is what I'm doing in my business already) I suppose eventually I'll suck it up and make it happen, just been too busy to put the thought into it, up until this point.

    Reply says April 16, 2017

Miles, your content on youtube is great! I'm new to the online world. I want to create online courses in a particular area. I am busy developing material - your video on youtube was great on picking a niche. I was set on selecting using click funnels or lead pages as i don't know how to build a website on seems quite complicated and i can't afford a developer at this point in time. I have some money saved but don't have thousands needed to hire a pro. After hearing your view on wordpress and using thrive themes, my question is, is there a thrive "template" or theme to host online courses? Is it easy to use for a person with no tech background at all? Thanks for the insight!

    Miles says April 17, 2017

    Lyle, thanks for your comment!

    Thrive is indeed a 'template' but we call them 'themes' in WordPress. It is relatively easy to setup and if you have challenges, you can hire someone for CHEAP to help you get it working right... If you wanted someone else to setup your entire Thrive site and funnel for you, I would expect it to cost less than $100...

    But for someone new, it could be done in a weekend for sure... I cover the 'how to' a bit more here:

    I will be making some videos on this very soon...

    Reply says April 21, 2017

      Thanks Miles! Wishing you and your family lots of success and thanks for sharing all those great videos and resources.

Sam Nassif, Ph.D., PCC says May 11, 2017

Hello Miles,
My name is Sam Nassif, Ph.D., PCC. I am a professor of leadership and an executive coach since 18 years.
I have developed a unique and innovative Method based on Emotional Intelligence for Rapidly Improving Self-Esteem (RISE). The population that needs to increase their self-esteem is impressive: 80% of the total population between the ages of 15 to 65 (Harvard surveys).

Is it possible for you to contact me by mail?
Thank you and best regards

    Miles says May 11, 2017

    Sounds like you have some great things going on! Unfortunately, I don't do client work at all...

Elizabeth says May 30, 2017

I am 58 trying to built my business. I am Spanish and understand English pretty well but I am not very good writing and with computer. How much do you you charge for putting the funnel for me and advise me what to do to sell my soaps. I also want to sell other people's bath and body products and also affiliate marketing. THANKS

    Miles says June 2, 2017

    I don't do client work... Just teach how it is done and share what works for me.

Kevin Lindsey says June 2, 2017

I stumbled on your videos looking for ways to do facebook ads, i have enjoyed the content and the simplicity that your site is and also the great tools for getting a site and or blog up and running for low cost by following the steps outlined. I have enjoyed The Authority Site System and the podcast, will be getting their system to get a profitable site up.

I have looked into and wasted money on other programs and felt like Most affiliate marketers give enough information to get you to buy then leave you hanging. Your content and the content from The Authority Site System has been awesome!! Can't wait to dive into facebook ads on Jason Hornungs system. Your blog and tools that you have found, i know i will make money online!!

Looking forward to more videos!!

Kevin L

    Miles says June 2, 2017

    Right on Kevin! The guys at TASS are on top of it... I rarely find trainings that actually give me actionable items, but they DELIVER for sure! There is soooo much noise in the internet marketing world and so many over-hyped courses that under deliver... I wanted to share the few that I actually got value from because I know many people want to invest in their growth and development but don't trust the bazillion sales pitches out there.

Chad says June 10, 2017

What are your thoughts about Anik Singal's inbox blueprint? I am trying to decide between that and list grow. Thanks..

    Miles says June 12, 2017

    Anik's content does not impress me. You can learn just about everything he teaches from my YouTube channel...

Ricardo Espinoza says June 19, 2017

Ithink theres a error clicking on #3 – Funnel Training with Todd Brown's Six Figure Funnel Formula when i submit

Oliver Moor says June 25, 2017

Hi Miles, big fan of your content it's really great! Was just wondering what your opinion was of the Tai Lopez Marketing agency course was?


    Miles says June 30, 2017

    I don't trust him.

      Paul says July 14, 2017

      Me neither. He was on "Millionaire Matchmaker" and was a total douche!!!! The girl didn't want to go on second date with him.

James says July 10, 2017

Hi Miles. Do you know about Franklin Hatchett, and if so what do you think about his ECome Elites training program?

    Miles says July 15, 2017

    I know of Franklin... He references some of my videos to his group and community. Seems like a great guy and has integrity, but we haven't met in person yet and I haven't been through any of his trainings. Next time I head to NZ I am going to make it a point to meet up with him and learn more about him and his business.

Paul Washington says July 14, 2017

Hey Mile I came across your audience targeting videos and really found them informative but was wondering if you have any videos for local targeting for brick and mortar businesses?

