Question: Are you the ambitious entrepreneur (or solopreneur) who’s feeling stressed, overwhelmed or burnt-out because…

“A million little tasks are eating up my time and freedom...?”

Many entrepreneurs today feel the same way.

You started building your business to create lifestyle freedom for yourself. 

You know, escape the “9-5 prison” and be your boss. 

But now, you're pushing through 50-60hr work weeks, grinding it out on weekends, just to get ahead.

Annoying, time-consuming tasks just won't let you breathe.

You've got blog posts to write, videos to shoot, support tickets to answer, appointments to set, social media posts to create, bookkeeping, product creation, etc...

And that doesn't even touch on the fact that you've got website updates needing your attention... You may want to redesign your site... Or build out a new funnel and autoresponder.

You know you need to run more split tests and get more ads going...

You're wearing 5 hats or more, to keep your business afloat and it feels like you're sinking in a sea of 'to do' lists that never get done.

It's not like you're not doing your best.

However, no matter how hard you work, you constantly feel like you didn't get enough done.

And the crazy thing is – for many -- this looks like the way to succeed.

Other solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business builders claim to be doing the same thing.

Plus, the internet and social media are swarming with gurus all promoting the hustle culture.

They tell everyone to hustle. Grind. Work hard. Go all in. 

And I respect that... I've hustled my fair share.

But you need to be acting like the CEO of your business!

This is where the hustle culture and social influencers have been leading you astray.

Perpetually "doing more" is not the answer.

See, someone has to say it.

The general advice for entrepreneurs is deeply flawed.

Because it fails to tell you that you're ALWAYS fighting a losing battle against time.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

And this means there's a physical limit on the number of things you can do.

Stated another way...

If you are doing everything yourself, your productivity is capped.

This means there’s a very real limit on how much you can grow your business.

And sadly, it also means working harder or working more hours isn't going to change things.

Neither will to-do lists, productivity hacks, meditation, morning routines of whatever else the gurus are recommending these days

Because the problem IS NOT you.


If you want to free yourself from the shackles of unending tasks that leave you overwhelmed, stressed and tired...

...You need to rethink how you work on your business.

How top CEOs enjoy more freedom than anyone else despite managing multiple businesses

You see, building a business is like laying bricks for a house.

Of course, you want to lay them the right way, the first time, because the end result is a thriving business.

But this leads to a trap most people fall into.

They go about laying these bricks all by themselves... One brick at a time. – and you can’t totally blame them.

When we care about something, we want it done the right way.

But sometimes it’s because we're being cheap and we don't fully value our time.

Other times, it’s because we don't know any better.

Sadly, this results in stress, burn-out, exhaustion and overwhelm – and business gets “stuck”

Now, the interesting thing is... Seasoned entreprneuers take a different approach.

And it's an approach that lets time work in their favor, earning them the freedom that most can only dream of.

What do they do?

They find the right people and get them to lay the bricks -- while they oversee the project.

And that's when interesting things start to happen.

The business grows 3x, 5x even 10 times as fast.

Not only that...

They get to focus on doing what they love, spending time with loved ones and enjoying life more than most people who are hustling for pennies.

They're not weighed down with annoying time-sucking tasks.

They're not burnt-out or feeling overworked -- instead, they find joy in working on their businesses.

They have new and inspired business ideas while out having fun and enjoying life that their team can execute on, for them!

Their businesses grow while they play.

Fact is...

If you feel like your business is taking over your entire life... odds are you're doing too much.

You’re laying too many bricks by yourself.

And what you may not realize is, you're harming your business by trying to do everything.

You see, by drowning in the $10/hr tasks that barely add to your business… you’re unknowingly holding back your business from growing. 

Because no one is working on the MOST IMPORTANT $100/hr and $1,000/hr tasks like creating products, launching new funnels, testing new lead magnets, finding new affiliate offers to mail, etc.

Now, to grow your business at a faster pace, with freedom to other things you care about… need to start hiring people and outsourcing tasks.

This might not sound like the "ninja tactics" most entrepreneurs look for...

But, check out this crazy story, real quick...

How a $6/hr virtual assistant changed my life

Many years ago, my wife and I set out to build our first business.

Like many, we were excited to bring our dreams to life. 

It was the both of us vs the world.

And it didn't take long for our business to start growing.

But this growth suddenly dumped me inside a nightmare. 

I was acting as the full-time customer support. 

With each passing week, my tasks multiplied.

First, it was handling customer support tickets here and there. 

Then I had to start taking care of enquiries on our social media channels.

As the business grew, email support tickets tripled.

Enquiries on social media tripled.

I was struggling to keep up with the tasks.

I was spending about 4 hours daily replying to messages. 

On top of that, I was handling expenses. Meetings. Schedules. Errands. You name it.

As if that's not enough, I had to come up with topics for blog posts. 

