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The #1 Keyword Research Tool - KW Finder

What is it?: ​Hands down, the best keyword research tool available on the market, today.  Not only will it give you relevant keyword ideas, but the "​Difficulty" score will guide you to find the low competition phrases you can ​rank for, fast.

Why do I recommend it?: ​Because it is the only tool I use!  I've taught 'how to' use it in several videos so you will have all the tutorials you need to get the most from this tool.  I highly recommend following the process taught in this video

​Get Your Free Trial Now At: ​ milesbeckler.com/kwfinder

"Done For You" Keyword Research: HPD Keyword Packs

What is it?: ​If you don't have the time or energy to dig in and learn keyword research on your own, you still need to find great keywords.  HPD offers 3 types of keyword packs you can buy and let their keyword specialists do the research for you!

Why do I recommend it?: ​For my affiliate marketing case study site focused on reviewing products, the keyword pack found dozens of easy-to-rank phrases with this service.  It is fast, easy and a great value for the price.

Where can you ​get yours?: ​milesbeckler.com/keywords

Content Marketing Ideas & Suggestions: Answer the Public

What is it?: ​A visual content idea tool that helps you identify new blog post & video ideas that keyword research tools miss. If you've ever felt like: "I don't know what to create a post/video on next..."  This is the tool for you!  

Why do I recommend it?: ​We all need help "thinking outside the box" sometimes, especially when we've published dozens or hundreds of pieces of content.  The idea suggestion tool and their visual layout​ ​combine to make a brilliant tool for finding new content ideas your audience will love, fast. 

Where can you find it?: ​​milesbeckler.com/answers

​How to Write SEO Content Fast! - My #1 Free Video

What is it?: ​Quite possibly one of the most valuable videos for bloggers and content marketers I've ever published.  I teach a specific process that will take you from keyword or topic to having a highly optimized outline for your post, fast.

Why do I recommend it?: ​This video teaches how to force Google to show you what 'related topics' need to be in your post if you want to rank for your target keyword. Integrate this into your workflow and you'll not only generate more traffic & higher rankings, but you'll get faster at writing content, too!

Where can you find it?: https://youtu.be/sDl16D71riQ

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