Perry says July 27, 2017


I just wanted to let you know how much I respect and appreciate what you're doing.

You cut through all the bullshit to constantly deliver real-world value and insight. You're youtube channel, alone, has been an invaluable asset as I get my coaching business off the ground.

Thanks for keeping 'em honest!


    Miles says July 29, 2017

    Right on Perry! Glad you like the content and are finding it helpful!

Tosh Mackenzie says August 1, 2017

Hi Miles, love the info you provide!
I've been ripped off fr a few coursesoffering the world and then left me high and dry with nothing!
I'm ok with WordPress and know about hosting and have a starter package with my own domains!
Can you advise and point me in the right direction to get earning in this business, it would a great help if you can find the time?
I'm just fed up of constantly bumping into rip off merchants giving me false information and false hope!

Cheers, Tosh 😉😘

b.simon says August 2, 2017

following up with my last comments. I did a quick search and found out that is permanently closed. now, this may explain why it gets redirected to maybe a comment on your site about this may help others. I thought I was doing something wrong.

    Miles says August 2, 2017

    Thanks for sharing... Guess they couldn't make it!

    Reply says August 9, 2017

Miles, can you update us with your SINGLE BEST recommendation for a Facebook Ads course? Many of us don't know enough about Facebook ads to differentiate between a quality course and a clever sales pitch. So we actually need your help with this (and an affiliate link).

PS: I'm personally using all the same tools you are (thrive themes, thrive cart, active campaign, etc...) if that influences your decision at all.

    Miles says August 10, 2017

    Honestly, I don't love any of them out there... I'm going through the bulletproof one now but with how fast FB changes no one is keeping up long term...

      Peter Roker says March 22, 2018


      I've been watching you on Youtube now for a good part of a year. I think you're doing great things and I'm learning a lot. Thank you.

      I want to learn more about FB advertising and have been watching your videos. I think I need a structured (step one, step two step three etc.) way to learn FB advertising so came to your site and saw you recommend Facebook Ad IQ Academy.

      So I'm confused by your reply here that you do not love ANY FB courses. Is it simply Facebook Ad IQ Academy is out of date because of how fast FB changes?

      Reply says August 9, 2017

Funnel training course teach us how to create any type of funnels? how to track and optimized everything in funnels?

    Miles says August 10, 2017

    Todd Brown's course is higher level than that... It is more about the concepts and the belief stacking to make a funnel work. This post shows how to setup a funnel:

      Desheen says January 18, 2018

      Hello, I watched your DIY funnel video and wondering if (1) you will be offering a webinar - promotional buy-in, so (2) I can purchase the thrive theme, (3) get your hosting and switch from GoDaddy.

Lee says August 10, 2017

Hey Miles,

Awesome stuff!! How come you did not say anything about Mike Dillard & List Grow? That is how I found you. I did a search for it on the tube and your Vid popped up. Just curious....have a great day "Fear is the mind Killer"

    Miles says August 10, 2017

    It is extremely expensive, not really beginner friendly. I think more people would get more value from The Authority Site System...

Joe says August 16, 2017

Miles, what course do you recommend for fb ads?

    Miles says August 16, 2017

    Bulletproof Facebook Ads:

      Peter says August 29, 2017

      Hi Miles,

      (You rock, by the way)

      Have they changed their name to "Facebook Ad IQ Academy" or is the link redirected to something else. I just want to be sure before I drop a grand on this.

        Miles says August 30, 2017

        That is the Facebook course I'm in and loving right now... The Facebook Ad IQ Academy!

Jon Bender says August 16, 2017

Miles - love your stuff. Been leaving postive comments throughout your training. On your $5 FB ad video in thread you said your friend Jason made the best FB ad system. I clicked on your link and it takes me to a dfferent guy Steven Vargas. He isn't Jason so before I ordered it I wanted to make sure you are recommending it. He calles it bullet proof FB Ads. Thanks again man for all you do! P.S. Been online marketing since 1998 and just wanting to master FB advertising appreciate your work. Best, Jon

    Miles says August 16, 2017

    Yes, the Bulletproof Facebook ads is WAY less expensive and is super comprehensive... This is the course I recommend for Facebook advertising.

Ricky Jarnagin says August 19, 2017

Miles, you are a badass! I watch one or two of your videos every day and totally enjoy the content you so freely give. Many Thanks for being real and for giving us the real deal.

    Miles says August 19, 2017

    Absolutely my pleasure, Ricky!

    Reply says August 26, 2017

Hi Miles,
I found your YouTube channel and have to say that you're great! I really enjoy watching your videos as they are full of great tips for getting started with your own online business. I have one question - can I hire you to help me build my site?

