7 Top Skills To Start Making Money With Digital Marketing Fast

7 Top Skills To Start Making Money With Digital Marketing Fast

Do you know what skills will make you money online? Are you ready to take those skills, ditch the 9-5 grind, and fire your boss?

That 10 grand a month plus location freedom sounds like a pretty awesome reason to quit your day job huh?

Before you jump in you have to know what skills you have to offer, how to market those skills and how to build up marketable skills if you feel you’re lacking.

This goes beyond having digital marketing skills, you may have experience and skills in things you didn’t realize could be so profitable and foundational to the growth of your future.

By leveraging your valuable skill sets you can reinvest the money you earn back into your business and other investments that’ll work for you.

That’s what it’s all about today. I’m going to introduce to you some logical steps you can take to develop, market and sell the skills you already have, and show you what the most valuable skills are to develop that make the most money.

Let’s go!

High Income Skills that Make Money For YOU Come in Two Ways

Want to know how to make money on the side or at home that can turn into the best business model?

There are two ways to do that:

  1. By defining and leveraging your most marketable skills
  2. By doing the growth work of developing high income skills, learning them and taking action

You could be a hairstylist, a lawyer or a mechanic, these are all marketable skills you can use to build up the current business that you have or take your skills and or business to the next level.

If you would like to listen to this concept shared as a podcast episode, you can do so here:

What are Your Most Marketable Skills?

“What is the best way to make money, MIles?”

There’s no ONE best way to make money but I can tell you what you need to start moving towards building a sustainable online business that will completely change your life.

The money is out there and all you’ve got to do is to tap into it and that starts with you figuring out what your high income skills are.

Let’s say you’re a hairstylist, or a lawyer, a landscaper, writer, graphic designer.

If you’re still working for someone, you can break through the 10 grand a month mark but you can’t achieve your ultimate lifestyle design.

But you can actually take your most marketable skills and build a business online, making money from home and being your own boss.


You can take anything you’re doing now and create an online presence and business out of it. Even if you don’t have digital marketing skills right now, you can learn them and start transitioning yourself online.

You can sell your skills as a consultant to new people in your field, or coach how to build the business that you have built, or go the super powerful information product route and create online courses, membership plans, do affiliate marketing and more.

All it takes is smart hustle.

Hustle your digital marketing skills

The more successful and almost completely free long term approach is to create a DIY content marketing strategy.

If you have to make money fast and have money to put in, the easiest place to start is with a minimum viable funnel and a $5 dollar a day Facebook advertising campaign.

I created a free course that shows how my wife and I went from possessing skills to marketing and selling those skills.

It’s not rocket science, it is likely more simple to do the steps in this free course than it is to become an expert in the field you are a pro in.

Leveraging the skills you already have is the best game plan and the answer to your question, “How can I earn more?”

What are High Income Skills to Learn?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of local businesses in your area that could definitely use digital marketing help.

As you help that business owner get more customers and increase their revenue, the more valuable you are to those businesses, the more you can charge for your services.

The sky truly is the limit on these high income digital marketing skills that make money and are easy to sell.

Business owners are bombarded by noise with telemarketing calls everyday, digital advertising, and emails from people in every country in their inbox every day.

You can cut through all of that noise and be face to face with local business owners.

Your income is tied to your value and their success, which is a great thing because the more high income skills you develop, the more money you can make.

You can keep leveraging these skills making more money as you get higher quality clients or increase the customer lifetime value of existing customers.

Let me share with you this interesting copywriting framework of skills that will show you what the higher income skills are that you can develop.

This is important because not all of these skills are as valuable as the others.

AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

A.I.D.A. is a copywriting (A CRAZY High Income Skill Mentioned Below) framework. The closer the services that you offer digital marketing clients to the action part, the more you can charge for your services.

Let’s go through these 4 phases then I will show you 7 digital marketing skills you can begin to develop and grow your business and other businesses!

A. These are simpler skills to grab the attention of potential customers of your client’s business. You do this by applying graphic design skills, social media posts, website building skills, or anything that will catch potential customers’ eyes.

I. The next phase is crafting catchy blog copy, a video, or other interest generating pieces of content.

D. This goes beyond chasing keywords for SEO and increasing organic Facebook Page reach. Tapping into the customer’s desire by researching target markets and getting a clear understanding of what that audience’s needs are and apply that into your digital marketing.

