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How Email List Building Boosts Marketing Effectiveness

Gone are the days of one-directional marketing. How many customers do you think enjoy being bombarded with promotional message after promotional message? None...

Good marketing in today’s hectic and busy world is all about building relationships and giving value your audience.

The best way to accomplish both goals involves personalization and sharing your personal expertise (or research efforts) on a topic that is relevant to your audience's main need or problem.

Email list building makes both of these tasks simple and offers you the ability to automate the entire process up front, so you can stay focused on getting new subscribers on your list.

Want to know the main reasons why building your email list is such an important marketing campaign asset? Keep reading to find out.

1. The Best Relationship Nurturing Tool

People already get tons of emails on a daily basis. The fact that they have given you their email address is a huge indication of trust... Even if it is for a free report or training that holds value to them.

Now that you have received this act of trust where they gave you their email address, you must deliver on what you promised. If you promised a free report, it needs to be instantly available and is must be AWESOME.

If you promised free trainings, then they need to be top quality... Something you would normally charge for, because this not only shows your level of expertise, but the more you truly help them with a problem in their life, the more they like, know and trust you.

This is all technically done by setting up a series of follow up emails to deliver high value content to the reader over a period of days, weeks and months.

2. Email is Personal

Your email list building efforts target a particular market segment with particular needs.

The deeper you go, the easier it’s going to be to do targeting and personalization. You have a very good idea about your audience and you know what these people want to read. Now you’ll simply have to come up with the solution that the audience will be interested in.

If you’ve succeeded in terms of audience identification (a topic that we’ve already talked about), producing a message that will deliver results is going to be easy. You can even outsource the task of research and report writing if you don't have time or desire.

3. One-on-One Communication

Having a highly specialized, highly targeted email list will give you intimate knowledge of your audience. This intimate knowledge is much more valuable than any other metric or marketing technique.

Also, your list is able to connect with thousands of people yet every email is sent to one individual. This enables you to truly communicate one-on-one with each individual.

When they are reading your emails, you have the full attention of your prospect and you can tell that person exactly what they want to hear. This is possible because you’ve identified a niche, you’ve identified a particular need and you know what this kind of audience is looking for from its relationship with brands.

Wait, isn’t Email Marketing Dead?

A number of marketing “gurus” have come out and claimed that the days of email marketing are long gone. True, email marketing is quite old-school. True, social media and other digital trends have revolutionized the world of online promotion. Email marketing, however, is consistently delivering results.

Statistics show that 44 percent of the people receiving promo emails make at least one purchase based on the information contained in such newsletters.

There’s one more fascinating fact about email marketing – the ROI for each dollar spend on email list building and promotion is $44.35 dollars.

The best part is that you own your email list, whereas your 'Facebook Fans' are truly owned by Facebook and one algorithm change or terms of service change can literally disconnect you from your audience.

With the main email list building services (see the resources section) you are able to build your list with confidence, back it up regularly and even move it to a new service or build a mailing system yourself if you so choose.

Many still see a high quality list that you have built a solid relationship with to be the #1 asset in an internet marketing company or campaign.

This all adds up to the fact that email marketing is very much alive and kicking. The personalization and targeting you can achieve boost the efficiency of such a campaign and give you access to incredible opportunities.

You can get started with a small target group and experiment with the content. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it incredibly easy to automate parts of the process and reach much larger groups of potential customers.

Email list building involves trust and effort on behalf of both parties involved. This is why the possibility brings a high ROI. Getting started with email list building isn’t a complicated task, as long as you’re 100 percent committed and ready to dedicate enough time to research.

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