I had to write the blog posts. 

Publish the posts. 

And then go on to promote them.

Most nights I went to bed feeling extremely exhausted and frustrated.

I constantly felt like I wasn't getting enough done.

But I had to put on a brave face for my wife.

This continued for months.

Along the line, I got to know about the 80/20 principle.

The whole idea was deeply interesting and it made me rethink how I worked in my business.

If 80% of my results were coming from only 20%of the things I was doing, then it makes sense to focus on that 20%.

Ultimately, this led me to hire the first assistant in our business, Claudine.

And thanks to Claudine, my life never remained the same again.

She helped me take care of:

  • customer support emails
  • email analytics audits
  • order processing, refunds and dropshipping
  • moderation on social media replies
  • compiling audiences for Facebook ad audiences
  • managing monthly payouts for affiliates
  • finding joint venture partners and influencers
  • social media research and publishing
  • executive summaries for courses I don't want to waste time on (so I can spy on my competitors 😉 )
  • email inbox management
  • keeping my projects organized and on track in Asana
  • compiling our most liked and engaged content to distribute on other platforms
  • scheduling my member's zoom calls and podcasts, adding them to my calendar
  • and much more

Can you imagine the huge relief?

Not only was she able to handle the 4+ hours/day of customer support work I was doing myself, but she has helped me optimize and improve my efficiency in dozens of areas within my business!

It was like she lifted a massive weight off my shoulders.

And you know what impresses me the most?

I just give her minimal instructions and she takes care of business.

Since I brought in Claudine, my wife and I have been able to focus on the IMPORTANT $100/hr and $1,000/hr tasks...

This has allowed us to build a business that makes more than a million dollars, every year.

Now, I'm not saying it's all because of Claudine. 

But she played an important role.

Because hiring her bought me countless hours of free time each day...

Allowing me the freedom to focus on more important parts of the business and to enjoy traveling without worrying that my business would fall apart while I was gone.

She gave me the freedom from the mundane time-sucking tasks to focus on giving my best self to the world.

And this is why I've been so successful.


I can step away from my business for weeks at a time -- without touching my laptop, and return to a smooth-running business.

My wife and I can go camping for several days without even bringing our laptops along.

When I am working... My workdays are rarely more than 4 hrs...

And today, I earn more in a week than I used to make in a year when I was stuck doing customer support!

I'm working less than I ever have and making more than I ever have.

And since Claudine was hired, I've gone on to bring in over a dozen people into our team.

Now, let me ask you this...

What if you had someone like Claudine taking care of those monotonous tasks eating away your time?

Picture this for a second…

You’re watching Netflix one evening with the fam… Suddenly you remember that email you sent out to your list today never made it to your social media channels or your blog…

But you want to continue enjoying family time… So you send a quick message to your assistant…

And when you wake up the next morning… it’s all done.

Imagine how freeing that is.

And the good news is…this isn’t some pipe-dream.

I live this reality – and YOU can too!

However, hiring assistants and outsourcing tasks comes with a bunch of question marks and some potentially expensive mistakes if you get it wrong.

If you're a solo entrepreneur, you're likely wondering...

How do I make my first hire?

This is a question I contended with before making my first hire years ago.

If I was to go back in time, first thing I’d do is find some annoying tasks I don’t want to do.

Then, I’d pick out one or two tiny tasks.

And then, I’d bring in someone to handle this task.

As my trust in this assistant grows, I’d be more comfortable offloading more tasks and making more hires.

(That’s basically how I hired Claudine. And I’ll show you where to find these talent shortly)

But speaking of trust…

Finding an assistant you can trust to do a great job and protect your information is a big issue

If you've tried hiring talent for your business, you know that finding good, trustworthy people is hard.

There are nightmare stories of business owners hiring people who end up ghosting on them.

And besides, it feels totally weird to share personal information with someone you barely know. 

Personally, I start with tiny bits of personal stuff and see how they handle it.

Thankfully, there's also a couple of helpful tools that I use to protect my info while giving assistants access to work.

But if you're not comfortable giving them access?

Then you shouldn't. 

When it comes to quality of work, I don't think about it too much.

Because I've discovered that as long as you make the right hire -- all it takes is some pointers and good feedback -- and they'll deliver great results.

And check this out:

Outsourcing tasks doesn’t have to cost a fortune

While many small businesses think it is...

...the fact is an extra productive hour or two which you'll win back can dramatically change your business. 

That's because you now have more time to focus on the big needle movers in your business.

Besides, you can also leverage the dollar.

By hiring qualified talent outside the U.S

There are simple backdoors anyone can use to find exceptional talent, even if you're on a tiny budget.

But the trick in getting the most bang for your buck is knowing...

Which tasks to outsource?

In running your business, I'm sure you must have realized there are $1000/hour…$100/hour and $10/hour tasks.

