Best Social Media Marketing Tools

#1  Facebook Ads Course - Paid Traffic Training

What is it?: More than just a Facebook Ads course, you also get access to funnel trainings, insights about high converting landing pages and live ad reviews + Q&A multiple times per month... Plus the core FB course.

Why do I recommend it?: In order to truly succeed with FB ads you are going to need to test and tweak your ads and funnels to achieve the conversions you desire.  This course has the foundational video training PLUS the ongoing support you need starting at just $97!

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Keyword Research Tool For YouTube - TubeBuddy

What is it?: TubeBuddy has dozens of helpful features for YouTubers designed to help you grow your channel and save a ton of time managing your videos... But their YouTube specific keyword tool is the #1 feature you MUST have access to if you are growing a YT channel.

Why do I recommend it?: Completely beginner friendly with advanced features for big YouTubers, their keyword tool is the only one that is "YouTube First" meaning it only considers YouTube search data, view data in it's calculation. All other keyword tools focus on Google Data and apply that to YouTube. This gives you an edge!

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The Best Pinterest Marketing Course: Pinning Perfect

What is it?: Pinterest is half social network, half search engine for images & this course teaches you how to game their algorithm to get a TON of reach and traffic from pinning. She takes you from total beginner to advanced marketer all in one.

Why do I recommend it?: Using the system taught in this course we are reaching 2.5 million people per month on Pinterest! Pinterest has literally become our second largest source of traffic, second only to Google itself and the traffic converts into leads & sales better than Instagram or Facebook.

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The #1 Pinterest Marketing Automation Tool: Tailwind

What is it?: To scale your Pinterest marketing without wasting 8 hours per day, you need to either batch your work and schedule your pins to be released over time. Tailwind gives you the ability to queue up your pins for the week so your marketing strategy is executed on all week long on autopilot.

Why do I recommend it?: The worst way to do social media is to keep returning to the platform every single time you need to post. Manually returning multiple times per day is not only inefficient but it will drain your creative energy fast.  Tailwind is a Pinterest-approved software that solves this problem.

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The Top Instagram Hashtag Research Tool -

What is it?: is the best Instagram marketing and Hashtag research tool to help you get more reach, likes and followers on IG. Other tools always try to stack too many things onto this process, while does everything you need, in an incredibly smart and intuitive interface. 

Why do I recommend it?: Hashtags are the "conversations" on Instagram, and offer you the greatest opportunity for growing your audience on the platform. When you get your IG posts to rank well for the right hashtags that are relevant to your customers, you will get more exposure from the people who matter most… Flick is the tool to help you do just that. 

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