The Top 7 Free Digital Marketing Courses - The Best Online Classes
free digital marketing courses

The Top 7 Free Digital Marketing Courses - The Best Online Classes

Nowadays, succeeding online means building more essential skills... which is where this awesome list of free digital marketing courses comes in.

If you want to crush it online, help your audience, sell your products, and succeed in building traffic, increasing your income, and making a name for yourself on the online marketplace... then it is more important than ever to level up the skills that will actually help you to compete.

To succeed in this industry, you need to be good at a certain number of things.

The bad news is that not everyone is born with natural talent.

But the good news is that virtually all of the essential skills needed to succeed online can be learned.

And in this post, I’m going to share some awesome free courses that will really help you to level-up your digital marketing abilities fast... without costing you a dime!

Get ready to learn!

John Carlton's The Simple Writing System - Free Online Copywriting Course

simple writing system

How important is copywriting?

The simple answer is this… that copywriting is arguably one of the most important skills to master if you want to succeed at digital marketing!

It is literally everywhere. Youtube titles, blog title and metas, podcast titles, social media posts, opt-in pages, pop-ups, sales pages, sales emails, landing pages, sales letters, etc.

All of this content has one thing in common; it all requires world-class copywriting to be successful!

And John Carlton is arguably one of the greatest copywriters on earth.

He is basically responsible for training an entire generation of successful copywriters, and he offers a free program online called The Simple Writing System to help you learn as well.

The Best Free Copywriting Training, Hands Down

best free copywriting training

This course is absolutely killer. John Carlton is a mastermind, and if you want to get inside his brain and learn how to write epic web copy, this course gives it to you for free!

He goes really deep into storytelling in this course, which is awesome. He also teaches writers how not to struggle with writing things like ads, sales video scripts, emails, blog titles, etc.

Copywriting Is An Essential Online Digital Marketing Skill

In this free course, you will learn how to get into the mindset of people who are looking to buy a product or service like yours.

You will also learn how to explain the value of what you're offering with a simple formula... a formula that will instantly grab the attention of your prospective customers.

If you want a killer writing course from the modern mastermind copywriter himself, you can't afford to skip this one.

Andy Chaperon's Lucrative Email List Building Course

email list building courseYou’ve probably heard some of the fake gurus out there, saying that ‘email marketing is dead’… but I will tell you right now that I do not buy into it; and neither should you.

This is actually the core of the digital marketing business structure!

My first digital marketing business failed because I was relying completely on Myspace… and when they changed their system, my business went to zero overnight.

I wasn’t building an email list. And because of that, I had no actual business!

Your email list is the only digital marketing asset that you truly own. No business is a real business if it can go to zero overnight based on someone else’s decision!

When you own your own list, you can take it with you. Even if your mail-server stops working, you can export your list and just hop over to a different service.

This is like the gold-standard-backing for your business!

My own personal smaller list of around 10k is where 93% of my income comes from; and my wife's list of over 100k subscribers? That is the same situation… just on a larger scale.

Email marketing is the only direct connection to leads and prior customers that everyone on earth uses everyday. It is so powerful!

Lucrative Email List Building is a free course that teaches you how to use story-driven pre-selling to build small email lists, and then generate HUGE profits with them.

An Affiliate Marketing Digital Course That Focuses On Your Email List

This is one of my favorite free courses because it focuses on the benefits of building a small, super-focused email list of active followers.

Back when I had just 3,500 list members, I used this online marketing course to drop a $30,000 affiliate product launch... which is huge!

If you want to learn how to leverage a small email list for maximum benefits, Lucrative Email List Building is absolutely for you!

Brian Moran's 1-Page Funnel Free Training

1 page funnel free trainingAmong the many courses for digital marketing that are now offered online, you will hear a lot of regurgitated information that is mostly hype and myth.

But Brian Moran's 1-Page Funnel training is definitely a twist on the traditional copywriting and sales approaches espoused by other 'marketing gurus!'

A Digital Marketing Course That Simplifies The Game

Brain Moran (co-founder of SamCart) uses this free training to show you that you don't need complex funnels to sell things online.

In fact, the big idea here is that a simple approach actually works better to get things done.

Why Is Brian Moran's 1-Page Digital Marketing Course Worth Taking?

Most people end up drowning in complex funnel tech. There is just no simpler way to say it!

They drown in all of the moving parts: the copywriting, the little widgets, the add-ons that are required to make it work, etc.

So in this training, he shows you the simplest way to sell things, regardless of whether you are a coach, a consultant, a course-creator, etc.

To me, this course is actually more like an undercover copywriting training with lots of funnel info along with it... which makes it a lot more valuable than other funnel training classes I've gone through.

1-Page is a training that you need to look at if you're interested in the best courses on digital marketing.

Video Ranking Academy’s Free YouTube Masterclass with Sean Cannell

free youtube masterclassThis Free YouTube Masterclass features Sean Cannell of Think Media, and is basically a free digital marketing course based around 3 strategies for growing your audience and income with YouTube.

As you know, I've done a lot with YouTube. And I love this class because it brings a ton of value and perspective to the process of achieving more subscribers, viewers, fans, and even revenue on YouTube.

