Is your business converting traffic into sales on auto-pilot? If not, learn how you can...

Convert More Sales & Boost Your Cashflow Fast With My Proven Sales Letter Template That's Made Millions!

Right now, you're going to learn the easy way to create and automate your most profitable asset:  Your Sales Letter.

You see...

There’s only one reason businesses fail.

A lack of cash flow.

In fact, According to Business Insider, 82% of businesses fail because they “experience cash flow problems.”

Which is entrepreneurial speak for “I wasn’t making enough money”

Take a look:

But you should also notice that 29% of business owners run out of cash.

This means their “business” has become a liability and not an asset.

Instead of putting money in their pocket, it sucks the money out of their pocket, so they close up shop.

The key to remember here is that it’s not an audience problem.

Nor is it a product problem.

Or even an engagement problem.

It’s a conversion problem.

Not enough people are clicking the buy button and completing the checkout.

This happens because most entrepreneurs focus all their attention and energy on growing their audience or creating great products... 

Which is useful to a point...

But it doesn't make the cash register ring!

And, when it comes down to SELLING their product...?

AKA writing the sales letter...

That's when stress and overwhelm kick in and they rush through a poorly planned letter that doesn't convert.

Because most people wait until the last minute...

Until they're out of creative energy and they rush through the most important part...

The sales letter.

And they wonder why no one buys their stuff!

You see...

Conversions are the most critical piece of the puzzle for your business.

And here's where most get it 100% wrong...

Why Conversions Fail

Conversions fail for a couple of reasons.

One is mindset.

“Selling” has become a bad word.

And understandably so because there are a lot of hype-based sales approaches out there making over the top (but bad) claims.

And full-court pressure to “Buy Now or Never See this Offer Again!”

So you don’t want to get lumped into the category of the pushy salesman trying to make a quick buck off someone’s naivety.

But here’s the thing.

If you create a product that provides real value for your audience, selling is not an annoyance…

It’s doing them a SERVICE!

If you create a product that provides real value for a real person, you are HELPING them.

So you need to communicate your solution to those people so that they find the help they are looking for.

And you accomplish this with a properly written sales letter that include the proven conversion components. 

The second reason that conversions fail is because the sales letter isn't closing the sale.

You might struggle with sales letters because:

You find writing sales copy to be daunting.

The complexity of a multiple-page sales letter intimidates you.

You feel like you have to go into 'hype mode' to write it.


Maybe you’ve just used up all your creative energy on your content marketing, creating the course or dealing with all the tech.

Here's the problem.

Without a sales letter that converts, you won't make any sales.


A sales letter that converts is the critical piece of your business that turns visitors into customers and creates the required cash-flow for your business to thrive...

But writing sales letters sucks.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Sales Letters

I’m verbal by nature. 

Talking an idea out is easier for me than writing which is why I spent 5 years publishing about 700 videos on my YouTube channel.

But just 'winging it' for sales content doesn't convert.

There's a specific series of conversion components needed, written out in the right order, for a sales letter to have a chance at converting at pro-levels.

How do I know?

Well, I started off by writing dozens of sales letters that didn't work very well.

You see...

My wife and I have been releasing a new audio meditation every 2 weeks for nearly 10 years...

Almost all of those got a hand written sales letter...

In the beginning, we would make a few sales, but nothing ever created consistent and reliable cash flow from a business.

There was a time when I simply added a button inside of a blog post that was driving a bunch of traffic...

I figured there was so much traffic there, clearly some of them would want to buy something…


This was the moment I realized that I had a conversion problem...

So I took the leap and committed to mastering the skill.

I read all the books by the copywriting masters.

I hand-copied old sales letters from the 1940's - 1960's.  

I've been through dozens of copywriting courses and seminars...

But most importantly...

I kept writing copy for more offers, that whole time...

Adding on more conversion components as I learned them...

By the time I was writing letters that had 4 or 5 of the main conversion components in them, the sales really started to stream in.

