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You are limited by the number of hours in the day. When you start to buy time from other capable people, you can literally multiply the number of hours of work that can get done in your business. That is the magic recipe for scaling profits while enjoying more free time for yourself!

The #1 Job Board In The Philippines: OnlineJobs.Ph

What is it?: The most popular job board in the Philippines where western employers are able to find virtual assistants, support reps, social media marketers, designers, SEOs, developers & more. Most my teammates are from this site.

Why do I recommend it?: Many Filipinos learn English at a young age and culturally they are hard working, honest and hungry for opportunity.  The value based on the currency exchange and average pay rate locally is helpful for a growing business with low cashflow compared to hiring domestically.

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The #1 How To Guide To Outsourcing: Expert Outsourcing

What is it?:This course by John Jonas that helps you to understand what it takes to find and hire the right kinds of teammates who can help you grow your business fast. 

Why do I recommend it?: Many people don't believe outsourcing works or they have had poor experiences with remote workers.  This is usually from misguided expectations and flaws in the hiring process.  Learn the right way before wasting time and money hiring the wrong people.

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Hire Great Writers & Editors : The Writer's Platform

What is it?: Access to a small army of content creators.  You can find and hire writers starting at just $.02 cents per word, but their platform will help you keep your content marketing projects on track from one simple and intuitive dashboard.  I LOVE this system!

Why do I recommend it?: After spending over $100,000 in content, hiring writers from dozens of sources, this is the only platform I'm currently hiring writers from. They have the highest quality writers at the best price and the project management dashboard saves you a TON of time and headaches keeping your content projects organized.

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The Best WordPress Publishing Service: WP Publish Pro

What is it?: WP Publish Pro gives you virtually unlimited WordPress publishing for a flat fee of $99/mo. They handle the entire layout and publishing process for all of the content on 3 of my websites and it is a better value than hiring, managing and training teammates on my own.

Why do I recommend it?: You literally get to leverage a team of WordPress publishing experts, instead of wasting hours in the WP dashboard every time you publish a post.  They can easily save you 10 hours per month that you can re-focus on creating more great content to grow your traffic even faster!

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The Best Place For Quick & One-Off Jobs: Fiverr

What is it?: Built on the idea of 'everything is just $5' Fiverr has grown a lot over the years.  It is great place to find help with one off projects needing quick turn-around times.  I've outsourced book cover designs, proofreading, pdf layouts & 3d book images & more!

Why do I recommend it?: As long as you stick to vendors who have 4.5 stars and higher from 100 or more people, you have a great chance at finding a pro.  You can usually pay more to get a job done in 24 hours which is great and it saves you from needing to hire a full time or part time teammate if you need quick help.

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Best Native-English Outsourcing Platform:

What is it?: Upwork is widely recognized as one of the biggest freelancing platforms in the world, and is usually the best place to hire top-tier talent in the Western World. It is a very competitive marketplace, though, and you can often expect to pay five to ten-times as much for a freelancer on Upwork as you could expect to pay on

Why do I recommend it?: If you need a PR strategist, or a writer/editor with perfect English, then you can find them on Upwork. It isn’t necessarily cheap, but there are many world-class freelancers on the site. 

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