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A quick (and IMPORTANT) note about copywriting...

I'm going to be perfectly honest and a little bit blunt here... Copywriting SUCKS!

Not only is it the most difficult part of the job being an Internet entrepreneur, but it's also the most important... And it takes years to learn how to write great sales copy.

There has to be a copywriting short-cut, right?  

I've tried hiring copywriters from job boards and copy groups and have been scammed out of over $12,000 once... Several other times I've received rubbish copy that didn't convert.

I do recommend being a student of copywriting, but right now, YOU need a solution that will get you cranking out sales copy (and ad copy) that can make sales for you, FAST!

These top 2 options below are the only 2 resources I know of that can actually help you as a new copywriter to get the sales letter copy and ad copy you need in hours, not months.

#1: The Best AI Copywriting Software - Copy Pro AI

What is it?: This software is filled with the highest converting headlines, email campaigns, sales letters, ad copy and VSL scripts from the best copywriters in the world. You select your niche, select what you need (email, ad, vsl, sales script, etc), and the software outputs several high converting templates ready for you to use or customize!  

Why do I recommend it?:  The founder Jon Benson invented the VSL and I've used his previous copywriting software to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.  His connections with the best copywriters and his track record of success with copywriting software put this tool in the #1 must-have spot!

Get a BIG discount on this webinar:

#2:  Sales Letter Templates - 60 Minute Copy Cure

What is it?: 20 high-converting sales letter templates that you can use to quickly launch a sales letter that will make your offer irresistible... Plus you get 5 video trainings and 10 bonus reports to hone your copywriting skills.

Why do I recommend it?: This is what i used to create the sales letter for my membership program.  It brought in over $265,000 in profits.  Starting a sales letter from a blank page is a NIGHTMARE. These templates allow you to begin with a successful template you can mold to your specific needs to create a full sales letter fast!

Where can you find it?:

#3: Runner Up - Copywriting Software - Funnel Scripts

What is it?: Imagine if you could hire a professional copywriter to simply ask you questions about your audience, your product and your story and they handed you ad copy, landing page copy and sales page copy?  The Funnel Scripts does just that.  You can test this copywriting software with headlines for free, here.

Why do I recommend it?: Great ads and sales letters are all based on proven formulas that were tested and perfected decades ago.  This scripts in this software were written by a pro copywriter and makes your life easy by asking you a series of questions.  You answer the questions, click "Build" and the software spits out a GREAT piece of copy for you!

Where can you find it?:

Best Copywriting Training - Simple Writing System 2.0

What is it?: This is John Carlton's flagship copywriting course that will take you from total beginner to having the knowledge and guidance you need to make your business wildly successful!

Why do I recommend it?: Not only is Carlton one of the best copywriters ever, his students are many of the best working copywriters alive, today.  He not only teaches you what you need to write a great sales letter, now... But you will learn a SYSTEM so you can use it to create high-converting sales messages over and over again... Any time you need!

Where can you find it?:

Best Sales Copy & Shopping Cart Combo: 1 Page Funnel

What is it?: Brian Moran has been able to simplify the process of crafting sales funnels down to their simplest (and most effective) form.  Just 1 page that has made millions.  In this free webinar he teaches the 7 step copywriting process and the software needed (the shopping cart) to create these simple yet EXTREMELY effective sales tools called the 1 page funnel.

Why do I recommend it?: If you are selling services, coaching, consulting or high-ticket info products, this 1-page funnel system is the SIMPLEST and most effective way to start selling online. I personally use SamCart for my wife's site and we've run over $1 million through their systems! #ItWorks

Where can you find it?:

Best Storytelling Course: Story-Powered Marketing

What is it?:  This course reveals Hollywood's formula for telling engaging stories that hook your audience and draw them deeper into your marketing. Many of the best internet marketers pay Michael, the script consultant from this course thousands of dollars per month to learn this story framework!

Why do I recommend it?: When you leverage the power of stories in your sales letters, your ads, your emails, videos & blog posts, your audience will be more receptive to your offers than ever before.  This course has helped me refine my personal messaging and positioning that 

Where can you find it?:

The Best Webinar Sales Training - The Perfect Webinar

What is it?: Get the exact webinar script and sales formula that has resulted in millions upon millions of dollars in revenue for under $5.  There is a formula that marketers who CRUSH IT with webinars use... And this is it!

Why do I recommend it?: This script works wonders in any niche. If you are selling via webinars or plan to, this simple script is a must-have! I have friends in a wide variety of niches from Architects to Personal Development who are all using this script to consistently land high dollar customers.

Where can you find it?:

Are There Any Copywriting Courses That Don't Cost Anything?...

