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How to Make Money With Digital Marketing: The 7 Top Skills

So you want to know those skills to make money from home.

I’ve got seven of them here for you to crush.

It all starts with the earn money online without a big investment model, then develop or fine tune the highest income skill you need to employ before you choose one of these digital marketing skills.

The ability to sell.

I did an interview once with Tim Conley, who’s a very successful marketer, investor, and entrepreneur.

He struggled with getting a good amount of money exchanging hands to him. So what did he do?

Digital Hustle

He actually went and got a job with an insurance company with a great sales program not because he wanted the job but so he could go through their sales training program.

He went through the sales training, and then quit!

So if you want to know what is the most profitable skills to learn to make money, I would say you should get the selling game nailed down.

The other personal development area to grow in if developing digital marketing skills is to get a win under your belt with an authority site of your own.

An authority site is a website that ranks for many search phrases in a niche and makes money. This free training will teach you all of the nuts and bolts to build your first website and get traffic results (in the middle of attention and desire) you can show to new potential clients.

No need for digital marketer courses here. You need to be able to market your talent as a service.

Let's dive in...

Number 1: Websites

Almost all businesses now have a website.

Whether it’s a new mom-and-pop shop or a big company, these businesses want to have a website for a number of reasons.

Local businesses also have a website to increase their digital reach, validate their brand, generate more leads, and so on.

Every business definitely needs a website, and they’re expensive too!

If your marketing and digital talent includes websites then that's a solid income opportunity for you.

How do I know?

This is what I did to fire my boss!

It’s one computer skill that makes money for sure and you can do it right at the comfort of your own home.

Dabble in WordPress website creation, build a couple for yourself, make one for a friend, and then eventually start selling them.

But wait…

There’s more!

So you get your clients’ website up and running then you offer a couple more digital marketing services such as:

  • SEO,
  • Content marketing,
  • Social media,
  • Google Analytics

If you’re already knowledgeable in these things, awesome. You can do a full digital marketing service for them - website, SEO social media and all that stuff in a nice little package. As an experienced digital marketer, having a slick website to run marketing campaigns through will be an easy sell.

Number 2: Social Media Marketing

Online Skills to Make Money

In my personal opinion and based on my experience, social media marketing is among the least valuable skills to make money as a digital marketer.

Whether it’s Instagram marketing or Pinterest marketing or organic Facebook marketing, social media marketing involves a lot of steps in the process before the business can start seeing results and actually making money from what you’re doing.

This is why although it’s a marketable skill without a doubt, it’s just several steps away from the money.

They look at you as an investment in man hours and their goal is, okay, if I pay this person $2,500 a month, how much money is coming back? Make sure you can deliver more sales than the $2500 with this skill set. If not, you'd best stay away.

If a business owner operates their business in a method where they're putting in $2,500 for your services, and you're only bringing back $500 worth of value, that business owner is not a successful business owner and they will fail over time, right?

Eventually they're going to let go of you or the whole business is going to have to go bankrupt.

It's simple economics...

For a business owner that wants to see results right away - especially in a marketing campaign, this route is definitely not the fastest. They care about getting a return on the investment, and if you can’t give it right away, it is not quite worth it to go through the extra steps.

Number 3: Graphic Design

Is designing your thing?

If yes, GREAT! If not, you would want to make it your thing because businesses are always in search of the right people who can get their logos, promotional items, social images dialed in.

Is your portfolio still in the works?

Pump it up by doing a couple of graphic design jobs for free or dirt cheap and boost your reputation from businesses who are happy with your work.

Soon, you will have a portfolio that will enable you to have more clients, as people you work with are raving about your service to their business friends who are more than eager to hire you for their projects.

Digital marketers who can can couple their data-based web abilities WITH design work will go far. However many people don't have BOTH skills as it often requires the melding of two totally different personality types.

Number 4: Content Writing

Writing skills make money

What’s a website without any content? Nothing!

Local businesses need YOU to write content for their website!