In fact...

We had our first $10k day from a written sales letter!

But it wasn't just those initial sales from my email to my list that surprised me.

The fact that I could finally run paid advertising to drive traffic to these sales letter and they still converted...

That was the real magic.

This is the moment that everything changed.

I'd wake up to hundreds of dollars in sales by the time I sat down with a cup of coffee.

It was in Sayulita, Mexico when I was nomad'ing for 5 years.

This sales letter that did $10k for us on the launch was continuing to convert for us for months after, profitably bringing in hundreds of customers from paid ads.

That's when the real power of Automated Income hit me

Because I was already working on my NEXT sales letter due to our 2-week publishing schedule...

And the previous sales letter was still bringing in new sales every day.

Now... It's not “passive income.” 

There are always new products in the pipeline, more sales letters to write...

Plus, improving the so-so sales letters that didn't crush it to develop more evergreen sales letters...

This is why I call it “automated income.''


And the key to making it all work is the sales letter…

It's the crucial part in the system that once built (the right way) can work for you like an automated salesperson there to generate cashflow for your business, 24x7.


Once you develop the skills to write a good sales letter, you craft more offers and products your audience will love and write more sales letters.

This is how the modern day digital entrepreneur builds wealth faster than working a 9-to-5.

You build more products that solve more problems, all promoted by your high-converting sales letters and you have a business that creates automated income streams.

Now instead of just one automated cashflow generator sales letter out there generating cash, you have two.

Then three.

Then four.

And so on.

My wife and I currently have over a dozen sales letters out there generating over 7 figures a year…automatically.

Some of these have been producing 6-figures per year for over 5 years, now!

It isn't pasive, but it's worth it to us to have true lifestyle freedom.

We put in the work to create them, and we test/tweak and optimize them…but as assets, they do the work of generating cash flow for us.

No sales calls.

No pre-sale questions.

A 100% automated system that can turn visitors into customers, 24x7.

Now, because of the automated income from these sales letters, we have more time to spend out on the lake, gardening, camping, road-tripping in our camper van, etc.

But, back to the story...

Because it shares how I came up with my template.


As I'm writing more and more sales letters, I knew there had to be a more efficient way.

I think in systems.

Something that's repeatable and simple so I can get it done quick with a high win rate.

I prefer doing other things.

So I began studying and created a rough template so I didn't have to start from scratch every time!

That helped.  

A lot.

So much so that I thought…with a bit more research and study, I could hand my template over to a copywriter and have them create the letter for me.

Plus, I could share it with my students and members to help them create better converting sales letters and funnels, too...

This is when I sent my team on a deep-dive research mission to analyze hundreds of high-converting sales letters that were crushing it, right now.

Mix in everything I've learned from the classic copywriters and isolated for the similarities.  


They were remarkably similar! 

Technology may have changed but human nature and buying psychology hasn’t!

This is when I called on Ted, my teacher buddy who has been teaching writing for over 25 years to help me organize this into a simple-to-follow template that you could use, too.

This is when he brought the breakthrough to the table...

He said... “My students almost always struggle with writing because they try to wrap their head around the entire piece at once and it overwhelms them." 

I agreed and know that feeling of stress and overwhelm from staring at a blank screen knowing I had to write an entire sales letter.

So he suggested...

"Let's break it into bite-sized pieces and put each piece in a template.  That’s the best way to teach.”

So that’s what we did.

Each bite-sized piece is one of the 9 conversion components that make up a high-converting sales letter.

You can now go through the Sales Letter Template pdf workshop that's available here today and it will walk you through each of those 9 conversion components for your business.

You'll get real-world examples from successful sales letters running, today...

Plus, you'll get quick explanations and simple prompts that will extract all of the words from you to get your sales letter writing itself.


It’s important to understand that this functions best as a workshop... it’s not just a generic done-for-you-fill-in-the-blank form.  

It takes some work up front to build it out... Hence it not being 'Passive'

So... If you're unwilling to do any work...