If you are on a shoestring like budget and are not able to invest in any of the course above, then I suggest you take a look at Amplify by

This copywriting course won't cost you a single dime to get started with and has extensive copywriting, email copy, landing and sales page copy training, along with training structured to help you increase your revenue, grow your audience and master your marketing... All for free.

It's one of the most all-in-one complete courses on the web.

Inside, you get access to 10 masterclasses taught by industry experts who teach you how to monetize your expertise.

Check out the training inside Amplify. You'll be glad you did!

Want more free courses? Here's 7 great free copywriting courses.

The Power of a Perfect Sales Letter - A Long Journey

Before my wife and I finally dialed in our page, we tried many different approaches.

We read the best copywriting books and tried writing our own copy using other template-based systems.

We even outsourced copywriters. I spent $12,000 on a copywriter and 20% of it wasn’t even done. It took my wife and I months to rework the copy because they completely missed the mark.

Another time I spent $6000 on a copy but was unable to use it because it didn’t reflect our brand, at all. That was a complete waste because it would have taken too much time and energy to rewrite it.

This was back in 2014, we finally dialed in our copy and over 4 years later, that very same letter has continued working for us, even while we sleep!

The best part is that we recently made some visual tweaks to the member’s area and relaunched our membership program.

The same letter absolutely crushed it, generating more revenue and making it the most profitable week in our business that we’d ever seen before.

That’s the power of great copywriting!

When you get this right; copy is an asset that keeps working for you.

Stellar Copywriting Templates That’ll knock Your Copy Out of the Park

Doberman Dan and Terry Dean, two of the world’s leading experts on copywriting, have created 60minutecopy, by far the best copywriting templates I’ve ever come across.

They offer over 20 copywriting templates, 5 of which are literally fill in the blank.

They have copywriting templates for everything like health and wellness, supplements, information products, print newsletters, also book offers, coaching, membership sites, shipping & trip wire offers, they also have a $10,000 boot camp template if that's something that fits and you like, and that’s just to name a few.

You simply take the templates that you like and add your own writing style to them to fit your personal brand and also if there isn’t one that covers the precise audience your targeting, you can easily edit them to fit your exact needs when you write.

There are so many templates to choose from that you can get the perfect one for each specific project you may have going.

You can use them as is but what’s great is they go deeper into how to use these templates so you can create a killer copy of your own if that's what you want to do.

Video Training and Reports That Take You Even Deeper

In addition to the templates, there are also hours of hardcore in-depth copywriting training videos.

They guide you through the process to teach you their foundational theory of adaptive thinking, which allows you to take and learn how to design your high converting copy.

This really gives you a clear idea of the process and how the course fits together with your business goals.

The bonus reports are fantastic, going over your email marketing copy, bullet points on your opt-in, and how to create great headlines that not only hook your audience but convert.

You’ll also get killer topics and training such as how to create a money-making promotion, how to create an irresistible promotion, video and print training, plus copywriting and conversion hacks.

And it doesn’t stop there. The value within this one copywriting course exceeds expectations.

After seeing real results, I wish I would have done it sooner.

How to Become a Better Copywriter Fast

Adaptive thinking is key for all marketers.

Just like how you should split test your offers, when you go over any formula, you have to modify it to fit your personal business needs.

I recommend reading through every single one of the templates and print out the ones that best align with the goals you have for your target audience.

With My Membership Program, for example, I took bits and pieces from a couple different templates and put them together to create my own perfect copy.

You can take the different bullet points, subheadlines, and figure out which one works for you until it comes together.

It comes together faster because you have a pro getting you started.

Your Copy is the Key to Your Long-Term Success

Your copy is the first thing your customers see.

It is absolutely essential to get this dialed in.

If it doesn’t speak to your audience, they’re going to click off the page, regardless of how great your idea or offer may be.

Learn how to use the copywriting course to hook your audience with a great copy in this video!

On the other hand, a great copy, whether you’re selling a membership program, coaching, an online course, an event or just about anything online, can dramatically increase your subscriptions, conversions and your profits.

You will be amazed at the difference great copy can make in your business!

The Best Copywriting Course Will Make You Stop Wasting Your Time and Money

Marketers who sell know how to speak to their audience.

If your copy isn’t converting and producing the results you want, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

If you think you’ve tried everything, you probably haven’t yet because success is in your reach if you’re willing to do the work.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my online businesses and that’s why I share what I do with you.

Keep your sanity, save yourself time, money and hassle with what has proven successful for many other entrepreneurs out there like yourself, including me.

Become a master at copywriting and never look back.

Can You Have A Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter Career

Copywriting is a dying art that's for sure, and there's fewer true six-figure copywriting experts in the digital marketing game nowadays.

So, can you get started with a copywriting career today and still make a full-time income writing? Or is copywriting dead?...