Being the smart and ambitious business owner, your job is to spend as much time on the high level $1000/hour tasks.


Because those are the real tasks that move your business forward.

By spending one hour on a $10 task rather than a $1000 task, you're actually losing money.

And that's not the kind of moves you want to make, is it?

Another thing to consider…

If the task takes up a couple hours and someone else can do it, then you should seriously consider outsourcing it.

Having said all’s the bottom line.

If you plan on growing your business without losing your time and freedom -- you should embrace outsourcing

Every single business making real money today has teams in place.

Personally, I don't know any successful entrepreneur without assistants.

When I speak to the group of entrepreneurs I coach, I always tell them that one of the fastest ways to grow a business and win back their freedom is to leverage people.

It's also how you grow a side-hustle into a proper business.

Outsourcing tasks allows your business progress while you sleep.

It frees you up to focus on the big levers you need to pull to grow your business.

Remember, time is an extremely limited resource. 

And instead of drowning in work, outsourcing helps you multiply yourself, so you do more in less time.

And enjoy more freedom than anyone else.

Imagine if you never had to stay up late working on your business...

The "million things to do" simply vanished, allowing you focus on what you truly loved…

The stress, overwhelm, frustration and burn-out were replaced by a renewed energy, clear focus and the joy of building a business...

Won’t that be amazing?

You could be more present in the lives of loved ones, go on dates and stop turning down invites from friends.

You could enjoy your free time without feeling guilty because there's work left undone.

Your hobbies, passions and personal time no longer had to be sacrificed to go "all in" on your business.

It might sound like a dream.

But I'm releasing my exact process for hiring A-player talent to help you make this a dream come true.


The Hire and Outsource Crash Course.

This is my A-Z system for finding, vetting and hiring trusted talent...whether full-time, part-time, or remote.

Since I hired my first assistant, I've constantly refined and perfected this system. 

Three weeks ago, it helped me land another unbelievable talent whom I've added to my team.

The best part?

I didn't have to hire multiple times to find the right person...nor did I have to interview dozens of people.

That's because this system walks you to the best places to find talent, points them out to you and whispers who's the best man for the job.

The Hire and Outsource crash course is made up of FOUR detailed video lessons that show you my complete system for finding, vetting and hiring the best talent for your business.

You'll watch me as I search the market for specific talent, depending on the type of tasks I want to outsource.

You'll see my simple process for qualifying talent and ensuring I'm making the best possible hire in my budget range.

You can think of this as the "entrepreneurial version" of how world-class companies find, vet and hire quality talent from all over the world.

With this system in your palm…

You can finally take a deserved break from "back-breaking" work that doesn't add much to your business…

And instead...grow your business faster by focusing on important tasks, and win back more time to do things you love.

Video 1 - A big picture look at how outsourcing transforms businesses

  • The 4% rule that helped me maximize my business growth potential
  • What roles in your business should you outsource?
  • The "build your bench" strategy for hiring and building a successful business
  • The acid test for knowing when you've made the right hire
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when paying for talent
  • The only 4 platforms I recommend to find qualified and trusted talent
  • My "rogue approach" for hiring talent from recommended platforms...the way you've been taught to hire isn't in your best interests. This helps you play the hiring game to your advantage.
  • How to retain quality hires and make them love working with you...quality talent are in demand and it's one you to keep them happy, else someone else scoops them up.
  • How to scale your business by outsourcing tasks

Video 2 - Tackling the most common outsourcing challenges

  • The most "budget-friendly" talent pool to hire trusted writers (hint: it's not Upwork)...but it’s a "must know" if your business is heavily focused on written content.
  • No problem paying premium price for talent? THIS talent pool is your best bet.
  • Hiring talent for one-off projects? Go here.
  • Want to hire Native English speakers in your time zone? Look no further than this place.
  • The underground marketplace where I hired my designers and VAs...guys who've been with me for years.
  • The type of talent to look for in each of the 4 platforms I recommend
  • Where I'd go if I needed WordPress assistants, FB moderators, social media managers, web designers, SEO experts, or graphic designers
  • A simple test to find talent with great internet connection
  • Why public jobs on Upwork are a waste of time
  • My sneaky method for finding legal experts, sales closers, Shopify experts, email marketers and other niched experts on Upwork
  • How to prevent hired talent from ghosting on you

Video 3 - Finding and hiring the perfect talent in one afternoon

  • My A-Z process for finding, vetting and hiring talent on my 4 favorite platforms
  • How to find the best people from a pool of thousands on job boards (people diss job boards because they use it the wrong way)
  • Want to hire talent who easily follow instructions? See this simple test for vetting them
  • The "gladiator-style" approach for making the best hires every single time.
  • Behind-the-scenes look at how I apply my process to search and vet talent for specific tasks
  • How to repel low-quality talent from your job listings...this saves you hours spent sorting through rubbish proposals.
  • A simple trick I use to find writers who can nail my voice and style

Video 4 - Essential tools for managing your schedule, project and team.