The highest income skill is the last step of this framework.

A. Action.

The last step is when money flows your clients way. It is the sale, the moment of the sale, that golden moment when the new customer pulls out their credit card and purchases something.

And that’s when you can charge the most, when your clients make a sale because of a service that you offer them, you are one of their most valuable assets.

7 Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money

Digital Marketing Skills to Make Money

So you want to know those skills to make money from home.

I’ve got seven of them here for you to crush.

It all starts with the earn money online without a big investment model, then develop or fine tune the highest income skill you need to employ before you choose one of these digital marketing skills.

The ability to sell.

I did an interview once with Tim Conley, who’s a very successful marketer, investor, and entrepreneur.

He struggled with getting a good amount of money exchanging hands to him. So what did he do?

He actually went and got a job with an insurance company with a great sales program not because he wanted the job but so he could go through their sales training program.

He went through the sales training, and then quit!

So if you want to know what is the most profitable skills to learn to make money, I would say you should get the selling game nailed down.

The other personal development area to grow in if developing digital marketing skills is to get a win under your belt with an authority site of your own.

An authority site is a website that ranks for many search phrases in a niche and makes money. This free training will teach you all of the nuts and bolts to build your first website and get traffic results (in the middle of attention and desire) you can show to new potential clients.

Let’s develop some high income skills to sell!

  1. Websites

    Almost all businesses now have a website.

    Whether it’s a small mom-and-pop shop or a big company, these businesses want to have a website for a number of reasons.

    Local businesses have a website to increase their reach, validate their brand, generate more leads, and so on.

    Every business definitely needs a website, and they’re expensive too!

    If you develop the know how to build a website, then that’s a great income opportunity for you!

    How do I know?

    This is what I did to fire my boss!

    It’s one computer skill that makes money for sure and you can do it right at the comfort of your own home.

    Dabble in WordPress website creation, build a couple for yourself, make one for a friend, and then eventually start selling them.

    But wait… There’s more!

    So you get your clients’ website up and running then you offer a couple more digital marketing services such as SEO, content marketing, social media, whatever to really make their business get the exposure it needs.

    If you’re already knowledgeable in these things, awesome. You can do a full digital marketing service for them - website, SEO social media and all that stuff in a nice little package.

    Impress them enough and word of mouth will work to your advantage.

  2. Social Media Marketing

    In my personal opinion and based on my experience, social media marketing is among the least valuable skills to make money on the side.

    Whether it’s Instagram marketing or Pinterest marketing or organic Facebook marketing, social media marketing involves a lot of steps in the process before the business can start seeing results and actually making money from what you’re doing.

    This is why although it’s a marketable skill without a doubt, it’s just several steps away from the money.

    They look at you as an investment in man hours and their goal is, okay, if I pay this person $2,500 a month, how much money is coming back? Because as a business owner, they're always thinking if I put $2,500, I need to get back more than that expense.

    If a business owner operates their business in a method where they're putting in $2,500 for your services, and you're only bringing back $500 worth of value, that business owner is not a successful business owner and they will fail over time, right?

    Eventually they're going to let go of you or the whole business is going to have to go bankrupt.

    For a business owner that wants to see results right away, this route is definitely not the fastest. They care about getting a return on the investment, and if you can’t give it right away, it is not quite worth it to go through the extra steps.

  3. Graphic Design

    Is designing your thing?

    If yes, GREAT! If not, you would want to make it your thing because businesses are always in search of the right people who can get their logos, promotional items, social images dialed in.

    Is your portfolio still in the works? Pump it up by doing a couple of graphic design jobs for free or dirt cheap and boost your reputation from businesses who are happy with your work.

    Soon, you will have a portfolio that will enable you to have more clients, as people you work with are raving about your service to their business friends who are more than eager to hire you for their projects.

  4. Content Writing

    Writing skills make money
    What’s a website without any content? Nothing!

    Local businesses need YOU to write content for their website!

    They’ve got tons of stuff to do and no time to write, so if you can unload this burden of writing content for them, then you’ve got a business going for yourself.

