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Do you ever find yourself thinking...

  • I want to grow a business online...
  • I want to be able to work from anywhere from my laptop...
  • I should be able to figure out how to make money on social media...
  • I’m good at digital marketing, but I’m ready to cross that $10,000/mo mark!

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Ready to work hard and reap the rewards? Here's how to start: the best, free online courses for digital marketing categorized by topic!

Best Free Online Marketing Courses

How can you learn digital marketing for free? Take the 16 best digital marketing courses and master these critical success skills:

  • Building A Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Exploiting The Sales Funnel
  • Writing Copy Like A Pro
  • Unlocking The Power Of Email Marketing
  • Decoding Websites & SEO
  • Making An Impact On Social Media
  • The Secrets Behind Affiliate Marketing

Now let's start at the very beginning - building the right digital marketing strategy! 

Without one, you will make a heap of mistakes because you were heading in the wrong direction from the start! A digital marketing strategy is your guide to success. It combines what you are good at, what the market desires and what you love to do!

Here are my favorite three free courses on the topic.

1. Amplify - Ignite your business online 

One of my absolute favorite courses is Amplify by Thinkific - hence it being number 1 on the list!

Amplify was primarily made to help people create and sell valuable courses online. In reality though, the knowledge and skills contained in its 10 masterclasses will dramatically improve the way you run any online business! It covers these three fundamental points in great detail:

  • How to increase your online revenue.
  • How to grow your target audience.
  • How to build a bulletproof marketing strategy.

Another huge plus for this free online digital marketing course: it only takes 5 days to complete!

Amplify by Thinkific

2. Million Dollar Business Blueprint

In the Million Dollar Business Blueprint, you will learn the 7 steps I used to grow my side hustle from a simple side hustle into a business that has crossed the million-dollar line many times over!

Million Dollar Business Blueprint

Why Should I Take It?

To save you time, effort and money! It will help you grow your internet business in a very quick and focused way using a simple, repeatable process. I can vouch that it has worked for many of my businesses and thousands of my students!

Learn the secret to internet success in The Million Dollar Business Blueprint!

Are You A Visual Learner? See 'Deep-Dive' Course 1!

This video series touches on an important part of the Million Dollar Business Blueprint course. It will quickly show you how to pick the right profitable niche for you and your business!

'Deep-Dive' Course 2 - Learn How To Make Money Blogging

Blog marketing is a very profitable inbound marketing strategy, maybe even the best for monetizing your know-how. But it's very difficult as there are over 600 million blogs in the world, plus all the billions of social media posts about them!

How can you succeed in this crowded space? I recommend one free digital marketing course: the Blog Profits Blueprint video workshop by Yaro Starak, the go-to guru in the field of blogging!

Blog Profits Blueprint video workshop

3. Crash Course In Digital Strategy

Our friends at the Builder Society have put together an unbelievably comprehensive course in digital marketing featuring a 30-day learning plan (not for the faint-hearted!).

It will take you through the ins-and-outs of internet strategy and give you a rock-solid foundation! It touches on all the major topics, including favorites like social media marketing, Google Analytics, search engine optimization and inbound marketing.

Invest 30 days of your time and skyrocket your skills and earning potential!

Exploiting The Sales Funnel

Now that you have a solid understanding of digital strategy, you need to conquer the sales funnel! This important concept gives you a proven framework to base all your digital efforts on. If I can sum it up in one sentence, I would describe the funnel as:

Understanding your customer's journey through the entire buying process and knowing exactly when to use which marketing strategy.


Which marketing courses should you take on the topic? These three!

4. ConvertKit’s Free Course On Getting Your First 1,000 Subscribers

You are surely ready to get into the nitty-gritty of building a sales funnel! Am I right?

Check out Isa Adney’s free online workshop on using the first step of the sales funnel, a free landing page, to get the first 1,000 subscribers onto your email list. These will be the hottest leads your business can acquire when starting up!

By the way, this course will even show you how to build your very own landing page using free tools!

free online workshop

5. Brian Moran's 1-Page Free Sales Funnel Course

Out of all the online courses about the sales funnel, the very best is Brian's 1-Page Funnel training. Why? He skips all the hype, myth and complicated ideas! He chooses to focus on a simple, actionable plan that rests on one key point.

Keep it simple!

Brain shows you that all you ever need to sell things online is one page. That's right - you don't need complex funnels to sell things online, so don't overcomplicate! Another simple thing about this course is that it applies to whatever you are selling online!

1-Page Free Sales Funnel Course

6. Russell Brunson's 10X Presentation On Funnel Secrets

Do you love TED talks? Then this presentation from one of the world's leading sales funnel hackers, Russell Brunson, is the choice for you!

Russell will:

  • Reveal the three secrets of funnel hacking.
  • Discuss inbound marketing techniques.
  • Give you concrete examples of how to build a funnel that will deliver sales and make money.


Sign up for free access online today!

10X Presentation On Funnel Secrets

Writing Copy Like A Pro

The next step towards digital marketing success is learning to write the right copy. This is fancy marketing speak for 'writing text' for all your content marketing needs, be it a website, social media marketing, or anything else!

Why? No matter how great your product, no one will ever buy it if you cannot communicate the “What’s In It For Me” in a clear way! This makes copywriting a must-have skill!

