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#1 Best Landing Page & Funnel Software: Lead Pages

What is it?: ​The fastest and easiest way to deploy and test landing pages & sales pages. A fully integrated landing page builder, sales page builder and shopping cart that allows you to quickly and inexpensively build and split test your sales funnels​ while selling your products a​ll in one place.

Why do I recommend it?: ​Speed of implementation and reliability.  Compared to ClickFunnels (which is known to have bugs and support issues) LeadPages is less expensive and more reliable. Compared to WordPress, it is MUCH simpler to use and faster to create/deploy new tests.  This is why my team and I personally use LeadPages every single day.

Where can you find it?: ​milesbeckler.com/leadpages

​Best Budget Option ​For Sales Funnels: DIY Sales Funnel

What is it?: ​​​​The "DIY Sales Funnel" approach leverages WordPress and a series of specific themes, plugins and tools to build out a fully-functional sales funnel on a tight budget. Specifically, this links you to a full video series where I walk you through the process, step-by-step of setting it all up!

Why do I recommend it?: ​This is by-far the cheapest ​way to build out fully functional sales funnel.  If you are already a WordPress fan, this is a great way to keep your entire business on your WP site.  It will take you longer to set this up and to run compared to LeadPages above, but ​it's cheaper!

Where can you find it?: diysalesfunnel.com/​videos/

​Best ​Software For Your Online Courses:  Thinkific

What is it?: A​lthough it has some limitations as a 'sales funnel' software it is industry-leading when it comes to delivering your online courses or memberships.  You get the tools necessary to create sales pages, a shopping cart and a learning management system so for course creators, it's great!

Why do I recommend it?: ​You can publish and sell 3 courses at no cost to you, which is brilliant.  This allows you to start earning income ​​before havin​g to pay for the software.  ​There's no ability to create opt-in pages​, but the below-mentioned tool for a great companion that ​will handle your opt-ins.

Where can you find it?: ​milesbeckler.com/thinkific

Best Autoresponder With Opt-In Pages:  ​ConvertKit

What is it?: A beginner-friendly autoresponder that has a robust landing page builder that allows you to create and deploy high-converting opt-in pages so you can grow your list.

Why do I recommend it?: ​ When blended with Thinkific (mentioned above) ​you are able to add on the opt-in component to your funnel without having to invest in a separate page builder.  You MUST have an autoresponder anyways, with ConvertKit you get an opt-in page builder, too!​​​

Where can you find it?: ​milesbeckler.com/convertkit

The Fast & Simple Way To Sell Online:  The ​1 Page Funnel

What is it?: What happens when you are able to mash-up your sales page and your checkout page into 1 beautiful (and split-test-able) page?  ​You have a ​1-Page Funnel ​which is the fastest & easiest way to sell products online.  The links here actually take you to a full video training that explains everything.

Why do I recommend it?: ​So many marketers overcomplicate the process of selling and put WAY too much time into complex funnels that don't work.  Whether you are testing offers via FB ads or you want to quickly launch coaching offers, mastermind products, specials for your courses, etc... This is the fastest way to sell your products, no doubt.

Where can you find it?: milesbeckler.com/1-pager

​#1 Training To Drive Tons Of Great Traffic: ​​FB Ads ​Course

What is it?: ​High converting funnels are only half the battle. You need massive amounts of targeted traffic who want to buy what you are selling, too!  Today, Facebook ads are the best option and this FB ads course is the #1 way to scale.

Why do I recommend it?: ​Max, the course creator is honest, intelligent and a great teacher.  You can get access for as little as $97 and he takes you deep into the advanced strategies that will allow you to scale hordes of qualified traffic to your offers, fast.

Where can you find it?: milesbeckler.com/fb

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