Many thanks!

    Miles says August 26, 2017

    Glad you like the content... At this point, I don't do any client work as I'm just too busy with my business.

Pete Jorgensen says August 27, 2017

Miles you rock! I'm so juiced up to implement your teaches to my WP site I never ready did anything with. I've been very successful via my Etsy site, but you have opened my eyes to needing to be more in control of my own road. I have lots of work to do, but I'm totally jacked and actually want to develop a new product and that is to sell my physical product as a digital one. I will surely be able to take my product to the world that way. It's taken me 4 yrs to produces 200k in sales I bet I can cut that in half with my new business approach of taking my successful physical products digital. Thanks ill check back in 6mths and let you know how I did with giving my WP site a facelift through your teachings. maybe I can be a case study for your teachings.

    Miles says August 28, 2017

    If you have been successful selling physical goods on Etsy, you are going to LOVE selling digital products from your own WordPress site! Best of luck to you and I look forward to hearing about your success!

    Derek Ferguson says March 17, 2018

    O.K. Pete, times up bud! 🙂

      Miles says March 17, 2018

      Good call Derek! Love to have an update of your progress, @Pete Jorgensen!

Francois says September 18, 2017

I'm starting a set of wesites delivering legal services to clients and if i cant assist they wull be refeted to local attorney specialist whom we will broker fees on behalf of clients. Lawyers will pay for marketing if they take on clients.

Will be using wordpress with thrive. Are you farmiliar with aaron fltcher and is his program worth taking

    Miles says September 18, 2017

    Way to take action! Sounds like a valuable niche. Never heard of that guy, so can't recommend him! Trial and error is often a better teacher than expensive online courses!!!

Dave says September 19, 2017

I really appreciate your funnel training. If you have a website already, how would you point your funnel to that site. How would you include your funnel into face-book ads?

    Miles says September 19, 2017

    If I already have a website I would just build a landing page and funnel inside that website. Just like here... Fully functional website with my funnel entrance here:

    This is the benefit of Thrive Themes, can do both on one site!

    Reply says September 20, 2017

have any courses you recommend on e-commerce?

Lynn Abbiati says September 28, 2017

Hi Miles,

I follow you on YouTube. Who would you recommend taking a course from or following on setting up an eCommerce store? What do you think of Steve Chou?

Love your YouTube Channel!



    Miles says September 30, 2017

    The only two names in e-commerce that I would consider our Franklin Hatchet and Ezra Firestone

      Lynn says October 3, 2017

      Thank you!

      Reply says October 5, 2017

Miles, who is the plant based diet blogger that you follow? I heard you mention this in one of your YouTube videos. However, I wasn't able to ask this question in YouTube. I don't know where the comments feature is. Thx. I've read Eat to Live (Fuhrman) and The China Study (Campbell). Would like more info.

    Miles says October 5, 2017

    The Minimalist Baker!

    Reply says October 6, 2017

Hi Miles,
I see you recommend Facebook Ad IQ Academy for Facebook course.
How it compare to Jason Hornung JH Media?

Which one is better?
I am not a beginner, this time I struggle to scale my ads to get more results (conversion).

Need your advice. Thanks.

    Miles says October 6, 2017

    The IQ Academy has the most up to date and recent profitability scaling content focusing on how to leverage manual bidding (what I'm going through now, personally) and also there is an entire section about crafting great ads focused on the different ad types... So the content you are looking for is definitely in the IQ Academy.

    Also, if you haven't been doing anything with messenger ads and have a product/service that lends itself to that type of advertising, that could be HUGE for you and the IQ Academy is the only one of the two that teaches messenger ads.

Felix says October 6, 2017

Hi Miles, my daughter and I are preparing to launch a shopify store. We care completely new at this and we are weakest where it matters most, FaceBook Ads, and how to effectively kickoff our campaigns to drive sales. Honestly, there is so much garbage shit out there that we don't know what is good advice and what is not. Also, it seems that everyone and their mother is selling a facebook ads course, but none of them really seem to hit the mark. I am done with wasting money and time. What honest recommendations can you make that will help us finally learn the business of facebook marketing so that we can be successful and scale up from there? Also, thanks for your youtube videos. Great stuff!

    Miles says October 7, 2017

    Hey Felix, I know what you are saying about "everyone and their mother is selling a Facebook ads course" I've probably spent over 10 grand in Facebook add courses over the years and most of them are rubbish. The Ad IQ course I mention here on the recommended courses ( is still my top recommendation for two reasons...

    #1 - It is the newest and most updated course available. Many of those courses you're seeing around were created six months to a year ago… And in Facebook advertising time, that's like 10 years old! Max, the creator of the course, is still adding new content and does live question and answer sessions every Friday! As Facebook continues to evolve, the content for the course continues to evolve and that is super important.