Level Up Your Digital Marketing By Expanding Your Influence With Online Video

With this masterclass, you're actually getting access to material that is usually only offered in their paid training.

There is a ton of value in this course, especially if you've been thinking about expanding your reach on YouTube, building credibility, and growing your influence into the video/vlogging space.

Super Relevant Free YouTube Training, Regardless Of What Your Goals Are

One thing that I really love about this masterclass is that it could truly apply to anyone. It could apply to creators, influencers, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, course creators, coaches, etc.

If you want to learn to use YouTube for business, to make money, to make an impact, and to expand your digital marketing reach, then this Free YouTube Masterclass is the training you need to check out.

Brian Moran's Facebook Ads Training - Free Lead Growth System

facebook ads free courseThis Facebook Ads Training and Free Lead Growth System, offered by Brian Moran, co-founder of SamCart, is probably one of the best free digital marketing courses being offered online right now.

In this free video, Brian goes through his process for getting over $10,000 in free traffic every day from Facebook ads... all without spending any of his own money.

It might sound like a gimmick, but I can assure you that it isn't!

The Real Deal - Why You Need To Check Out Brian Moran's Free Facebook Ads Training


Not only is this training not a gimmick... it is also a proven strategy that I have even implemented in my own business.

There is a ton of value offered here, and though the video basically leads up to getting you to sign up for the Facebook Ads Academy, there is enough information offered in the free video to make it more than worth the time.

Surprisingly Refreshing And Honest Story About Brian Moran's Own Success

Brian Moran's story may surprise you. He talks about scraping together $50 to run his first Facebook ad, and then panicking when he got ZERO sales from it!

Needless to say, he has gone on to become a mastermind when it comes to Facebook ad hacking and digital marketing... so this awesome free video training is a must-see if you're really interested in leveling-up your digital marketing powers fast.

Andre Chaperon's Tiny Asset Engines Training

tiny asset engines trainingThis affiliate marketing training from Andre Chaperon is called Tiny Asset Engines (TAE).

Technically a sales letter that leads into his Sphere of Influence paid training, Tiny Asset Engines is a one-page training that will absolutely blow your mind and change the way you think about affiliate marketing.

What Is Tiny Asset Engines About?

The entire idea behind this training is that you can build 'tiny asset engines' that earn you money every month by selling specialized solutions to small, very focused pockets of people.

By getting super-specific and narrowing your focus, you can basically outpace your competition by selling solutions to a very niche audience every month.

A Different Kind of Affiliate Marketing Strategy

These 'tiny asset engines' can essentially run on their own once you get them up and rolling... and therein lies the true, long-term income potential.

One great thing about this course is that it doesn't take a long time to complete. You can sit down and read it in 20 minutes, and pretty much absorb everything that he's saying.

But the philosophies are so powerful, and the writing is so hypnotic, that you will likely feel compelled to read it more than once... and it is highly recommended that you do!

The Value Of ‘Niching Down’

Another great thing about this course is how clearly it lays out the need to ‘niche down’ in the modern digital marketing marketplace.

Too many people try to approach digital marketing with too broad of a scope.

And Andre Chaperon does a great job of explaining why narrowing your focus is actually one of the best things you can do for your business.

Million Dollar Business Blueprint

million dollar business blueprintIn the Million Dollar Business Blueprint free training, you will learn the 7 steps I used to grow my side hustle from a simple side hustle into a business that has crossed the million dollar line multiple times over.

It took me five years of constant trial and error to figure out a simple, repeatable process… but now that I’ve discovered this process, I’ve repeated it for several businesses and thousands of students… and it just works.

Why Is This Course A Necessity?

This free course will help you go through the most important big ideas to build and grow your business to a million a year, in a very quick and focused manner.

Go along at your own pace, all of the information is laid and all of the steps are simple to implement..

There is a refined secret to internet success… and in this course you will learn the three phases every internet business has to build and scale, and the 7-step process to go from side hustle to a million dollar business.

Learn each step for free in The Million Dollar Business Blueprint.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you’ll look into these courses and take advantage of the incredible amounts of free value being offered in them!

I know that every single one of them has helped me, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone interested in really leveling up their abilities and crushing their online business goals.

Just remember… you can’t earn any money online if you don’t have the right skills.

Level Up Your Digital Marketing Skills With Free Courses, And Step-Up Your Game

level up digital marketing skills

I am a hard-and-fast believer in the power of skill development. If you’re wondering why you aren’t making any money online, it is possible that you just need to increase your knowledge and gain some new abilities!

Why Not Take Advantage Of Awesome Free Classes?

These free courses are a great place to start.

And if you find that one or more of them is really really mind-blowing… then you might even want to consider investing in some paid training to really take things up another notch.

Remember, we are never too good to learn more from someone else!

I run a successful 6-figure business online, and even I make it a point to constantly learn from people who know more than I do.

Keep The Conversation Going!

Feel free to keep the conversation going, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Have you used any of these trainings? Drop a line and tell me what you thought of them!

Are there others that you would recommend? Drop a line so that I can take a look!

As always, thanks for reading… and I will see you on the next one!

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