They’ve got tons of stuff to do and no time to write, so if you can unload this burden of content creation for them, then you’ve got a business going for yourself.

Do a 90-day writing challenge to refine your writing skills. The more you practice, the more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

Start a cheap and easy affiliate marketing website and write on it everyday. Having a published website is also good for boosting your portfolio to get businesses onboard and confident to hire you for their content writing needs.

Number 5: Lead Generation

So you can write. Cool. That skill can bring in some income...

Email marketing can generate leads for your client’s business. It's one thing to do social posts for someone, but something else entirely to do social media advertising.

Lead generation is a high demand digital marketing skill and one of the most popular online services that make money from home. I would get into it and really get better at it because this is where the money comes from fast.

If you’re the guy who can crush Facebook advertising, adwords, and create high converting lead magnets businesses will chase after you for email marketing services.

I have a few posts that can get you into the lead generation game if you want to learn how I was able to generate 178,632 leads.

The catch here (as with all of these tips) is that you need to be able to deliver. The business owner will need to know that you can bring in affordable leads for their business.

Number 6: SEO

SEO is a Skill that makes money

Having a well-made website is one thing but unless you get your keywords and over all marketing dialed in, you may have a problem getting it to show up on Google.

This is why many businesses require Search Engine Optimization SEO geniuses to handle the nitty gritty of ranking on search engine results pages.

You can totally learn SEO from various digital marketers, resources, and courses online and master this craft well enough to rank local businesses on Google. It’s definitely one of the highest income skills to learn since many businesses own websites that are in dire need of greater online exposure.

Here’s the local marketing strategy you need to make this happen.

If you love data and also have the mental capacity to comb through all the necessary data points you'll have to examine then this would be a good place to start.

Number 7: Copywriting

If you want to make tons of money, and you are GOOD at writing copy, then you need to understand that copywriting is a BIG skill set to have.

It’s that skill that urges people to click the subscribe button, the buy button, the download button, the kind of stuff where they take action!

My headline in my blog posts and YouTube videos, the text right below my optin page that you go to…. It’s all copywriting magic my wife and I did.

Learn this skill!

It’s how great your sales pages are written that will translate to money flowing into your pocket. Your killer copywriting skills that helped you come up with awesome emails, optin pages, ads… This is how you make money.

Now if you want to be good at copywriting or you want to refine your skills, I highly recommend that you go old school with it instead of doing some weird Ninja stuff.

Read Eugene Schwartz’s “Breakthrough Advertising” or Victor Schwab’s “How to Write a Good Advertisement”. There’s also John Caples’ “Tested Advertising Methods”. Really great books to add to your library that will propel your copywriting skills to the roof.

It's all about self education...

Most of the books I recommend are available on Amazon for under $25, except for Eugene Schwartz’s. It’s a few hundred dollars, but definitely well worth it.

So literally, this copywriting skill allows you to have the ability to work within a business that’s already operating. If they’ve already got customers you can go craft a new sales message and a follow up campaign to their past customers.

The key is to make your write-ups for optin pages, sales pages, optin forms, Facebook ads, Google ads, emails, etc. compelling enough to get prospects to take the right action. That’s the game plan, and that’s what an excellent copywriting skill can do for you.

Digital Marketing Skills Conclusion

It all begins with defining your most marketable skills that make money. Window washing, landscaping, business coaching, auto detailing, marketing consultations, whatever it is that you’re great at.

It’s very, very possible to start out doing the work yourself, with low overhead to get going.

Selling digital marketing services was my ticket to firing my boss, it was the path of many of my internet entrepreneur friends, as well as the guys that created the best intro training that’s free into the crazy consistent authority site model my wife and I have been applying for years.

Work hard and enjoy the journey...

I hope this has been helpful, and if you’ve got questions just hit me in the comments, so we can chat. I’m always happy to help you out in any way that I can!

Also, don't forget to grab a copy of my completely free course that reveals the 7 step process that took me from $50,000 in student loan debt to a million dollar business online.