    #2 - Max absolutely dominates with Shopify! This is more of a benefit for you than it is for me since I don't actually use Shopify. He has built and run ads to more than one successful Shopify store, so he's a much better "trailblazer" in that area than I could ever be. Some of the "Power Tools training" in the course show how to turn Shopify into some pretty fancy funnels which in my opinion is required to be successful with Facebook ads. Driving traffic from Facebook to a generic Shopify store, homepage, or product landing page is never going to convert as well as a direct response based funnel… Which is what he shows how to set up in the course.

    In all honesty, I think the courses even better for people using Shopify! And I've received a great deal of value from the course for my info product business!

Tulika says October 16, 2017

Hi Miles, have been following your YouTube videos for the past few months. The best part about your videos is that one actually gets to learn something of value. It's a rare thing to find in the online domain. Keep up the good work!

    Miles says October 16, 2017

    Thanks for the kind words!

Chad Vannucci says October 18, 2017

Hey Miles, I love your honesty and in depth videos. I have three questions. What is your opinion of Inbox blueprint? I noticed your recommended courses didn't include list grow, how come? Finally, what program(s) would you recommend for newbies to build a long lasting online business? Thanks and keep up the good work.


    Miles says October 18, 2017

    Inbox Blueprint is WAY OVERPRICED! The entire course is this... Build a landing page, grow a list, email list repeatedly. I don't trust anything from Lurn, but Anik's webinars do convert...

    List grow didn't make the cut because I believe it is too difficult for most people... The only reason we were so successful with it is because we had a membership program already and just laid his funnel on top of it. This post covers the basic idea:

    Authority Hacker is the course I recommend... They teach how to build authority sites that create long-term results. They cover the ideas that are in Inbox Blueprint but go 10x deeper. And interesting timing, they are closing the doors on their last enrollment of new students today in a few hours:

Russell R Battaglia says November 2, 2017

Miles, Just finished the video DIY Video last night and may I say it was OUTSTANDING!!!! Not just because you went thru it so anyone can follow. But because the communication skills you have developed really makes listening enjoyable. So while the time was 1:26 minutes it actually took me between 3-4 hours to go thru. Because I would stop take notes then sometimes back it up to confirm something I thought I missed. So the 3-4 hour statement is not a complaint. Its more of an affirmation on the quality of information you provided and my desire to GET IT RIGHT!!!!! lol

So my personality type is being a perfectionist and sometimes in the past it has stopped me from ever getting started. Now I can admit this is one of my biggest faults.

SO.... that being said.... here is my questions?

1) I have a business that does not sell products it is a niche market in real estate. I know there is a need for this and since I am not selling them products do I need to go much further than DIY video 1 video?

2) My perfectionism is wanting me to have all the answers upfront. I'm potentially interested in your courses but my second question is will your courses help me with my service business?

3)With all the free video's you have put out is there any particular order you would recommend?

Thank you and tremendously grateful for your knowledge
Russ B

    Miles says November 2, 2017

    Cheers Russ... Here are my answers!

    1- DIY 1 is the key because you are probably going to do more lead gen than anything else. That is enough to get you going!

    2- I hear you with perfectionism and wanting to know everything before starting... But that is not possible. The path to the top is winding and has forks in the road that you will navigate... But you must take those first steps and get momentum going (and understanding about these first steps) before those options/choices in the future will make sense. It is ok, to start building your foundation now and know you can adapt/adjust your skyscraper on that foundation as needed. Nothing online is permanent, everything is editable or modifiable as you get more info and more insights to what works and what doesn't. You don't exactly know what will compel your target market to action, so you have to test things to find what works (not sit in a lab and plan it all out)!

    3- Figure out how you are going to create content consistently, moving forward... Are you a video friendly person? Are you a writer? Doing content marketing is key to build your audience

    And Email marketing!!! Because once they opt in you need to build a relationship and tell stories that help them (your subscribers) understand how you can help without you pitching them-

Adrian says December 2, 2017

Hey Miles...what are your thoughts on funnel dash?

    Miles says December 4, 2017

    Not something I would ever consider using.

Shel says December 5, 2017

Miles, I tried to follow your video to create my own funnel on wordpress, however I got stuck at "EPP code" what is it? I can't proceed without providing it

    Miles says December 5, 2017

    Hmmm... Did you follow the steps on exactly and get going with A2 hosting? You should not get that kind of a notice if you did. Reach out to A2's support they can help!

