Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

🏆 Best Affiliate Community + Training : M.L. PRO

What is it?: Run by one of the most trustworthy and smartest marketers around, Matt Giovanisci. ML Pro includes a premium community to get accountability and help from other business owners... You also get all of his premium courses (over $1200 in value) plus weekly zoom calls with Matt directly to get all of your questions answered...  With Promo code MILES you get 50% off the annual option!

Why do I recommend it?: Feeling 'alone' on this journey and allowing doubt or confusion to dominate the headspace is the #1 reason why people give up.  Matt has build several brands and makes over $60,000 per month... Via his trainings, community plus weekly zoom calls he will keep you accountable, motivated and focused on the right tasks that will grow your business fast!

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🥇Best Affiliate Marketing Training: Authority Site System

What is it?: The Authority Site System is designed for new online entrepreneurs who want a proven system, and step-by-step videos that show exactly how to build a successful affiliate marketing website from scratch. 

Why do I recommend it?: The quality of their tutorials and the depth of their step-by-step videos is the absolute best available. It's 100% beginner friendly and covers every step in extreme detail. Plus, no one has as many successful students as they have! Their proven system works every time!

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🥈Best "Budget" Affiliate marketing Course: Solo Build It!

What is it?: Solo Build It may be the longest running affiliate marketing training available.  They have helped thousands of people start businesses through their simple "C-T-P-M" system & their powerful action guide.

Why do I recommend it?: They give you the training/education, web hosting, community forums, templates and keyword research tools you need all in 1 place for an extremely low price.  Their system has a bit of an 'old school' feel to it, but you aren't wasting money on expensive user interface designs. Their system works for those who put in the work!

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Done For You Affiliate Websites - Human Proof Designs

What is it?: If there were ever a ‘shortcut’ to starting an affiliate website and/or an affiliate business, then Human Proof Designs is it. You can literally go to their website, choose an affiliate site, and buy it! This is where I purchased the site that I’m running as my affiliate marketing case study as explained in this video

If you want to just skip the niche research, skip the WordPress installation, skip the Thrive subscription, and shortcut the entire process, then this company should definitely be on your radar. 

Why do I recommend it?: If you’re in a position where you have absolutely no time, but you’re a high-income earner and you want to invest some of the money you’re making into a business model, then this is the best way to do it… period. It is also an awesome option if you are just having a hard time choosing a niche for your business! Here, you can just pick one and go! 

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