  • Why micromanagement is bad for your business
  • The ideal tool for managing complex businesses with long term projects and multiple people
  • 10 FREE tools for business owners serious about proper team and project management
  • The most user-friendly tool for moving files around (hint: it's not Dropbox)
  • The auto email ticket system that takes care of my customer support needs

Plus, if you order today, you'll get these bonuses, too...

Bonus #1 - Outsourcing Job Templates

The Hire and Outsource crash course comes with a cheat sheet of 15 copy-and-paste job posting templates.

You see, what you say in your job description can attract or repel the right type of talent.

And since the best talent are always in demand, you need a job description that gets them excited to work with you.

I've received a message from a freelancer thanking me and saying my detailed job post was what lured him in.

In these templates, you'll find the exact details to include for an attractive job posting.

Not only that -- because they're 15 different kinds -- you can tweak them for any kind of job listing.

Bonus #2 - MP3 Audio Recordings From Each Lesson

Although I recommend you watch the videos...because I sit you beside me and show you how to find and vet talent...I understand you may not have the time.

That's why I've included 4 audio recordings so you can easily follow along, even if you're on the move.

Bonus #3 - 101+ tasks to outsource

Not sure which tasks to outsource? Don't bother sweating it.

You'll fish them out in this master list of 123 (yes! one hundred and twenty three) time-sucking tasks.

I've been in the online business circle since 2009 and these are the time vampires that barely add anything to your business.

Just scroll through the master list, underline the tasks you'd like to outsource and with the Hire and Outsource system in your palm, you can confidently toss them to someone else.

As long as you run an online business, this will make your life a lot easier.

That being said, I'd like to be crystal clear on who this is for.

The Hire and Outsource Crash Course Is Perfect For You If...

  • you're at the point where you can't rely on yourself anymore to do things effectively or efficiently because you're doing everything yourself
  • you've been burned by bad hires in the past and you lack a clearly defined process for identifying quality talent 
  • you know there are a million things to be done but you wish you were working on something else instead
  • you don't feel "alive" doing certain crucial tasks that are part of your business
  • you feel guilty for taking time off to enjoy things that aren't "productive"
  • your business starts to suffer when you're not putting in 40+ hours weekly, working weekends and pulling all nighters
  • you'd like to easily tick off your daily tasks...breeze through projects and get more done in way less time than it takes you now
  • you're a coach, info-marketer, YouTube, agency owner...basically, you run a business online
  • If that's you…

Here's how to grab the Hiring and Outsourcing Crash Course...

I've made investing in this easily affordable.

And I say "investing" because that's exactly what you're doing. 

I've reaped extraordinary physical, mental and financial returns by hiring assistants and outsourcing tasks to them. 

And now, you're about to do the same.

Because I'm giving you my A-Z process:

 ...practical videos showing you EXACTLY how I make part-time or full-time hires for my business, along with street-level tactics for making snagging and retaining the best talent recordings for you to follow along, even if you're busy

...a master list of 123 tasks you should be outsourcing to win back your time and freedom

......15 copy-and-paste job posting templates to help you attract the right talent

You get everything for $97 only.

But that's not all.

Your investment is protected by My "You only pay if you love it" 60-day Guarantee

I say, grab the course. 

Watch the videos. 

Check out the tasks master list.

With a 60-day test period, you've got enough time to test everything I've shared and make up your mind about this.

If you think it's an absolute waste of your time, I insist you let me know.

Simply contact my support team at within 60-days of getting this.

I'll give you a prompt refund. 

And apologize for wasting your time.

If you've read this far, all that's left now is to click the button below and get started...

Grab the Hiring and Outsourcing Crash Course

Here's to more business success,

Miles "Digital CEO" Beckler

Hiring and Outsourcing is more than winning back your time and freedom...

It's about making you the CEO of your business.

You have a message you're trying to get out to the world.

Whether you're a solopreneur or an overworked entrepreneur, you have an audience that's waiting for your help to transform their lives.

And you have something special you do -- that'll get them where they want to be.

Being a CEO is all about zeroing on what you do best. 

When you focus on doing your best work, you can reach more people who need you.

Not only that, you're going to notice your revenue go up and up.

And that's when life gets really exciting.

To reach this point, however, you need serious leverage on your business. 

That's why I'm giving you my A-Z process for finding the right people and outsourcing to them, so you can easily manage your business, help more people and grow your business.

I'd love to connect with you and hear the life-changing results you get with this.

(Yes! I'm that confident. This worked for me, remember?)

So, can you write me when it starts happening?

If that's a yes, then don't wait a second longer.