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The #1 Key To Successful Marketing Online

The #1 Key To Successful Marketing OnlineIf you have been struggling to grow a successful business online, your marketing needs this new approach.

There is one key to successful marketing online, and if you get this wrong, your business is destined to fail.

It makes no difference what kind of marketing or business you are doing, content marketing, email marketing, video marketing, blogging or even running paid Facebook advertising.

This successful marketing strategy is the bread and butter, and when you get this right, your marketing becomes fun and easy… And your profits will rise!!

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The Needed Shift In Successful Marketing


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20 years ago everyone was required to sell, sell, sell! The door to door selling, vacuum demonstration selling, infomercials, direct sales letters, and more.

People weren’t connected then the way they are today though.

You see, times have changed, and the needed course of successful marketing has as well.

Today, we all have supercomputers in our pockets or handbags, and we are connected to billions of people around the world. This means that shady selling tactics leveraging persuasion are working less and less frequently.

[click_to_tweet tweet="Your audience is now more sophisticated than ever with the power of a mini-supercomputer right in their pocket. " quote="Your audience is now more sophisticated than ever with the power of a mini-supercomputer right in their pocket. "]

And honestly, you have one chance to build your reputation, and if you burn it, you're over forever.

How about you? How do you know you are buying a good product from a reputable source?

You do your homework, right?

Because just like you, your prospects want to learn more about the product, and who they are buying that product from.

The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake

The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake

Before you buy something, you want to gain as much information about the item as possible. You want to know what’s in it for you and why it’s worth your money. Hey, me too!

So let’s check out two marketing examples that I'm sure you’re familiar with. Take a close look at the differences in their marketing strategies and help you understand beyond a shadow of a doubt why this works and how you need to implement this approach for your business.

Marketing Example #1 - Home Shopping Network

Home Shopping Network

I’m sure you’ve come across the home shopping network in the midst of flipping the remote.

This channel does nothing but sell products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Nonstop.

It’s one product after another, and sometimes they even show the same product as a broken record. Unless you’re in a random shopping mood or have lost the remote, you’re not sticking around on this channel.

This network doesn’t offer anything educational or valuable for your day.

They show a product, talk about it, flash the buy now button at the bottom of the screen, and that’s about it.

Remind you of any Insurance agents at a party? MLMer? Uncle Rico?

This marketing approach is to sell, sell, sell.

Sure when you throw enough mud on a wall some sticks.

But let’s have more fun and more success!

Marketing Example #2 - Food Network’s Successful Marketing Approach

Food Network’s Successful Marketing Approach

Thankfully, TV is not all infomercial channels, and Uncle Rico has retired.

The food network is crushing it. Teaching you about new recipes, meal plans for the week, the best restaurants to visit and tips and tricks on how to have fun in the kitchen.

[click_to_tweet tweet="The general theme is to educate you while providing entertainment. The celebrity chefs teach you how to create their personal recipes." quote="The general theme is to educate you while providing entertainment. The celebrity chefs teach you how to create their personal recipes."]

They are a tremendously successful marketing example because the things you learn apply to your daily life, so you watch this channel over and over.

How effective is this marketing strategy?

Rachael Ray is one of the best marketing examples.

Many Internet sources cite her as the wealthiest celebrity chef ever with a net worth of somewhere near $75 million, annual earnings of $18 million.

When you watch her show you will never see her pitch any of the hundreds of products that her brand sells online and in stores all around the world.

If she never pitches her pots, pans, spatulas, kitchen tools… How does she ever sell those products?

The Secret to Successful Marketing Online

The Secret to Successful Marketing Online

She shows you how to cook, entertains you, teaches you new techniques to use in the kitchen… And her audience entirely falls in love with her.

She is a trusted advisor and often looked at as if she was a family friend.

So when the viewers are ready to purchase a new set of pots and pans, and they go to their local Walmart, they encounter an entire aisle of pots and pans…

Looking at their options, they see the one with Rachael Ray's name, signature and a big smile on the box… No selling is required, the user picks up that box because they trust the Rachael Ray brand.

When you become the most informative, helpful, trusted advisor on a specific topic… You can recommend products and services, and your audience will gladly line up to purchase them.

This only happens if you put in the effort to be helpful, educational, entertaining and informative first.

The #1 key to successful marketing online is to educate, inform, and entertain more than you sell.