      Shel says December 6, 2017

      I do have already my domain that I am trying to sign with, does it relate to that perhaps, which is why this kind of notice occur?

        Miles says December 8, 2017

        Again, reach out to A2's hosting support! That is why they are there! 😀

Urban Legend Leather says December 7, 2017

Great list of courses thanks Miles

    Miles says December 8, 2017

    Glad you like them... They have helped me a TON!

Jenette says December 12, 2017

Again, so thankful for your website and Youtube tutorials. I'm more than glad to sign up through your affiliate links when the tools you help me get the job done so well. I'm loving being a part of Thrive Themes and I'm looking forward to checking out some of the courses on this page.

Thanks Miles,


    Miles says December 13, 2017

    Thanks for your kind words, Jenette... And for your consideration! Cheers!

David Olaniyi says December 13, 2017

Hello sir, Good afternoon to you from France! (I just got here from a 3rd world country Nigeria...internet marketing is hard there cos of Ip issue. no payment option works) I came across your video on youtube and I really love the transparence of your video...better than so many self called guru's out there.
Please can I request a few things from you.

I am a graphic designer, I major in logo design...But I want to leave the world of graphic as a designer to client.

I have undergo lots of training in the internet world.

1. Please can you mentor me...I know so much but making money with them is hard because some of this software cost money that I can't put down into it. Following you closely.

2. please can you name a membership software below 100$ that I can use to host some course...maybe I can get some money through that.

Thanks so much !

    Miles says December 13, 2017

    Hey David... Glad you found my content! I don't do any one on one mentoring or coaching... But you may like my free DIY sales funnel video series where I show how to build out a funnel and membership site:

Mel says December 23, 2017

How can I tweak sales funnels to lawn care, lawn mowing and landscaping

    Miles says December 25, 2017

    Figure out who is searching, find the phrases they are searching for, create a free guide that helps them answer their question they are searching for answers for.

Gregg Wilcoxson says December 24, 2017

Give the auto responders

    Miles says December 25, 2017

    I'm confused...

Donna says January 7, 2018

Hi Miles, I love your videos. I am just starting out and I was wondering if there was any way that you would consider making a video on how to make a site for an Amazon Affiliate??? I understand the need to build a list and provide people with great content, but I need the bare basics first while I research how to do video marketing etc. I would really be appreciated it and bet many other people would too. Thanks for considering it anyhow. Have a wonderful day.

    Miles says January 7, 2018

    Good call... Let me see about getting a how to start an optimized wordpress blog series together soon!

Chris says January 17, 2018

Miles, I appreciate all of your content. I have a business website that is not a blog. I'm in the tour business and I have a SquareSpace site. What can I do for SEO if I don't have a blog and I'm not on WordPress? I have been told that high-quality backlinks are the way to go. However, I'm worried that if I get a ton of backlinks in a short period of time that Google might penalize my site. Any thougths, suggestions.

    Miles says January 18, 2018

    First off, move your site to WordPress and you will be on a better platform! 30% of all businesses run on WordPress... You should too! Also, backlinks are not a solution... That is a black-hat tactic that can cause big problems.

Tayo says January 24, 2018

Hi Miles,

I'm working on an authority site and I've recently purchased the Authority Hacker course for stage 1 sites. They recommend using ahref's (at least for a short while) to get information on keyword research and to see what our competitors are doing. I've watched your YouTube 'SEO training course'. Do you think I should pay the $99/month (short term or long term) or do you think just using KW Finder is enough. Thanks!

    Miles says January 24, 2018

    Definitely do the trial of Ahrefs and go DEEP in their tool while you have free access... This is what I've done and I've never felt like I needed it around monthly, personally. But some people love the tool and swear by it. So test it out, get tons of data and if you love it, keep it... If you have enough data to keep you busy for your first couple months (which you should easily be able to get) then you are good to start taking action without a big monthly expense!

    Reply says February 16, 2018

Hello Miles ,
I have been listening to yours youtube videos and learning from the info that you share through them . The way you cover them and pace are really nice and easy to grasp but regarding the Million Dollars Business Blue Print I have to apologize for my request as I didn't find the answer that I would like to have . I like your working style and am after turning my Shopify store into a successful e-commerce business. I am not trying to be rude just trying to see if I can afford to be able to join your MDBB complete program. Would you have a summary of the full course program and what I will get from each segment showing the total fee to enroll on it and benefiting from your experience and knowledge?
I am interested but I want to ensure I can afford it but also and that I will have the support said when doubts arise and they will .
Cheers, Marcus Carvalho

    Miles says February 16, 2018

    It is free, Marcus... You can indeed afford it!