How? Learn from the courses written by the very best!

7. Best Free Copywriting Course - John Carlton's The Simple Writing System

Let's turn to John Carlton, one of the greatest copywriters on earth in the digital and social media space, for guidance and help!

He used to teach and mentor successful copywriters for many years. Now he is focusing on a free online program called The Simple Writing System, that will help you learn "how to tell a story, that entertains and sells!"

This epic strategy for digital copy works for anything you'll need to write! So stop spending hours struggling with copy that might not sell, study John's System and sell like never before!

The Simple Writing System

Unlocking The Power Of Email Marketing

Emails, if used correctly, can be the single most powerful way to communicate on a personal level with a large group of people. They will deliver value straight to their heart via their inbox, a place they check about 15 times every day!

It was even called the best marketing tool of 2020 at the 10X Growth Conference in Las Vegas!

8. Learn How to Email Market and Increase Sales Fast

A fantastic place to start understanding email marketing is this Youtube video tutorial on how to use emails to make money online. It explains how to build strong, valuable relationships built on trust with the people that matter most to your bottom line - your target audience!

This Course Focuses On The 3-Step Process To Building A Million Dollar Email Marketing Business.


And it will only take you about 1-2 hours to blast through it (talk about value!), so start the course now!

how to use emails to make money online

9. André Chaperon's The Art of Email Marketing

After you've taken my course, you only have one option left, you must take The Art of Email Marketing!

Out Of All The Digital Marketing Courses, Why This One?

This FREE online course is a one-stop shop for learning everything you need to know. Use it to turn emails into a crazy powerful digital tool for your business!

Some marketing experts say emails are dead, social media marketing is the place to be, but guess what? Forget social media over emails, these people are plain-out wrong! Take André's marketing course and arm yourself with the best profit-generation tool available to marketers.

P.S. You also will own 100% of your data with emails, so no need to worry about Myspace-style corporate implosions wiping out your work!

The Art of Email Marketing

Decoding Websites & SEO

It's time to take care of your website! You need to make sure that it is properly optimized in two key areas:

  • Conversion rate - how many people that land on your site are buying something?
  • SEO - how easy is it to find your page on search engines?


If you skip this step, your entire marketing strategy will fall apart! So please dedicate enough of your time to a free digital marketing course on how to build customer and SEO-friendly sites!

10. Thrive University - Free Website And Conversion Rate Courses

Thrive University's courses are your ultimate free online tool for building your business' website. It was built by the makers of some of the best WordPress themes available, so you can really trust the material. You can access lessons and classes offered on the following topics:

  • Creating better websites & web content (also useful for social media).
  • Integrating Google Analytics and other marketing tools.
  • Building an engaged mailing list.
  • Maximizing conversion rates across your entire site.

Free Website And Conversion Rate Courses


'Deep-Dive' Course 3 - Learn SEO In 1 FREE Video!

Does Search Engine Marketing confuse you? Not quite sure exactly how to put it to good use in your online marketing strategy? I recorded a free SEO marketing course exactly for you! You'll learn how to put in place SEO best practices in your content marketing campaigns in under 2 hours!

Making An Impact On Social Media

You are now ready to start creating awareness with the world's new favorite past time, social media! But don't copy everyone else. Don't waste time and money on an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn profile where your content dies in less than four hours.

Focus your content marketing efforts where it counts: YouTube, where the power of search meets social media!

11. Sean Cannell's Free YouTube Masterclass

By taking this online course, digital marketing on Youtube becomes a breeze thanks to social media guru Sean Cannell!

He has over 10 years of experience with social media marketing and video marketing. Impressive, right? Listen to him when it comes to social media strategy! He will explain the 3 most common mistakes we all make when starting on YouTube, and how to correct them!

All this and more will put you on the path to deliver thousands of video views every day!

Free YouTube Masterclass

The Secrets Behind Affiliate Marketing

We've made it to the final topic on our list of the best courses of digital marketing. We will focus on the secret behind leveraging the all-mighty affiliate links. These bad boys will drive revenue and increase your cash flow 24/7 (even on Christmas)!

12. Affiliate Marketing in 2020 - Video Guide

Are you a beginner in the world of affiliates? Then this YouTube video is the perfect affiliate marketing training for you. Take advantage of my 17 years of experience running 5 hyper-profitable websites, and you will get to making money as an affiliate on a tight budget in no time!

Affiliate Marketing in 2020

'Deep-Dive' Course 4 - How To Start Authority Sites

I highly recommend enrolling on this free online marketing course. It will teach you how to build high quality links and grow your domain's authority. This is one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of driving traffic to your site and becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Summing It Up

You are now armed with a list of 16 incredible free online courses. These will help you turn into an online marketing expert, or maybe even a guru with your own awesome courses!

Here's a recap of what we've discussed: 1) building a digital marketing strategy, 2) exploiting the sales funnel, 3) writing copy like a pro, 4) unlocking the power of email marketing, 5) decoding websites & seo, 6) making an impact on social media, and 7) the secrets behind affiliate marketing.

Haven't started on the courses yet? Take a second to think about your business crushing its online goals! I bet you are ready to dive in now!

Don't waste any more time, start these digital marketing courses today!

As always, thanks for reading and see you on the next post!