Best Email Marketing Courses & Tools

The Best Email Marketing Courses

If you want to grow your business beyond the $10,000/month mark you will need to master email marketing... 80% of my income comes from email which is why these courses & tools are essential!

Best FREE List Building Course: List Growth By Aweber

What is it?:  This free course walks you through the process of creating the two most important list building components for your business... Your lead magnet and your landing page! This is a 100% beginner friendly and totally free training that will get you started with email marketing the right way!

Why do I recommend it?: with data from tens of thousands of email marketers and over 20 years of experience, Aweber is the most knowledgeable team in the world of email marketing. These tips will help you stay focused on what matters and get your list growing fast.

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Best Email Marketing Templates: Autoresponder Alchemy

auto responder alchemy course

What is it?:Autoresponder Alchemy is a course developed by Terry Dean with 80 email templates you can copy, customize and send to start generating more income through email, fast!

Why do I recommend it?: Although there are video trainings to help you build more profitable funnels and drive more traffic, the core of this course is the 80 pre-written email templates that you can literally swipe and deploy today. You can fill them in with your own stories, your own niche, and your own product names, and start sending money-making emails to your list right now.

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The Top Best Email Marketing/Autoresponder Tools

There are dozens of autoresponder systems out there you can choose from.  I believe in the "Keep It Simple" approach and have broken down the 3 recommendations you can grow to 10k/mo and beyond with... And remember it is EASY to switch when you grow or need to migrate.

🏆 The Most Reliable FREE Autoresponder Service: Aweber

What is it?: Aweber is not only the most reliable autoresponder available… It also boasts the best customer support in the industry. Their customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, via live chat. Need help?  They've got you covered!

Why do I recommend it?: Simply stated, their world-class support who is there via chat to help you grow, manage and mail your list!  Plus they have a free account that offers you up to 500 subscribers, full automations and follow up campaigns, free landing pages and their world-class support... So you'll never get stuck again!

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Best Advanced Marketing Automation: Active Campaign

active campaign

What is it?: Active Campaign is a marketing automation tool that gives you all of the autoresponder broadcast capabilities you need… While also giving you deep integration with third-party tools like Thrivecart, SamCart, Thinkific, etc. so you can run membership sites, run cart abandonment campaigns, page-based email re-targeting & more!

Why do I recommend it?: When you are bringing in over 100 leads per day and dozens of new customers per week, advanced marketing automation can help you generate more sales and earn more profit.  For most marketers, you will not need this powerful of a tool until you are earning $10,000/mo.

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Best Budget Autoresponder Option: ConvertKit


What is it?: A newer service that focuses on content marketers as a niche. They not only have basic campaign and automation features that are simple to use but they have a built-in landing page system to help you grow your list.

Why do I recommend it?: They offer a great value on the basic email service and you get their landing page builder… This is everything you need to get started growing your list but the landing page builder is not pro-level as it lacks the ability to run split tests. Their support isn't as readily available as Aweber, but it is superior to ActiveCampaign.  All around, a great starting point for new marketers ready to grow their list!

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