Kevin says February 28, 2018

Hey Miles. Love what you do. My company make the world's most eco-sustainable yoga mats. But too few yogis know about our mats. I will be following your program to change that. Are you planning a video on FB unified Ad Manager?
Also, where do you hangout in NZ. My wife and I own land near Nelson.
Thanks for all you do.

    Miles says March 1, 2018

    Nelson is BEAUTIFUL! We stayed out that way for a few weeks. I fell in love with parts of the N. Island... The Bay Of Plenty area!

    I'll probably be dropping videos on the FB ad manager as soon as it updates for me, haven't seen it rolled out on my end yet...

    Influencer marketing can be a HUGE opportunity for you!!!! Lots of yogis on IG with big audiences, but lots of fake followers there, too... A bit of a minefield, but if you find the real-deal folks who have honest and engaged audiences, it can be a great option.

    Nothing worse than a new yoga mat that smells like a chemical factory for weeks on end... #BeenThere #DoneThat

Yojimbo says March 1, 2018

couldnt find the link to the WordPress hosting thingy.

Ver says March 7, 2018

Thanks Miles for everything. U are a blessing to this generation. U give out things no one can give our free.. I always enjoy ur teaching and how u illustrate them..

Please I will like u to teach or give me access if there is a link about the step to step guide on how to start affiliate marketing successfully. Thanks Miles

David Roberts says March 14, 2018

Hi Miles
I came to your web site looking for the Arbitrage Blueprint PDF after listening to your inspirational 2015 podcast via your YouTube channel. Can't seem to find the Arbitrage PDF on the site - is it still available?

Best wishes and keep up the good work.

David Roberts
Newcastle upon Tyne, England

    Miles says March 17, 2018

    That didn't survive a laptop crash, unfortunately...

Mark Randall says March 26, 2018

Hi Miles

Great work and pleased for you and your partner Melanie. My angel I have his card in my car is Metatron & healings regularly from Archangel Michael. I have been learning to build my own Websites (used free Sydney theme & added their Child theme) after having many extensive quotes and not getting any where. I have found out why they are so costly in terms of their time. Coming in the back-end has a better 'ownership'of my content & like you dislike writing LOL but do it. Watched your on funnelling and not sure if I am at that stage yet. On this Utube you went through the whole - you made mention of friends webinar and you listed it underneath as I tried to have a look at it. When I clicked on it you shifted it from the Thank You video. I was interested in it - as it probably outlines my current journey position - just need to build the organic traffic first - developing an eBook on my head & heart model etc. I really appreciate your advice and direction. Kind regards Mark

ps: pleased you've got some association near our neck of the woods NZ!!

    Miles says March 26, 2018

    So the DIY Sales funnel bit was made to just show the process... there is no real content behind it. This is the best place to start:

    It is all about #1 growing an audience (I'm mainly using YouTube for this) then #2 Building a list (the DIY sales funnel vid1 shows this) then 3 emailing a bunch to nurture the relationship!

João Botas says May 15, 2018

Hello Miles, my name is João Botas and I am from Alentejo one of the most beautiful areas of Portugal, first I would like to congratulate you for your work online, maybe you are one of the best and most realistic, objective and very intuitive in the online market, believes that in one year I have seen many pseudo-gurus videos online and I have already spent a lot of money on so many pseudo-systems. I'm going straight to the subject I'm a passionate about this internet marketing industry I was very happy that you helped me and guided me with your knowledge and style that I can achieve this goal here in my country. Miles tells me where to start. Thank you.

    Miles says May 16, 2018

    Obrigado João! Portugal is indeed beautiful... I spent some time in Sintra a couple years ago. Loved it. Thanks for your comment and I'm glad we've connected.

    Reply says May 27, 2018

I really appreciate you Miles!

    Miles says May 29, 2018

    And I appreciate you Jody

Mike says June 28, 2018


Really great content and outstanding presentations. I am having trouble designing a plan that works for my type of business, which is vacation rentals in the Caribbean. Since the big online vacation websites changed their models from subscription (the more you pay the better placement you get) to algorithms based on bookings, I am down more than 50% and am having difficulty reaching my market and getting conversions. I have over 10,000 FB followers and 5,000 e-mails, but conversions are tough since these are high-end rentals ($2,500 - $4,500/week) that involve planning with other people, i.e. family, friends, etc. Funnels and webinars don't seem to be a good fit since instant decisions can't be made by any one person, like the person watching).

Any ideas how I can best promote to the 40+ age group who likes to travel? Please point me in the right direction.


Jack says July 7, 2018

Hi Miles - thanks for the recommendations. I've been following and implementing using your content and am immensely grateful for your advice and tutelage.

