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Best Auto-Updating Legal Docs: Termageddon

Get 10% Off With Promo Code: MILES

What is it?: Termageddon is a new and quite interesting solution for website legal matters. They basically give you an embeddable technology that you install on your website, that is paired with a US-based legal team. 

They allow you to install a script on your website, and then their legal team literally creates and publishes the legal docs you need on your site for you. 

Why do I recommend it?: Termageddon is awesome because they literally do everything for you. With all of the privacy policy laws changing so often nowadays, going back in to edit your own legal documents can actually be quite daunting… especially if you run more than just one website.  

You need to be protected, and Termageddon is really awesome at doing it fast and efficiently. Plus, if you use the coupon code MILES when you sign up, you can save 10% off your first order… which is a pretty good deal! 

Where can you find it?: 

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