This is NOT for you.


If you are ready to produce sustainable cash flow by selling your products...

And you are willing to engage in this simple process going through each conversion component required for a high-converting sales letter...

This workshop and template is the perfect road map to follow.

It works like a GPS. 

It provides the coordinates and guides you along…you just need to drive!

This pdf ebook explains each of the 9 crucial components of high-converting sales letters.

It explains the purpose of each section, the keys to writing them well, and illustrates each point with a real life example.

Plus, it includes a worksheet for you to complete each component for your sales letter as you ...

So you can generate momentum and real-world useable work-product while the ideas are fresh in your head.

Gone are the days of wasting hours watching videos that leave you more and more confused or overwhelmed!

Small steps laid out with simple instructions that will help you craft a real sales letter that converts, FAST!

No more trying to absorb a barrage of content all in one shot, then hopelessly trying to remember everything weeks later!

Just grab the template, go into the workshop and complete each simple step based on the swipe file examples and the prompts inside each section.

Immediately after learning a concept you will be prompted to create your own “copy block” based on the example and explanation.

Focusing on one building block at a time completely eliminates overwhelm!

By the time you’ve worked your way through the template workshop pdf you’ll have built your own sales page!

Specifically, you'll get walked step-by-step through...

The 9 crucial components of a profitable sales letter

  •     56 pages of deep dive analysis, explanation, and examples to ensure your
  •     50 color pictures of REAL WORLD examples so you can see exactly what works
  •     6 easy to follow recipes for writing attention-grabbing headlines
  •     3 sure-fire ways to establish credibility and build trust

Plus…it teaches you:

  •     How to use power words to increase people’s desire for your product
  •     Strategies for positioning your product as the “only viable solution”
  •     The secrets to writing bullets and blurbs that skyrocket your conversion rates
  •     How to establish empathy and convince readers that you understand their
        problem…so they believe in your solution
  •     The magic of “Risk Reversal” and how it shreds the customer doubts that kill sales.
  • The easy way to turn facts into features…and then into benefits.  (Get this right and
        your product sells itself.  Get this wrong and no sales letter will convert)

But most importantly, the Sales Letter Template gives you a formatted worksheet that:

  •     Breaks down a sales letter into easily understood parts
  •     Provides prompts for one concept at a time to prevent overwhelm
  •     Allows you to engage with each concept in a way that fits your business
  •     Creates momentum…so you FINISH this critical cog in your business!

With this kind of support, your odds of producing a sales letter that will generate income for years, dramatically increase!

With it, you get BOTH knowledge and actionable steps!

Think for a moment of the value that this skill can provide for you, your family, and your business…

Build this asset and you could generate “automated income” for years to come.

Like I said, the sales letter I created 10 years ago has produced (and is STILL producing) over a million dollars.

And that’s just one.

And you can begin the process TODAY by downloading your own copy of the Sales Letter template for only $97.

This is the exact product I wish I had in my toolbox 10 years ago...

It would have propelled me to millionaire status even faster!

Because it would have saved me nearly 5 years of research and study that it took for me to learn copywriting the hard way.

But templates like this didn’t exist back then. 

I had to trudge through the arduous work of copying the classic ads by hand...

Plow through the old books, and countless hours of staring at empty screens...

And while I DO recommend you taking time to enhance your copywriting skills, this template will give you a decided advantage over your competitors RIGHT NOW!  

You’ll have the ability to get started TODAY without taking YEARS to learn the skills that you really need to make it in the internet marketing world.

Plus, while you learn the skills…

You will be able to crank out high converting sales pages, one after another.each one continuing to work for you for years to come…

Allowing you to stack up more and more automated income streams for your business.

Making sure you overcome the number one most dangerous challenge that all business owners face…

Having to close up shop because of a lack of cash flow.


Make the smart business decision and click the button to get your copy of the sales letter template workshop, today.

Miles "The Helpful Marketer" Beckler

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