One quick question I'm hoping you could weigh in on. I've been exploring Todd Brown's stuff and am seeing his E5 Camp course coming highly recommended from many in the IM space. Do you know how much this differs from his Six Figure Funnels course? It looks like E5 is a greater $ investment but curious on your thoughts.

    Miles says July 7, 2018

    Honestly, his EE five program is definitely the evolution that came out of the six-figure funnel formula and it really is a groundbreaking course. I literally have not gotten around to updating this page… But believe the E5 course deserves the spot, not the 6FFF. Have you seen his free training yet? Check it out here if not:

      Jack says July 10, 2018

      Thanks Miles, will do!! I've been reading about it but will check out the training. Thanks again for all you do

      Reply says July 23, 2018

Hi Miles,
Just found your YouTube channel and loving your content and delivery. Just had a quick question in relation to one of the courses you are recommending - E 5 C.A.M.P Would this program suit an affiliate marketer or is it more aimed at product owners? I am promoting digital evergreen affiliate offers as an affiliate. Thanks in advance for taking the time with my question and thanks for the great content that you create.

    Miles says July 26, 2018

    it is definitely geared towards people who write their own sales copy, but as an affiliate marketer if your building email lists and working to really keep yourself as their trusted advisor it could definitely bring you lots of value.

    Two of his main ideas are the unique mechanism and the big idea… Affiliate marketers who get these concepts dialed in right crush it. It's actually the only way you can stand out as an affiliate marketer, especially if you're in a crowded space like fitness or weight loss or make money.

    After seeing Todd speak live, I created this video: you may get a little value out of it.

    All in all… Is it required for an affiliate marketer to become successful? No. Could it be your competitive advantage over all the other affiliates? Yes. Are you ever going to offer your own products?

    another option would be to track down a copy of Eugene Schwartz book "breakthrough advertising" it usually costs a few hundred dollars and it's a bit more "old-school" but it covers a lot of the same ideas… I think Todd's version of them are absolutely dialed for Internet marketers.

Jessie Higgins says July 30, 2018

Hello. I see that you don't update your blog too often. I
know that writing posts is boring and time consuming.
But did you know that there is a tool that allows
you to create new articles using existing content
(from article directories or other websites from your niche)?
And it does it very well. The new posts are unique and pass the copyscape test.

    Miles says July 31, 2018

    This should go in the SPAM hall of fame as the wost attempt at comment spam ever.

Jack says August 4, 2018

Miles - quick question for does Funnel Scripts compare to Jon Benson's Sellerator? If you had the choice between the two which would you go with? Thanks much

Reply says September 1, 2018

Hi Miles, thanks for the great info. Is there a marketing book you would recommend?

Reply says September 5, 2018

Hi Miles, I am taking heed on your comments re: online courses and distractions and am currently unsubscribing all (except you!). I am looking for some technical help for my existing wordpress site, and I know there is fiverr and upwork, but I seek someone to work through it with me (I want to learn more!) and / or, take a really GOOD online course. It’s not my main business, (so I don’t need to be an expert) but I want to understand more about the technical so I can outsource projects specifically with more knowledge and fix little things on my own along the way. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Miles says September 5, 2018

    I think it is very smart for you to want to learn how to do the work. This is one of the better teachers in the world of WordPress:

Lon Maness says September 23, 2018

Hi Miles, I'm just basically going to be using clickbank products for my affiliate. When I view the webinar and agree to pay for this software, will it help, especially with clickbank products? Or is this software aimed for products that are bigger that clickbank products?
Hope to here from you. You have a Great Day,

    Miles says October 1, 2018

    I'm not sure which course you are referring to...

    Reply says October 5, 2018

I wanted to first of all thank you.
Now to the question - I am currently looking at redoing my entire site and had a few questions being that I am in the health and wellness space.

My goal is to drive leads to my site so that I can get them to option for a free offer them later upscale them on a low priced offer for training in the gym - Since I use bluest for my hosting would I need to change that over to the suggested server that you recommended in the funnel training.

I think that would be all for now -

    Miles says October 9, 2018

    If you aren't having any challenges there, probably best to leave it even though they are EIG owned (meaning HUGE corporate conglomerate who can cause problems)... But if you are having problems, yes, move it.

    It is easy to migrate to a new server at any time... So I wouldn't say it is a priority if you have other more pressing things...

Denise Swafford says November 16, 2018

Just launching my speaking and coaching biz. Website going live later today, and I am building out my 1st funnel. I have been studying this stuff for 5 years, you are the most straight forward at teaching I have every seen. Thank you! I want to put myself and my team on the same page. Do you have a course or 1 on 1 coaching that could help us get started?