Short answer... No it's not dead, and YES you can still make an incredible income as a copywriter!

Let me explain...

Like previously said, there are not as many try six-figure copywriting experts around like there was 10 years ago, therefore the digital marketing world is crying out for more copywriting help.

Due to the shortage of copywriters, entrepreneurs spend months trying to get the best copywriting course, and trying to piece it all together in order do it all themselves (that's why I put this page together).

If you looked at a keyword tool and saw how many times keywords such as, "copywriting course", "courses on copywriting", "courses for copywriting", "courses copywriting", "copywriter course" (the list goes on but I'll save you lol)... All this does is prove how much entrepreneurs are looking for your help as a copywriter.

Also copywriting doesn't just mean 'writing sales pages', there are tons of marketers out there that need help writing for content marketing purposes like blog posts etc, and not to forget writing social media advertising copy for them.

Writing social media advertising pieces for marketing is a whole niche on its own and a very lucrative one. Social media ads are the be all and end all for marketers and they cost a fortune so they need to make sure their ads perform and convert, that's why they will call on YOU to write a social media ad that converts for them. It's priceless for them.

How can you start getting freelance copywriting clients?...

One of the best ways to generate clients is by running a client acquisition funnel where by you provide a free video that shows them how they can increase their profits by [x]% by using a unique copywriting framework...

... Then after the video you invite them to have a free copywriting coaching call with you where you will provide them more value and discuss how you can help their business further and offer them the chance to work with you one on one.

Another option is to provide your own free copywriting courses to prospective customers and use those free lifetime access courses to offer them the opportunity of a done-for-you service where you will write their marketing pieces for them and an exclusive member only price.

Where can you generate leads for your services?

If you can afford to run Facebook ads to one of your client acquisition funnels then that is a great place to start.

If you're on a budget use LinkedIn to create connections with your audience and invite them to watch your presentations and build a relationship with them on that platform. It's a little bit more hands and takes longer on but it still works and works well.

The other option is to do a 90 day challenge (I have a free course on my YouTube channel that shows you exactly how to do a 90 day challenge) and get your content marketing game on either your blog or YouTube channel on point. Create content that helps your viewers get better results from their marketing, and to get them to know, like and trust you. Each piece of content will push viewers to take a look at your free training (i.e. your client acquisition funnel).

These are the ways I would start generating some leads for your new career as a freelance copywriter.

The Best Way To Get Better At Copywriting Faster...

It doesn't matter if you have just invested in copywriting courses or you've got your hands on a few copywriting courses for free, there is one thing beyond any course that is going to improve you as a copywriter... Practice.

It's going to take a lot of practice in order for you to truly master the art of copywriting, and that's also something a course can't give you.

It's important that once you have been through the course you choose to practice using your new found skills to write a piece of marketing material every day, or if you struggle for time at least one every week. You don't have to write about anything that you are trying to actively sell, you could even just write about something lying around in your house. For example, write a marketing piece trying to sell a spoon or a mattress, or a pair of headphones you like...

Doing this sort of activity every day or every week is going to make you a better copywriter. Also, the more you do it, the more copywriting is going to be an instinct for you, and you'll be able to transfer the skills you learn from the course you choose from above into anything you write about.

So Which Copywriting Course Should You Choose?

In a perfect world, I would suggest investing in them all, however If I was to break it down...

If you are on a tight budget, I'd go with the 7 Figure Marketing Copy. It's super affordable and offer so many unique strategies and methods for you to follow. It's over 250 pages long so it's crammed with info and not a single page is wasted. You'll have a ton of fun reading it, digesting it and implanting what you learn...

If you have $0 to invest you can still gain incredible amounts of guidance and value from Copyblogger 'Copywriting 101'. I suggest starting there and investing more when you can...

If you have money to invest and want to become an expert copywriter, there is three I'd recommend... 1) Simple Writing System 2.0 course by John Carlton 2) The 1 Page Funnel Course by SamCart so you can learn how to write shopping cart pages that convert as well and 3) Story-Powered Marketing so you can learn how to write stories that captures an audiences attention and turns it into a sale...

If you'd rather not invest in a course and would prefer some ready-made templates that you can edit to make your own then I'd suggest two... 1) Funnel Scripts By Russell Brunson and 2) The 60 Minute Copy Cure course, both of these will give you ready made templates that you can fill in with your own offer details...

Also, If you are more devoted to mastering webinar marketing and writing webinar that sell products like hotcakes, I'd recommend The Perfect Webinar Funnel Script By Russell Brunson. This course / training will give you everything you want to create powerful webinar profit machines.

All of these courses are amazing, and all offer and provide various specialities. So pick the course that best fits your want and needs. I know whatever course you will pick you will absolutely love because every single course I've put on this list is the best of it's kind.

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