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Best Copywriting Course For 2020 Saved $11k in Sales Letter Copywriters

Want to sell millions of dollars worth of products online?

Want to have the time freedom to live and work wherever you want in the world?

Want to walk away from your day job and become your own boss?

There's something you gotta understand, and it's the secret to why some marketers sell their stuff seemingly without effort while others struggle to make conversions and sales...

It's your copy.

Your copy is the key to your business success. If your copy isn’t cutting it, what should you do?

I’ve been there, tried many other methods and courses and even hired copywriters who completely missed the mark, costing thousands of dollars and months of effort.

Until I found something that changed everything...

It’s THE BEST copywriting course I’ve ever run across and has helped me create the lifestyle design I always wanted.

This is not some new get rich quick garbage. Through this course, I’ve generated hundreds and thousands of dollars and converted more people to my sales list than I ever thought possible.

Today, I’m going to share it with you. Let’s dive in so you can start creating your own killer copy!

Your Sales Copy is the Key to Your Long-Term Success

Your sales copy is the first thing your customers see.

It is absolutely essential to get this dialed in.

If it doesn’t speak to your audience, they’re going to click off the page, regardless of how great your idea or offer may be.

Learn how to use the best copywriting course to hook your audience with a great copy in this video!

On the other hand, a great sales copy, whether you’re selling a membership program, coaching, an online course, an event or just about anything online, can dramatically increase your subscriptions, conversions and your sales.

You will be amazed at the difference great copy can make in your business!

Even if you feel your copy is good, you have to wonder, why is it that some marketers are growing their list or selling their products seemingly effortlessly while you’re constantly struggling to get people on board?

It’s about their technique and not just any technique, but one that resonates psychologically with their audience.

It was when I learned the secrets in this course that everything shifted for my business.

The Power of a Perfect Sales Letter - A Long Journey

Before my wife and I finally dialed in our sales page, we tried many different approaches.

We read the best copywriting books and tried writing our own sales copy using other template-based systems.

We even outsourced copywriters. I spent $12,000 on a copywriter and 20% of it wasn’t even done. It took my wife and I months to rework the copy because they completely missed the mark.

Another time I spent $6000 on a copy but was unable to use it because it didn’t reflect our brand, at all. That was a complete waste because it would have taken too much time and energy to rewrite it.

This was back in 2014, we finally dialed in our sales copy and over 4 years later, that very same sales letter has continued working for us, even while we sleep!

The best part is that we recently made some visual tweaks to the member’s area and relaunched our membership program.

The same sales letter absolutely crushed it, generating more revenue and making it the most profitable week in our business that we’d ever seen before.

That’s the power of great copywriting!

When you get this right it is an asset that keeps working for you.

An Inside Look at The Best Copywriting Course You Need to Grow Your Business

best copywriting course

7 hours of training, templates and even bonus reports, everything you need to polish that gem you’re working on.

Doberman Dan and Terry Dean, two of the world’s leading experts on copywriting, have created 60minutecopy, by far the best copywriting course I’ve ever come across.

Take a look at why it is such a great asset for any business that’s ready to take it to the next level!

Stellar Copywriting Templates That’ll knock Your Copy Out of the Park

They offer over 20 copywriting templates, 5 of which are literally fill in the blank.

They have copywriting templates for everything from health and wellness, supplements, information products, print newsletters, book offers, coaching, membership sites, shipping & trip wire offers, they even have a $10,000 boot camp template and that’s just to name a few.

You simply take these templates and add your own style to them to fit your personal brand and if there isn’t one that covers the precise audience your targeting, you can easily edit them to fit your exact needs.

There are so many templates to choose from that you can find the perfect one for each specific project you may have going.

You can use them as is but what’s great is they go deeper into how to use these templates so you can create a killer copy of your own.

Video Training and Reports That Take You Even Deeper

In addition to the templates, there are also hours of hardcore in-depth copywriting training videos.

They guide you through the process to teach you their foundational theory of adaptive thinking, which allows you to take and learn how to design your high converting copy.

This really gives you a clear idea of the process and how the course fits together with your business goals.

The bonus reports are fantastic, going over your email marketing copy, bullet points on your opt-in, and how to create great headlines that not only hook your audience but convert.

You’ll also find killer topics and training such as how to create a money-making promotion, how to create an irresistible promotion, video and print training, plus copywriting and conversion hacks.

And it doesn’t stop there. The value within this one copywriting course exceeds expectations.

After seeing real results, I wish I would have done it sooner.

I highly recommend you check it out!

How to Become a Better Copywriter with This CopyWriting Course

copywriting course for copywriters

Again, that adaptive thinking is key for all marketers.

Just like how you should split test your offers, when you go over any template of formula, you modify it to fit your personal business needs.

I recommend reading through every single one of the templates and print out the ones that best align with the goals you have for your target audience.

With My Membership Program, for example, I took bits and pieces from a couple different templates and put them together to create my own perfect copy.

You can take the different bullet points, subheadlines, and figure out which one works for you until it comes together.

It comes together faster because you have a pro getting you started.

Who doesn’t want to be able to get more done as an entrepreneur?!


The Best Copywriting Course That Will Make You Stop Wasting Your Time and Money

Marketers who sell know how to speak to their audience.

If your copy isn’t converting and producing the results you want, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

If you think you’ve tried everything, you probably haven’t yet because success is in your reach if you’re willing to do the work.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my online businesses and that’s why I share what I do with you.

Keep your sanity, save yourself time, money and hassle with what has proven successful for many other entrepreneurs out there like yourself, including me.

Become a master at copywriting with this course and never look back.

If you have any questions or have tried this product for yourself, leave me a comment below, I’d be happy to hear from you! Until next time, be well.

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