    Miles says November 17, 2018

    Way to go taking action, Denise... I have an inner circle membership group that is usually closed to new enrollments. Happens to be open through Monday and you can check it out here:

Homero Munguia says November 26, 2018

Hello Miles, You're one of the few that to me come across as from the heart. Just wanted to say that I became an instant fan. Enough to trust your opinion on an inquiry I have. I consider myself an action taker but I don't know anyone who knows anything about online business. No friends nor family. It's basically just me and the internet. If I want to confirm anything I see in a video or if I run into a term I'm not familiar with, I have to google it or look up through another video because I have no one whom I can turn to for advice. I'm just describing the circumstances so you can understand where I'm coming from with this question. I live in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. I have no family near me. I have been wanting to start with affiliate marketing/CPA or pretty much any online business (except blogging) but have been having a hard time getting started for one reason or another. I saw your video on Learn SEO and I wanted to start with that also. I think they call it the shiny object syndrome. My question is, with what I've painted my circumstances like, can you please recommend one thing to start with? One thing I can "learn" but really "learn well". Good enough to make money with. I don't know if it's a course that I need but if it is then yes I will follow through with it. I found this page here by IDK sheer luck maybe but I have been wanting to find what it was that I'm missing, why I can't seem to get started like people mention in success stories. Like I said I don't know anyone that can tell me from experience what is good to learn or point me in the direction of what route to take to learn an online business. I know this subject is very broad but I'm not asking for a business plan to be handed to me, I just want to know if you can point me to one good thing. Just one, a course, a video, a blog, something, somewhere to start? Thank you for taking the time to read this far if you did, lol.

    Miles says November 26, 2018

    Bienvinedos Homero! Thanks for the comment.

    It depends on what you want to do, honestly. What kind of business you want to run. If you want to run an affiliate business where you publish content, drive traffic, recommend products and earn commissions when products sell, this course is GREAT and is on special for Cyber Monday for a few more hours:

    If you want to build a service based business, you can 'sell' SEO services or marketing services or design services... There is more skill-building needed and not as clear of a path to follow... But I teach a bunch about it here:

    Generally you can earn income more quickly selling services, but it requires that you build marketing skills and learn how to deliver results for clients fast... So many people start by doing work free to get experience.

      Homero Munguia says December 3, 2018

      Muchas gracias Miles! Wow; I just now checked for your response and realize you responded the same day, thank you. And thank you so so much for the links. I'll get to reading the info and start with the tasks required. Whenever the inquiries arise (because I know they will) I'll write them here. Thanks again Miles!

Philip G says December 3, 2018

Hello Miles,

I came across your blog and it looks great! I must say you have a very nice blog and great content.
Question for you. I noticed that it appears you have a list of people who subscribe to your list/ newsletter.
Are you offering a solo ad that I can purchase to run to your list?
I have a great free offer your list will greatly benefit from and get some amazing value.
Please let me know if you do and how much you charge for a single solo ad run to your list.
Do you have sponsors for your podcast?

Thank you and I am looking to hearing from you soon!


    Miles says December 3, 2018

    No way man. my audience's attention is not for sale and I'd never let solo add spammer have access to my audience. And I don't allow sponsors for my podcast for the same reason… I don't know you, I don't trust you, and there's no way I'm giving you access to my audience!

    Reply says December 4, 2018

Hello Miles
I've become an enthusiastic fan of yours and have been around long enough in the IM space to know you are the real deal. I ordered 4 of the products you broadcasted on Digital Monday and now I'm in information overwhelm. I need your advice. I have Authority Hacker, SBI, KWFinder and Pinning Perfect (Pinning Perfect is for later as launching my authority site comes first). Is there a sequence or relationship bet. the first three products and is there a sequence you recommend following to navigate to effective use? I have been listening to your archive of youtube videos while driving. I seem to recall there is mention made of the above but I'm not sure which video it is. Would you be so kind as to come back with a chain of actions regarding build-out and promotion taking into account the affiliate products I've purchased? A roadmap would be so helpful. FYI I am on your waiting list for the next time the 90 day challenge opens up.

    Miles says December 4, 2018

    Cheers Stephen... So I would go all in on The Authority Hacker trainings first... That is the most step by step approach. Get your niche dialed in and your content plan sorted. This is when KWFinder comes into play... Executing that content strategy. From here it is write, write, write! And then Pinterest comes into play because every post needs 1 or 2 pin-images. I think you can let go of the SBI tool in this approach.

    Reply says December 10, 2018

Hey Miles we don't see a lot of people like you online, you offer really good stuff here thanks!!

    Miles says December 13, 2018

    Cheers Jack. Glad you are enjoying the content!

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