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How a Content Marketing Challenge Can Make You the Expert

Are you ready to move from a content consumer to content creator?

There are three types of content that are out there to create.

My goal here is to help you figure out which method of content creation is inside of you, and  help you get going.

I want to see you succeed.

I want you to make the shift from consumer to creator.

Things happen when you take action.

And when that action is in the direction of being of service to a group of people, magical things happen!

That’s what I want to show you here.

These are my results of year one of content marketing and the YouTube strategies which I used to get those results.

Within the first year, I generated 26,747 subscribers with 926,000 views and was making 10,000 a month on YouTube without creating courses, products, or a membership program!.

Those are astounding numbers.

That's why I document and share my processes.


I published a total of 244 videos.

I started with 120 videos in 120 days, then took a month or two off, and then published 3 per week after that.

After a while, the content starts having a compounding effect.

As you continue to publish content that is giving value and more and more people start to watch or listen or read what you have, then those people start to interact with your older content as well and the numbers grow rapidly.

It's about providing a service for your audience. When you get to that point of providing a service for your audience, magical things start to happen.

The reason this is important is that when you’re starting this process you need to know that this works.

You will have days that you really wonder if this will work for you.

You will struggle with the negative mental speak.

You will have all sorts of struggles and challenges.

The main reason I was able to push forward is because I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this works… that the growth would come.

My wife and I have done this before.  We’ve built a successful online business using content marketing.

We did blogging on that one because my wife is more of a writer, but it’s the same process and the results are the same.

So, if you’re somewhere in your first or second quarter and wondering if it’s working, It is.

You’re continuing to grow and improve.

You’re becoming a better presenter.

You are learning more about who you’re reaching and how to interact with them better.

The main goal is not the subscribers or traffic you're going to get from 90 days of activity.

What is the 90 Day Challenge?

The main goal of the 90 day challenge is about becoming a content creator and flexing the muscle enough times in a row, in a short enough period of time, that the process becomes easy.

Before I created my first videos online, I had a very limiting belief:

"I'm a behind the scenes guy… I'm not a content creator!"

The process of creating a video a day for 90 days destroyed that limiting belief and opened me up to a whole new world that I'm literally addicted to, now.




The 'How To' behind creating content fast

Your content has two main goals.

First, you do want to be sure your content gets picked up by the search engines and second you want to be sure that users find your content helpful.

There are 3 main tools or skills you will build that will help you create content FAST!

First is Keyword Research!

This is the process of researching the exact phrases or topics your audience is searching for answers on... Click here and open my exact 'how to' keyword research training.

Second is Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a BIG topic and there are two main resources for you... First, my Ultimate Guide To SEO post.

Second is my live SEO class you can access FREE by clicking here.

Third is creating optimized content FAST!

Putting keyword research and search engine optimization together into a great blog post that offers value to your audience FAST is the trick!

Do this over and over again every day for 90 days and you are well on your way to building a very successful business online.

To show you exactly how to create this type of content, fast, I made this content marketing video for you:




If you feel that you need help coming up with more content for your audience, here are a few helpful ideas:

  • Google a question about your content and Google will populate the most common questions related to your search.  Also in the search bar, if you put a space after your search and start typing different letters, Google will also populate the next words people are using in relation to your search phrase.  Also, there are more results listed at the bottom of the screen
  • Pick one or more of the top site results for your search.  Go back up to the search bar and type “site:” and copy and paste the website.  Press enter and Google will bring up a list of everything indexed for that site.  You can also go into the website and if there is a blog or content page, you can copy the url for that specific page and paste it behind the “site:” and get a list of what all is on just that section of the site.
  • Go to YouTube and type in what you would search for if you were looking for the content you are creating and make note of the videos that come up.
  • Go to and see what questions people in your niche are asking.
  • is another site to search for questions and answers.
  • Look for forums for your niche.  Sort by replies to see which topics are getting the most engagement.  Don’t spam yourself on forums, but engage in them.
  • Go to and search for the top books in your niche.  If you can, look inside the book at the table of contents.  Don’t go plagiarize their content, but just use it to get ideas.

How to Choose a Content Marketing Challenge

When choosing your content marketing challenge, there are actually 3 main “pillars” of online content:

  1. Written
  2. Audible/spoken
  3. Video

You want to get your content onto all three, but you’ll most likely have one that you’re really good at.