    Do a 90-day writing challenge to refine your writing skills. The more you practice, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

    Start a cheap and easy affiliate marketing website and write on it everyday. Having a published website is also good for boosting your portfolio to get businesses onboard and confident to hire you for their content writing needs.

  5. Lead Generation

    So you can write. Cool. That skill can bring in some income...

    But you want to take it up another notch and write stuff that can generate leads for your client’s business.

    Lead generation is a high demand digital marketing skill and one of the most popular online services that make money from home. I would get into it and really get better at it because this is where the money comes from fast.

    If you’re the guy who can crush Facebook advertising, adwords, and create high converting lead magnets businesses will want to hire you!

    I have a few posts that can get you into the lead generation game if you want to learn how I was able to generate 178,632 leads.

  6. SEO

    SEO is a Skill that makes money
    Having a well-made website is one thing but unless you get your keywords dialed in, you may have a problem getting it to show up on Google.

    This is why many businesses require SEO geniuses to handle the nitty gritty of ranking on search engine results pages.

    You can totally learn SEO from various resources and courses online and master this craft well enough to rank local businesses on Google. It’s definitely one of the highest income skills to learn since many businesses own websites that are in dire need of greater online exposure.

    Here’s the local marketing strategy you need to make this happen.

    If you can write SEO content, clients are going to want you on board, guaranteed.

  7. Copywriting

    If you want one of the best marketable skills that make money, it’s hands down copywriting.

    It’s that skill that makes people want to click the subscribe button, the buy button, the download button, the kind of stuff you want them to take action.

    My headline in my blog posts and YouTube videos, the text right below my optin page that you go to…. It’s all copywriting magic my wife and I did.

    It’s how great your sales pages are written that will translate to money flowing into your pocket. Your killer copywriting skills that helped you come up with awesome emails, optin pages, ads… This is how you make money.

    Now if you want to be good at copywriting or you want to refine your skills, I highly recommend that you go old school with it instead of doing some weird Ninja stuff.

    Read Eugene Schwartz’s “Breakthrough Advertising” or Victor Schwab’s “How to Write a Good Advertisement”. There’s also John Caples’ “Tested Advertising Methods”. Really great books to add to your library that will propel your copywriting skills to the roof.

    Most of the books I recommend are available on Amazon for under $25, except for Eugene Schwartz’s. It’s a few hundred dollars, but definitely well worth it.

    So literally, this copywriting skill allows you to have the ability to work within a business that’s already operating. If they’ve already got customers you can go craft a new sales message and a follow up campaign to their past customers.

    The key is to make your write-ups for optin pages, sales pages, optin forms, Facebook ads, Google ads, emails, etc. compelling enough to get prospects to take the right action. That’s the game plan, and that’s what an excellent copywriting skill can do for you.

High Income Skills Are Your Ticket to a Lifestyle Business

It all begins with defining your most marketable skills that make money. Window washing, landscaping, business coaching, auto detailing, marketing consultations, whatever it is that you’re great at.

It’s very, very possible to start out doing the work yourself, with low overhead to get going.

Selling digital marketing skills was my ticket to firing my boss, it was the path of many of my internet entrepreneur friends, as well as the guys that created the best intro training that’s free into the crazy consistent authority site model my wife and I have been applying for years.

Begin selling digital marketing services or begin marketing your other skills that make money online as your side hustle.

There is no better path to true lifestyle freedom.

I hope this has been helpful, and if you’ve got questions just hit me in the comments, so we can chat. I’m always happy to help you out in any way that I can!

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  1. Hi Miles,
    Great information, really helpful, concise and direct to the point! I am really interested in Lead Generation, could you please help me in how should I start? I come from software development background and really new to digital marketing. My passion for location-free work and high income has lead me to this point.
    Many thanks,

  2. Hello Miles, my name is Joshua and I was curious as to which of these 7 money making options has the easiest and cheapest start up? Also how fast can I realistically start to see income? Our lease is up in mid July and I need to get something going asap. I really appreciate all the help.

    -Joshua Simpson

    1. All of these businesses are multi-year processes. And different ones are easier for different people based on skill sets and experiences. if you want to be an entrepreneur, great! But don't expect it to cover your bills by next month… Go get a job and start working on the side to grow a business. In 3 to 5 years you might have that lightning in a bottle that you seek

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