It’s not your kickass sales copy that allows you to make a sale. The well-written copy is a tool.

It’s the relationship you have established with your audience that makes your marketing successful and successful marketing is what makes more sales.

4 Steps to Your New Successful Marketing Plan

4 Steps to Your New Successful Marketing Plan

Now that we know we want to be the home shopping network, let’s break down the four successful steps so you can start today.

Successful Marketing is Built on Trust

Successful marketing means you need to focus on how you can be of service to your audience. Solve their problems, answer their questions, become someone they can trust. This is how your content gets consumed and shared.

Create inspiring, exceptional content that resonates with your audience. They'll be more likely to share it. When they see your posts or find your videos, they'll get excited. Because they know they’ll learn something fantastic today, right.

So building a reputation that expands your audiences and establishes trust is the game in successful marketing.

This has been my wife’s mission for her online business. To bring the most value that she can to her niche  She’s in the spirituality and meditation niche, and her content is always informative and helpful. She doesn’t just publish content every day, but she makes sure it represents her brand, her heart.

There’s no sales pitch whatsoever. Just real education and inspiration.

I do the same thing with my videos and blogs. Maybe I’m not the most entertaining person around as I’m very nuts and bolts. lol

But hey, I love what I do, and you don’t have to make people laugh all the time if you are being authentic.

Create Relevant Content Focused on Their Needs

Create Relevant Content Focused on Their Needs

Treat every visitor as a first-timer on your website or channel. They don’t know you or what you're about. They clicked on the link to your content because they found your headline catchy or interesting.

So take this time to give them what THEY need and not what YOU need.

Have your audiences hierarchy of needs at the forefront of your mind with each piece of content you create.

The next time they need a solution in your niche, you will be sought out again and again and again.

Their Products are Always Available When Their Customers Are Ready To Buy

Their Products are Always Available When Their Customers Are Ready To Buy

So when should you make an offer and actually sell something? There’s a time and a place to do those things. You don’t do that in every single video or every single post.

The Food Network pros don’t promote their products throughout the whole show!

They don’t say,“if you want to buy this awesome spatula I’m using, you can get it for $19.95 when you call this number” while stirring a pot of chilli.

First, you stick with educating them, showing them how it’s done.

Then you earn the right to give them advice, and it’s up to them to purchase your recommendation or product or not.

So whether you have an online business or a brick-and-mortar shop, the same rules apply for successful marketing.

Educate your audience first. Build a relationship, and they’ll come to you without hesitation or reservation.

When the time comes for you to introduce or recommend a product, they’ll choose you over the competition. Why? Because you’re not a stranger to them anymore.

They Did Not Make 11 Pieces of Content and Call it Good

They Did Not Make 11 Pieces of Content and Call it Good

There’s no shortcut to successful marketing. You can’t get there overnight. You can’t expect yourself to have a large following just because of eleven published pieces of content.

If you’re expecting a quick way to make money marketing online, then you’re mistaken, my friend.

This kind of thing takes time and energy - lots of it.

The Food Network’s famous celebrity chefs like Rachel Ray, Emeril, Gordon Ramsay and Curtis Stone. They started out perfecting their craft. They worked in kitchens and bakeries gaining experience.

They eventually landed a gig with the Food Network and became a consistent content creator.

Only after they all spent years becoming a content creator were they able to build their brand, sell their books, cookware, and other products.

Follow their successful marketing example.

Make the Successful Marketing Shift - Be of Service at Scale and Sell Some Stuff

Make the Successful Marketing Shift - Be of Service at Scale and Sell Some Stuff

So the big question is… Does your audience trust your brand enough to purchase your products or take you up on your affiliate recommendations?

Do you have an audience?

If not, this is probably because you're spending too much time selling, or you need to start creating content educating, informing and entertaining.

Get successful in your marketing and educate, inspire, and solve problems. Your audience will grow, you’ll become the trusted advisor you set out to be and your online business will expand.

Now you too know the secret to successful marketing online.

Curious how to get your audience to take your recommendations by getting to know you, like you and trust you?  Check out this FREE guide on how to make money as an affiliate, now (no opt in required)!

Create content that provides as much value as you can to your audience. When you shift to the new successful marketing online, you will be amazed by the results!

Feel free to hit me up in the comments section below! Drop me a link to your first helpful content and let’s chat!

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