When you are content marketing, the first thing you want to do is figure out which method of content creation you’re most comfortable with.

Then create systems in order to get that content out in other forms.

For me, it’s videos.

I’m most comfortable with and best at creating videos.

The Video a Day Challenge

one of the really important things that helped launch my YouTube channel was the making a video a day for 90 Days. (In fact, this was so successful that I decided to do 120 videos in 120 days!)

So what is the first step to kicking off this 90 day challenge?

First, decide which medium is best for you. I, for example, love making videos and it’s really easy for me to sit down in front of a camera and just start talking.

I also want to add is that your first few videos are going to be a little rough.

You should go back on my YouTube channel and watch some of my older videos.

It’s humbling to watch those videos.

But now I’ve been able to travel across the world, speaking publicly with relative competence.

You can get there!

Blogging Challenge

My wife, however, is a blogger and when she did this challenge, she wrote 90 blog posts in 90 days. Maybe you’re a podcaster or maybe you’re a YouTuber like me.

Also, it is important to remember that a 90-day challenge isn't a "one-time thing" that you do and you're done.

Melanie has done two 90-day blogging challenges in the life of her business… Plus one email challenge.

As you can see in the analytics screenshot below, each 90 day challenge had amazing and long lasting traffic results that launched her traffic to the next level!

Melanie's two 90 day blogging challenge results

This is a good example of the compounding effect of your efforts.

Now, let’s look at the first quarter to fourth quarter difference on my website.

There was literally a 5000% increase in my traffic in one year.

blogging challenge results over one year

The Email Challenge

This post you are reading today started off as an email to my list.  More specifically it was email number 78 I've sent in 78 consecutive days.

Right now, I'm less than two weeks away from completing my second 90-day challenge.  This one being an email marketing challenge!

You've probably heard me say in a video before "I'm not a great writer" or "I don't enjoy writing."

Yet another limiting belief I've decided to destroy, once and for all!

In the last 78 days of writing emails I've received more positive feedback on my written content that I've ever received in my life.

The process of coming up with an idea to write to you about, every day…

The act of crafting an email message that's going to be interesting, helpful, valuable… Worthy of your time…

Has totally become fun!

The results? I am more confident and competent with the skill of writing than I've ever been before!

And, the byproduct of all of this written content through daily emails has meant I have even more content to syndicate and repurpose in other areas!

Several emails have made it onto my blog as posts… Like this one!

Literally publishing the exact words I sent to you in an email, on my blog for the search engines!

This gives me even more content to share on Twitter, Facebook, Quora, etc.…

And all of that writing activity has me so confident in my newly honed writing skills that I'm even hand-typing new blog posts from scratch that are absolutely epic!

Three months ago, I wouldn't even had tried to write a blog post from scratch!

Just the other day I wrote this ultimate guide to affiliate marketing, for example,

The comments, the shares, the response to that post has been amazing!

Okay, let's tie this up and bring it back to YOU!

Because the ultimate goal here is to help you realize that the fastest way to get better at creating content and publishing online is to do it over, and over, and over again!

If you want to get ripped, you gotta go to the gym every day and lift weights!  You can't outsource your push-ups!

You can, however, go from uncomfortable on video to creating epic videos that are in the top, most valuable videos in your niche!

You can go from uncomfortable with blogging on WordPress to being a WordPress master and an SEO content and keyword samurai if you do it enough times in a short enough period of time.

And this brings you back to the 90-day challenge…

One of the biggest challenges that people face when growing a business online is the temptation to stay in content consuming mode. We want to read more. We want to learn more. We want to know how all of the pieces of the business puzzle fit together.

But the truth is, we can’t figure out how the pieces fit together until we just start creating our own content.

Imagine driving a car from Los Angeles to New York—you don’t need to know every single turn. You don’t need to know every single direction to take.

You just need to know how to get started.

And that is one of the most important things that the 90 day marketing challenge does for you.

It forces you to stop consuming content and to start creating content.

I have found no better way to create new habits, break down old limiting beliefs, and get momentum on your side as an Internet marketer and digital entrepreneur than doing a 90-day challenge!

And if you've already done one… Guess what?

It might be time for you to do your second 90 day challenge!


Miles "Writing Is Fun!" Beckler